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Maino - Bring it back dj lyrics

Intro] Bring it back DJ!!! Bring it back DJ!!! Uh! Y-YEAH!!!! ... !!! UH! UH! [Verse 1] You already know, move when I come through You could run with

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Bring it back home lyrics

little lady, don't you get crazy. Bring it back home to me. Woman little standing ... dreaming to forget him. Bring it back home to me. When? ... Brown-eyed stunner, come on, Bring it home to me.

Full Frontal - You think you´re a man lyrics

(man) boy (boy) man (man) boy (boy) boy boy boy ... boy boy boy boy boy man (man) boy (boy) man (man) toy ... (toy) man (man) boy (boy) man (man) toy

Argent - Bring you joy lyrics

made me feel like I never could feel ... my soul Now for the first time, I'm living for real And I ... And I will sacrifice to bring you joy Yes, I will spend my

Brenda Lee - You're my man again lyrics

re my man again, I can tell the way you ... hold me you're my man again I feel it when ya ... scold me, love is real again No need ... to count to ten, you are my man again Don't know why I went,

Dragonette - Take it like a man lyrics

bit vicious That's why you love me Because you can't ... resist it that you do anything for me You ... off the ground So, pick up your parachute 'Cause I'm not

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Take it like a man lyrics

you won't go along Some will feel like you can't find ... it all before Now don't get me wrong I've seen many a life ... gone astray When someone goes All your bows won't

Pharao - You are my man lyrics

days, ..... A wonderful time, no-one ......... heart I ... think of you, soft and warm Come on and ... hold me in your arms When I'm lone you pick ... the .......... is so blue You are the one, you are my man (you are my man) You are the one,

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Bring it back lyrics

Fresh] Ladies and gentlemen, People with jobs, ... people and twerkers Put ya hands on ya knees and bend ya ... rump, Put ya back in, Back out Do da hump. Put ya

Lil Rob - Bring it back lyrics

Rob:] Hey, what's happenin', man [Fingazz:] Hey man, there ... seems to be a problem on the back dance floor [Lil Rob:] What ... is it? [Fingazz:] Man, these bitches ain't gettin'

Illy - Bring it back lyrics

blankly Standing mute, fame whores off where the new fad ... s at While fans cried "bring that boom bap back" Saw ... Told my label, new plan I'mma take it to my roots with the new

Big Country - Take you to the moon lyrics

s 3 A.M. I'm going home I watch the white lines pass ... drive I feel like the last man alive I find a voice on the ... radio It sounds like someone I used to know He sends

Public Enemy - Can't do nuttin' for ya man lyrics

for your life, by the knife Runnin' from your wife ... yipes You ... should've stuck with home Your mind to blow your dome It ... was you that chose your due You built a maze you can't get

Jadakiss - Bring you down lyrics

kerb And I'll be a player later. But for now Call me pootay ... ladder [Chorus] Look at you then, and (uh-huh) Look at you now. (yeah) Don't let this

Jibbs - Bring it back lyrics

yeah gone bring it back girl Yeah yeah it's known ... it on the floor and do what you do Just get it on the floor ... and do what you do Yeah yeah gone bring it

B2k - You can get it lyrics

the club Chilling with her man Looking sexy as hell With ... way she licked her lips Made me want to go ask her name The ... dem hips Kept stearing at me Let me know she wanted to

Kris Allen - Bring it back lyrics

There's no reason to ask me 'cause you know what's inside ... my mouth for not letting you walk away Take your love, bring it back, bring it back ... Think before you leave I forgot what love is,

Bellarive - Bring us back lyrics

didn't You didn't just take our sin You filled us ... Filled us up with Your righteousness Yes Your ... washed over us Over us With Your blood You covered us

Love & The Outcome - Bring us back lyrics

free and full of life I was young and I dreamed With my ... on my sleeve And I knew You would come through But I ... we grew apart Dear God, bring us back together ‘Cause my

Dusty Springfield - Bring him back lyrics

bring him back If he's too much for you ... And you don't know just what to do ... Just send him right on back to me 'Cause I'm still the ... s only just for a day I'll take him back any old kinda way I

