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Basto - Gregory´s theme lyrics


Gregory And The Hawk - Boats and birds lyrics

If you'll be my star I'll be your sky You can hide underneath me and come out at night When I turn jet black And you show off your light I live to let you...

Gregory And The Hawk - I'm your puppet lyrics

I'm your puppet I'll learn to love it And I'll undress If you need it But please don't need it If you need it I'll scream out Weave a secret I will sweep i...

Gregory And The Hawk - In fact lyrics

Step one: light me on fire Step two: walk clean away I won't burn long And evidence of your done wrong will be gone In seconds I swear But if you got time anyway Wh...

Gregory And The Hawk - Isabelle lyrics

Now it's just you two In a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through It also means I'm breaking But Isabelle, what can I do If I'm caught in h...

Gregory And The Hawk - Like daddy, like daughter lyrics

I feel like singing sad songs all night I feel like tuning you out But you want to make it into more of a fight Is this yelling what love's all about? So go on, a...

Gregory And The Hawk - Old victorian on brainerd road lyrics

I could feel you endlessly If only I could manage to stay asleep Drawings are the pictures I don't wanna see Blue eyes in a sepia dream Watch out for the fire Li...

Gregory And The Hawk - The point sometimes lyrics

Get rid of the ocean If you ever wanna see me again Our shores are separated With or without a boat And you know that nothing lasts forever And depending on the weather ...

Jamie Cullum - Don't let me be misunderstood (feat. gregory .. lyrics

Baby, do you understand me now Sometimes you see that I´m mad Don´t you know that no one Can always be an angel And everything goes wrong You see some b...

Disclosure - Holding on ft. gregory porter lyrics

Weight of love on my shoulders I thought that it would be easier than this I found my heart had grown colder But the warmth of your kiss, I can't dismiss Though...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Words lyrics

moon text a hudba: Gregory alan Isakov & Ilan

Dawnrider - When our troops unite lyrics

For our land we're riding [Gregory] Out of the shadows they ... WHEN OUR TROOPS UNITE [Gregory] The forces are fighting ... There will be no debating [Gregory] Out of the shadows they

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Brownsville girl lyrics

All I remember about it was Gregory Peck and the way people moved ... rain to see a movie starring Gregory Peck Yeh but you know it's ... about it was it starred Gregory Peck he wore a gun and he was

Vybz Kartel - Nuh fraid lyrics

Advocate, Steven arch evil, Gregory Park, Rise every gun inna ... A just dat [Outro:] Gregory Park Di p**** dem a talk

Creature Feature - A gorey demise lyrics

We all fall down I is for Issac who lost his front brakes J

Hanson - The love you save (the jackson 5 cover) lyrics

ll turn your name to dirt. Issac said he kissed you,

Kurt Carr - Jesus can work it out lyrics

had a son (Work it out) Issac was the only one (Work it

Fu Manchu - Mega-bumpers lyrics

it around swingin' like Issac from a ship to shore ladies

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Stick that thang out (skeezer) lyrics

'Heyyy' like my name was Issac Why you put me on blast like

Stephen Lynch - A history lesson lyrics

Stephen: Um... "Issac Newton sat under a tree, An

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Madness in tha hood (free ride) lyrics

we shall never die) Like Gregory Hines I return to the dance,

Fantan Mojah - Rasta got soul lyrics

Jacob Miller Dennis Brown, gregory Isaacs Alton Ellis, many

Gregory And The Hawk - Bad habit lyrics

Think my bones are breaking Under black eyes and bookcases up to the sky The promises I made myself - That I wouldn't land it cause it's a bad habit - They don't he...

Gregory And The Hawk - Kill the turkey lyrics

Kill the turkey, shoot him down Pluck his feathers, make him growl Make burgers, kill the cow Slit his throat, let him bleed Make steaks, make burgers Good to eat K...

Gregory And The Hawk - Memory and honesty lyrics

I had a dream, it was lasting It lasted the whole day I dreamt you had left me And when I woke, the mirror said to me Maybe it's true, it could be true You were ca...

Gregory And The Hawk - Neither freer lyrics

Baby, come save me I'm going crazy, without you Steal me away These nights just ain't the same And you can watch me wisely But I'll turn on a dime You can try a...

Gregory And The Hawk - Oats we sow lyrics

Someday I'll toss all your presents And bury the letters left unsent 'Cause it's bad to do what's easy Just 'cause it's easy And I wanna do what pleases me but ...

Gregory And The Hawk - Season poem lyrics

One by one the days fall beside us Like yellow leaves We have no conscience Oh, what we're becoming... Month by month the rings on our tree trunks Like old wise eyes Grow...

