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Dead By April - Promise me lyrics

the fire on my own, hey I know I wont see your face ... again, hey Are you sitting there alone, hey ey Are you ... thinking like me of the laughing times Or of the

Billy Ocean - Promise me lyrics

ve seen the seven wonders Of the world ... on display I've seen the loveliest of girls From ... and nobody Compares to the beauty of you There's no-one ... like you So I take this time to make a pledge Of a love

Dl - 【me for you - unknown】 lyrics + dl. lyrics

For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For You - Unknown】 Lyrics + DL. 【Me For

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Promise me you'll try lyrics

know it's on your heart That a love like ours ... apart You're so afraid of the rain So I will take your ... hand And I'll love you in the best way that I can And I

Beverly Craven - Promise me lyrics

light up another cigarette and I pour the ... wine It´s four o´clock in the morning and it´s starting to ... get light now I´m right where I want to be losing track

Dead By April - Promise me (acoustic version lyrics

only saw the dark side of me Bring me back to my reality ... way Picture a world for me where I can stay Without you I ... way Imagine a place for us where you and I stay I have

Halifax - Promise me tragedy lyrics

lie awake at night consumed by tragedy I feel depression's ... cold hand reaching out for me All I've ever wanted was ... your honesty But now the words, become the blade that

Latif - Promise me lyrics

I need to know that Yeeaah Promise me, that if I couldn't buy ... jewels - you won't care. Promise me, that you will never leave ... records ain't hot next year. Promise me, I've Done been with some

The Hot Lies - Promise me lyrics

a little Dream another little dream tonight Dream ... it's all that I can handle Someone fix this mess Dreaming ... of a way to get me out of here tonight Forever never ends

George Jones - He made me free lyrics

life so full of wrong That the Lord should have turned his ... back on me But He took the trembling hand of a lost and ... lonely man Broke the chains from mortal shame and

Quietdrive - Promise me lyrics

billion beating hearts They want to beat as one Can they make us fake it But the ... more we fake The more we want to stay And ... As I crawl up to the podium I see We are the

Lunar Path - Promise me lyrics

do you see, when you look into these eyes. ... Yet another lost person, just fighting ... worthless to you, just another expendable toy in your game! ... Stay here with me, it's the only thing I need now. Hold me till I sleep, if you can't

Reba Mcentire - Promise me love lyrics

promise me something, right here and now You'll never lose me in a sea of a faceless crowd ... it from mountains, oh, love me out loud In quiet whispers

Katra - Promise me everything lyrics

every fallen tear there is a broken dream After ... every wasted day there comes the night As the truth becomes a ... lie I loose the last sunbeam And the second

The Saturdays - Promise me lyrics

So here we are again, I’m almost ... about who you with or where you’ve been I got drunk ... from one to ten Are you the man that I need, I need? (No) ... do… CHORUS Group: You promise me the world You promise to

Kill Hannah - Promise me lyrics

I can't get you back, I pushed you too far away, You're ... to be led on, Now I know the face that will haunt me ... , Just please, please, promise me that somewhere, Dark and

The Birthday Massacre - Promise me lyrics

don't know what time we'll be there But we won't ... After all of us arrive Promise me to pass the time Dance ... with me on plastic tears Kiss me We ... t feel alone Till morning when we disappear Though we

Cauterize - Promise me lyrics

this is a game, then I don't want to play. This means too much to me and you're ... it's up to you. Please tell me, you feel the same way too. ... A simple touch, the look in your eye, the sound

Sarah Brightman - He doesn't see me lyrics

he passes me by He's a ray of light Like the ... first drop of sun From the sky And I know he's a king ... But I'm not a queen And he doesn't see me When he

Booty Luv - He´s a winner lyrics

ooo, I was waiting for the seven at a quarter to eleven ... When he just walked on by He took me by surprise 'Cuz I ... down my spine I wonder if he knows what we could do He's

