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Hear Me Cry In The Rain By Rootstrata Chords lyrics

Browse for Hear Me Cry In The Rain By Rootstrata Chords song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Hear Me Cry In The Rain By Rootstrata Chords lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Hear Me Cry In The Rain By Rootstrata Chords.

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Saidian - Cry in the rain lyrics

not a sinner, I am not a saint Just trying to survive this lonely game Still can’t remember any time at all Of sharing love without and endless fall I’m crying, I’m fighting But all in vain Running round in circles I cry in the rain Lost and alone again

Q5 - In the rain lyrics

shadows, watch them shimmer Soft reflections in your eyes Will you see me? Will you touch me? In the rain. Restless feelings as I watch you Try to hold them deep inside Will you love me? Will you hold me? Why can't you tell me if you want me In the rain. Touching so

Better Than Ezra - Cry in the sun lyrics

cleaned out your room and under your bed, lay a picture long forgotten. With a hand to your head, you sigh out loud as your memory rushes over and buries you. A summer rain storm, but the shed was dry with a girl from Carolina. And you held her so

Enya - It's in the rain lyrics

time The rain comes down, Close my eyes and listen. I can hear the lonesome sound Of the sky as it cries. Listen to the rain Here it comes again Hear it in the rain Feel the touch Of tears that fall ...They won't fall forever In the way the day will flow All

Edenbridge - In the rain lyrics

m walking along the river Raindrops fall from the sky The eagle above never wonders 'bout all the feelings gone by The flower buds open their hearts They're begging for water to fall As they're starting to fill up my senses I recognize them all [Chorus] Falling far beyo

Hüsker Dü - Standing in the rain lyrics

outside my window And all I see is grey I'm watching the clouds roll by every day And we make a reservation You say you'll be on time I say, "I might be a little late" Well, I pull it together and brush my teeth Comb my hair

Old Man Canyon - In the rain lyrics

are some days I wake up Seems like it's all made up Who is it I need to be I'd like a soft reminder Something to calm the fire That's burning in my heart I know there's something in the rain Calling us its's calling us by name And I know time and

Ost+front - Out in the rain lyrics

is a wound in my heart There is a wound in my soul They can not heal They never go And my friends stay around Feeding in my hole They can not feel They never know Better leave me today Never hear what you say Wasting your time W

Cenotaph - In the cosmic solitude lyrics

whisper of the dark dreams Casts my fate to the winds An entity teases my sleep So I open the lid of my mind My burial was a fantasy The death is not real I see the shining light But I feel the utter dark "Remember the bitter wounds and walk your s

Nina Simone - In the evening by the moonlight lyrics

the evening by the moonlight When my mother had finished working We used to sit around the fire place Till the cornbread it was done And then we all would eat our supper After that we'd clean the kitchen It's the only time they ever gave us to spare

Crystal Eyes - Dying in the rain lyrics

moonlight we carry the flame but the nightfall won't take away the pain No shadows awaits on the road still the echo of yesterday remains On a cold and misty journey in the silence of the woods we are chasing great illusions forever in her realm She's the lady of

Fancy - In the rain again lyrics

through your life Can you see the wrong from right Can you understand You take my breath away Love has lost and found Many smiles And many frowns But I find you When the rain Comes falling down What can I do When our love's run away How can I have yo

9goats Black Out - In the rain lyrics

wo furu kage atarashii sube de kawa wo oyogu sakana wo hari de retsune* miageteru ten e sasagu kodomo shiranu yowasa chikutaku... chikutaku... nagareru ai mo yoku mo sono te no hira ni fusete chikutaku... chikutaku... omoidaseba fukanzen na soraai kotaete hoshii kono karada,

John Paul Young - Standing in the rain lyrics

babe, you left me standing in the rain, when you were sitting down to dinner, you left me standing in the rain. O babe, you left me getting cold and wet. When you were looking at the menu, you left me getting cold and wet. O babe, the rain was leaking through my sh

Melvins - In the rain lyrics

don't like you Not a little thing about you There's a flower all around you In the rain Images of peace And now your pretty face Things that give me grins In the rain Tropical decision It was a mystical incision Thought you were in prison In

