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Kajagoogoo - Lies and promises lyrics

a walk to a quieter place And think of the thing I said would wait I can see unconsciously You promised me, you promised me You come round here to throw a ploy With silly lines with silly toys Little things for little minds Amuse yourself in your spare t

Hatesphere - Lies and deceit lyrics

you don’t bring nothing to the table Don’t expect to eat Don’t expect no one to grovel at your feet Don’t expect me to forgive any lie or deceit Don’t expect me to help you when you bleed You’ve never done shit for nobody else You never cared about no o

L'arc~en~ciel - Lies and truth lyrics

ga mienakute mienakute Nan do mo yobikakeru yo Kono yoru ni mayotte shimau Kimi ni nemuru shihaisha wa Ima mo muguchi na mama no lies Karui binetsu kagerou no you ni Yurame ite hanarenai Sukoshi mada furueteru kizuguchi ni Sotto furete mita Ref.:Kimi

Six Magics - Lies and rules lyrics

say they know he's still alive Some say he gave eternal life Some keep searching all of their lives How can I know if they are alright? Behind these walls I've one prayer And I've one Lord If there's one truth I can't believe There lies and rules Some bless the one's w

Hit The Lights - Liars and cheats lyrics

m in a parking lot At the top of a hill Cigarettes, broken bottles Cheap ways to get my thrills I'm in a parking lot It's a quarter to nine Surrounded by some liars and some cheats Saying their friends are mine And I'm looking for trouble in all the rig

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Lies lyrics

you've been actin' so shady All you say is I'm crazy When you know you knew Save me from these walls as they cave in All of our magic is fadin' Cause when you know you knew We're falling apart, we're falling apart Like a house of cards And I k

Panzerchrist - Lies lyrics

am truth But it's killing me Mankind cannot bear too much But I am a man and the truth is all I can bear And the lies and lies and lies are killing me Great deceptions You talk the talk But are you there? False receptions The ultimate In failure and fear Lies and lies and

Major Accident - Lies lyrics

I just don't know what to tell you. And I just don't know what to say. And I don't know if you believe me. When you hear the words I say. They say the truth is out there somewhere It's staring you right in the face. And I don't know if you believe me I'll p

A Global Threat - Money lies and real estate lyrics

f***ing landlords, apartments up for rent cheating, lying, swindling tenants of their every cent paying them for housing, you need somewhere to sleep they're concerned with nothing but their profit property money, lie and real estate are so easy to conceal

Neil Finn - White lies and alibis lyrics

hell is not of my making I’m one of the bearded angels haven’t seen the sky for ages just another face in a very long line There’s a lock on every door there’s a darkness in every sense the guilty man is home in bed and it’s me they wanna put to death

Icycore - And then nothing remains lyrics

I can recall Is the pain From those cold words And all my dreams Turned into grief And you You knew I'd rather die Now, inside my dream Your lips are still Your eyes so kind No spite behind In death You're lovely once again Now speak to me Tell me what is love?

Another Messiah - And now i will lyrics

hunt you, a dream within, it’s all the same I touched you, my time begins, you’re everything When we were young, that lullaby, you wavered still Those nasty kids I’d turn the stakes, and now I will Life, live in sorrow Now, you live my horror

Persuader - .. and there was light lyrics

built upon a meaning A sentence that was drained with horror You’ve dreamed about the dreaming The images of lies and sorrow So where do you go You might wonder how And how did it show Your time is here, now Our own creation Welcome to the promised land above This is the

Cock Sparrer - Lies? lyrics

never prosper, crime don't pay, The meek shall inherit come judgement day, Peace in our time, no pain no gain, management decisions, insurance claims, The slow but sure will always win it, there's one born every minute It's a lie It's a lie The che

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Told you so lyrics

Intro: Jesy] Da-dum, da-dum [Verse 1: Jesy] Be honest How are you feeling, girlfriend? Have you been crying again? Just give it some time, breath out See I'm happy that boy was just playing pretend We said it, you wouldn’t listen But finally, you found out [Pre-Chorus:

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Up all night lyrics

wants to call it all around our life with a better name Everyone falls and spins and gets up again with a friend who does the same Everyone lies and cheats their wants and needs and still believes their heart And everyone gets their chills, the kind that kil

Future Idiots - Up all night lyrics

wants to call it all around our life with a better name Everyone falls and spins and gets up again with a friend who does the same Everyone lies and cheats their wants and needs and still believes their heart And everyone gets their chills, the kind th

Fenech-soler - Lies lyrics

up look up im bleeding How long how long till were in love Wait by wait by your feelings Am I am I just dreaming I want you to stop with me tonight I want you to stop with me tonight Look out look out I?m screaming How many times do ya hav

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Lies lyrics

dripping off your mouth like dirt Lies, lies in every step you walk Lies, whispered sweetly in my ear Lies, how do I get out of here? Why, why you have to be so cruel? Lies, lies, lies I ain't such a fool! Lies, lies in my papa's looks Lies, lies in my hist