Emma Bunton - He loves me not lyrics

cupid aimed and took a shot We kissed ... and never seemed to stop, ah-ah The sun, the ... moon, the stars so bright We danced ... until the morning light, ah-ah So in

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - He touched me lyrics

by a heavy burden Need the Lord again and shame Then the hand of Jesus touched me And ... now I am no longer the same For He touched me, He touched me He touched me and what a

Jill Scott - He loves me lyzel in e flat lyrics

love me especially different every time You keep me on my feet ... happily excited By your cologne, your hands, ... your intelligence You woo me, you court me, you tease me,

Monrose - He loves me lyrics

love me especially different every time You keep me on my feet ... happily excited By your cologne, your hands, ... your intelligence You woo me, you court me, you tease me,

Jennifer Hudson - He loves me still lyrics

am not perfect but he loves me anyway Wasn´t I angel in my ... That´s no better comfort when be in, in his old He ... loves me still He loves us still I am not

India Arie - He heals me lyrics

heals me Told him my biggest secret ... And he told me four. He smiled at me and said that ... makes me love more And then he made me laugh And I knew it

Lumidee - He told me lyrics

Verse 1:] When I met you at first I was frontin' ... Time passed damn I'm in somethin' We got caught up and I ... fell real hard To tell you the truth I ain't never go this

Planetshakers - He touched me lyrics

touched me He touched me And oh the joy that floods ... my soul Something happened and now I know ... He touched me and made me whole He touched me He ... touched me And oh the joy that floods my soul Something happened and now I know

Nina Simone - He needs me lyrics

needs me He doesn't know it, but he needs ... me And so no matter where he goes Though he doesn't care ... He knows that I'm there He needs me I ought to leave

Alsou - He loves me lyrics

this feeling taken over me I'm neglect and that's not ... how it used to be He used to walk me home Talk ... for hours on the phone Never leave me alone ... So where did we go wrong If he

Amy Grant - He gave me a new song lyrics

gave me a new song-- He really came down here Himself ... and sang it for me In every key just for me. ... He gave me a new light-- Now even when ... clouds hide the sunlight, life is still

China Anne Mcclain - He loves me lyrics

petals off of roses Hitting the floorone after another... ... my ignorance That´s leading me to believe yeah If i had a.. ... If I had a wisk I´d rather keep my head in the clouds,

Nicole Dollanganger - He hit me lyrics

He hit me, and it felt like a kiss, ... kiss, kiss, kiss) He hit me, and it felt like a kiss. He ... spanked me, as I laid over his legs. He ... put me on one knee and said, &quot

Kirk Franklin - He loves me lyrics

Franklin, Kirk; He loves me even when I fall beneath His ... will He loves me, oh, oh, oh, He loves me When my broken heart ... just won't keeps still He loves me oh, oh, oh, He loves

Hole lyricsHole - He hit me (and it felt like a kiss) lyrics

hit me, and it felt like a kiss He ... hit me, but it didn't hurt me He couldn't stand to hear me ... say that I had been with someone new And when I told him I

Naomi King - He makes me feel lyrics

hear your voice calling me through the door And I hear ... the thumping of your fists, you ... You're yelling out, calling me names, and they are all rude ... to break in, 'cause you know the truth But how am I

Bette Midler - He needs me lyrics

needs me. He doesn't know it, but he needs ... me. And so no matter where he goes, Though he doesn't care, ... He knows that I'm here. He needs me. I ought to leave

Harry Nilsson - He needs me lyrics

knew I knew at once I knew he needed me Until the day I ... die I won't know why I knew he needed me It could be ... oh Or maybe it's because He needs me he needs me He

Richard Smallwood - He changed me lyrics

Since I found the Savior, my life has been ... complete, I'm moving in another direction, happy as I can be ... Since the Savior came, nothing's been the same,

Patsy Cline - He called me baby lyrics

called me baby, baby, all night long Used to hold ... and kiss me until dawn Then one day I woke, and he was ... gone Now there’s no more baby, baby, all night long He

