He Got Two Damn Phones But I Get Dial Tones lyrics

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As It Is - Dial tones lyrics

really hurts to know that I'm why your bed's half empty ... or just stare up at your ceiling And if you're a mess, ... what that makes me 'Cause the weight from all my guilt is

As It Is - Dial tones (acoustic) lyrics

really hurts to know that I'm why your bed's half empty ... or just stare up at your ceiling And if you're a mess, ... what that makes me 'Cause the weight from all my guilt is

Public Enemy - He got game lyrics

man is the father of the son Is the center of the earth In ... the middle of the universe Why is this verse comin ... Six times rehearsed Don’t freestyle much so

Millionaires - He got it all lyrics

'til we die, baby I show up drunk And I don't give a f*** (Give a f***) He ... tatted up And he just what I want (What I want) He ... always high 'Cause he above the law So sit back And watch the money fall He got it all

Lucy Woodward - He got away lyrics

s like fishing in the ocean Starve for days to ... catch a break Waiting in that boat alone Fish know ... something you don't They told me there aren't many of

2pac lyrics2pac - Got my mind made up lyrics

find an MC like me who's strong Leavin motherf***er's aborted, with no ... verbal support And when I command the microphone I gets ... deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a

Ja Rule - Dial m for murder lyrics

Ja Rule] Gotti, here we go again, yo.. Two two-nine and seventy-six, get off ... my dick, niggaz I'm born The future problem's, kickin and ... carryin on Cause I got blood in my lungs and can't breathe,

Booty Luv - He´s a winner lyrics

Hoo-hoo-hoo, Hoo-ooo-ooo, I was waiting for the seven at ... a quarter to eleven When he just walked on by He took me ... by surprise 'Cuz I didn't know why I felt shivers

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Get this money lyrics

J] Yeah yeah [R] Damn it's hot [J] Like a muh'f***er ... [R] Yo Jigga [J] Whassup my nigga? [R ... Pop that water [J] Fo'schizzle! [both laughing] [R] ... Yeah [J] Get'cha mind right, c'mon [Jay-Z] Uh-uh

Easton Corbin - Damn girl lyrics

re standing there, standing out Every man in the ... crowd's wanting you I gotta know what you think about ... me Buying you a drink or two I don't like to use this kinda language 'Round a lady

Gaelic Storm - Damn good dog lyrics

s got all four legs but he's got no tail, So he wags his head ... when he drinks his ale. He bit old Dirken, but that's OK, ... 'Cause we didn't like him anyway. We didn't like him

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Get by (remix) lyrics

Talib Kweli] Yeah, Kweli Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye yeah get back ... Classic Brooklyn, let's go We ... sell crack to our own, nigga I'm back in the zone My passionate poems got the feds tapping my phones It's like Timothy McVeigh, they say I'm

Entombed - Damn deal done lyrics

s a man Gonna do what the can to make this world a ... decent place He's a man Got a great little plan on how to ... give it a brand new face He wants to erase He wants to

Illy - Two degrees lyrics

Word to Obama) Ain't no revolutions, I just ... move it two degrees Then two degrees, then two degrees ... Real influence, lead by example not ... decree I keep my focus tied to the music and not a

Keke Palmer - Got me f***ed up ( ft. dreezy) lyrics

Keke Palmer & (Dreezy)] I don't know what he thinking ... cause he came from the bando He done got me f***ed up (got me ... f***ed up) Cause he see me in the movies in L.A. on the

Olivia - You got the damn thing lyrics

You know you got the damn thing You got the damn thing I ... like(oh yeah)you know you got the damn thing I like, like,i ... like (you got the damn thing) you know you got the damn

Juvenile - Get ya hustle on lyrics

Juvenile] That's right, it's crunch time now fellas No ... time to be cryin for momma now, it's the ... C'mon To all my people on them corners I consider as dogs I wish I could break a package

Pecunia Hunter - He said she said lyrics

walk in the spot, he´s so fresh and He got what he needs to impressin´ Just ... look at the way that he dressin´ Ain´t no question chicks like oh. Girl walkin´ the

Public Enemy - Get up stand up (feat. brother ali) lyrics

song don't give a damn If the rhymes don't fit Beat don't ... bounce If the dj quit This song Don't give a damn If ... you can't sing to dance to it Can't romance to it This

