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Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Greenlight lyrics

heroes on the wall With her greenlights, greenlights, so hold the ... faded flowers to my chest Greenlight, greenlight 'cause all the ... along Just give me the greenlights, greenlights To hold the

Porcelain Black - Redlight district lyrics

you Girls and boys in the Redlight District, You can watch her ... queen, Boys and girls in the Redlight District, Take you to my ... you, Girls and boys in the Redlight District, You can watch her

Kelly Osbourne - Redlight lyrics

step behind Waitin' on a redlight sittin' on a time bomb ... me In the face Waiting on a redlight But still remaining calm

Pitbull - Greenlight ft. flo rida, lunchmoney lewis lyrics

Red light, green light Everybody take a shot Red light, green light Give me everything you got Red light, green light Mister 305 Flo Rida and LunchMone...

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Greenlight lyrics

It started with a picture Those messages you sent to me You're like the perfect mixture Of Megan Fox and Katy P. It's such a sick obsession And now you've got the be...

Cryptex (glitch) - Redlight feat. ms dynamite - what you talking.. lyrics

I dont know what you are talking about I dont know what you are talking about I dont know what you... What you talking about? Dynamite-tee titanium Might be a big blow t...

Porcelain And The Tramps - Redlight district lyrics

9 inch heels come marching in to please a black tied dirty old man. Staring, sweating, barely caring, slurring, "Break me in." [Bridge] Give it up...

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Ratchet bitches cocaina w/ lil tracy lyrics

Peep, to me you a opp F*** a greenlight, redlight you can start I

Redlight King - Old man lyrics

second dream He drove the Redlight Bandit And the grease on his

Murphy Eddie - Red light ft. snoop lion lyrics

yeah! Redlight Stop right there where you ... are Redlight Stop right there where you ... on your door Alright Redlight Stop right there where you ... are This is a redlight Stop right there where you

Lil Rob - Leanin' on the weekend lyrics

[Bionik:] [Lil' Rob:] "Oldies on the backdrop Playin' out ... We got the [Bionik:] "Oldies on the back" [scratching ... and Nikes (Nikes) A lot of oldies and nice dreams (Nice dreams)

Kollegah - Flex, sluts, rock'n'roll lyrics

Rock'n'Roll. Westside-Ho, Redlight-Zone, deine Slut am blow'n. ... Deutsche, Schwarzköpfe. Redlight, Gangfights, Fäuste, ... die Kohle von Bitches im Redlight. Verticke das Flex an die

Reba Mcentire - Take me back lyrics

the radio dial on the golden oldies Hey lay a blanket down and ... the radio dial on the golden oldies Hey lay a blanket down and ... the radio dial on the golden oldies Hey lay a blanket down and

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Green light lyrics

[John Legend:] Give me the greenlight... Give me just one night. ... can go all night Give me the greenlight I'm ready to go right now I

Lil Rob - Brought up in small neighborhood lyrics

to the good music? All that oldies shit This ones going out to ... Forty-five player for all my oldies Forty-five double M for all ... Bumping some zapp jams, oldies or rap jams Ralphy Pagan, S

Sailor - Lets go to town lyrics

s go to town Down to the redlight quarter That part of town ... Let's go to town Down to the redlight quarter That part of town

Dire Straits - Walk of life lyrics

comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies Be-Bop-A-Lua, Baby What I ... Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies Be-Bop-A-Lua, Baby

Lil Rob - Oh what a night lyrics

estoy mejito Thumping the oldies It's me Lil' Rob, and the ... still cruising with the oldies Tonight belongs to me holmes

Lil Rob - Summer time lyrics

the top town "Bumpin' oldies" - [Lil' Rob] [Verse ... we're driving O.G.'s, bumpin' oldies Hide your hatin', homey,

Jacob Sartorius - Bingo lyrics

I, know if you give me the greenlight Everything's gon' be alright

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - When she's on lyrics

Causing a traffic jam on a greenlight A string of pearls showing

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Beautiful, dirty, rich lyrics

dirty ... We’ve got a redlight pornographic dance fight

Jethro Tull - Astronomy lyrics

lane has trapped my car in redlight claustrophobia. I slip the

Lfmao - Sorry for party rocking lyrics

bitch Getting brain at a redlight with people watching Sorry

Method Man & Redman - Mi casa lyrics

New Yorkerz no no turnin on a redlight Me against 40 of you? a fair

Nas lyricsNas - Sekou storry lyrics

Florida where we met at a redlight Homeboy bumpin' my old shit

Kollegah - Pitbulls & aks lyrics

mit weißen Brocken dealt im Redlight. Baller' wieder

Mando Diao - Amsterdam lyrics

so hard Just like the redlight girls Well I cried and

Mustasch - Taunus lyrics

travelling far, it´s the redlight bars you see It´s an

Pyrrhon - God's parabola lyrics

Pelting east on 295 Redlight causeways drawn into the

Redlight - Get out my head lyrics

Get out my head Get out my head Oh you just don’t know, How much you messed up my flow How much you messed up my flow So high but now I’m low Oh thinking about you, Was...

