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A-ha lyricsA-ha - Slender frame lyrics

coat is hanging loosely On your slender frame There's many roads to leave by But few come back again I don't believe it I believe it Take a look around an see What's stopping you is stopping me One moonless night we'll make it right And vanish in the dark of night Pack up y

2pm - Slender man lyrics

zutto kakushi te i ta n da hontou no boku o uchiakeru tame kun ni ai ni ki ta jibun de sae me o sorashi te i ta arinomama o sarakedasu yo I Ain’t The Man That You Used To Know I Ain’t The Man That I Used To Be I’m Slender Man But Here’s the Truth I’m Slender Man

Antonius A Vijay - Slender real life! lyrics


Face Down - Slender messiah lyrics

s building a mountain for you You're so filled with your self, Never wrong always right Always the winner in your own little world, Fantastic, Always on top Well, The bigger the ego the harder the fall, Please man, are you for real Your myths and your lies

King Crimson - Frame by frame lyrics

by frame, If by drowning. In your arms, In your arms, Analysis. Step by step, Down by numbers. In your arms, In your arms, Analysis. Frame by frame, If by drowning. In your arms, In your arms, Analysis. Step by step, Down by numbers. In your arms, In you

Pastor Troy - Frame me lyrics

Pastor Troy] [Verse 1:] It was this muthaf***er hi' about the got damn N.A.R.C.'s To see how quick to get the ki in college park I knew him from the shop, knew he was full of shit Wiped that nigga half a block, charge a whole brick I got him thinking

The Honorary Title - Frame by frame lyrics

bunch up in weeks, collaborate months against me. The sheets are stained with evidence that our remains are now, drifting away. I share with complete strangers my most personal of pleasures. I scribble tidbits of useless mind info- trash, treasure. Spend hou

Flumpool - Frame lyrics

hana ASPHALT tataku mukai kaze fuku sakamichi nobotteku Yabureta kutsu o ki ni shinai you ni atarashii keshiki dake o misuete iru Hashitta bun dake migaita bun dake subete mukuwareru wake janai Sore demo tokidoki mieru hikari ni Kokoro ubawarete mata tachiagatte a

Close Your Eyes - Frame and glass lyrics

ve got a picture lying face down on the table top that I haven't seen in years. The frame and glass were once a part of me that have slowly disappeared. And I have been waiting for a long time, now don't keep me waiting. I've got a rough idea what this

Duffy - Frame me lyrics

say this isn't working, it's clear to see I just keep on hurting you, you're wanting more from me But why we have to analyze, you always want to critisize Then you say I make you sad, but surely I'm not that bad? No, I won't let you frame me Why do you choose to blame me? It's a g

Lights - Frame and focus (official audio) lyrics

those sum ups, long days, short cuts Love notes, strings struck, far aways, close ups Troubles test me, time unrests me But you kiss me, get the best of me We're just a mess of moments That's adding up to where we are And you're the frame and focus That's making s

Flo Rida - Ha (feat. brisco, 4mill) lyrics

quot;Can I have your attention," I'd like to welcome all y'all tonight, Even as y'all ladies to the left beggin for drinks, Can we please get up on 'em, This is for all my balla calla's from all over the world, When we see a hata tryin to hard to get on our le

Juvenile - Ha lyrics

s you with that bad ass Benz ha That's you that can't keep yo' old lady cause you keep f***in her friends ha You gotta go to court ha You got served a subpeona for child support ha That was that nerve ha You ain't even much get a chance to say a word ha

Juvenile - Ha hot boys remix lyrics

Juvenile] Hmm... You better run for it, run for it, run! Run for it, run for it, run! Run for it, run for it, run! You been known for f***in it up, ha Them bad-ass 20's on your truck, ha, cost seven and up, ha You tryin' to stay from out that p

Juvenile - Ha jayz remix lyrics

Jay-Z] Bounce, bounce, bounce J-j-j-j-j-Juvenile and Jigga The remix [Juvenile] You at the point of no return, ha If your daddy get out the way with you, you gon to let him learn, ha Life's a bitch, ha Niggas be fakin but you ain't givin em shit, ha Yo

