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Hear The Voice Inside lyrics

Browse for Hear The Voice Inside song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Hear The Voice Inside lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Hear The Voice Inside.

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Queensrÿche - The voice inside lyrics

you know the people fighting for your head ... What you think, the things you read and what you ... see. What you hear and how you choose your buy ... from wrong. Yeah I hear the sound of a coming new wave.

Dixie Chicks - Voice inside my head lyrics

did But I couldn't find another way And I want and I need ... Somehow to believe In the choice I made Am I better ... off this way I can hear the voice inside my head Saying

Ra - The voice inside my head lyrics

time, perfect place For the light of your disgrace I ... didn't have a warning before the fall You drove me to ... my head while I sleep You're the demon that I see Drag me

Eden's Curse - The voice inside lyrics

by it's sleeve You know I heard that's once been said I'm ... not the kind who's easely aggrieved ... By the things that I have read ... For my mother she once told me You know

Harem Scarem - Voice inside lyrics

the full moon's On the horizon Under dark cover of the night Is when the voice inside Overloads Well it feeds on ... When your God won't Show you the light And the voice inside

Novembers Doom - The voice of failure lyrics

struggle to reach above the fault, In the same moment of ... collapse Born to suffer by the fate of this world, come with ... me now, and bleed Visions of the promised land, I close my

Onslaught - The sound of violence lyrics

this is my war Long live the scream of machine gun fire ... I orchestrate This is the sound of violence The power ... and the pain This is the sound of violence In the

Fractured - Fractured - you are (the voice inside my head.. lyrics

yet I still try to see. These hands will mend your wounds ... set you free. You are the rope around my neck, you are ... the voice inside my head, you are the sound

Dokken - Voice of the soul lyrics

you see the soul / through a window in ... your mind Can you see the darkness that was left me ... A vision come and gone [Inside] Nothing was clear Saving

Sleeping Romance - The promise inside lyrics

times I’ve been caged By the promise inside You should ... let me hold you You could hear through my voice And see ... through my eyes The promise inside Yes, I’ve been rended, and

4him - The voice of god lyrics

of being Moses Standing on the mountain top When he heard the voice of God And I admit that ... Ive imagined I was Paul on the road to Damascus When he heard the Savior's call CHANNEL

Project Creation - The voice of cheops lyrics

you see? Do you hear? Is it moving? Is it ... I can see it I can hear it I can feel it I can ... it We now know That your voice is The same as ours… Now we

Hoobastank - The first of me lyrics

tough decision Listen to my voice Should I give in to ... One leads to myself The other someone else Just an empty ... to hold If you just give them what's expected Something they can sell Put upon a shelf

Sinbreed - The voice lyrics

red sun rises in the east Before the purple sky ... day - it's easy living The windy road below my feet My ... Set yourself on fire I hear a voice in my head and in my heart Getting louder day by day

Divinefire - The spirit lyrics

spin around in my head I hear the voices, I'm out of ... control Confusion, I can't hear the voice I'm trapped inside ... my cage, I can't see the light ("Forget your

Battlelore - The voice of the fallen lyrics

am the one who speaks the truth The only truth you ... will ever need to hear That is why I am here You ... are worthy for the Eye Whose council is fear ... and agony I am his words The one with the darkest dreams

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The voice lyrics

the open heart and the whisper goodbye, there's a ... in your eye. Between the lover's moon and the ... trembling sky, there's a broken dream in your ... mind. And the voice is carrying the love you have

Avantasia - The tower lyrics

new appearance when I passed the door. Is it a dream, I am ... eternal wastelands. And I hear the voice, the voice, the voice, the voice [2x] ... race. Told me to bring back the seal but still I don't know

Queensrÿche - The voice lyrics

am gone. Finally now I see, There's so much inside of me. Is ... everyone innocent? The blood on the ground is almost ... .. I'll try to tell you... There's so many possibilities,

Akercocke - The dark inside lyrics

your shape Unholy dance The captive angel Flailing still ... Inside the dark The dark inside Taste of the necrotic ... cadaver See the blood Obscene prayer

Tobias Sammet - The tower lyrics

new appearance when I passed the door. Is it a dream I am ... eternal wastelands. And I hear the voice, the voice, the voice, the voice ... Hallelujah,

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - The voice within lyrics

fly (oh). When you're safe inside your room, you tend to dream ... No one ever wants or bother to explain, Of the heartache life can bring, and ... it means. Chorus: When there's no one else, look inside

Jacquie Lee - The voice within lyrics

to fly When you're safe inside your room you tend to dream ... seems No one ever wants or bothers to explain Of the heartache life can bring and what

Orange Blue - The voice of my blood lyrics

it's worth telling you 'Bout the rain inside me Feel like I'm ... was only in me You're the voice of my blood The scent of my ... life The gentle valley among my

Sabrina Carpenter - The voice within" by christina aguilera lyrics

fly (oh). When you're safe inside your room, you tend to dream ... No one ever wants or bother to explain, Of the heartache life can bring, and ... it means. Chorus: When there's no one else, look inside

Salamandra - The legend / reign of the wicked lyrics

you heard of that famous nation Who ... had won back their freedom and pride Have ... you heard of imposing heroes Winning ... since those battles Now the bad years have taken their

Andy Biersack - The void lyrics

has crashed We bound down the past Like ghost-drifted ash ... Is all that will last There's no turning back Now I ... m all alone The future unknown Got nowhere

Lorien - The voice of saruman lyrics

the betrayer Will miss all the magic and the might He's ... gone astray, he's in the sight Of the dark lord. He ... forgot the right way 'cause he yearned

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then ... be delivered U can still see the picture upon the wall One ... staring at nothing at all The other one trying 2 focus