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Count on me (ft. cece winans) lyrics

on me through thick and thin A ... that will never end When you are weak I will be ... strong Helping you to carry on Call on ... me, I will be there Don't be afraid Please

Cocorosie - Promise lyrics

hearted as a heart can be 'Cause we all a ... broken leaves I give you me in oceans of tears up to my ... knees Stitched together like pants and sleeves I ... carry this carapace worn thin by he and she Danced to dust

Butch Walker - Promise lyrics

brain Well you know that there's a reason I made this up ... on my mind, I'm never kind When my vocabulary's secondary to ... a bottle of wine But I promise I can love you Just like a

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Let me go lyrics

can kill the lights You can draw the ... blinds My heart's shackled down Bound to ... Can you stay a while Keep me by your side Feel my ... scattered heart Fix me I Said Chorus We could

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Jesus he knows me lyrics

see the face on the tv screen Coming at you ... Sunday See that face on the billboard That man is me ... On the cover of the magazine Theres no question

Gladys Knight - It should have been me lyrics

saw my love walking down the aisle And as he passed me by ... He turned to me and gave me a smile Then the preacher, ... then the preacher The preacher joined their hands And all

Slash - Promise (ft. chris cornell) lyrics

first time I ever saw you You had that ... away look in your eyes And heaven's eyes shined down upon ... you And the whole room filled up with ... light Now the cruel world it's gonna try

Acid Ghost - He´s just like the others lyrics

the world be nice for once to me? See the one i care about, ... get up and leave the lights dim down in my room ... and there goes the sun I'm trying to think

Bebe - Me fui lyrics

fui, pa echarte de menos me fui, pa volver de nuevo me ... fui, pa estar sola me fui porque estaba tan ... vano que un dia vuelvan a darme la vida. Me estoy echando

Hemina - Promise lyrics

ll try eternally I need someone who will grow I'm not ... with you just for now Paint me something grander So I can ... dream on... Promise me you'll try eternally I need

Carson Lueders - Love me by justin bieber lyrics

fool to think, that you’re the one for me. I guess I’m just ... for love. ‘Cuz honestly the truth is that, you know I’m ... angel sent from above. Baby you can do no wrong. My

Matchbook Romance - Promise lyrics

And start over with me? Would you take my hand and ... never let me go? Well promise me you'll never let me go. ... And now the stars aren't out tonight,

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - By the rivers dark lyrics

the rivers dark I wandered on. ... I lived my life in Babylon. And I did forget My ... And I had no strength In Babylon. By the rivers dark Where I could not see Who was

Emma Giltreet - Me myself and time lyrics

I can make the rain stop if I wanna Just by ... new world And I'm so open hearted I know I've got a long ... started I'm over my head And I know it, I know it

Illnath - By the hands of violent winter lyrics

the hands of violent winter, his ... fate was sealed Crawling on the icy slopes with limbs frozen ... cold Memories of untold torture, in ... his mind Waking from the endless slumber leaving him

Maria Mena - It took me by surprise lyrics

would react badly To the slightest hint of hesitance He’d bend awkwardly to suit my ... burning through his skin Pushed every little button But the ... right one that would let me in Now he’s afraid of me He’s afraid of me It took me by surprise The hatred in his

Sam Cooke - He's my guide lyrics

s one whom I know He loves me and so I’ve learnt and I ... will praise His holiness He’s with me everyday And He helps me along my way (He’s

Ben Howard - Promise lyrics

meet me there, with bundles of flowers, ... We'll wade through the hours of cold Winter she'll ... howl at the walls, Tearing down doors of ... time. Shelter as we go... And promise me this: You’ll wait for me

Brooks Elkie - He's a rebel lyrics

the way he walks down the street Watch the way he ... shuffles his feet How he holds his head up high When he goes walking by-y-y-y-y-y He ... s my guy When he holds my hand I'm so proud

One Two - Me and you lyrics

I was the last one to arrive You ... opened the door and caught my eye It ... away We were singing the words to Ol' 55 I knew ... enough to just get by It didn't take long before

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