Estelle - In the rain lyrics

this remind me of summer I'm talking 'bout an English summer You know where it rains (All night long) Yeah, but this remind me of you We don't need to be, just a memory (If you wanna flow I'll walk away) It was last love, not the first time For you to notice me '

F.t.island - In the rain (비가 와요) lyrics

changmun teume deullineun jeo bismul sori meokmeokhan gaseum gamchwodo gamchwodo nunmurina keopi hanjaneuro i maeumeul dallaegon hae geokjeong ma singyeong sseuji anha iksukhaejyeo beoryeosseo usja usja harue han beonman uljima usja usja Oh I thinking

Smokie - Cry in the night lyrics

know you don’t want me I see it burning in your eyes After all this time baby There can be no compromise. Oh, it won’t come easy It’s much to hard to give away You’re lying to me baby But you’ll cry another day. You’re telling me lies You’re telling

Badfinger - Walk out in the rain lyrics

I'll just walk out in the rain So that the clouds can hide the pain And baby you will never see The thousand tears you gave to me. And if the rain should go away Then in my lonely room I'll stay So that the world will never know How much it hurt

Clan Of Xymox - Cry in the wind lyrics

these your words with laughter Is this your voice begging to be spared Oh, you seemed so unassailable, you seemed so far away hey hey Is this a voice begging to be spared Is this your voice? Please, don't speak to me for a while Are these

Elderoth - In the rain lyrics

with the darkfall in the sky and the clouds of night are coming and then, I'll go into the dark and try to lengthen this feeling only way to feel a relief is to continue my blind belief and live this feeling I'll destroy all my own self esteem It

King Leoric - Cry in the night lyrics

amp;M: Kiehne The dawning is near, the upcoming fear afraid of closing my eyes My blood´s running cold, the night - it is sold, and hope of salvation has died... And then comes the sleep... - the pain is so deep! Cry in the night, silence at d

Madness - In the rain lyrics

is such confusion in my mind, To play your illusion is so unkind, I didn't know who you were this afternoon, You said that it didn't matter and I'll see you soon. Standing here in the rain, Maybe the weather will change again, Change again or stay the bleeding same. How I met yo

Satyricon - In the mist by the hills lyrics

the mist of the shadows by the river of the fogpalace Two great spears and a flag of dominion and hate Over the chasm riders of doom And sometimes the water dares to reflect... As days pass by and the light Is becoming weaker I can watch the death of the sun from my Enormous

Ace Of Base - Hear me calling lyrics

enter your life now make no mistakes Can you reach me,can you reach me I enter your life now make no mistakes Can you reach me,can you touch me Can you hear me calling in the night My love's so strong I can't get it right Can you hear me longing thriugh the night

Axxis - I hear you cry lyrics

said why I really don't know why - know why You want me to deny All the things we're fighting for Right now There's nothing left to say - to say You've thrown it all away The passion passion and the good memories of our lives How am I supposed to

Leverage - Shadow in the rain lyrics

grin was not a smile The wolf was not your friend The grip is not of love nor hate It's got you on your knees It's whispering in your head It'll see to that you meet your end Silent whispers, silent pleads But no-one hears you cry The beast i

Montell Jordan - The rain lyrics

Intro] Listen Shh.. You hear that? Can you hear that? Listen Ohh, ohh, ohh Lying in my bedroom next to me Nervous like a child playing hide and seek I never knew how fast that your heart could beat It's like it's your first time But now that your

Infinity - Naked in the rain lyrics

m dancing naked in the rain Let the raindrops wash away your pain I reach my head up to the sky Please tell me why Tell me why it's goodbye, don't be shy I won't cry, I just dared to hear it from you But you hide, close your eyes Don't reply, walk on by I see the lo

Candlebox - Rain lyrics

I wope up one morning Seen my baby fly away Sugar dont go She said I dont be treatin her Right by the things I say Sugar dont go Dont go, I feel Ill be left alone And Ill cry Oh in the rain Early one morning I packed her bags She said she gotta leave me now

Girls Aloud - Hear me out lyrics

was drowning in the rain Getting lost beneath the downpour Trying to shield a dying flame, oh Nearly lost what I had come for But somewhere in my heart A little gold was working its way out And made a star to guide me on my way Somewhere deep inside I

