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Nashville Cast - Share with you ft. lennon stella and maisy st.. lyrics

it's two I'd rather share with you I like a girl's night ... One can get so boring without two I'd rather share with ... I like being me I like being free One is so much better when

Jessica Simpson - With you lyrics

real me is a southern girl with her Levis on and an open ... what it feels like Cause with you I can let my hair down ... say anything crazy I know you'll catch me right before I

Teresa Lobianco - With you lyrics

need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo And the hearts all over ... all over the world tonight And I need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo And the hearts all over

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - With you lyrics

a 3 year old keep playing and imma eat her like a pita roll ... Im just sayin with my love I could feed her soul ... two day getaway and we dont need our clothes we

Mr. Big - Alive and kickin lyrics

goodbye letter Sayin' Johny and me are running' wild and ... runnin' free Just like you did momma Don't know ... into the fire Keep our love alive and kickin' Down the dorr,

Primal Fear - Alive and on fire lyrics

never change Sitting still alive in an electric chair History ... repeats, cheats and denies No more toxic gas ... attacks And no one died Hate And ... cold In for the kill Alive and on fire Your own will Alive and on fire In for the kill

Delirious? - With you lyrics

just another day When being with you shines a light as I go ... another day Another moment you and I can take it all the ... way And it’s Ok Im with you, Im with you, only you To

Phantom ( Usa ) - Alive and well lyrics

cardinals of cain Bones in your closet, your pestilent kin ... the moon we lose all control Alive and well and wicked as sin ... Caustic and christless, best at their

Rhapsody Of Fire - Alive and proud lyrics

in the time of darkness and evil under the sign of God ... my only law Into the land of hate and sorrow there is ... no place for me and for the conquest of justice and honour I will use my steel

Quiet Riot - Alive and well lyrics

like a fool But what do you expect Life is to short to ... Hard to tell... That I'm alive and well I'm alive and well ... And I'm here to tell That I'm alive and well Ten years later and it's all the same No reason

Simple Minds - Alive and kicking lyrics

turn me on, you lift me up And like the sweetest cup I’d ... share with you You lift me up, don’t you ever ... stop, Im here with you Now it’s all or nothing

Jethro Tull - Alive and well and living in lyrics

some peace, she sits there, without moving, and puts a ... pillow over the phone. And if she feels like dancing no ... he didn't like to be alone. And if he feels like crying she's

Rise Against - Alive and well lyrics

s the time to rearrange your life live for something ... outside of your own mind we all dream the ... to burn the world that you call civilized alive and

Hellyeah - Alive and well lyrics

Gotta go, 'cause money makes you smile, Don't ya know Those ... I'm always fighting, Am I alive and well or just wasting ... this piece of mine Put your money where your mouth is,

Sally Oldfield - You set my gipsy blood free lyrics

be with me for I stand as I am With the fear of the ... silence that freezes my soul When the lights ... have gone down and the cold wind blows Can you ... to go Oh listen! I want you to know! You set my gypsy

Pentagram (us) - You are lost i'm free lyrics

that build inside of me You keep tellin me It's time we ... both see You're lost yes, I'm free You ... like a child that cannot see Your voice waking me Saying I

Van Morrison - You make me feel so free lyrics

different to be But baby you make me feel so free And ... the muse But we only burn up with that passion When there's ... to lose I make it to spring and there's no bed of roses Just

Dead Or Alive - Sleep with you lyrics

the first time that I saw you, It was plain to me, you'd ... been around, Dreaming of your kiss for far too long now, You have turned my whole world ... .. *But the burn!, when you're near, Tells me danger's

Adam Gontier - With you lyrics

matter, it just really hurts And all the chatter, your ... heard I know the sound, your voice spins me 'round As you whisper in my ear I blink as ... you stare, you see I'm not scared With you

