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Agent Orange - Voices (in the night) lyrics

- all alone - nowhere to begin it seems to me that in the ... past the darkness was my friend those ... changed, i'm now a stranger in a violent place i walk alone

Lillian Axe - Voices in my walls lyrics

not here to hurt you," the voices told me, Then they ... relax, stay calm." Now they control me They rule my ... can touch you, Even now I think I need somebody Don't think that I could ever have my

The Moody Blues - Voices in the sky lyrics

flying high, tell me what you sing. ... to me, what news would you bring? Of voices in the sky. ... Nightingale hovering high, harmonize the wind. ... symphony, I can hear you sing, Of voices in the sky.

Ray Davies - Voices in the dark lyrics

in the subway Looking for the overnight Echo in the ... darkness Lonely cries within a sound A voice that has ... no face Is lost in time and inner space Chasing dreams that

Neon Trees - Voices in the hall lyrics

like every summer fling And keeping up with all ... your stories Talking to your ghost when I'm ... dead to me Maybe that's the mystery of us I use to think

Mad Max - Voices in the night lyrics

is just another word You left me all alone in a different world Memories ... are chasing through my mind Emptiness tears me up inside My heart is broken in

Candlemass - Voices in the wind lyrics

is far, a dream you are creating East is here, and your fate ... is awaiting&quot

Hatebreed - In the walls lyrics

no eye open To weep for the fallen A strange stillness ... Has started to sink in Inside the wall is scum and ... trash Blind from birth, only see what they lack Outside these walls,

Devin Townsend - Voices in the fan lyrics

Words and music by Devin Townsend] Who's the ... weakest now? Caught up in the wire I'm already gone Who's ... the weakest now? It's the grey days that I'll remember

A Pale Horse Named Death - Cracks in the walls lyrics

in the walls grow everyday Longer and ... taller they make there way Weaving a web that's ... surround me They tie me down so I can never ... leave Screaming and fighting is all I can do The cracks

Axevyper - Rats in the walls lyrics

years plight, a curse deep inside My ancestors slaves to the night Down in the streets the people revealed This house ... is a place for the dead Obsessed by the dawn,

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - No voices in the sky lyrics

a damn about anybody else, Think everyone should feel The ... way they feel themselves, Rich men think that ... happiness Is a million dollar bills ... So how come most of them O.D. On sleeping pills,

Annisokay - Wolves in the walls lyrics

bearing down a path We have to ... choose With every fear in my brain Being told a ... us sane Do you know what they say? When the wolves come ... out of the walls They will come out of nowhere So

Cales - Faces in the walls lyrics

of wars was covered by the heavy cloak of dust Noises ... of steel reins were broken in echoes Air sweetened with ... Pagan rabble Fallen under the flag of antiquity. I like

Dangerkids - Ghost in the walls lyrics

waste it with me too? Cause there’s a part of me that’s ... scared to find out what’s on the other side, and how it feels ... you and I collide. We are the young alive when everything

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - Hearing voices lyrics

start with this Just a single thought followed by words ... hope I don't miss, miss anything Write you a letter, but it ... hear me, I suppose I could sing, write a song to share the

Blaze Bayley - Voices from the past lyrics

start a fight you cannot win You'll be in a war that ... never ends Making promises you cannot keep ... Living with regrets that make you ... weep Weeping I have tried to close the

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Voices (on the air) lyrics

I'm hearing the whispers from my window and ... I'm hearing something scratching on the inside could I feel the sea beckoning me oh, could ... it be can I see? voices on the air voices on the air

Anberlin - Hearing voices lyrics

feel lost, conflicting thoughts course through ... she's gone, don't know a thing I thought I knew Everyone ... die Can't escape this feeling (fears are born inside) Can

Phantogram - Voices lyrics

world A world inside I can't find the heart ... to lead Cause the knife is out The feeling ... It's alright I've been sleeping For the recent Cause it ... You got your puzzles on your mind I got my shoes untied The

Galneryus - Whisper in the red sky lyrics

the night meets the day, I will watchin' the red ... sky Heart the whisper of wind Take a power that never end ... tells a lie We don't believe the Darkest Age Change the time

Lowkey - Voices of the voiceless lyrics

Lowkey] From West 10 to the West Bank I write righteous ... with my right and wrestle the devil with my left hand ... My art is like Rembrandt painting pictures of death camps The average person is allergic to

Painside - The deviant lyrics

eyes reflect an evil sight The fear is taking all my mind ... Don't worry it's just another dream I drop the face and ... play the game Surrender your sanity

G.b.h. - Hearing screams for the last time lyrics

twenty five when you split the scene, why did you have to ... money to burn, but you had the curse of the 'J'. Now the ... skulls they're piling up, and it's sure bad

Montany - Here in the light lyrics

I just haven't found my way Hearing voices in my head Don't ... wanna listen the words they say Ohohoho It petrifies ... me in my dreams tonight I can't

Dog Fashion Disco - The satanic cowboy lyrics

country folk to nashville sothern rockabilly my man's got ... problems he ain't raped to tight i've seem ... him troting around on his headless horse ... at night he's known to hit the scene he poses in the nude

The Click Five - Voices carry lyrics

the dark I like to read her mind But I'm frightened of the ... things I might find Oh there must be something she's thinking of to tear away When I ... tell her that I'm falling in love Why does she say?