Gp Wu - Two gats up lyrics

individuals Keep it on the low? keep it on the low, aiiight Yo, yo, yo, uh, uh, uh, ... word up [rubberbands] Yo with your departure let's start ... the execution Seems like everybody rappin's robbin

Hurt - Got jealous? lyrics

I don't get out of here I'm gonna kill someone I got a ... single fear I think someone will come Just to put me away, ... Into a cage, Where I never would see the son.. If you don't get out of here I

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Get up 10 lyrics

they gave a bitch two options: strippin' or lose Used ... to dance in a club right across from my school I ... said "dance" not &quot ... f***", don't get it confused Had to set the

Petey Pablo - Get on dis motorcycle lyrics

Sparxxx) AH! [Females voices humming] [Petey Pablo - ... talking] Y'all ready .. Y'all ... 1 - Petey Pablo] One of the illest rhymers that ever came ... outta Carolina, put this whole shit on the map Went

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Two sisters lyrics

was an old woman lived by the seashore bow and balance me ... there was an old woman lived by the seashore a number ... of daughters one two three four I'll be true to

Dj Hip Hop - He said lyrics

walk in the spot he so fresh He got what he need to impressin ... Just look at the way that he dressin' Ain't no question ... chicks like wooo Girl walkin' the spot she stop traffic

Norma Jean - I used to hate cell phones but now i hate car.. lyrics

created. You have created this drama. You're Dancing ... around the truth. My God rain down power. My God rain ... down fire. War. With these diamonds you cut your throat.

Chief Keef - Got them bands lyrics

Intro:] She know papa hella rich Any bitch gone let me hit ... Got them bands [x2] She know I got them bands [x2] ... And I blow it all in france Italy and vienna I'm the mans I'm ballin' And kobe I am him

Eminem lyricsEminem - Get money (freestyle) lyrics

yeah, I get it I run this rap shit, now guess who's ... back You thought I left you, now why would I do ... that? (1, 2, 3) They keep on sayin' the same ... rappers are the best Jay-Z and Kanye West,

Rednex lyricsRednex - Get the truck loaded lyrics

get the truck loaded with some chicken and some sheep ... Ket Tackyâs gonna buy himself new tires to his Jeep I say Pigs and pork and hay on ... Thatâs our melody On the market weâll be very rich one

Emmylou Harris - Two more bottles of wine lyrics

came out west together with a common desire The fever ... we had migtha set the west coast on fire Two ... months later got trouble in mind My baby moved out and left

Scott Hoying - Two zero one four ft. mitch grassi lyrics

oh, what's that noise? It's the new year coming And ... Superfruit's about to take over, oh, oh ... Two, zero, one, four Superfruit has arrived on the youtube

Frank Black - Two reelers lyrics

of people love that jerome Did you know he missed his comb? ... All his life was in pain Made us laugh he never did ... complain Brother sam was more than ok

James Brown - Get up (i feel like being a) sex machine lyrics

I'm ready to get up and do my thing (yeah go ahead!) I wanta get into it, man ... you know (go ahead!) Like a, like a sex machine, man, ... (yeah go ahead!) Movin' and doin' it, you know Can

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Get me lyrics

Raekwon:] From the tone of the voice, it's moist and choice ... A special, he shoot 'em in the face with them boy Yo, from ... all them niggas off of Hoy Street, came

Grinderman - Get it on lyrics

ve gotta get up to get down and start all over again ... Head on down to the basement and shout Kick ... those white mice and black dogs out Kick ... those white mice and baboons out Kick those

Exo - Two moons (chinese ver.) lyrics

dang ran kan bu tou kong tian de miracle Zhe bu shi meng ... bie zai wen fang kong ni de tou Ni de si xu hun luan ... nai xin now behold Wo zen me bu xiang hou hui mo ji so qing deng

Go Betty Go - Get out lyrics

re not quite sure what time it was You didn't know quite ... you've done All you know is you've got a gun You gotta get out-get out She called you ... in a rush Your girl screaming about the gun Telling you

Lil' O - He's so gangsta lyrics

bou-bounce Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, I know I know I know Uh-uh-uh ... uh-uh, bou-bounce Uh-uh-uh, I got these broads saying.. ... [Hook: Carmen Sandiego] Mama I know I messed up, I fell in

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Get it lyrics

The king's back I got that get it get it I got ... that get it what you need From soft ... parts to trees got that get it what you need I got that get it I got that get it what

