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All Shall Perish - Herding the brainwashed lyrics

a sick site brainwashed millions Minions following their leader eating Up its ... Terrified of not Having their answer in a world Where ... people are so blind These Greedy f***s control their

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Brainwashed lyrics

be a good man kissing ass is the way Brainwashed, brainwashed respect the tie and suit brainwashed, brainwashed respect the man ... in blue brainwashed, brainwashed they are better than you brainwashed, brainwashed They took

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Brainwashed lyrics

in our childhood Brainwashed by the school Brainwashed ... by our teachers And brainwashed by all their rules Brainwashed by our leaders By our Kings

Six Feet Under - Brainwashed lyrics

You will die - no love there for you There's no guiding ... light to lead you through the night Only screams of ... and emptiness No life after the grave - only pain Lies- lies

Iced Earth - Brainwashed lyrics

so we begin with another sun The earth's enslaved with ... hypocrites They lay their heads to rest at night Say ... personal You've got to see They twist and turn your words

Devlin - Brainwashed lyrics

i'm random when I take the scene for ransom & I'm ... packing out stadiums with the fans singing my anthems ... is my manipulation so forget the speculation on all the trials

While She Sleeps - Brainwashed lyrics

is the ressistance movement A new ... life for the executed The blacklisted soul recruitment, ... brainwashed Turn it off, turn it off, ... out blood Who's first in the river? Stop struggling,

Angel Witch - Brainwashed lyrics

man A lie to be made for the power of control To scare them for the guilt Wash yourself ... start with their blood To wear the symbol ... to what made the pain To what made the death

The Kinks - Brainwashed lyrics

you can talk, you can breathe You can work, you can stitch ... you can sew But you're brainwashed Yes you are, yes you are ... re conditioned to be What they want you to be And be happy

Nuclear Assault - Brainwashed lyrics

it has an effect over all these years [Chorus]: Why don ... self made Hell Television, the idiot tube, helps to raise ... our children as fools Watch the news see what they want you

Paradox - Brainwashed lyrics

s breakfast and the TV's on He talks, we listen then we're gone School's out, the children are at home Turn TV ... truth and power on The radio, the reports, the media

Anti-flag - The panama deception lyrics

2+2 does not equal 4 Their 2+2 equals whatver, they ... Form your own conclusions to the things you see About face! - ... sometimes the explanations Don't add - up

Legend - The screaming screen lyrics

me up. I’ve never been a mother f***er who wanted to sit ... and stare at the tv screen. Brainwashed and f***ed up from the things ... we look up on the screaming screen that feeds

Diabolical - The passenger lyrics

crawling under my skin His brainwashed mind is such a waste of human ... fast It's time to find another hand to feed your shallow ... to be released from these chains But the lack of

Impending Doom - The son is mine lyrics

it's time to stop being brainwashed) Blind eyes and deaf ears ... To find who I truly am The son is mine Power corrupts ... alone I would never deserve The son is mine This is my

Neaera - The wretched of the earth lyrics

to the thousands Carried off to ... of souls Children of ghosts They make you murder your own They teach you to Kill / Kill ... annihilate Drugged to kill Brainwashed to retaliate No mercy no

Artas - The grin behind the mirror lyrics

Prologue] I am watching the scene My blood starts to ... by light With every step the darkness rising Relaiming ... licking flames Give birth to their lives The path of hope

Aus-rotten - The rotten agenda lyrics

to hear. Did you know that the Bible is just a cover for the ... perversity that's endangering the very lives of our children. I ... am targeting America's youth, the younger a child can be

Aus-rotten - The system works for them lyrics

know the system kills, So you try to ... BOYCOTT You speak up for the people who will never get their own chance BOYCOTT But ... you just fooling yourself, The truth just out of your reach?

Battleroar - The swords are drawn lyrics

feel strong and brave inside The war is on but you don't fear ... you'll not survive Others fall in glory's name With ... Blood of warriors soaks the broken wasted land To the

Iced Earth - The reckoning lyrics

s called us It's the reckoning This time it's for ... Revenge is not justice It's the reckoning This time it's for ... ll fall Your back against the wall Nowhere to turn You're

Ablaze My Sorrow - The illusion lyrics

your head with a gentle nod Brainwashed from the day of your birth ... Religious fanatic from the cradle to the grave ... Why can't you see beyond the illusion the lie Just

Anti-flag - Tearing down the borders lyrics

one flag flies over the multi-national company. No ... allegiance to the board's homeland, fellow ... citizens, the flag born of their country. As the brainwashed nationalists move, To shed their blood on battle fields.