Steven Seagal - The light lyrics

s a hole in the light and you know there's ... one way Won't you go in before they keel away Day ... would forget the night Night would forget the ... Its rough and its smooth Walking through space, life has its

Demigod - In the mirrors lyrics

by your eyes I stare into the void Hearing me move I ... hear nothingness Your breath on my ... neck I'm gasping for air Put down by the ... beast I crawl in my own dirt You set the

Jimmy Eat World - In the same room lyrics

in, listen what voices say. you always wrote for me ... ego. risk worth taking risk worth leaving. seems i ... to hold on to. trade up for the fast ride. trade your

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Voices in my head lyrics

alone in my room Waiting for, for this phone to ring ... soon I just know or am I imagining things The voices in my ... head keep saying (The voices in my head) She's coming back

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Lost in the supermarket lyrics

m all lost in the supermarket, i can no longer ... shop happily. I came in here for that special offer ... me. We had a hedge back home in the suburbs, over which I

Edguy - Voices from the past lyrics

into this life Always on the run Just find the lucky ... place The place beyond the sun I don’t give a shit ... On the people what they say They always told me, honey If

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Voices in my head lyrics

alone in my room Waiting for, for this phone to ring ... soon I just know or am I imagining things The voices in my ... head keep saying (The voices in my head) She's coming back

Red Fang - Voices of the dead lyrics

Why was I All that remained Look what we've made A ... shit parade Buried in it Can hardly breathe ... Eyes so weak and skin so grey Dying voices sing to

Crystal Viper - Voices in my head lyrics

JULIA:]" How can I tell them? What to do? What if I am ... crazy too? Should I tell them, or should I not? Is this ... way to go, or not? What if they will not understand? But to

Euthanasia - Voices of the unborn lyrics

Damned seconds, seconds for the dead You're sleeping, yet ... living for your hope While others have already reached their ... coasts... From there they can't escape to god, face to

Bound By Entrails - Voices from the past lyrics

have seen the rising of the damned Filling the air with their brackish pride. And I have ... seen the fall of the gods, Lifeless idols left as ... Recedes. Vast decaying and never ending, Memories

Elizabeth Daily - The walls lyrics

have all burned out Lost to the darkness And I feel how your ... you set you on your feet again Wanna love you and hold you ... till the walls start to part Oh, now and then, let the light come shinin'

Echoes Of Eternity - Voices in a dream lyrics

hear you calling me Just like the voices in ... I can remember Daylight dancing in your eyes And when my mind is still The memories come ... alive The silent space between my

Stephen Lynch - Voices in my head lyrics

you're up here and you're playing and having a good time and ... Looking down on you and all of your ... smiling faces, you try to do a good ... show, But sometimes there's some shit going on inside

Cloudscape - In these walls lyrics

was flawless, with evil intent. Pain in the concrete ... and hate pouring out. Blueprints existing from a place ... beyond all. Ravishing landmark exterior beauty,

Quitter - Creations in the fire lyrics

s the fuel where's the engine where's the pressure and ... to burn accelerates woven into words you see the artist in ... the arson you see potential in decay creations in the fire

Repugnant - Voices of the dead lyrics

possessed by hell Tormented in evil sacrilege Confused ... siege Without control, rotting brain Veins infest in ... solemn rage Haunted by the voices Tongues speak of carnage In the morgues, in the

Repugnant - Voices of the dead (demo) lyrics

possessed by hell Tormented in evil sacriliege Confusing ... siege Without control, rotting brain Veins infest with ... solemn rage Haunted by the voices Tounges speaks of carnage

Joseph Arthur - In the night lyrics

Cause we can't forgive what's inside We have sweet love (we ... have sweet love) Chorus: In the night Voices will fight ... Voices of shadows and the runaways Running from love

Dario G - Voices lyrics

sailed over seven seas Searching for that missing key Unlock ... a new World harmony Climb the highest mountain range Then ... we took the longest train Looking for our Perfect

Funker Vogt - The voices of the dead lyrics


Levellers - Voices on the wind lyrics

s a man on the mountain Who hides himself away A ... voice on the wind there Is telling him to stay He ... knows on the outside The world has looked away From

Dark Lotus - The walls lyrics

s at least 3 or 4 Blood drippin out my knuckles From knocking skin on drywall I see a ... face like flashlights on they chins The more I blink the ... more it happens again, damn Victims, from like '89

Flaw - Voices lyrics

So much that I have missed The cold and broken soul It ... seems to bring me down Because I long to ... still be whole Take away all the other hurt around [Chorus]

Kreator - Voices of the dead lyrics

Cold but sweet and tempting As I look into those eyes ... follow me Are you willing to pay the price To see ... what the future will bring Here in the place where the

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Voices from the war lyrics

do all the dead men go From the battlefields? Where are their exploded bones Their ... useless swords and shields? In the Hall of Ancient gods, ... Are they now at piece, Or are they

Nerd Out Music - Voices in my head lyrics

don't think that I've gone to far A ... wild I know) Pull your strings like a cheap guitar Cus ... Baby I'm in control (Baby I'm in control) You feel it coming You feel it in your bones

Lyriel - Voices in my head lyrics

noisy, loud and harsh Voices in my head, they follow me, ... me down Oh I can't resist a single one, tempting me to stay, ... I obey When I change my mind They are holding on to me

Drakkar - The walls of olathoe lyrics

d never ever hear of Olathoe in the land of Lomar again, its ... years ago where Polaris shines high in the sky. But if ... you find a silver key in a black wooden box, you

Nightshade - The walls of derry lyrics

like white horses far from the shore Far from my homeland I ... Chorus: And I walk to the walls of old derry I stand on the ... old city walls A girls young voice gently

Anita O'day - The walls keep talking lyrics

s a house on the hill Bound to give you a ... at night when it's still They say the walls keep talkin' The spooks keep walkin' So the ... folks in the town Pass the legend around Someone lives

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