Liroy - Ha ha lyrics

który kocham to ha ha Myślę już i żyję z ym siedemnaście lat Tak zawsze mnie nakręca, sklania do myślenia całe życie zmienia Jest niedobrze, to puszczam ce de i słysze jak z głośnika płynie do mych uszu zajebista muzyka *** albo *** klasyka to jest właśnie życie,

Emiliana Torrini - Ha ha lyrics

steaming up your glasses You've been holding parties all your life 'Cause it's long gone down You're still hanging around It's not over til it start again Ha ha ha hear me laughing Ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha it died out long ago Did you hear me

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Ha ha you're dead lyrics

do you get your sleep at night? How did you get your noose so tight? Like chewing on tinfoil, it's so much fun Gonna be dead before your gone Cause look how things have gotten And I'll be happy so I won't pretend And I'll be cheering that you're going down And I'll be

All Saints - Ha ha lyrics

ha Ha ha, ha ha Laugh out loud Ha ha, ha ha ha Laugh out loud Could it be, I left my mother, and my father, and my sister Looking for a job to pay the rent and buy my dinner Found it, soooo boring You see my life revolved around a long time lover Music was his game

Manfred Mann - Ha, ha said the clown lyrics

Ha! Said the clown, as the king shit himself Is the night being tight on romance Ha! Ha! Said the clown, is it bringing you down That you've lost your chance Feeling low, gotta go, see a show in town Hear the jokes, have a smoke, and a laugh at the

Kevin Michael - Ha ha ha lyrics

be the hype With a body so tight And she's sending green light Like she's choosing But I ain't gonna sweat Ain't gonna sweat, no Givin me the bedroom eye And she bitin on her lip Like she wanna wrinkle up the sheets And work it till she break a sweat Until she break a sweat, yea

Kategorie C - Ha ho he lyrics

Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C G D Cadd9 G Ha Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C Ha Ho He Kategorie C Em C Wir scheissen drauf was Andre sagen

G.b.h. - Ha ha lyrics

Dont wear a tie dont ask me why i feel uncomfortable in one and i wont wear a suit cause it might take root and i end up towing one of your lines You laugh at me because im different i laugh at you your all the same you'll find it really hard to laugh now w

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ha ha high babe lyrics

ha ha high babe You can’t keep it on the ground Keep it on the ground .................................

Hollywoods Stars - Ha ha ha!! lyrics

........... ......... . .. .......... .......... ........... ......... ..................... ......... . .. .......... .......... ........... ......... ......... ............ ......... . .. .......... .......... ........... ......... ......... ............ ......... . .. .......... ..

Bat For Lashes - Ha howa ha howa lyrics

addicted me and I addicted him Oh my night life oh our night life oh my night life Oh my lover he will tease me with thousand kisses, thousand kisses oh my lover he will tease oh our night life oh my life night he's my lover tease me with t

Enthroned - Ha shaitan lyrics

evil rise from the deepest grave, all making a sign of faith towards the goatlord of darkness, Pentagram emplies of evil, turning christians to insane. five heads star inverted dedication to SATAN'S name. When The Master dart from the star is down to Hell. Commanders from Below

Stephen Jerzak - Ha to the ppy lyrics

can see your point about breaking up, I can see your point that you've had enough of me; I agree, and obviously you should leave me I'm sure you'll tell me in a really nice way, Like taking me to the zoo on a Saturday. We'll laugh about things to come, Whe

Lydia - ...ha yeah it got pretty bad lyrics

just complain about today, And you always say that the worst has never come. You say, Nobody will ever come back here. Say this was mine mine

Gabriel Cyphre - The slender man song lyrics

feel so cold when I'm alone There is someone just looking for The one he lost long time ago He leaves the pages to tell Something that we'll never know about Once we'll read there's no escape He's just a ghost He's looking for his son If you want to li

