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Acid Ghost - He´s just like the others lyrics

the world be nice for once to me? See the one i care about, get up and leave the lights dim down in my room and there goes the sun I'm trying to think about why you must go with the other one because He's just like the others nothing even special about him

Broken Hope - He was raped lyrics

saintly robes removed Pushed face down upon the floor Legs kicked apart, hare-ass in the air A fistful of hair yanks his head back He supposedly pardons us for every sin But can Jesus forgive those who desecrated his body? Incarcerated inside a Ro

The Dubliners - The crack was ninety in the isle of man lyrics

weren't we the rare oul stock Spent the evenin' gettin' locked In the Ace O' Hearts where the high stools were Engaging Over the Butte Bridge, down by the dock, The boat she sailed at five o'clock. 'Ah hurry on', said Whack, 'Or before we're there we'll al

Drakkar - The matrix lyrics

many times in the past I have been hearing This word I don't understand: What is |The Matrix|? The quest is over today 'Cause the answer Came right to me in the shape Of Morpheus [Bridge 1:] Tell me what should I do To get freedom of mind For it'

Jo Dee Messina - He'd never seen julie cry lyrics

heart was tougher than a piece of leather Had a will carved out of stone He was stallion who had thrown every rider No woman could seem to hang on He had always been a fortress With walls to high to climb But then again he'd never seen Julie cry

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - He was my brother lyrics

was my brother Five years older than I He was my brother Twenty-three years old the day he died Freedom writer They cursed my brother to his face Go home outsider This town's gonna be your buryin' place He was singin' on his knees An angry mob trailed along They

The Byrds - He was a friend of mine lyrics

was a friend of mine, he was a friend of mine His killing had no purpose, no reason or rhyme He was a friend of mine He was in Dallas town, he was in Dallas town From a sixth floor window a gunner shot him down He was in Dallas town He never knew my name, he never knew my name

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The stranger song lyrics

s true that all the men you knew were dealers Who said they were through with dealing Every time you gave them shelter I know that kind of man It's hard to hold the hand of anyone Who is reaching for the sky just to surrender Who is reaching for t

Adam Sandler - The goat lyrics

I am a simple goat. I live on the back of a pick-up truck. The Old Man tied me here with a 3 ft. rope. Am I happy? He don't give a f***. OLD MAN: Hey goat! I'm gonna beat your head in with the hickory stick! ADAM: Sometimes he uses his fists-a. He's filled

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - He was a friend of mine lyrics

was a friend of mine He was a friend of mine Every time I think about him now I just can't keep from crying 'Cause he was a friend of mine He was a friend of mine He was a friend of mine Never had no money To pay for his fine He was a friend of

Boney M - He was a steppenwolf lyrics

on and listen to my tale It's a strange and sorry tale That's gonna rock you About a man, the drifting kind Let the story now unwind It's gonna shock you Some people said he was a ghost Wouldn't wanna be his host Or just to meet him And if he ever came their wa

Schultz Mark - The time of my life lyrics

packed his bags when he was just 18 To see a world he thought he'd never seen But he knew when he met her That she was the girl He'd been waiting for And each night they spent talking on the front porch swing And like it came straight out of a movie scene But one nig

Dan Fogelberg - The outlaw lyrics

the possessions of an outlaw of a low class kind Is this little bottle of French perfume Taken as a last thought from a drug store in suburbia He said, ''Lady, look what I've got for you'' She said, ''Jesse, I don't hardly even know you anymore And judging from your

Tim Mcgraw - The great divide lyrics

was reading a book that she'd already read Just to pass the time He just sat there and stared at the tv set Like he was barely alive And when the local news was over They would climb the stairs And crawl in bed underneath the covers Like neither one was

George Strait - The steal of the night lyrics

band had just started when they walked in the door He sat her at a table and strolled out on the floor He grabbed the first sweet thang that gave him the eye And left the door open for the steal of the night Three dances later she was still in her chair He w

Guy Clark - The cape lyrics

years old with a flour sack cape tied all around his neck He climbed up on the garage, he's figurin' what the heck, well He screwed his courage up so tight that the whole thing come unwound He got a runnin' start and bless his heart, he's headed for the ground Well, he's

Dark - The sharp lyrics

I was a little boy we had a dog Sharp I play with him all day.But he died when I was ten .I got it when I was born.I had him for a friend his whole life.Hey Ref:‘Jó Sharp no dog like it was a dog, the best dog.To me which I never bite and play with me. I am with him l

Alaska Thunderf*** - The t (feat. adore delano) lyrics

name is Alaska Thunderf*** And I have something to say... I like black tea, I like black D I never touched Tina, and that's the T I know I'm what's the T, I said that I don't drink So you bitches probably don't even know what to think When you see me in the club getti

Lily Allen - He wasn't there lyrics

wasn't there when I needed him No, he was never around His reputation was preceding him And he was out on the town It didn't matter if he let me down I didn't care about the lies Now all I knew was that he loved me very much He was my hero in disguise I'm so pleased I never

