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Heavy Eyes Into The Fogg lyrics

Browse for Heavy Eyes Into The Fogg song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Heavy Eyes Into The Fogg lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Heavy Eyes Into The Fogg.

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Saints Of Valory - Neon eyes (into the deep) lyrics

I don't want to run out Who the hell runs this place, still ... now Son in my hands, neon eyes take the lead And darling I ... But won't you follow me into the deep When you hold my hand

Annotations Of An Autopsy - Into the black slumber lyrics

bones of the ancients lay silent in the ... dust Entwined with the remains of the resistance I ... stood sombre amidst the remnants Of a war fought in ... vain As i looked upon their bones i knew it was my time

Dream Evil - Heavy metal in the night lyrics

m gonna fight, in the Metal night My guardian ... angel is my sword I hear the call, I see the light I'm ... give my life for my lord The quest is long and the end is

Dream Evil - Into the moonlight lyrics

why! I can't believe my eyes what I see standing in front ... a stand Here we are, under the seven stars Ride, side by ... side touching the fire in the soul of ours, tonight as we

Elvenpath - Into the future lyrics

machine A magic journey to the land of the free I start to ... play, Heavy Metal is the only way To fly into the ... dream again Run to the iron hills Where the eagles

Majesty - Into the stadiums lyrics

won't fail. 'Cause Metal is the greatest art, so Metal will ... prevail! The time has come to sing a song ... this powerfull scene. About the greatest way to live, the

Apathy - Into the pale lyrics

I could I would walk towards the ligntning in there haunted ... go I feel I am slipping, the cold touch my soul Reaching ... my purpose with the wave of my hand my future I

Manilla Road - Heavy metal to the world lyrics

I ever want to hear. Before the sands of time run out We'll ... scream out ! Scream out ! Heavy Metal To the world tonight, ... Heavy Metal To the... Heavy Metal's here to stay, We'll

Avantasia - Into the unknown lyrics

Anna:] Heading for another life In a new world far ... for all minds Let us go together Neverending ways Got to ... Walking down a misty road into the unknown Heavy winds may

Tobias Sammet - Into the unknown lyrics

for another life In a new world far ... for all minds Let us go together Neverending ways Got to ... Walking down a misty road into the unknown Heavy winds may

Sacred Steel - Heavy metal to the end lyrics

together for the Slaughter The Crows feast tonight Storm ... for Power and Glory To gain the Metal Throne We clash with ... Iron Fury To terminate their Souls Kill for Steel and

Asphyx - Into the timewastes lyrics

into the timewastes at the speed of light robot ... universal empires face the ultimate threat disturbance ... confusing past and future the disappearing now lost in

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Heavy metal (is the law) lyrics

Play loud Step out of the crowd Iron Rulin' ... Steel bent Forever the faith will live on in our ... hearts There's nothing else in all the ... it you won't understand There's nothing else in all the

Death Angel - Into the arms of righteous anger lyrics

with no doubt Now the dirt lays on you heavy Rusty ... Wise to your games Wise to the way you abrogate The truth ... for self-gain While the air keeps growing thinner

Eden's Curse - Eyes of the world lyrics

the weight Of this world's heavy on my shoulders Too many ... is always staring at with me The eyes of the world Guilt is ... is always staring at with me The eyes of the world How can

Mdnght - Into the night lyrics

me to your arms For your eyes I could fall You’re a lonely ... into the night If I told you may be ... you'll notice me (Into the night) (8x) Take me to

Edguy - Eyes of the tyrant lyrics

the eyes of the mighty domain and its evil ... Doctrines, there is no trace of romance ... But the fears that grow Noone can ... watch his next into the eyes You killed the poetry of

Bathory - The lake lyrics

one eyed old man told me that the face that I will see Has ... So I need to sacrifice my eyes to see all from within. The one eyed old man told me of a

Rain Fell Within - Into the tower lyrics

reaches out to her for the last time He's an arrow and ... know it could end like this There he stands as helpless as a ... bird in flight Their dark faces show no tears