Gregory And The Hawk - Sets lyrics

Today day is a slow day And I'll play guitar till the day goes away Trying to write a song that says "I love you" Trying to let you know I do The dawn is b...

Gregory And The Hawk - Sweet winter hello lyrics

To the hills we go Bring all of your fog and smoke Bring all the friends you know To the hills we go To the fall we blow goodbye kisses, bid winter hello Feel t...

Gregory And The Hawk - The bolder thing to do lyrics

Everyday trying to make up for the one before Climb three flights to tremble at the site of your already open door The frustration I see when I tell you I'd ...

Gregory And The Hawk - The people who raised me lyrics

I've been the wild one I've run through the streets and I've suffered I've been the quiet one Sequestered and smothered But I won't mind no time spent...

Gregory And The Hawk - Wild west lyrics

When the end comes You'll see hydrogen electrolyzed Amazing, you're amazed at the cold you see, the fire by your face Bitter bloom Flightless skies The fear the doo...

Gregory Crimson - Wake up lyrics

How can you sleep with dirty hands How can you live with death inside your memories There is still safety in us Pull yourself together This is just a g...

Lance Gregory - Friends without benefits lyrics

Verse 1 If I could relate, maybe be a normal person for a change What would you think of me then Keep my head on straight, always try to make you feel super gr...

Horrible Histories - Dick turpin lyrics

life The notorious gang of Gregory Liked my style and dedication

Rick Ross - "maybach music 2" lyrics

Sellin' reeffer even Gregory I'm on my dinner So what

Kendrick Lamar - Heaven & hell lyrics

spitting 'Pac is rapping, Gregory capping, people singing,

Van Morrison - Summertime in england lyrics

your body. Yeats and Lady Gregory corresponded . . . And James

Prince - Anna stesia lyrics

I took a chance Gregory looks just like a ghost And

Brown Dennis - Raggamuffin lyrics

all around) Big all around, gregory Well well well rough,

Crystallion - Preach with an iron tongue lyrics

this war never end (Pope Gregory VIII.) Kingdom of the brave,

Digital Underground - Heartbeat props lyrics

sister Whoopi Goldberg Dick Gregory, X-Clan, sister Isis, BDP,

Everlast - Never missin a beat lyrics

I'm rappin' My rhymes'd beat Gregory Hines if they was tappin' So

Fat Joe - Watch the sound lyrics

check I make more dough than Gregory Peck Never have to raise a

G-unit - Banks workout lyrics

Shittin On Any Tom Dick Or Gregory Nigga You Better Be

Marek Grechuta - Ja jestem twoja marylin monroe (zpíva krystyn.. lyrics

się czujesz jak Belmondo, Gregory Peck, Alain Delon. Dzisiaj

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Living proof lyrics

the night fell with bicycle bells, the dark had wooden teeth oh we broke on up to hill country, the air was thin and sweet lord, the air was thin and sweet ...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - 3 a.m. lyrics

well its 3 a.m again, like it always seems to be drivin northbound, drivin homeward, drivin wind is drivin me and it just seems so funny that i always ...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - All shades of blue lyrics

when the wine stops working and you're all run out and all of your high hopes have all headed south and the songs left the stable and they never came home and ther...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - All there is lyrics

all the lights have changed, coming back into the city, driving homeward slow. shimmer like you do to me we laugh at all those changing trees, autumn is falli...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Amsterdam lyrics

all inside our Amsterdam she hides watery-eyed that howling wind, she's waving hi her other hand's in mine oh silhouette she's growing tall and fine she's got my b...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Astronaut lyrics

I work mornings in the old yard digging in the ground but I moonlight as an astronaut mostly just sit around and howl won't you come to my house tonight...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Big black car lyrics

you were a phonograph, i was a kid i sat with an ear close, just listening i was there when the rain tapped her way down you face you were a miracle…i was j...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Black & blue lyrics

i see boxes… fills up a room, all the things i never told you still glooming. and i try though, i try though. talking never seems to do it. i miss the taste o...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Dandelion wine lyrics

summer days were just a magazine, a magazine a magazine…. cutting grass for gasoline, for gasoline so i can see ya soon… fall swooned left me drunk ...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Evelyn lyrics

all the tables nice and clean evelyn’s asleep on the grave yard shift again selling gasoline and theres kids smoking on south first see high-school was just a b...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Fire escape lyrics

new york now was nothing but an ice-capade a cigarette, a fire-escape walked this line, with dust in our pockets for the bedford staion line to take us crazy the d...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Honey, it’s alright lyrics

wake up, it's morning wake up, my darling wake up and see for yourself you were woven in patchwork clouded and hazed in your past like a lover can be honey, it's a...

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - Idaho lyrics

down in the bardo there was nothing to hold so we let it go we were empty, we were hollow shined with everything we were living for and you see your soul ...

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