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Nick Cave - The hammer song lyrics

don't send me out Said the man with the hammer, hammering the anvil I been walking on ... road of rocks And I keep on hammering, keep on hammering, keep on hammering, Hammering the anvil Don

Carpathian Forest - The old house on the hill lyrics

lives in a old house on the hill This elderly man of ... dark secrets Haunted by the memories decades ago Which ... man throughout his life The old house on the hill A

God Dethroned - The killing is faceless lyrics

pieces Or buried underneath the earth All must die - the ... killing is faceless Hammering the enemy Heavy casualties ... positions Firing down the hill Heading for disaster

Misery Index - Pulling out the nails lyrics

carnivores is search of meat, the prophets of the moral order ... lead their herds of silent sheep, ... of social breeding propagate their promised faith, the fascist

Sick Of It All - Nails lyrics

re the Nails Unlike all the rest That stick up from the ... ground And they'll never hammer us down We ... re the nails Driven into the cross Driven in as

Lord Vicar - Down the nails lyrics

returned Suddenly he knew the reason why A meaning for his

Crowded House - Nails on my feet lyrics

is a house You crawl through the window Slip across the floor ... and into the reception room You enter the ... persuasion Like a knock on the door When there's ten or

Casey Jones - Hammer the nails lyrics

will you see The words I scream are reality ... Pure, clean and free I'm not these things, they are me ... pull me down But I won't let them change my ways I will

Bruce Dickinson - The road to hell lyrics

Slowly bleeding whilst the vortex feeding like a ... on your face Every hour the unseen rays devour your ... screaming eyes cry out but they are blind Father forgive

House Of Pain - The have nots lyrics

[Everlast: x4] Here come the, here come the, here come the ... in order MC's be actin' like they walkin' on water I'll break ... I crucify you Hammer to the nails, commence to impalin' My

Coroner - The lethargic age lyrics

eyes still closed, cause they're afraid to see the world ... are bound, with golden chains they bought themselves Two ... legs can’t walk, cause they never learned to move.

Reverend Bizarre - The tree of suffering lyrics

I hang on this tree, feel the pain of the nails Things ... Contemplate this... on the Tree of Suffering! Take a ... look at the sky, see those Demons ... descending They want to tear out your eyes,

Outline In Color - The calm lyrics

s a bitch! Stay off the cross, But right now i feel ... i had, i knew was true, who the f*** do you think you're ... to? Your hands are on the cross, we're banging in the nails. I am not devil in the

Belphegor - The crown massacre lyrics

Lead: Helmuth] Castrate the lambs of god Blame the ... creator of the bible Await the nails through hand and feet ... Crown Massacre To die upon the cross Crown Massacre

Bleeding Through - The painkiller lyrics

has taken me away I found the remedy to erase you from my ... back my sins I''ll take back the heart I should of never let ... loved you You won''t f*** the life from me again Now your

Faderhead - The lines lyrics

tells a thousand words It's the image inside that hurts ... is left - and go Spinning the tales And bending the nails ... Watching the photoframes Fall from my

Apostate - The people lyrics

ve burnt the brightest of our minds For the sake of being equal In a ... And now we're waiting for the leader When we've let the nails of fear Drive into our

Baptism - The worshipper lyrics

dreaming" For my time The time Of Master Of my God ... that shines from Behind the stars Behind everything ... Which were nothing Lies of the past Era of human indulgence

The Butterfly Effect - The cell lyrics

for everyone I have judged the terms who is touched and who ... is harmed I remember well the nails that slide across my ... left alone and still remains the bitter taste of you Know

Dark Fortress - The silver gate lyrics

Incinerate yourselves, In the blaze of Babylon, ... Hierophants of the Hurricane, We invoke the ... Eidolon. Unleash the storm... We renounce the ... Our stellar legacy. Peel the benighted shells, From our

