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Hall & Oates - Diddy doo wop (i hear the voices) lyrics

Gimme place to hide Oh, I hear the voices deep inside And oh ... the voice is singing Diddy doo ... doo wop, oh oh oh Well, it's the voice that I hear at the ... diddy doo wop Charlie liked the Beatles Sam, he liked rich

Funker Vogt - The voices of the dead lyrics


Cruadalach - Hear our voices! lyrics

was possibly the best day of my life When I ... realized: thinking i could hear, but never listened to my heart I thought I’m alone and ... about to fall Yet there are some who call me so I

Inxs lyricsInxs - All the voices lyrics

down in my heart There is a lot of words Tears ... fall down my face But i hear the many voices that cry in pain ... tell you Don't give it up Hear the voices That surround you

Anthem - The voices lyrics


Crimson Glory - The chant lyrics

the daytime and in the night I hear The Chant ... sight Wishing he could see the light Desperate ways, ... desperate days Are the times we're living in ... that we're living in the last days of living Chanting

Defyance - Voices within lyrics

take me home tonight I hear evil knocking at my door ... bless me with your love Father, give me the strength to ... carry on If they claim my soul send an angel

Infected Rain - Voices lyrics

I will live I will breathe There is nothing you can give The wind blows us to the future ... I still write about the past My heart still beats ... I feel putrid I never find the things I've lost I know it's

Ayah Marar - The real lyrics

but I just can’t hide All the pieces of my broken mind ... I’ve just outgrown And my heart feels cold Who am I, I just ... don’t know Hear the voices saying … CHORUS Hear the voices saying … I, Who’s The

Attack Attack! - The revolution lyrics

the revolution Start the revolution Start the ... revolution Start the revolution For the first ... I've known is gone Do you hear the voices in your head?

Enslaved - The voices lyrics

hear their poisonous words again As they call out for submission and ... and drown equals pride" they say These were the voices ... to be sustained? Through the clipping of wings found the

Buldok - The first of tomorrow lyrics

we are not the last of yesterday, but the ... step into, step into another time, another time, Pan ... Aryan terra Can you see the men of Nuremberg ? can you hear the voices of ghosts ? can the graves of unknown, soldiers

Nightingale - The dreamreader lyrics

fly away to another dimension Far beyond ... reality I fly away from these evil voices Is it time to ... me back to my childhood And the hateful memories The show is

Sinister Realm - The circle is broken lyrics

cold depths of sorrow I feel the cruel hand of fate Remember ... that were spoken amongst the the violence and hate Now that ... is broken set me free I hear their voices still calling demons

Flaw - Voices lyrics

So much that I have missed The cold and broken soul It ... still be whole Take away all the other hurt around [Chorus] ... The hurt around It brings me

Nomans Land - The call of ancestors lyrics

ice chains will be broken by the first coming rill And ... thru young veins Drive out the drunkeness and waking the ... life up You hear the voices ofthe ancestors around When

Mercyful Fate - The ghost of change lyrics

and white December night I hear... The voices from the other ... Do you... Still remember the old oak tree I... Do, the ... see me once again You are the ghost of change, And now we

Protector - The end lyrics

Something has happened As the dogs started to howl The ... clouds are burning Do you hear the voices call? The ... shall arise Dragons fight by their sides The sky is red - The

Planetshakers - Hear the sound lyrics

you hear the sound, Of heaven in this ... place Hear it all around, As the earth ... resound in praise I can hear You’re calling out to me, I ... God we’ll praise You now, Hear the sound of the voices

Divinefire - The spirit lyrics

spin around in my head I hear the voices, I'm out of ... control Confusion, I can't hear the voice I'm trapped inside ... my cage, I can't see the light ("Forget your

As I Lay Dying - The voices that betray me lyrics

my emotions Take them all away Left alone to face ... You Now You know my heart Left only to speak what is ... I say that I love You Yet my heart betrays me Be not far from

Saxon - The great white buffalo lyrics

Bareback warriors ride again Hear the voices from the spirit ... world Crying out for the indian nation From the ... sacred buriel mounds To the happy hunting grounds Like the moon across the sky Hear the

Oyster Band - The oxford girl lyrics

met a man whose brother said he knew a man who knew the Oxford girl .... Is it true ... what you hear, did he do it out of fear? ... Was the day drawing near when a child

Damh The Bard - The dreaming lyrics

rain and snow. Here where the endless skies reach for the ... sun, The gum trees stand like the oaks ... of Albion, And the land sings in lines of ... ancient song, For the soul to sing along.

Nocturnal Rites - The sign lyrics

the cry from the underworld, to pull you ... under It's the enemy, the journey ends here Light the ... path throughout the night, it's getting close ... void See a sign appear in the dark Your soul will perish

Nada Surf - The voices lyrics

do i worry, what do they think? What is she saying ... to them? I can't ignore anything. ... m just like you, peel away the layers two by two. You're

Beneath The Massacre - The surface lyrics

is the sound of human waste. ... Worshipping the new leaders of destruction. ... Pain nor hope. We don't care, the end is near. It's falling ... s fatal destiny. This is the path that'll end it all by

Excelsis - The tomorrow song lyrics

and pain from the highest hills, the time will ... when we can`not stand still the price of honour we will pay, ... in this valley before, but the crossway always closed its

Aglarond - The lonely mountain lyrics

Walk for the Ancient Paths I Watch the ... Lonely Mountain The Northern Store is Guiding Me To the Black Forest I Can See the Ravens Silently Fly I Still

Artension - The key lyrics

In a world of uncertainty the future is mine to see A ... It’s all up to you You hold the key Four hundred years ago ... were as one But time clouds the truth, you see - destroy our