Centinex - The eyes of the dead lyrics

- Slowly On the filthy smeary soil Drowning ... - Falling Into the crypts of burning flesh ... - Swarming Around in the carnal halls of blood ... whores consuming souls of the dead Warfare against life

Daysend - The eyes of the world lyrics

ashes They wait for the moment I can’t stand it To ... never thought you would see the day Keep falling into the ... arms of death Keep falling into eternal rest War is given

Feeder - Into the blue lyrics

give you up Out of site, into the blue I'll never give ... Got my head turned towards the light I'll never give you ... up Catching rain with open eyes I try to reach you lately I

Seven Kingdoms - Into the darkness lyrics

drift away Into the night Underneath a blaze of ... t remember your face" Then I beg your forgiveness I ... away (I've fallen away) From the light (Far from the light) Into the darkness (Into darkness

Lake Of Tears - Eyes of the sky lyrics

my heart when you opened your eyes And I beheld the dawn of the ... and mild And when I glanced the sunrise, then I knew I could ... fly Oh, I see the sky, in your eyes Please

Ablaze My Sorrow - Into the land of dreams lyrics

Land Of Dreams Close your eyes and fall asleep And I will ... where we will unite When the day turns to night Join ... me - fly with me - into the land of dreams We will walk

Alcest - Into the waves lyrics

old because we ran right into the sea and tumbled around ... in the waves to die with the earth all around us our ... clothes decomposed and our flesh ... disolved all along with the minerals we held hands

Avian - Into the other side lyrics

in the distance, I hear a faint ... out to me "Fall away into these arms; they'll bring you ... harm" Softly echoed in the breeze Look deep in my eyes Can you see the truth inside

Blackchords - Into the unknown lyrics

see this life through the eyes of others and on, on this ... burn my town Move with these eyes every life touched by ... time I'll be waiting in the winds I'll be here when you

Full Force - Into the cradle lyrics

in my life I was lost in her eyes She enchanted me Erasing ... She carried my heart away Into the cradle of love It can ... for you, I'm drowning in your eyes I remember when you called

Kenziner - Into the light lyrics

into the light I hear her voice ... call from another day I close my eyes slow, ... I reach my heart out for another sign The candles blow out, ... all alone I've counted all the days, through all the years

Queensrÿche - Eyes of the stranger lyrics

All alone now Except for the memories Of what we had and ... me of you Every night the dreams return to haunt me ... I raise my head and stare Into the eyes of a stranger I've

Quietdrive - Into the ocean lyrics

know lust I've lived to tell the tales Many years pass me by, ... me alone with wasted time The arrow flies, just as fast as ... time As I watch it fly, the sunset fills my eyes, so

Another Tale - Into the dawn lyrics

the distant hills the trees are stripped bare ... my name Throwing faces into the rain The smell of winter deep ... I'm alone - home again And the autumn-wind blows through the

Avantasia - The great mystery lyrics

I let it get this far? To the edge I've been drawn by ... promises And what's the reason For a heart to only ... falls and silence talks At the edge of thoughts that you

Born From Pain - Eyes of the world lyrics

now revealing slowly lead into the flames Ticking ... timebomb. Perish in the heat Ticking timebomb. ... Ticking timebomb. Dying in the floods Ticking timebomb.

Breaking Benjamin - Into the nothing lyrics

on the inside I am frail and withered Cover up the wounds ... Walls that lie between us The saint within the sinner I ... have lost the nerve But it's all right

Crystal Eyes - Eyes of the forest gloom lyrics

so the story began with me falling into a dream where the forest were ... calling Closer and closer the twilight was dragging me ... down to the unknown So here I am all

Eternal Oath - Into the dreamscape lyrics

circle Though in your eyes still burns the dedication ... Using the shades of history in this ... of dreams You caress me with the tranquil air The bond ... than life Though in your eyes still burns the dedication

Ivanhoe - Into the realm of unknown lyrics

yourself a fantasy And climb the winding road Take my hand ... s shinig bright Ascending in the sky Come real near and feel ... following inspirations Together heart and soul We'll make