Animation Domination High-def - Sympathy for slender man lyrics

you heard of the man Who is ten feet tall? He scares people away Cause he's got no face at all Super long arms With tentacle end But the tragedy is He just wants to make friends Ba bum dum dum Slenderman Sympathy for sle-eh-eh-eh-ender man He hangs out in the dar

Akercocke - Bathykolpian avatar lyrics

the heaven shatter Carries on the breeze On the edge of the great abyss In the pause occupying the space That seperates lightning and rainfall Not unlike the echo of murder That travels on the wind Satanus- summon the sleepwalker The silence in a world t

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Glimpse of love lyrics

t someone bring Bring me just a glimpse of love Love love Love is going to come as a photographer Yes, a photographer, yeah, yeah I need love So someone better bring me a photographer Yes, a photographer, yeah A flash A glimpse of perfect abs

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The living daylights lyrics

driver, where we going? I swear, my nerves are showing Set my hopes up way too high Living's in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights fade away Hundred thousand people, I'm the one they frame I've been waiting long for one of us to say "Save t

Less Than Jake - Freeze frame lyrics

could see it was a rough cut Tuesday slow motion weekdays stare me down her lipstick reflex got me wound there were no defects to be found snap shot and it froze without a sound Thursday morning was a hot flash factor her face still focused in my mind test strip proof sheet lov

Dead By April - Freeze frame lyrics

you run Too scared to take To take the fight But hey, it's okay I'm human too I know what it's like Awakening Feelings Buried in the past, like dirt, like dirt, like dirt It's like running barefoot on ice It's cold and it's piercing Again and again, you s

J. Geils Band - Freeze-frame lyrics

could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday Slow-motion weekdays stare me down Her lipstick reflex got me wound There were no defects to be found Snapshot image froze without a sound Thursday morning was a hot flash-factor Her face still focused in my mind Test

Alex & Sierra - Broken frame lyrics

and me, sitting here Spending gears like a stolen car Hand in mine, feeling like this is right But this is just not ours The greatest pretenders forget to remember the lies We're falling forever and far from together tonight The light at the tunnel Is a runawa

Beth Hart - Picture in a frame lyrics


Godley And Creme - Freeze frame lyrics

find myself a child again Asleep in Baby Lotion The air was thick With Scalextric And the cars were in slow motion Going up like an air bubble caught in a vein Going down like a thermos flask thrown from a train You go ahead, and I'll follow my phobia down I cried myself to sleep beca

Death Cab For Cutie - No room in frame lyrics

don't know where to begin There's too many things that I can't remember As I disappeared like a trend In the hum of the 5 in the early morning And now I'm taking my time Up through Coalinga through the valley This highway lived in my mind It tak

Ben Harper - Picture in a frame lyrics

you can sell your soul But you can't buy it back I've spent my whole life Working to give you everything you like Now I wish you were here So we could walk and talk In the soft rain, in the soft rain Now all that left of us Is a picture sitting in a fram

Basim - Picture in a frame lyrics

know what we had girl I never would've seen us breaking up Should've done my best to keep you mine I know you gave me warnings I really should've paid more attention girl Instead of pushing your love to the side Can we go back to before you left This time I'll be different

Illuminata - A frame of beauty lyrics

flash of snow-white skin A fatal kiss from bloody lips A dream all dressed in innocence Eyes forgiving every sin Yet in nothing but eclipse While on my grave delusions dance A sleeping fool afraid to wake A long dried eye shedding a tear while losing all a dreamer has

Willie Nelson - Picture in a frame lyrics

come up it was blue and gold Sun come up it was blue and gold Sun come up it was blue and gold Ever since I put your picture In a frame. I come calling in my Sunday best I come calling in my Sunday best I come calling in my Sunday best Every since I put your picture In a frame I'm gonna l

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Picture in a frame lyrics

come up it was blue and gold Sun come up it was blue and gold Sun come up it was blue and gold Ever since I put your picture In a frame. I come calling in my Sunday best I come calling in my Sunday best I come calling in my Sunday best Every s