Level 42 - The machine stops lyrics

found the air down here in the chambers you warned me of ... to stop this - for a moment there must be someone - in the ... open waiting for the starlight rendezvous at

Saint Deamon - The brave never bleeds lyrics

no light to guide your way The terror of being hunted you ... it everyday 25 degrees below the point of zero It's then you ... your pain don't run away The brave never bleeds And in

Satariel - The well of the artist lyrics

Structured lines expressing the very foundations of chaos These lines are but words Words ... scene I behold I swallow the pictures of the surroundings

Folkearth - The voices of the dead lyrics

legions march Hunting down the enemy See them curs on the ... no one but one One to tell the tale Of our fearsome array ... One to spread the word That blood and honor

Rata Blanca - The voices of the sea + the forgotten kingdom lyrics

+ When men are lost in the depth of their dark, The old ... return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the earth ... destroy the sea and sky, Peace for

Porter Robinson - Hear the bells lyrics

Drudging with my feet in the snow On a day out And it ... Doctor, I've been walking on the side of the road, for a long ... far from me now, but oh I can hear the sounds It's so far from

Vanessa Carlton - Hear the bells lyrics

glances through the key hole In a brick wall's ... 200 year old folklore And the graveyard on Elizabeth, no ... praying to a gravestone But the gravestone never tells Hear the bells Hear the bells

All Sons And Daughters - Hear the sound lyrics

forever, always forever We hear Your kingdom shout And all ... Your praises reign So let the heavens roar Echo across the ... sing of Your majesty Lord hear the sound Lord hear the

Befour - Hear the countdown call lyrics

are the ine, your time is now Just ... of reaching out So make the step and you will see You ... got the victory You're strong ... enough just from the start You hear the beating

Gene Clark - Hear the wind lyrics

not to defend love life's the house where we live We ... your head on my shoulders dry the tears from your eyes Watch the sun's fading ember hear the ... as she cries We talk and hear about lonliness The cold

Mayday Parade - Hear the sound lyrics

whispers in your ear It's the saddest song, begging to come ... home Hear the sound As she whispers in ... your ear It's the saddest song, begging to come

Naomi Scott lyricsNaomi Scott - Hear the bells lyrics

is of the essence, my heart drum to your presence Every ... got me fast, I'm looking out the window Waiting for the ... Like a flower burning in the desert Waiting against my

James Vincent Mcmorrow - Hear the noise that moves so soft and low lyrics

hear the noise that moves so soft and ... slow That's the sound of freshly fallen snow ... here for days To bang upon these drums that we have made ... my only one Lies sleeping in the sun Gave chase and so we run

Matt Redman - Hear the music of my heart lyrics

hear the music of my heart hear all the pourings of my soul ... is all for you you've become the ruler of my heart you've ... become the lover of my soul you've

North Mississippi Allstars - Hear the hills lyrics

the wind blowin way on top of the hill I hear the wind blowin ... way on top of the hill Down in the valley, ... everything is still I hear the wind blowin way on top of the

Zucchero lyricsZucchero - Voices lyrics

Are Not Avaiable Yet Lyrics Are Not Avaiable Yet Lyrics

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - King of the mountain lyrics

Of The Mountain Listen people ... can't you hear the voices that are crying out There's ... a hunger burning in the heart of their souls Maybe now ... undefeated [Chrous:] I'm the King of the Mountain I'm the

Corroded - All the voices lyrics

don't want to let them know How I turned out the ... Hey you, why can't you hear what I hear (No words, still ... need to see, I just need to hear All the voices in my head

Cheap Trick - Voices lyrics

were lookin' for Till you heard the voices in your ear ... were lookin' for Till you heard the voices in your ear You ... were lookin' for Till you heard the voices in your ear

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Voices in my head lyrics

or am I imagining things The voices in my head keep saying (The voices in my head) She's coming ... oh oh oh) Is it weird when I hear someone else (oh oh oh oh oh

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Voices in my head lyrics

or am I imagining things The voices in my head keep saying (The voices in my head) She's coming ... oh oh oh) Is it weird when I hear someone else (oh oh oh oh oh

Brainstorm - Voices lyrics

I pretend to live again is there anybody out there will ... somebody save me is there anybody out there before ... and over and over again I hear those voices over and over

Neon Trees - Voices in the hall lyrics

dead to me Maybe that's the mystery of us I use to think ... you were gone I would still hear voices in the halls I ... could feel the red rain on me I can see you

Mono Inc. - Voices of doom lyrics

true belief Look at me I am the living proof that end can ... mean relief I’m gracious but there’s something you should know ... to my freakshow Here in my netherworld I rule † Let all your

Lowkey - Voices of the voiceless lyrics

Lowkey] From West 10 to the West Bank I write righteous ... with my right and wrestle the devil with my left hand ... pictures of death camps The average person is allergic to

Midge Ure - Come the day lyrics

feel the shadows on me now With so ... much more to say I see the strange arrival From a ... where I stand And believed the lines in my hand I would ... open up my fist And take the things I'd missed Come the

Michael W. Smith - Voices lyrics

road Designing your fate Hear what your heart says Still ... gate 'Le bon et 'le mal These are the voices We nous ... somme liberti' We make the choices Echoes of laughter

Abba lyricsAbba - The visitors (crackin' up) lyrics

hear the door-bell ring and suddenly the panic takes me The sound so ... ominously tearing through the silence I cannot move, I'm ... Numb and frozen Among the things I love so dearly The

Echoes Of Eternity - Voices in a dream lyrics

you calling me Just like the voices in a dream I can remember ... And when my mind is still The memories come alive The ... soul resides And when my heart is still The memories come

Levellers - Voices on the wind lyrics

s a man on the mountain Who hides himself ... away A voice on the wind there Is telling him to stay He ... knows on the outside The world has looked away From

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