Lipstick Liontigers - With the forces of power and glitter and glam.. lyrics

verse 1) Take me to places without techno-rases, where metal ... and steel can be free. I wanna feel the power that ... our hearts, we fight them, with the forces of power and

Love And Theft - You to miss lyrics

They try to move on Can’t stand the pain of you gone but baby ... this love has come to be And Im not running scared I ... will stay right where I gave you my word That I would be And I don’t want to hurt But I

Everclear - You lyrics

the scars on my body and soul All the trouble I've ... the evil things that I'll say and do All comes back to... ... I fall back to the black and white of here and now I need

Ill Niño - With you lyrics

There's something in your ways That makes me wanna ... stay here for a thousand years So just cry your fears ... yeah, I need you everyday Inside you I just

Parov Stelar lyricsParov Stelar - With you feat. lilja bloom lyrics

again I wanna feel that I'm alive I wanna hear my heart ... beating And when I'm down again You ... smile and hold my hand I want to reach you and ... let it be) Honey when I'm with you It takes some time to

Fozzy - Died with you lyrics

to me, tell me what you want Walk with me, this ... battle has been lost Set me free, I can't pay this cost Can't ... you see without you, I am lost I know that

Jamie Grace - With you lyrics

left brain is racin' free And ADD's been chasin me all day ... Wait, what did You just say? (okay, okay) See ... be okay Just need a little You and me time Hit the rewind

Machinemade God - With you lyrics

through the alleys To be with you I hide Take deep ... breath and see Your are the one for me. ... Just avoid it's way For you I failed, for you betrayed

Papajam - With you lyrics


Robinson Tom - Still loving you lyrics

at its height the madness and the passion that we shared ... early in the gloom beside you in that bedsit room ... magazines and letters everywhere Payphone

Aaa - With you lyrics

yes yes I'll take you to the higher stage Now you ... got blazing' I'll take you to the higher stage Now you ... Hitosuji no hikari ni naru with you Naraku no soko naa

B.a.p. - With you lyrics

naega jikyeojulge Forever With You (With You With You With You) ni gyeote isseulge ... eonjekkajina Forever With You (With You With You With You) ... jaba hamkke isseulge With You With You (With You With You)

B.a.p. - With you (japanese) lyrics

boku ga mamoru yo Forever with you (with you with you with you) tonari de zutto itsumade mo ... Forever with you (with you with you with you) hitori janai

Hillsong Worship - With you lyrics

will sing about Everything You are ,always I will tell the ... world Everything You've done in me I stand on ... was lost but now I'm here With You, my refuge My stronghold

Marti Pellow - With you i am born again (duet with lulu) lyrics

bring me your softness Comfort me through ... this madness Woman, don't you know, with you I'm born again ... Come give me your sweetness Now there's you,

Pnau lyricsPnau - With you forever (featuring empire of the sun.. lyrics

Beats in time like the sun You're afar It's a lie You can ... t deny, sometimes you shine So, I love you I ... love you I'm with you Forever I want a chance

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - With you friends lyrics

fell in love with gravity, but do we really ... it to find our love? You, you, you With you, with you you, ahhh I love you, I ... love you I love youuu. [Repeats] [Ending:]

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - With you, friends (long drive) lyrics

my knees. But I really miss you. All my love. You, you, you. ... Ahh, I love you. All my love (2x) Really ... miss you. I love you. All my love (5x) You, you ,you (you, you, you friend)

Embody - With you (ft. barnaby) lyrics

know I love it, when you show me what you do 'Cause ... the chance to get to go out with you Why don't you show me ... just a little the way you move? 'Cause all I want is

High And Mighty Color - With you lyrics

wa doko ni aru no? Sagashitetanda Tooi hoshizora mite wa ... yo ne itsumo Ima nara ieru you na sonna kiga shitanda kitto

3t - With you lyrics

it's so unreal The way you make me feel I've got to ... give it up to you Girl sometimes it seems ... What you really need Is someone who ... will be right here with you Oh girl I think I love