Ronnie Drew - The dingle puck goat lyrics

both foolish and airy, The green hills of Kerry I long ... happened to me. I entered the Fair of a Saturday morning, The first thing I met was a long ... So I made my approach to the owner that held him, And a

Hades - The cross lyrics

God, believe also in me I am the way, the truth, and the Life ... The truth I leave within you You ... Judas, hear your fate and then carry it out Once Satan's

Senses Fail - The path lyrics

in the basement of your heart There ... just went dark Look through the wreckage to find reverie There is a truth that we all must ... But you are afraid to see the truth The insecurities

Akercocke - The serpent lyrics

that harnesses hail Unto the hunter and hunted A haunting ... of longevity sounds like the voice of God in the rain ... :] "Thou who ridest on the wings of the wind deign to

Alghazanth - The parody's zenith lyrics

Eden to Armageddon Such long the journey, not a single step ... taken Infested the planet like malignant tumors ... Still being the lowest of all terrestial

Salt The Wound - The rape and pillage of spisville lyrics

me its not true, oh God. These things I have done to you, ... me its not true, oh God. These things I have done to you.. ... My lungs collapse in on themselves. Your face is the

Silentium - The fallen ones with you tonight lyrics

fallen ones with you tonight They fill your dreams with ... butterflies Smiling as they watch you sleep Flames ... devour their tiny feet They're winged and horned, their

U2 lyricsU2 - The fly lyrics

It's no secret that the stars Are falling from the ... Is in darkness tonight They say the sun is sometimes ... t see you When she walks in the room It's no secret that

Garbage - Hammering in my head lyrics

across your chest Give out the same old answers I trot them ... out for the relatives Company tried and ... tested I use the ones that I love the best ... touch my hand and it's not the same This was so

Orphaned Land - Birth of the three (the unification) lyrics

had seven descendants The seventh was then divided into ... three They were given their first symbols They bore ... A Snake, an Eagle & the Lion The first was known

Ghost - Square hammer lyrics

in the night Neath devils torn ... begin to chime Are you on the square? Are you on the level ... right here, right now Before the devil That you're on the

Negative - 1000 nails in my heart lyrics

in love. But somehow I felt the nails in my heart. So deep ... deep that I couldn't even breathe. It was all those things ... woke and felt those thousand nails in my heart. Sometimes it

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Five nails through the neck lyrics

trapping tack Drag the body to the trunk Take the ... captive to the house and down into the ... Unconscious I will pierce the hands and feet Arms and ... legs nailed to the wood Beneath the table

Brainstorm - Nails in my hands lyrics

lie I've never felt so low Nails in my hands You have ... Jesus felt Seems like I feel the same Nails in my

Dean Martin - Hammer and nails lyrics

take a hammer, you get some nails, you build a home Find a ... your baby all alone You bend the nails, you walk the boards in ... without love in that home There ain't a hammer big enough

Maplerun - Nails lyrics

of me – Come and have another try I try Spit nails ... of me – Come and have another try When I’m with you and ... eyes – hell through paradise The pain I have inside me flies –

The Pretenders - Nails in the road lyrics

Royalty and people like thee Should queue up in the rear ... get close to you You throw nails in the road This is a ... get close to you You throw nails in the road This is a

The Killing Tree - Jesus christ pose lyrics

Thorns and shroud Like it's the coming of the Lord And you ... Thorns and shroud Like it's the coming of the lord And you ... at me Like I'm driving the nails nails! like i'm driving

Reflexion - The thousand nails in my heart lyrics

were standing in front of me There was sun in your eyes and ... that make me dead inside The heaven in me was a lie ... When the storm arrived it started ... raining Behind the white veil I saw you crying

Scum Of The Earth - Macabro expectaculo lyrics

faces cold and grey Gods the enemy, hammering the nail ... expectaculo Drive in the nail, feed my flesh to bone

Ian D'sa - The crutch lyrics

for all to see, You shut the cage and stole the key. ... my love for you was real. They say in time wounds heal, ... My lips are sealed! You are the crutch, Of this disease.