Redlight - Lost in your love lyrics

I'm lost in your love When I wake up The first thing I do Is think of you I'm lost in your love When I wake up The first thing I do Is think of you I'm lost ...

Redlight King - Bleed lyrics

I search the open highway. Looking for what's right. I fight with all my instincts. Life become a fight. All I have is way I bleed for you. I can see the storm...

Redlight King - Born to rise lyrics

We were born to rise We were born to rise So what you know about sacrifice When the lights go out The price you pay When you're digging down Skin of your tee...

Redlight King - Built to last lyrics

I've been to a place so cold, it steals your soul It takes more than hope, it takes its toll Where the fine line begins and heroes end Where the nay sayer...

Redlight King - Bullet in my hand lyrics

I've got a fast life and A slow cuttin' knife I've been drinkin' at a poisoned well No home and a bag of bones And nothin' else left to sell I know why I'm in this hell...

Redlight King - Caught in the middle lyrics

This is the death of a man named god. Screw the hard knocks in your own backyard. The selling you love but the feed you hate. To build up something that might just brea...

Redlight King - City life lyrics

There's a young man with Dirt on his hands There's a room of sweat Full of one night stands A life of regret in a rock and roll band A whole lot of deb...

Redlight King - Comeback lyrics

Many times I've walked the line I've rolled the dice and questioned my life Many times I sacrificed and dealt with the pain I've been down this road before ...

Redlight King - Dark side of the moon lyrics

I’ve been to the dark side of the moon I’ve been to the wrong side of the track Where the night goes on forever Feels like I won’t be coming back Wher...

Redlight King - Drivin to kalifornia lyrics

I had a 49 Merc that I chopped myself A chip on my shoulder and a story to tell I was three years clean and I just woke up So I told all my shit and packed up the t...

Redlight King - Every second counts lyrics

Don’t move away from me Every second counts If the fire in your eyes starts fading I’ll be around I’ll be holding your hand if you run I’ll be howling at the moon whe...

Redlight King - Little darlin lyrics

Hey now little darlin' Keep this dream alive I said hey now little darlin' I know you've sacrificed Hey now little darlin' Don't turn your heart to stone I said...

Redlight King - Livin' to ride lyrics

Friday nights when you're in the mood With the band out runnin', got shit to prove Dancin, dyin' in the dark Got the tipped off from the bodyguard Battl...

Redlight King - Past the gates lyrics

The truth is they don't give us much time And it wears us down and keeps fuelin the grind We take our shots and shield our pride We lift those stones with ...

Redlight King - Redemption lyrics

Just like a needle in a haystack Another day we run with the wolf pack Everybody want a piece when you know how You don’t want to be on this side of know how Or when you ...

Redlight King - Something for the pain lyrics

Some days you get the feelin' Of hittin' the concrete Get the strain out of your life, What about your life You're gettin' nervous cause the purpos...

Redlight King - Times are hard lyrics

Sooner or later life will pull you in Make you choose to either sink or swim Somewhere down the line it's gonna' break your heart Put you out and make y...

Redlight King - Underground lyrics

Stare at the gates, there's a time and place When the lions arrive and they're comin' your way Outback in the corner of a crooked town Duck down, better hi...

Redlight King - When the dust settles down lyrics

Been up and down these streets I've seen both sides of town I've been through the hardship The long way around The point of no return That's just where...

A Change Of Pace - I wanna be your rock & roll lyrics

We’re all sweating to the oldies now The King’s back for a

Billy Joel - All you wanna do is dance lyrics

baby, "Where are the oldies they used to play?"

Bloodhound Gang - Mope lyrics

Girls got me Sweatin' To The Oldies, Hanging out like Double Ds

Nerf Herder - For you lyrics

Is Right And I'd sweat to the oldies all night I'd be depressed

Jon B - Lay it down lyrics

fills the room We got some oldies playing on the photograph

Colbie Caillat - Favorite song (feat. common) lyrics

me Like the OLB we call 'em oldies In your melodies, I'm

Da Backwudz - Welcome 2 da backwudz lyrics

is no me Church music and oldies and R&B consoled me But

Hoodie Allen - Movie lyrics

She loves to listen to oldies and wear her hair like

Ice Cube - Spittin pollaseeds lyrics

bust with my bandana, bumpin' oldies Cube throw me the lob like

Jedi Mind Tricks - Target practice lyrics

of the crop Tape playing the oldies when you hear the click and

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