Baths - You're my excuse to travel lyrics

minute to say: "i love you enough to drive like an hour ... from wherever i am to be with you" and it is always

Exo - With you lyrics

saneun geosdo jemeosijiman Banditbul chogajipdo nimgwa ... saneun geosdo jemeosijiman Banditbul chogajipdo nimgwa ... saneun geosdo jemeosijiman Banditbul chogajipdo nimgwa

Gravestone - You can't take it with you lyrics

All the money you ever earned is not worth the ... lick.. All the umpires and fiends around are there ... (bridge) Don't be afraid you better live your own life

Chris Rea - Just want to be with you lyrics

just wanna be with you No matter what they say ... Just wanna be with you Every night and every day ... nights, dark days I wanna be with you I just wanna be with you Till the final curtain falls

Chris Rea - I just wanna be with you lyrics

just wanna be with you No matter what they say ... Just wanna be with you Every night and every day ... nights, dark days I wanna be with you I just wanna be with you Till the final curtain falls

Boston - With you lyrics

of man I thought was dead and gone And said, Sparrow, it's ... you I've come to see 'Cause with you is where I want to be ... Oh, with you, with you You take me higher With you, with you The waters parted the

Cassie - Not with you lyrics

go anywhere when it comes to your love, but the question that ... it's strong enough. If you want me to stay, there's ... I've got to trust if I'm not with you Hey [Chorus] Ain't

The Chordettes - Born to be with you lyrics

your side, satisfied Through and through 'Cause I was born to ... be with you Humming first verse ... I knew that I was born to be with you Humming and whistling

Prince - With you lyrics

ve held your hand so many times But I still ... very first time I've kissed your lips and laid with you And ... eyes can only see as far as you I only want to be with you

Aaron Neville - With you in mind lyrics

just ain't bad as they seem With you in mind, I can fill my ... wildest dreams With you in mind, I can do anything, I ... know I can With you in mind With you in mind With you in

Bo Bice - You take yourself with you lyrics

left but leaving When you know you know, you just can't ... fight that feeling You can climb the highest ... On a crowded city sidewalk, you might find yourself alone In

Extreme Music - With you lyrics

there's always light when I'm with you I'm with you When I'm ... with you, When I'm with you, If you're caught in a ... wave and your drifting away Don't give up

I Fight Dragons - With you lyrics

is pouring down Let's stay and hide." I say, &quot ... But we might as well Stay and rebel." Maybe we will ... Either way, I will stay With you They say, "Pay your bills Earn your daily bread

In Mourning - With you came silence lyrics

lovers, we met with the poetry in France We ... waiting to take me away Dark and unwelcoming Out of the ... blindness my hands freaked again, it's getting ... harder Tongue tied and strung out we learned how to

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - With you lyrics

you, life moves so fast with you, everything's a mess Slow ... down Don't you think you could be less capricious I'm ... not you, I don't have no death wish

9nine - With you / with me (magi the kingdom of magic.. lyrics

zagu demo ii nda Forever and ever with you Michi wa ... demo makiokoru ashita ni Nandaka kitaishichau ne Boku wa ... boko demo ii nda Forever and ever with me Michi wa koko

Off With Their Heads - With you lyrics

you! It’s you! You’re the only reason that I ... wake up in the morning and make it through The day. ... Something seems right and it’s something I can’t

Leann Rimes - With you lyrics

a big green field The kind you see from airplanes baby, that ... raise some kids what's wrong with that, wrong with that Maybe ... secret they keep inside and mine's Livin' happily ever

Atc - With you lyrics

down the sky He lifts me up and quiet Baby he's talkin to me ... face that shines I wonder if you are the one But maybe he's ... light through all my tears You hold my hand and baby Take

Atomic Kitten - Be with you lyrics

and I (you and I) Two of a kind (two of a ... Out of sight As I look in your eyes (Look in your eyes) ... forever I really want to be with you I really want tonight to

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