The Hellacopters - No one's gonna do it for you lyrics

to be her But it seems she's the best part of hell Astray ... in myladys mansion Lost in the chambers of her heart Blown ... on our loss Stand denied by the nails in the cross And I for

Skinny Puppy - The pit lyrics

that same old paw ??? for the future Red same old ball ... skipping up that dumb wall The chemical represses all I don ... start in right channel): They take ??? species of canine

Aaron Solowoniuk - The crutch lyrics

for all to see, You shut the cage and stole the key. ... my love for you was real. They say in time wounds heal, ... My lips are sealed! You are the crutch, Of this disease.

Billy Talent - The crutch lyrics

for all to see, You shut the cage and stole the key. ... my love for you was real. They say in time wounds heal, ... My lips are sealed! You are the crutch, Of this disease.

Close Your Eyes - The end lyrics

are the voice of the end We are the voice of the ... taken from me This ain't the change we need, we're not ... stuck on your way This is the end we're taking over with

Cradle Of Filth - The twisted nails of faith lyrics

amp;quot;Mirror, mirror on the wall Shouldst not grave ... thy Will be done Grant Me the Witchcraft of thy tongue&amp ... Three moondials froze in the shadow of six As another

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The sinister show lyrics

rain, that’s what we do Another jet, another bus Our on the ... quest, just for the rush Way up high in the ... down under Waiting hours all the time On the ground the

Frightened Rabbit - The loneliness and the scream lyrics

you hear the road from this place? Can ... voices? Can you see the blood on my sleeve? I have ... fallen in the forest Did you hear me? ... In the loneliness oh the loneliness and the scream to

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Something on lyrics

new recruits Just stare into the camera And pretend that you ... ve got the flu Or dreams of impossible ... And get all teary from the wind Look as though you're

Domina Noctis - The mask lyrics

Be lovers just for tonight There's something I can't define ... to hide You'll see, my eyes they can't lie And with my love ... I'll defy you… There is still me behind this

Irving Berlin - The girl that i marry lyrics

and as pink as a nursery The girl I call my own Will wear ... and smell of cologne Her nails will be polished and in her ... wear a gardenia and I'll be there 'Stead of flittin', I'll

Dead Or Alive - The stranger lyrics

s dangerous to go over the well defined white line It ... cause some men to sleep on nails, your best friend to eat fire ... have a brand new way to run the world, with a hyperactive

Mandragora Scream - Nails lyrics

in hell again through the memories of the past I'm ... veins my lips taught to withe And I could not see the ... faith And I could not stop the blade Should I go to the

Obscure Sphinx - The presence of goddess lyrics

shadows gathered Whispering Twisting ... ears to hear Condemnation The presence of Goddess Reborn ... in flesh, bathe in wine With tearing grin ... forces the heart To worship her as

American Scene - Nails of love lyrics

you're up in the morning I'll still be here ... watching The hopelessly independent And ... Lovers of California Taking their time calling it off. She ... friends are getting high on the weekends He doesn't dance

Before Nightfall - As the rope wears thin lyrics

back at what we once were. Theres so much blood here its all ... Why did we end up her? Brother you know that I loved her! ... Her eyes shone brighter than the sun, blood now covers them

Fit For An Autopsy - The perfect drug (nine inch nails cover) lyrics

my heart's no good you're the only one that's understood ... dragging shaking me turn off the sun pull the stars from the ... sky the more I give to you the more I die and I want you

Black Messiah - The naglfar saga: sailing into eternity lyrics

the time has come, I’m on the ship under Ymir’s thumb Sad ... and I feel numb We’re on the ship of nails under a ... on an endless rave on top of the crest of wave The words of

Disarmonia Mundi - Venom leech and the hands of rain lyrics

cult looks so flawless now The conception of annihilation I ... lays her wings on me The mirror lies but I stand still ... I hammer the nails inside The burning chaos of my mind

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