Rough Silk - Candle in the rain lyrics

that you're gone i'm trying not to cry and I'm asking my walls why our love had to die wise people say time will heal every wound - someday well, I tried to be a good guy tried harder day by day but on this bed of roses the fire - the wire

Elvis Costello - Jimmie standing in the rain lyrics

Class ticket in his pocket Punching out the shadows underneath the sockets Tweed coat turned up against the fog Slow coaches rolling o'er the moor Between the very memory And approaches of war Stale bread curling on a luncheon counter Loose change lonely, not the right amount

Electric Light Orchestra - Standin' in the rain lyrics

day, rainy day I'm standin' in the rain I'm waiting all alone I'm so tired I wanna go home I'm standin' in the rain Getting soaking wet I'm doin' my best But what do I get? I'm standin' in the rain Can't seem to get along Oh, people rushing by (people rush

Marvin Gaye - Walkin' in the rain lyrics

walking in the rain Is insane Can't explain How I feel when I'm walking in the rain with you It rains in my hair But I don't seem to care Just as long As you're walking with me, too It rains as we walk We get sunny weather We stop and we talk Then we get wet to

Jeannie Ortega - Hear me lyrics

at the reflections of myself Without a mirror I see someone else Your laughing at me cuz you don't see my soul You think the smile I wear says I'm happy but you don't really know Everydays a fight Soon i'll have no tears left here to cry Jump to the words I speak When wil

Tim Mcgraw - Tears in the rain lyrics

was rainin' hard in Houston when I ran into her I searched for conversation but I was lost for words Then a cloud of tear filled memories came crashin' down on me If it hadn't been for the pourin' rain I'm sure she would have seen Tears in the rain hidin' the pain Maybe she'd

Neil Sedaka - Laughter in the rain lyrics

along country roads with my baby It starts to rain, it begins to pour Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin I feel a shiver run up my spine I feel the warmth of her hand in mine Ooh, I hear laughter in the rain Walking hand in hand with the one I love Ooh, how I lo

Kenziner - Walking in the rain lyrics

we ever wanted was life alone All we ever did was always known We searched throughout the world It was always the same The only way out was walking in the rain I never knew, what we were due At the first light of the day, we were always betrayed I know the writings on the wall

Officium Triste - In pouring rain lyrics

pouring rain I drown in thoughts Angels’ tears They cry to god Soaking wet I clench my fists I wonder what’s amiss I scream towards the pouring sky Cursing life and asking why In pouring rain I drown in thoughts I have no clue I am lost Why? Why

Jana Kramer - Dance in the rain lyrics

thought that I'd find myself lost in this place Caught in a storm that my broken heart just can't escape I close my eyes And soak it in And dance, I cry I'll set these tears free in the wind And Dance in the rain Let it wash away the pain No, he ain't comming back There's not

Chris Isaak - Funeral in the rain lyrics

wait, too long, I'll die, If I'm alone. I wait, too shy, love dies, I'm alone to cry. I'm walking, I keep on walking down the street. I'm watching, I keep on searching every face I meet. I loved her but now I've lost her, loves in vain. I watch a funeral in the ra

Quarterflash - Caught in the rain lyrics

the eye of the storm you found me I was caught in the rain like you And it pulled us down together And it tangled us in blue Oh, all of my life I wanted that night Together and still it remains I still hear the rain I can't get it out of my heart And I will wait

One More Time - The dolphin lyrics

was a dolphin playing with his love and friend. A hunting ship turned up and caught her in the end. He struggled to defend her but soon she just was gone. He never ever gave up searching for his love. He kept on crossing every ocean, every sea. He searched in hurricanes and col

Kelly Price - The rain lyrics

s funny but I can't laugh it's so sad but I can't cry but it doesn't mean there's nothing left inside I got some nasty scars to prove what I been through I guess it's safe to say that I'm nothing like you When your smile is your best kept secret wh