A Reason To Breathe - The eye of a traitor lyrics

I hear your voice inside my head Everytime I hear you ... Once again When I hit the ground I hit around inside ... Once again When I hit the ground (I hit around inside

Celtic Woman - The voice lyrics

hear your voice on the wind And I hear you call out ... my child you say to me I am The Voice of your history Be not ... I'll set you free. I am The Voice in the wind and the

Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland. - This voice inside lyrics

I know what awaits you in the time to pass I am your part, ... I scream darkness I am the voice inside your head I was ... born to feed the sheep Seed the wheat A country boy like me

Nocturnal Depression - Hear my voice kill yourself lyrics

my voice into your head, don't try to ... stop it The poison streaming into your ... veins is me The cold you can feel is my ... your life? Everyone has the right to kill himself

Angra - The voice commanding you lyrics

games inside your brain You got to fight ... 'round like a phantom in the dark And you're waiting for the night to come Lunacy attacks ... back You'll be waiting for the morning sun I'm the voice

Dizmas - The voice is ghostly lyrics

this sounding right can you hear this music? do you really ... think love is gonna change the world Is this feeling ... right can you hear this music? do you really

Christina Grimmie - The voice within lyrics

to fly When you’re safe inside your room you tend to dream ... seems No one ever wants or bothers to explain Of the heartache life can bring and what

Aviators - The magic inside (i am just a pony) (remix) lyrics

show you who I am Threw off the veil, it's finally time There's more to me than glitz and ... what I was sold I did all the things that I was told But ... time to time But now I know the real me And put my heart out

Jeremy Camp - Hear my voice lyrics

are the only one that brings me peace ... You are the only one where hope is seen The mercy you've given is more ... so I can heed your word Hear my voice, I raise to you

Patty Griffin - Time will do the talking lyrics

bit more mud on my face But the years will bring a bigger ... my disgrace I don't believe there is such a thing as saying ... too much There are those who like to look

All The Shelters - The voice of light lyrics

leave this place alive I hear all these voices, whispering ... in my head But the only one I'll listen to is the voice of light Lost in the ... Don't predict a storm, when the winds don't blow I will

Saviour Machine - The false prophet lyrics

is not the cross that bleeds, behold, ... is a dagger, Rising from the earth; the beast foretold; ... this is the nail ... These are not the horns of a lamb ... behold the voice of a dragon Crying in the

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The dividing line lyrics

you choose not to see it And then you wonder why you fall It ... cuts through the heart of every city If you climb ... to the top of the highest building You can see

Above The Broken - The dark half lyrics

this is What I see... I see the fear in your eyes As you run ... numb, you're slowly dying on the inside This feeling haunts ... me everyday The only thing to do is pray

The Moody Blues - The voice lyrics

to school? I need to learn the golden rule Won't you lay it ... on the line? I need to hear it just one more time Oh, ... Tonight Each and every heart it seems Is bounded by a

Grave Forsaken - The road to damascus lyrics

murder And violence upon the early disciples He journeyed ... to arrest and persecute them Along the way a flash of ... light blinded him, He heard the voice of Jesus He couldn’t

Michael W. Smith - The voice lyrics

road Designing your fate Hear what your heart says Still ... gate 'Le bon et 'le mal These are the voices We nous ... somme liberti' We make the choices Echoes of laughter

Mike Martinez - The voice (a song for dio) lyrics

day Here in my city when I heard Ronnie has sailed away I ... tears and pain His voice riding on the wind, now the ... universe can hear We know he's now a rising

Dropkick Murphys - The burden lyrics

gotta live low before you see them fall Always a loser he lost ... his shine They had no idea what kept the ... Frankie's gonna be alright They said he was broke and never

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The voice of freedom lyrics

turn around stand up and feel the flow It`s time to let your ... east and west Let`s come together now and give your best You ... can see it in the light All alround the world

Cherri Bomb - The pretender lyrics

you in the dark you know they all pretend Keep you in the ... in your skeletons Sing as their bones go marching in... ... Again They need you buried deep The

Infected Mushroom - The pretender lyrics

you in the dark Because they all pretend Keep you in the ... in your skeletons Sing as the bones come marching in again ... They keep you buried deep The secrets that you keep are

Pink Cream 69 - Over the fire lyrics

you hear the voice inside you does it tell you what to ... do? do you take the time to listen? do the ... he asked of you break out of the chains that bind you down

Shadows Fall - The unknown lyrics

down Dragging us beneath the ground Abandoned here you're ... taken, all you've said Still hear your voice inside my head ... close your eyes And live in the unknown Forsaken by the

Battle Beast - Enter the metal world lyrics

s not the sun in the sky That shines on me when I ... cry It's not the one we all can see The one ... Gonna pray I'll never die the nightmare has begun Uh!

Chicago - The pull lyrics

in kansas often do. And the air was still, I felt the ... pull. I recall the heat rising from the ground ... in a way. And i knew i was the first to pass this way. I

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - The pretender lyrics

you in the dark You know they all pretend Keep you in the ... in your skeletons Sing as their bones go marching in... ... again The need you buried deep The

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - The world tonight lyrics

saw you sitting at the center of the circle ... from you I saw you sitting there I saw you swaying to the ... rhythm of the music Caught you playing, ... caught you praying To the voice inside you I saw you swaying

Mean Messiah - The end lyrics

in the hole, buried in despair ... in darkness, screaming for the light Waiting at the gates ... of Hell The end is just a step away ... for eternal sleep... ...for the moment when the dream

Shadow Host - The last hope lyrics

know that fear increases inside when sunlight is broken ... hope made its way through my heart bright realms of freedom ... burn in the night my life is gone

Befour - Hear the countdown call lyrics

are the ine, your time is now Just ... of reaching out So make the step and you will see You ... got the victory You're strong ... enough just from the start You hear the beating

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