Coronatus - The monk lyrics

long time ago lived a monk In dark middle ages he lived He prayed to father and son For the grace of an innocent life line One day he went out to the woods To ease all this heaviness He fled from the monastery walls To the silence and peace of the forest

Alesha Dixon - The boy does nothing lyrics

got a man with two left feet And when he dances down to the beat I really think that he should know That his rhythms go go go I got a man with two left feet And when he dances down to the beat I really think that he should know That his rhythms go go go CHORUS Does

Händel Georg Friedrich - He was despised lyrics

was despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. (Isaiah 53:3) He gave his back to the smiters, and His cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: He hid not His face from shame and spitting. (Isaiah 50:6

Kate Rusby - The duke and the tinker lyrics

fame reports a young duke kept a court He pleased himself with his frolicsome sport He found a poor tinker lying drunk on the ground In such a deep sleep he heard not a sound He said to his men, Richard, William, and Ben We'll away to my palace and we'

Pj Harvey - The garden lyrics

he was walking in the garden And he was walking in the night And he was singing a sad love song And he was praying for his life And the stars came out around him He was thinking of his sins And he's looking at his song-bird And he's looking at

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The road goes on forever lyrics

was a waitress At the only joint in town She had a reputation As a girl who'd been around Down Main Street after midnight With a brand new pack of cigs A fresh one hanging from her lips A beer between her legs She'd ride down to the river And

Alan Jackson - The blues man lyrics

s just a singer A natural born guitar ringer Kind of clinger To sad ole songs. He's not a walk behinder He's a new note finder But his name's a reminder Of a blues man that's already gone. So he started drinkin' Took some things th

Mark Knopfler - The ragpicker's dream lyrics

Jack Frost came for Christmas With a brass monkey date The rail-king and the scarecrow Hopped a Florida freight And they blew on their paper cups And stared through the steam Then they drank half a bottle Of Ragpicker's dream where The whiskey keeps following Cold p

The Monks - He went down to the sea lyrics

winked an eye and the sun went out He winked another and the stars came out He drew his breath and the wind blew soft And then he went down to the sea And then he went down to the sea He threw a rock and the seagulls soared He touched another and the oc

Poco - Down in the quarter lyrics

in the quarterpast anybody’s bedtime Anybody anywhere who was halfway out his mind I was sittin’ in a rock and roll bar Down from another Just on up the line I was talkin’ with a new found friend Who lived his life On river time He was hold

Butthole Surfers - The shame of life lyrics

love the girls and the money and the shame of life My shallow mind is just a sign of your game of life There were girls in the front There were girls in the back And there were girls pettin' squirrels And there were squirrels smokin' crack With

Case Studies - Like the sea lyrics

had a dream last night of smashing a stone into another man's face. There was nothing of his nose or his eyes or his teeth. His blood splashed on my chest. And as I hoisted the stone above my head with your hand on my shoulder you spoke to me. But I never did hear what you sai

Chaostar - The field of ante cun lyrics

tone of high-pitched sound, that was lashing mercilessly the air from the beginning of experiment, changed. There was something cold on this sterile song, a kind of warning for an unknown anger. There was no turning back. The glassy doors were shut

The Dubliners - The irish rover (with "the pogues") lyrics

the Fourth of July, 1806 We set sail from the sweet Cove of Cork We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks For the Grand City Hall in New York 'Twas a wonderful craft She was rigged fore and aft And oh, how the wild wind drove her She stood several blasts She had tw

John Prine - He was in heaven before he died lyrics

s a rainbow of babies Draped over the graveyard Where all the dead sailors Wait for their brides And the cold bitter snow Has strangled each grassblade Where the salt from their tears Washed out with the tide And I smiled on the Wabash The last time I passed it Yes I gave he

Tony Carey - The cold north wind lyrics

in the winter of '63 I left my woman down in Port Louis Took clipper ship to To the land of the midnight sun I had a partner a little older than me He knew the ways of the company He said "Let's take that trip" You should have seen me run

Cruachan - The brown bull of cooley lyrics

was a queen with a passion for war. She had riches and wealth, but still wanted more. She wanted the bull that dwelled in Cooley - a magnificent beast that she longed to see. Maeve was a queen with a passion for war. She had riches and wealth, but still wanted more. She longed

Dave Edmunds - The creature from the black lagoon lyrics

he wanted was a lady, When at night he came up from the deep. He was feeling like any other lonely fella, Decided to take one while the city was asleep. The unsuspecting maiden Was clutched from where she lay, And taken away to a home down under The waters of the local bay. By

Gaelic Storm - The night i punched russell crowe lyrics

s a little story about someone that you know, He was a right famous fella by the name of Russell Crowe I was workin' at a pub and he was smokin at the bar and that's a crime as you all know in Cal-if-orn-i-are. So I sidled up the rail, right to

Bette Midler - He was too good to me since you stayed here lyrics

was too good to me. How will I get along now? So close he stood to me. Everything seems all wrong now. He would have brought me the sun. Making me smile, that was his fun. When I was mean to him he'd never say, "Go away, now." I was a queen to him. Who's gonna light