Lee Rocker - Into the void lyrics

wake up in the morning and your eyes are ... light, smoke struggle from the bed Fever didn’t kill you so ... for something more Your eyes have sunk into your skull,

Magnitude 9 - Into the sun lyrics

I`m waiting, I`m watching as the day goes by, and I`m ... I can find some answers to the reason why, and I feel I ... some time to realize that there will come a day, and I'm

Satanika - Into the fire lyrics

.. Feel the fire burning all your skin ... Your soul is drowning into f***in' hell... The dead... ... They lurk and wait Your final ... agony is near... Their morbid eyes, They move as

Avion Roe - Into the rest feat. kellin quinn lyrics

you bury me Are you there with me Where the twilight ... ends the violence And your scared to ... do I confess Push your habit into me And your fear into the

Bloodbound - Into the dark lyrics

T. Olsson / F. Bergh] It's the dawn of a new horizon Where the rainbow is grey and dark No ... stars in the sky Only angels burning ... Feel the dark side of human nature

Neil Finn - Into the sunset lyrics

lies the place Won't let me languish ... waits Watch how she fades into the sunset A vision ... in grace Hunger for the well-travelled Stimulating ... discussion Lift me Faster into the weakness Off the wall into blackness Gifted Red eyes

God Dethroned - Into the lungs of hell lyrics

burned me with his eyes But I'm still alive Welcome ... to the lungs of hell Frost or fire, ... I suck every soul CHORUS Into the lungs of hell Collector

Chad Kroeger - Into the night ft. carlos santana lyrics

a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, ... soul it was easy to see, How the devil himself could be pulled ... out of me, There were drums in the air as

Necronomicon - Into the fire lyrics

before my eyes, through the fire I gaze the time Light ... before my eyes, through the fire I gaze your life You ... can be burned by the light of the fire who is inside If in

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Into the night lyrics

a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, ... soul it was easy to see, How the devil himself could be pulled ... out of me, There were drums in the air as

Normandie - The storm lyrics

are so cold, from the snow You’re so lost, still ... control So in love, with the feeling All the joy, that ... be here Never meant to know the answers to your dreams I

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Into the night lyrics

Verse Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, ... soul it was easy to see, how the devil himself could be pulled ... out of me, There were drums in the air as

Seventh One - Eyes of the nation lyrics

me how a way to escape from the memories Close my eyes fall into dreaming again Make the minf ... unravel the thoughts that imprison us ... shift fragments reveal the concealed Through darkened

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Into the echo lyrics

a stoplight, hands gripping the wheel Tears fill your eyes ... you, someone to cry to Into the echo, we shout our dreams ... Into the echo, we throw our hearts Into the echo, we send our love Into the echo, to the echo, into the echo To hear it back Are

Brocas Helm - Into the ithilstone lyrics

watched for you by the Eastern gate Till the bloody ... break of day Then I drove the needle deep And slowly ran ... away Dragons to the left of me Demons to the

Cancer - Into the acid lyrics

greets you with gory hands Into the acid Into the acid Eyes gone yellow, facial burns ... Contamination of my body Into the acid..

Dokken - Into the fire lyrics

weave your spell Your eyes beckon me Your lips they ... but I can't turn away The flames draw near, they're ... telling me to stay (Into the fire) I'm falling (Into the

For King & Country - Into the silent night lyrics

like I am for you Hear the children singing one of our ... trees, nativities See the world in red and green Into the silent night With your ... t tell darling I only have eyes for you After rain seasons

Him - Into the night lyrics

in autumn, buried beneath the leaves To the echo of the ... softly weeping Sinking further in this sanguinary sea ... pastels through her cemetery eyes Into the night we ride

Lifehouse - Into the sun lyrics

saw me, One breaks down and the other runs free. These eyes ... can't see the days break, Too late for the others mistakes. Sit down ... You know that we're running (Into the sun) Getting close to

Moby lyricsMoby - Into the blue lyrics

alone, I open my eyes Wild ride Hold your fire ... I dare lie down To stare at the sky I am wide open Reaching ... forever I fly into the blue I am wide open

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