Kongos - Take it from me lyrics

don't recognize the bed Took me a minute to clear my head I ... but the blanks won't fill Cameras rolling, but I forgot the ... film Take it from me When you start it's just a matter of

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - You know we can't go back lyrics

s the time where I found I'd lost my way ... on my heart I couldn't tell you if I'd been dreaming. Take me to my lover's arms, I won't ... wake up this time. Maybe I believe in magic

Mike Oldfield - Man on the rocks lyrics

you come to my world, I can show you ... and canyons, To the veins in your arm, take my hand. I’m ... the man on the rocks on the island. ... end of the rainbow. If I ask you to follow, you will. So you come to my world to find

Brooklyn Bounce - Bring it back lyrics

Female) I will alwas remember this summer, 'Cause the ... summer was all we had, Bring it back... (Male) We ... gotta bring it back. Can you feel me? Knock your head!

Hawthorne Heights - Bring you back lyrics

of the night when I heard you took your life. You were ... our clock was stopped in time. You were slowly fading, ... slowly fading from day to night. I turn

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Take it like a man lyrics

night stand Workin' for a man down south Louisiana Cause ... But sittin' here will drive me mad I'm gonna get back ... where they want me Get back where they want me Get back

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Ya man ain't me lyrics

] Hey girl, whats up? You've been going through it, huh ... Yeah, I know And I know your man ain't been treating you ... right but....your man ain't me listen. [Verse 1:] Girl,

Lee Hyori - Bring it back (feat. bekah, ji yoon) lyrics

boy ! Bring it back ! Jomdeo Naughty hage Ooh ... boy ! Bring it back ! Jomdeo Trendy hage Ooh ... boy ! Bring it back ! Nege boyeojweobwa Ooh boy ... ! Bring it back ! Let me show you like that (Same

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Bring it back lyrics

let me hit that, let me get that party song. Let me ... of clay. I'm' gonan sink your ship so fast, one blast, don ... t ask, your ass is grass. No red no ... paint this black and crack your spleen. Commin' stright from the dark Imma' shark, Imma'

Girlschool - Take it from me lyrics

in the corner Sitting with your head in your hands Looking ... for a way out Hiding with your head in the sand You know ... it isn't easy And so you try to run away But you'd

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Bring it back lyrics

slow Isn't easy if as far as you go It's only half as far as you and I go Know, yeah Comin ... out from above A little something And it's only because

Human Nature - Bring her back lyrics

her back Just Bring her back to me Bring her back Just bring her back to me Another night ... without you Another hour to wonder why ... I care so much about you I never meant to make you

Miss Li - Bring it back lyrics

How could we be such a fools, young teenage fools. Oh Danny ... boy, we were too young too talk, we were too ... dumb too walk. But that was many years ago, both you and i

Audioslave - Bring ´em back alive lyrics

a crowd And they carried me to the hole in the ground ... And they buried me Where no one could see And ... Three steps toward the graveyard On the high road to remembering It seems that we

Dennis Sheperd - Bring you home (feat. chloe langley) lyrics

then and everything between You said nothing has to be lost ... is what we live for And if you find yourself tonight Far from everything you know I'll

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - You think lyrics

saenggage mami apa bameul sae? nega nal ... Wow cheoeum deutneun yaegi honja gajeun chakhan ... cheok na ttaeme nunmul naneun cheok neoui ... modeun S.N.S aesseune neoman sangcheo badeun yaegi imi

Matthau Mikojan - Bring you back lyrics

that you walking down the stairs ... May I guess, you got lost in the haze You ... didn’t leave home all alone, did you? If not ... today, then tomorrow you’ll smile I’m here to bring you back to life I’m here

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Take it from here lyrics

(mmmm) Sometimes the world gets hard Oh na ... na na I'm gonna take it from there girl Don't you worry ... I wanna be your lake, for your bay And any problems that you have I wanna wash 'em away

Abs - Back to the limbo lyrics

don't know bout you, But I came here to party, yeah Tonight ... is your night, gonna find yourself somebody (Yo what your ... I say hey pretty girl, Do you wanna dance the night away,

Flume - Bring you down ft. george maple lyrics

now You're standing on a landmine ... now Those eyes can not harm you Keep your wits about Don't ... let it bring you down Don't let it bring you down Don't let it bring you