Monty Python - The tale of sir robin lyrics

bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Robin He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp Or to have his

Narnia - The man from nazareth lyrics

was a carpenter, a simple man Living a simple life in Nazareth, the story tells His mother always knew that He was meant To serve a special purpose here, the angel had said, the story tells He was carrying his gift inside His heart divine, his mind so bright Wi

Willie Nelson - The troublemaker lyrics

could tell the moment that I saw him, He was nothing but the troublemaking kind His hair was much too long and his motley group of friends Had nothing but rebellion on their minds. He's rejected the establishment completely And I know for sure He's n

Jim Reeves - The farmer and the lord lyrics

Spoken] While resting the other evening by the side of the road I saw an old farmer in the field that he just sowed His face was all brown and wrinkled from the sun and the wind And he was talking to the Lord just like he'd be talking to a friend. Well sir, he said wit

Rory Gallagher - The seventh son of a seventh son lyrics

was the seventh son of a seventh son, People claimed that he could cure anyone. He had the power there is no doubt, From his healing hands the light shone all about. No magic potion or mystic words, His eyes stared at you, no sound was heard.

Duncan Sheik - The tale of solomon snell lyrics

if you will, I have a tale to tell Of an unfortunate man, the name of Solomon Snell And the philosophy he should have embraced That says no matter what you do, you'll never be safe Ring the bell, ring the bell for Solomon Snell Too much trust is the road to hell

Heathen Foray - The wizard's life lyrics

long ago When this faithful child was born Prophecy in his hands Blessed with power of the gods Fire burning in his mind Dusk of the light Evil creeping in his soul Blood will run on This lands barren earth Loosing all through battles pride He was hiding in the

Human League - The lebanon lyrics

dreams of nineteen sixty-nine Before the soldiers came The life was cheap on bread and wine And sharing meant no shame She is awakened by the screams Of rockets flying from nearby And scared she clings onto her dreams To beat the fear that she might die And wh

Human League - The lebanon (extended version) lyrics

dreams of nineteen sixty-nine Before the soldiers came The life was cheap on bread and wine And sharing meant no shame She is awakened by the screams Of rockets flying from nearby And scared she clings onto her dreams To beat the fear that she might

King Diamond - The wheelchair lyrics

Abigail:] "What you did to my mother, trying to kill me inside of her Miriam she died alright, but I'm still alive I was the sister of your father's in another life The father you never knew, who saved me years ago And now I'm looking at his son

Bal-sagoth - The ghosts of angkor wat lyrics

Instrumental] [17 October: 1893] Such grim musings as have been occupying my mind of late unfortunately seem to suggest a possible link to the fate of my learned friend and colleague Doctor Ignatius Stone. That brilliant researcher was last seen in c

Cold - The park lyrics

seems so in love with you Living big in paradise Need to drive to get away from me Saw a girl she held a sign And she said to me There's a monster on the loose in Wicked Park Then a preacher man came up to me Held a Bible by his heart He had

Dropkick Murphys - The irish rover lyrics

the fourth of July 1806 We set sail from the sweet cove of Cork We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks For the grand city hall in New York T'was a wonderful craft, she was rigged fore and aft And oh how the wild wind drove her She stood several blasts, she had twenty-

The Game - The kill lyrics

La Roux - Sample] I'm going in for the kill I'm doing it for a thrill Oh I'm hoping you'll understand And not let go of my hand [x2] [The Game] Let me crack this Patron and talk to you for a minute Won't you put that blunt down 'fore you put the chronic in it Before you do t

James Brendan - The skeptic lyrics

there was a man A good and honest man He came home one day to his loving family He said you’ll never believe We have got to leave Daddy wants to make a toast We’re heading out for the west coast Driving US 1 Counting the stars and sun Turns to his wi

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The wreck of the old 97 lyrics

they gave him his orders at Monroe, Virginia Said, "Steve, you're way behind time This is not 38, this is Old 97 Put her into Spencer on time" Then he turned around and said to his black, greasy fireman "Shovel on a little more coal And when we c

Okkervil River - The latest toughs lyrics

the latest toughs, you've got to shrug them off or shut them off With ten-thousand-time-told truths, you've still got to ask for proof Ask for proof, because if you're dying to be led they'll lead you up the hill in chains to their popular refrains Until your slaughter's been arrange

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The martyr lyrics

was born in the past time To take all our pain The kingdom of heaven's near The children of this time Must die for his arrive To let all the legends be true The prophecy said they'll call king of the jews He is born now to take all our sins Three kings were searc

Intruder - The sentence is death lyrics


Sacred Blood - The warrior's scion lyrics

2400 years ago, there ruled a warrior in the kingdom of Macedon cold and hard, like the Northlands of Hellas from whence he was spawned. The sun was setting on the splendor of Athens in those days... and the valor of Sparta was falling into ruin. Holy War

Alela Diane - The way we fall lyrics

was back in my home town Drinking whiskey from the bottle It was an indian summer Wild fires were burning I didn’t know it was the last time You never know when it’s the last time I didn’t know it was the last time I walked miles after midnight To a filthy attic room

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