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Lies lyrics

'em on Put the big boots on Baby put them big boots on. Make a mark Make a good kick start Kick yourself right outa my heart. It's a cookin' jumpin' jivin' shout Cos you're every little thing I can do without Every line you lay, every trick you trade They could ne

The Kelly Family - Lies lyrics

never told you any lies, doing all your little chance Has main be all so much never be the same never again He never told me any lies, he always tried to be so fair I declared the time or two he's just the man I love Can't you see He never told us any lies, he always tried t

Del Shannon - Lies lyrics

do people tell lies Just to see others cry They tell you I've been untrue If you believe them You're believing lies Oh darling, believe what I say Don't let your heart get away Don't listen to gossip that's going round If you believe them You'r

Obituary lyricsObituary - Lies lyrics

the course, frozen in time, through your rights I see lies! I'm the one you see, I'm the one to find, I'm the course of these lies! Through this transcend, killing time, through this time I fall out! With the end, your f***ing ghastly stare, desperation co

Diabulus In Musica - Lies in your eyes lyrics

t disguise your emotions Cause I know what you think I have a sixth sense that You could not imagine I know what you're thinking In every moment of your life I can see beyond your eyes Every time you look the mines Why don't you say things st

Hollow ( Swe ) - Lies lyrics

I said I would like to stay here beside you would you turn your eyes away or would you smile? I who have been lonely for too long need a friend to hear my song it is a cross I ahve to bear that I do not trust you I know it is not fair to dwell on the pa

Holy Mother - Lies... lyrics

on a whim, pressure's building up now All out of wind, it's a frantic race Politics, lunatics, it's the mad man's law Traveled the light, blinded brim shaded sun rise Fought all the laws just to prove I was right All out of wind, I've been stuck in the mad man's

Royal Hunt - Lies lyrics

like I'm covered in lies so turn off the light, I'm closing my eyes Flying back - ages ago Curtain is down and I'm ready to go Back to the day when I looked into your eyes Straight to your heart - when I knew you've been telling me lies Even the day when we met I'll alwa

Billy Talent - Lies lyrics

conversation Hidden agenda You think we´re stupid how dare you! The rug has not been pulled over our eyes you fool We can see right through! Tip toeing villian eyes on the ceiling your false intentions have worn thin... But we´ve been in your room And in your closet too W

Billy Talent - Lies (acoustic) lyrics

conversation Hidden agenda You think we´re stupid how dare you! The rug has not been pulled over our eyes you fool We can see right through! Tip toeing villian eyes on the ceiling your false intentions have worn thin... But we´ve been in your room And in your closet

Hypocrisy - Lies lyrics

this the end of time, and how come we are still killing ourselves? Going back and forth. Loose control. Always try to open new doors. Don't get too close, you might disappear. They will bury your bones, in the sand. Break away, from the waves. Into the oceans of, lies!!! [whi

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Lies lyrics

street light Through my window Makes me feel secure There's no one to distract me I'm locking the door You cannot barge into My own little world You can't take the joy From the soul of this girl Telling me your lies, lies, lies Don't tell me your lies, lies

The Black Keys - Lies lyrics

said the moon was ours Yeah, you said the moon was ours To hell with the day The sunlight is only gonna take love away Raise up suspicions and...and alibis But I can see through tear-blinded eyes Lies, lies, lies Oh, lies Da da da da da Oh~oh~oh

Body Count - Lies lyrics

don't want you anymore and you don't love me... I can see in your eyes when you talk to me, You don't fool me... We had our time but it's over girl, Now it's deceit... I know your sleeping around on me, I know you creep... Your knives are stuck in

Carlene Carter - Lies lyrics

you told me that you love Would be good for me But you lied, lied, lied Told me that you'd do what you Should for me But you lied, lied, lied Who do you think you're foolin' Tellin' me those lies What do you think you're provin' With your lies, lies, lies Lies,

Linda Ronstadt - Lies lyrics

Lies I can't believe a word you say Lies, Lies Are gonna make you sad some day Tear, tears I've shed a million tears for you Tear, tears And now you're loving someone new Someday I'm gonna be happy But I don't know when just now Lies, lies

Mcfly - Lies lyrics

TOM] Better run for cover You're a hurricane full of lies And the way you're heading No one's getting out alive So do us all a favor Would you find somebody else to blame 'Cause your words are like bullets and I'm the way your weapons aim [DANNY]

Circle Ii Circle - Lies lyrics

Should it be so hard to deal with things? You always slip away I sit here wasted, twisted on the thoughts That have come my way Seeing everything as a paradox It seems so toxic Analyze this hopeless situation With your blinded eyes You could never see The nightmare I feel

Cult To Follow - Lies lyrics

at what you've done; Betrayed our youth again I'm feeling numb from your greed And I'm reaching for my gun, If you run your mouth again So your blood will run To hide the scars of your sins Memories of you fill my head with. Lies! Lies to hi

Kelly Groucutt - You've been telling lies lyrics

I been wasting my time on you? I only wanted you to want me I only wanted you to stay in my arms Save it all for me So the saying goes When your heart's on fire the smoke may blind you While everyone could see the truth I still believed in you I don't believe you No,