Cher - Take it like a man (ft jake shears) lyrics

It Like A Man (ft Jake Shears) Boy, if you want my heart You gotta take ... it like a man Before you fight for us You gotta show me that you can They say it's

Jimmy Gnecco - Bring you home lyrics

arms They really want to see you down they really want to see ... down And I really want to bring you home And I really want ... to bring you home I buried everything that I

Mudhoney - Take it like a man lyrics

the big picture makes you feel small And your good ... Don't pretend that it's not your fault You gotta take it ... like a man Take it like a man When you lash out

Myka Relocate - Bring you home lyrics

I've got a question, how can you live life, always turning your head to hide, without ever ... or asking why? It's time to wake up... Have you had ... enough. It's time to wake up it's time to rise

Pj Harvey - To bring you my love lyrics

been down for years Jesus, come closer I think my time is ... Hell and high water To bring you my love Climbed over ... above Forsaken heaven To bring you my love To bring you

Chase Rice - You ain't livin' yet lyrics

said, "Boy you ever been outside of this ... the west coast? Or down to Mexico?" I said, "No. ... his gas while he rambled on somethin' 'bout Paris, France And

Shanice - You need a man lyrics

s sitting right across from me Your lookin' over casually ... So I'm pretendin' not to see You tryina get his attention So ... t wanna cause a scene But your out here on a mission To be

Samson (gb) - Take it like a man lyrics

me on, you've been a bad, bad boy, ... Betcha since you've been a kid you've been a ... mama's toy I'm gonna teach you, you're going to learn, Don ... t fool with me, I'm gonna make you burn

Joe Nichols - Man woman lyrics

knew I'd be sad, I was sure your goodbye was gonna hurt me ... and forget with a little time But man, woman you sure messed me up Now long as I live ... I'll never forget your love Man, woman you sure make me cry Take 99 years for all of my tears

George Jones - The man that you once knew lyrics

you see a man in clothes that's old and ... ragged And he walks from bar to bar in worn out shoes ... and whisper, "God have mercy" Would you deny the man that you once knew If on

Kmfdm - Take it like a man lyrics

s play a game of truth or dare Throw ... we don't give a damn I said me first it's fun to learn ... new I'm playing house in your backyard And you don't ... Talk shout cat-fight show me what you got 'coz I got the

Becky G - You love it lyrics

this on the pod Call up my homegirls and put it up in the car ... lights This ganna be our theme song for trouble tonight See ... a cutie pull up right next to me (next to me) Give him the

Ross Lynch - Take it from the top lyrics

take take take it from the Take take take it from the top and ... I Take take take take it from the Take take take it from ... the top and I You never know what this world

Ray J - Love you from my heart lyrics

know I'm only 16 But inside you mean the world to me I know ... I may be young to you But there's nothing that I ... wouldn't do See, I've had romance Girl, I'm very smart I

Brainstorm - Bring you down lyrics

the way you lie to me You just ignore me I hate the ... way you breed the rules You dominate me You say we have ... I know I'm victimized You rape the nation Down, bring you down, bring you down Bring you down You tell me how to run

Todd Kerns - Take it from me lyrics

took a left, you shoulda took a right You ... took all day, you shoulda stayed the night How ... can everything you do be the wrong move baby? ... You get ‘em up when you’re going down But you left your heart in the lost and found

Take That lyricsTake That - All that matters to me lyrics

that you're older and girl I'm older ... feelings, those feelings for you Cos you are all that ... matters to me You're all that matters (all that ... matters to love) You're all that matters to love

Nas lyricsNas - You're the man lyrics

yo They plan was to knock me out the top of the game But ... overstand they truth is all lame I hold cannons that shoot ... balls of flames Right in they fat mouth

Safura - From her from love lyrics

too Deep Her body heat Warmer than the sun But when she’s ... cold You’ll come undone And when it ends ... I can’t keep on hiding from Love Cause I got to Let her

Brad Paisley - You need a man around here lyrics

a real nice place So don't take this the wrong way But I can ... tell by your decorating taste You've ... been alone too long You've got more candles than a

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