Dj Hip Hop - Get naked lyrics

Yeah It sounds nice Ooh, yeah I got a plan ... we can do it just what you wanted, baby, ... As long as you wanna come with me, we can do it, baby, ... baby I got a plan we can do it just what you wanted, baby,

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Get high screw da world lyrics

Lil Wayne talking] Drought 3 Hear My Chains Haha That Mean I'm Ballin ... Bitch If Ya Didn't Know If You Wasn't Informed Or ... Somethin Like That This Is Da Drought 3 And Um, Check

Nofx - We got two jealous agains lyrics

thought you were the one when I heard "Holidays In The ... come from your bedroom but my mind started to stray when ... I saw Youth of Today mixed with your singles What's

One Fine Day - Damn right lyrics

you get it now, now you make a bow to ... and dreams of a better day but you won't see me crawl and ... never following your way can you feel the heat from your burning seat don

The Gone Jackals - Get outta town lyrics

m tellin' you once and I ain't kiddin' 'round you got two weeks to get outta town. ... Gonna give you two weeks 'till I break out the plow and set the scarecrow

Lecrae - Got paper lyrics

brothas passin me and they all rollin fly coups they ... throw some D's on but they still ain't got the truth They ... blow they cheese on it then they die and what's the use I'm

Lupe Fiasco - He say she say(feat gemini&sarah green) lyrics

can't, I won't, I can't, I won't Let you leave I don't ... You want more from me? She said to him "I want you ... to be a father He's your little boy and you don't even

R.l. - Got me a model lyrics

Squad So so Def Yo peep the game two industry kids One ... of us contagious like Mr. Biggs Two never fib True, rest ... at crib Live, with a model chick and one kid You ain't trill, you pimp still With no

Kenny Rogers - Two good reasons lyrics

might think I`m crazy carry on this way ... Calling you up in the middle of the night But I`ve got something that I just can`t ... wait to stay. I`ve got two good reasons I`ve been thinking of Two good reasons

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - He like that lyrics

bump, pumps and a bump You got that good boy attitude and ... yeah, I kind like it You got the tats on your arm get a ... bad girl excited You put that bass in the

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Get the message lyrics

left a message for your toy, got a chrome .44 Get the message ... come out and get the message It won't even be a ... war, no beef no more Get the message, come out and get my

Defeater - But breathing lyrics

but breathing In the next room, sleeping My mother, she’s crying And my father’s been drinking In our run ... down apartment Where the roof is still leaking He’s

Ice Cube - Get money spend money no money lyrics

[Verse 1:] Tell me all my children fore I come through is the hood in the buildin'(yes) ... You won't believe what I'm dealing this west coast shit, oh what a feelin' (ahhhh)

Nas lyricsNas - Got yourself a gun lyrics

sample singing] "Woke up this mornin ... , you got yourself a gun, you got yourself a gun".. ... [Chorus] Yo I'm livin' in this time behind enemy lines so I got mine, I hope you ("got yourself a gun") You

Beck - Get real paid lyrics

it We like the boys with the bulletproof vests We like the girls with the cellophane chests We like the boys with the ... bulletproof vests We like the girls with the cellophane chests I know you really want it 'cause your Daddy's always

504 Boyz - Get back lyrics

Chorus: Master P] Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me) ... Niggas get the f*** back (Move), Hoes get the f*** back, (Move) Whoadie

Example lyricsExample - Two lives lyrics

Yeah) I got a split personality Do I love me more than I ... love you And if you're gone will I see clarity? Or will I ... just feel like we got down fooled This could go

John Farnham - Two strong hearts lyrics

there's no need to analyse this kind of emotion Cause it ... comes naturally A simple case of feeling love and ... devotion So tell me tenderly I ... wanna give my life to you I wanna to feel my blood run

Katy Mcallister - Two hands for kenya lyrics

by the struggle of a day to day ... battle and I can't say that I know what that's like at all ... There are people prayin' it's been a long day and the ... moon is in the sky Somebody's layin' down their head to cry, to cry And I

Modern Baseball - Two good things lyrics

hard not to look like I'm trying that hard Failing miserably at everything, including that Making plans in my head right before I go to sleep ... Trying to think of who could make a better

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - He about to lose me lyrics

touching hands with someone seriously beautiful ... I feel it burning and I know I’m standing far too close I’m ... telling lies and if it shows I see that he don’t care I

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