Jesus On Extasy - Lies lyrics

never spoke truth to me, She couldn't handle, was to weak. She hid her mouth behind her hand, She didn't want me to see her speak. Your lies, Are killing me from inside! Your lies, Destroyed my world forever! I never was the only boy for you. T

Anette Olzon - Lies lyrics

lights passing by Stories floating around Silence is long gone by now All the wishes we had Dreams that we shared I remember that time Closing down open doors Making fences grow strong Burning the plans that I've grown Deep inside from the time When

Save Ferris - Lies lyrics

to deceive Tellin' lies, tellin' lies I can't believe Lies, to deceive So many lies, so many lies Why do we believe I've done wrong I've listened to the wrong advice I saw something in you once Now I see it ain't so nice Trouble is, I believed in you I was

Beautiful Bodies - Lies lyrics

taking off, off, off to the dark side Gonna grab my bow and arrow I’m never, never gonna be your white bride Shoot you down like a wounded sparrow Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies You’ve made off, off, off like a b

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Lies lyrics

lies, don't tell me lies Before you talk to me, you better think twice Lies, lies, don't tell me lies I lost my heart but you are cold as ice Lies - nothing bad for you Just another pair of shoes you gonna get through To - get a better plan any kind o

Ensoph - Lies of the mirror which lies not lyrics

place so far A hidden nail A place so far An empty mirror A golden worm in the apple’s middle Your burning tongue Brands the ignorance’s nipple Like cold steel flowers Sharped by faith and terror We are broken pieces of the shattered mirror A place so far A hi

Marina & The Diamonds - Lies lyrics

re never gonna love me so what's the use What's the point in playing A game you're gonna lose What's the point in saying You love me like a friend? What's the point in saying it's never gonna end You're too proud to say That you made a mistake You're a coward till' the end I

Andrew Allen - Lies lyrics

there time for just one story I promise you won't be sorry, For making the time This one starts just like it ought to The leading character is you And this interesting life Oh you you, and true true, something about 'I'm gonna have to lie to you' Oh you you, I s

Band Of Skulls - Lies lyrics

that you started will carry on, honey You throw in a little, a lot of fun, for me. You're giving it up and moving on cuz you wanna be free. You're getting so easy to read. Lies are the truth that you tell to yourself. Wise are the fools who can take what they're dealt.

Before Their Eyes - Lies lyrics

m crawling my way to you it's brought me to my knees I never believed your words would knock me off my feet I'm pushing away the mud that stops me in my tracks I'll never believe I'd see you standing on my back It's just wrong, it's wrong, It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong CH

Black Flag - Lies lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Lies, lies, lies lyrics

Verse 1] I see you coming through the door Creepin' It's a quarter past four And I smell the scent of cheap perfume Who is she? You step in the room With a guilty look upon your face Busted And you started to say “But really baby I can explain”

Chron Gen - Lies lyrics

wide mouth dry I'm so high never think I'm gonna die I'm just flying like a kite up all day and up all night, all night Next day I'm so full of surprise last night told so many lies it's just reality in disguise I've fallen for those awful lies, those lies Se

The Click Five - Lies lyrics

told me you loved me So I don't understand Why promises are snapped in two And words are made to bend The bigger, the better Some stolen from Japan Collected from around the world They'll catch you if they can Lies, lies, lies, yeah [4x] Do I have to catch you ou

G-dragon - Lies lyrics

bam biga naeryeowa neol deryeowa Jeojeun gieok kkeute dwicheogyeo na Neo eobsi jal sal su itdago Dajim hae bwado eojjeol su eobdago Mothaneun suldo masigo Sok taneun mam bamsae chaewo bwado Sirheo neo eomneun haruneun gireo bireo Jebal itge haedallago (g

James Maslow - Lies lyrics

yeah These rumors flying around my head (around my head) They say you've been sleeping in another bed Tell me it ain't nothing (console me) Show me baby I'm still the only All these fingers pointed so watch you now, now. Got me thinking about this love Got me wondering about

Jon Oliva's Pain - Lies lyrics

s no truth in what you say, The story, it constantly strays. Oh yeah Just falsehoods and alibis, You can't even look in my eyes. Oh no Lies, tell me lies, always lies, All I ever hear from you... Lies, tell me lies, always lies All I eve

Lapis Lazuli - Lies lyrics

.... ..... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... ... . ... .... ... .. .... ... ... ... .. .. .. ... . .. . .. . . .

Oh My Girl - Lies you can see lyrics

cheoeum geudaeui yaegil deutgo mucheogina heumushaehaessjyo johahandago hangsang saenggakhandago geudae geureohge mareul haesseossjyo hajiman geudaereul jal arayo beojeosi du nune sseuyeoissjyo bogiman haedo ollaol geot gatdago geudae nunbicceuro mareul haneyo silheu

Peter Bjorn And John - Lies lyrics

were such a fan of me, now I've made our history Look like a burnt-out fag, yes I stabbed you in the back And I always did believe that you and me would always be But now I've ruined all 'cause I can't tell lies No, I can't tell lies no I can't tell lie

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