A Tribe Called Quest - Go ahead in the rain lyrics

Hendrix: Rain all day)(2X) (Q-Tip: Don't you worry) Q-Tip: All I wanna do is get down y'all Have a ball y'all and freak freak y'all Lifeless ventures ain't new boo So don't boo hoo, yeah, you too Gotta get a grip like culture Swoop down, swoop down like a vulture The rhythms w

Anna Tsuchiya - Shout in the rain lyrics

shout in the rain chigire ochi abareru amaoto wa hibiwareta toki wo naderu you ni kesenai itami ni nukarumi de mogaki tsukare kobore ochiru hikari ga me ni shimu my voice, my breath todoketai my life's like tears tokihanachi aishiai ikiru osorezu arukitai I sh

Blue System - Venice in the rain lyrics

My heart feels so weak Sailing home to a place I never know Some hearts will never change Some hearts will never change A broken dream Im losing now it seems Oh, I cant explain why I lose again Some hearts will never change Some hearts will never change Le

Bwo - Sunshine in the rain lyrics

I'm in Berlin you're off to London When I'm in New York you're doing Rome All those crazy nights we spend together As voices on the phone Wishing we could be more telepathic Tired of the nights I sleep alone Wishing we could redirect the traffic And f

Deathgaze - Sleep in the rain lyrics

wish to runaway The things I’ve done to you I’ve been so faraway Leaving me alone and fear CALLING YOU I’m calling you I'm Filled with tears And sleeping in the rain Lost my hope Still calling you From where you were Just leave me your mind And leave your heart

Lisa Lavie - Set fire to the rain (by adele) lyrics

let it fall, my heart And as it fell, you rose to claim it It was dark and I was over Until you kissed my lips and you saved me My hands, they were strong, but my knees were far too weak To stand in your arms without falling to your feet But there's a side to y

Seventh Wonder - In the blink of an eye lyrics

silence It falls before my eyes No light In darkest night My mind it Dreams of those who fall asleep This life This quiet plight You can hear me cry Can I stand to ask You why You have cast me into night Neverending distant light S

Shane Harper - Dancin' in the rain lyrics

wake up the morning cup of coffee in my hand and a song in my head, Outside it's pouring, I heard the weather man say that I should stay in There ain't no sunshine but it's all right ain't no blue sky's but it's feels Right I'll get the rain on my skin I'm ready for the day to beg

Kane Brown lyricsKane Brown - Thunder in the rain lyrics

Verse 1] Your lips, your eyes, don't wanna let go Your skin on mine, I'm losing control Hear the rumble in your chest Feel the wind comin' off your breath Your curves ain't slowin' me down Ain't nothin' gonna stop us now [Chorus] You're fire, I'm lightnin' W

Thomas Anders - Laughter in the rain lyrics

along country roads with my baby It starts to rain, it begins to pour Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin I feel the shiver run up my spine I feel the warmth of her hand in mine Oh, I hear laughter in the rain Walking hand in hand with

Fifth Angel - Cry out the fools lyrics

to me she speaks with evil eyes Drawn away with whispers, of her spell All escape but leave their souls behind She has you trapped, inside her private hell Hear her whisper, in the morning light She's calling you away Cry out the fools That she takes, in th

Covenant - Like tears in the rain lyrics

to the Empire State and watch the city lights Hear the noise of millions struggle in the sprawl Stare into the sky, we're few and far between Black eyes full of stars, wide with memories Every street I ever walked Every home I ever had Is lost Every flower I ever h

Billy Talent - Standing in the rain lyrics

head, it hurts Each day it's getting worse My looks and smile Have now become my curse Tight lips, red skirt The neverending street Big car, little man My lover for a fee So if you see me will you just drive on by? Or will I catch the twinkle inside your eye?

Billy Talent - Standing in the rain (acoustic) lyrics

head, it hurts Each day it's getting worse My looks and smile Have now become my curse Tight lips, red skirt The neverending street Big car, little man My lover for a fee So if you see me will you just drive on by? Or will I catch the twinkle inside your eye? And if you want m

Culture Beat - Crying in the rain lyrics

you breathe you lie Loops got ya lost I can't hear ya Treason took a try Desperate drown in dirty things Juvenile Jazz you hide Can't loose no love from day I shared Faint twinkle in your eyes Weary from how you earn your things You slip from sliding S

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