Eminem lyricsEminem - The sauce lyrics

new shit, hey yo I just want the whole world to know: That I ... you was If you could spit then you could spit, thats it, ... what it was Back when, motherf***ers was straight back

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The new cult king lyrics

Of Prisons I'm Escaping In The Next Big Religion I Do The ... Cross Thing The Cross Thing Which Ever Way ... Our Lives Unwind We Find The Wine Red Or White Like The

Pertness - The legacy lyrics

and don't look away See all the scars that we have caused ... our final legacy Listen to the cries of Mother Nature ... Creeping to death - there's no return Innocence,

Lorna Shore - The absolution of hatred lyrics

ve offered flesh so tear to the f***ing bone. Heavenly father why has thou left his ... to burn. Taught to fear the unknown the struggle of the ... psyche. All as one gathering the young, Brainwashed to the

Oasis lyricsOasis - The swamp song lyrics

(Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental)...

A Band Called Pain - The day you died lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fo...

A Band Called Pain - The pieces lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

A Band Called Pain - The war song lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

A Pink - The wave lyrics

jeo mulgyeolchineun bunhongbit neomudo areumdawo neowa na saireul mekkuneun tteollimdeuri deullini eoduun keoteun dwie na neol gidaryeo urineun boiji an...

Abyssphere - The last spark lyrics

День за годом и год за днем Жизнь мелькает за окном И кто может знать? Найти слова что бы сказать Когда нет мыслей, нет идей Когда есть ночи, но нет дн...

Abyssphere - The world of glass lyrics

Встречая рассвет один за одним А следом закат и сигарет дым Застелит меня, и жидкое пламя Наполнит меня не делая пьяным И где бы я ни был, он вечно со мной ...

Ad Hominem - The encomium of terror lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Aeternus - The sunset's glory lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Afi - The devil loves you lyrics

Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Have you ever felt? Have you ever felt this way? Tainted with rage you can't drain away or it will cost you you...

Aldious - The breeze at dawn lyrics

Look inside... In my brain... Broken mind... In my days... Shinonome no kochi Anata to no hibi... Ichiru no tsuru Mi to keigan Ki o yose Asa mezamereba Seih...

2am - The day (break-up day) lyrics

achime ireona mundeuk geoureul bwasseo kwenghan nune waenji yawin deutan nae eolgul museun il inneun geo anini naege doemureo boasseo amu ildo anya gwae...

2am - The day i confessed (original mix) lyrics

Eotteoh ge malhalkka subaekbeon saenggak haneura Jameul seol chyeoseo eolguldo eongmang I go Oneul ttara meori kkaji mam e andeul eo Haru jongil anjeol bujeol Eone...

Ancient - The arctic mirage lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Andem (Андем) - The master and margarita lyrics

За окном гроза, и ветер рвется в дом. Мир отгородился от меня дождем. Пляшут на страницах языки огня… Я сжигал роман и убивал себя. Ветер унес листья желтых цветов, ...

Andem (Андем) - The richteous light lyrics

Проданный мир за пустые гроши неизвестно кому: Может быть Богу, а может быть Чёрту как плата ему. Ведь толпы святош поглотили страну и решают судьбу, ...

Andem (Андем) - The sky will fall lyrics

Я не знаю, где вселенной сердце, Мне бы у себя найти. Путь вокруг, что чертит неизвестность, Пламя сможет осветить. Мы не ждём пустых преданий, Не находим в жизни с...

Angelo - The tower of babel lyrics

Takaku ten wo mezasu Kusari wo hazushi Tobira wo hiraku Mada miezu ni iru Kuukyo na sora ni Kono te fureru made Hada wo tsukinuketeiku Hakai no rasen Subete wo k...

Animal Collective - The living toys lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (inst...

Anthem - The voices lyrics

I'M JUST A STAR MAN kazari no naka no CHAINED EYES jiman no kimagure miseru koto sae de ki nai LET ME BREAK IN DEADLY WILD FOR MY FALLE LIFE LET ME SCREAM FOR MY WONDER...

Apatheia - The little i remember lyrics

Did I blink? Or did I oversleep? I don't know cause everything changes so fast. Should I learn to sleep with only one eye shut? Could you please lend me a few minutes? ...

Argar - The end lyrics


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