Jets To Brazil - Empty picture frame lyrics

just found the frame where i took your picture away and in my wallet like a saint from some other place that picture repays my eyes as they glaze a thousand lashes from a love long gone away i'll know that you're gone for good when the dawn kicks me awake i'll dress

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - Da frame 2r lyrics

and Brucey Wayne, Are shitting themselves because there's another name, Coming to claim what is his to claim, 10% faster with a sturdier frame, He's certainly come into his own, There's one on is arm in every land that he roams, And two consecutive ni

Entwine - In the frame of wilderness lyrics

sky dressed in red by midsummer sunset lake so tranquil filled with thy scarlet tears Enchantress my queen of nightfall thy mesmeric gaze will take command (in the frame of the wilderness) The dusk descends and sadly entwines the shades in the pale moonlight, full of w

Vybz Kartel - Can't frame me lyrics

m like the tree planted by the river Bring fort fruiting juices U can't fight d teacher without a reason Member when ya ah dig a pit fi do nothing else Dig one for ya self [Chorus:] You can't frame me [x3] Can't make ah jail me You can't frame me [x3] You can't Dem wan see me

Iwan Fals - Hua ha ha lyrics

ha ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha ha Hua ha ha ha ha ha Bukalah mulut kamu Lantangkan saja suaramu Bebaskan jiwa kamu Tidak apa-apa dianggap gila Dari pada tak bisa tertawa Tertawa itu sehat Meni

Adriano Celentano - Chi ce i ha con me lyrics

Mariano vieni un po' qua per favore. Cosa c'e cos'e che stai facendo Eh! Ti sto finendo l'arrangiamento di ''Chi ce l'ha con me'' Chi ce l'ha con me! Ma - ma tu ce l'hai con me io no perche? Eh, eh, eh Chi ce l'ha con me chi ce l'ha con me chi ce l'ha

Ll Cool J - Fa ha lyrics

t you knoww, don't you knoww See this is worldwide baby ''That it's wrong..'' Germany, Italy.. France, Japan ''To take what is given..'' Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin bout, Brooklyn I'm talkin bout, Uptown I'm talkin bo

Charli Xcx - You (ha ha ha) lyrics

we got a situation Lock down and I'm trapped in the basement I'm a victim of replacement Cause you're acting so leather trying to put across your statement Cause I know you struggle Choke when you see love grow You, you lied Ha ha ha ha I was right All along Good job, good job

Ricardo Arjona - Se ha ido el amor lyrics

que aceptarlo no somos los de antes el reconciliarnos una y mil veces creo que no es solucion Hay que aceptarlo perdona mi llanto me duele hasta el alma pero nadie engaña a nuestro corazon Prepara tus lagrimas mujer, mujer se ha ido el amor

Coheed And Cambria - Crossing the frame lyrics

.. a silence between glares That stutters words misleading Here... give me all you got With one shot sent to lend me No... here across the grass, Between the glass I know... you're not the one I left to wait here, helping I... I left in a sudden rush And n

Destillery - Hope is a frame lyrics

for the last night Is there anything true in my life Emphasizing to be strong Stand up serious oh so long Don't find the way out of the darkness Into a world with a holy light The innocence is over See a faceless world inside Born to live means born to die Living in

Agathocles - Empty frame lyrics

macho hardcore clan, values gone, macho men accepted by this so-called scene but it's just and empty frame trading creativity for safe conformity expensive f***ing tatoos, uniforms and shoes nothing really matters, only the social ladder climbing

Gyllene Tider - Vill ha ett svar! lyrics

runt stan är att du har gått solo En vän till mej såg dej med en annan på nån bio? Vill ha ett svar Vill ha ett svar Om du tänker dra iväg eller tänker stanna kvar Vill ha ett svar Vill ha ett svar För jag orkar inte mer Jag vill inte mer Det är upp till

Illdisposed - A frame of mind lyrics

the man I am, I dislike More purities and feelings send Into the extacy I hate Nobody controls me Maybe it's because nobody wants to Anyway They watch the terror In a maze full of gray we shall rest Incomplete, fictive mirror Enchanting the way, I

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