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Gp Through The Darkest Of Days, Heavens A Heartbreak Away lyrics

Browse for Gp Through The Darkest Of Days, Heavens A Heartbreak Away song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gp Through The Darkest Of Days, Heavens A Heartbreak Away lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gp Through The Darkest Of Days, Heavens A Heartbreak Away.

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Imagika - The darkest of all secrets lyrics

to swim This wine within me awakes This fledgling vampire ... strain Here I wait alone In a dungeon made of ... dwell Somewhere between here and hell Chains binding, I'm

Diary Of Dreams - The darkest of all hours lyrics

read the words you send me Addicted to the joy of someone ... s caring I can not help it but hunger still ... for more How beautiful to lean back and smile out to the

Mercenary - Through the eyes of the devil lyrics

s go I am disorder, reign the night I'm spreading terror ... Death by my side I face the never Clothed in leather ... I will never turn my face And face dishonour You will

Ride The Sky - The end of days lyrics

1: Seeing a world cast in shadow Seeing it all waste away I am a flower fading ... The last and none, none to come I ... will live my life through the cleansing I will bear

Ken Hensley - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

think you're so sophisticated With your lady-like ways ... Your life is so complicated Do you remember the days? ... Looking through You're looking through the

Lord - The end of days lyrics

And so it goes Two nations, single-minded hate ... When treaties fail Condemn the world, its ghastly fate Of ... times, in terror’s shroud Always fear the worst But never dare believe it’s now PRE

Another Life - The end of days lyrics

the rain and watch the sky This is what I give you ... Touch the skin and taste the lips This is what I have ... given you The sand is warm and so are you Swirl in the water that lick the shores I have no light to guide you So make your way by strife I have

Magnitude 9 - The end of days lyrics

of days, still remains in question We`re living ... in these times have we known it all along? ... Could it be, that we never noticed what`s ... right in front of our eyes And all along we`ve hid within

Fleshcrawl - Through the veil of dawn lyrics

I kill your soul I'm gonna live through your pain ... Beyond retrieval You'll fear your dreams The way I am ... drives you insane Obscure visions ... Distorted by a withered shade Shapeless demons Fade away with the light of dawn Unreal sh

Ram-zet - Through the eyes of the children lyrics

you killed me Today I´m only a moment away You can never ... escape this Can´t annihilate what you never can see ... This is no dream It is for real He rules

Alesana - Through the eyes of uriel lyrics

the edge of reason, beyond understanding ... Silent she waits, perfect oblivion She’s ... crawling to the end, perfect oblivion I ... live behind mirrors within a prison without any bars Yet

Reamonn - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

you´ve seen us foul, we really are And I know that we ... will be tomorrow to their how can held this glory day? And I wish that this ... world will embrace you from magic stars and mystery. My

Abscess - Through the cracks of death lyrics

woke up in the black of night And went for a dead ... sleep walk outside Out to the place where thr withered ... trees sighed Acrid winds blowing through my ... mind I stopped short at a hole in the ground And

Dark Moor - Through the gates of the silver key lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] ... [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] ... [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] ... [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental

I Declare War - Through the eyes of the killer lyrics

a cold and silent night Something strange grasping air Stalking his ... victims Hoping Preying on the weak Surrender Yourself it ... s over You won't feel a thing Death is upon you

Britt Nicole - Through the eyes of love lyrics

end It's everything I am Everything I wanna be I can see what's mine now Finding ... out what's true Since I've found you ... Looking through the eyes of love Now I can take the

Aurora - Through the eyes of child lyrics

world is covered by our trails Scars we cover up with paint Watch them preach in sour ... lies I would rather see this world through the ... eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child... Darker

Bolt Thrower - Through the eye of terror lyrics

prevails, through the eye of terror A twisted reality - ... mutilated eternally Here now you shall stay ... grow in strength return some day To seek revenge on human

Elegeion - Through the eyes of regret lyrics

have found myself lost Walking down these familiar ... streets, Those strange faces stare blindly I withdraw ... In this solitude, it is sadness I find In lament, I

Eternal Oath - Through the eyes of hatred lyrics

is the world you had in your hands Changing is the landscape ... of time Through the eyes of hatred Forever burning in your ... heart, a lost decade Through the eyes of hatred The world

Frozen Dawn - Through the gates of hate lyrics

darkness, endless pain and evil anger Surrounding the ... deep of an abyssal void Flowing around cold ... edges Like a fronzen enraged beast Black tombs ... thunders Never ending pain Creeping death Through the gates of hate Cold breaths

Hypocrisy - Through the window of time lyrics

far we can take the crown. With a look through ... centuries. We turn the page, with weapons of rage. It ... s an enslaving machine. Slowly we exterminate

Jon Oliva's Pain - Through the eyes of the king lyrics

is this he sees All through history He has been watching ... over the lands Now he just sees tragedy ... All the world’s misery Are as plain as the lines on his hands What’s this I see Through the eyes of the King Still

Sammy Kershaw - Through the eyes of a woman lyrics

talkin' ol' flame in austin just reminising from ... out of the blue no it ain't cheatin' thats what your ... thinkin' but I'll bet your baby sees it different than you

Lock Up - Through the eyes of my shadow self lyrics

my last doubt in the fountain of guilt Summoned the virus to ... quench the plague Through the eyes of my shadow self The avalanche of desolation Through the eyes of my shadow self The sinister exorcism Reincarnation - the illusion of my

Sadus - Through the eyes of greed lyrics

of the Greedy See what they will Lust of the Flesh A ... need to fulfill The Fool and the Liar Must feed the desire The Will to acquire The Eyes of the Greedy will always Crave for

I Declare War - Through the eyes of the killer (album version.. lyrics

a cold and silent night, something ... strange grasped the air, reeking of the smell of ... death. Stalking his victims. Hoping. ... Preying on the weak. Surrender yourself, it's

Immortal - Through the halls of eternity lyrics

storm I ride Toward the shadowruins Infernally vasts ... Take my sight Then color my vision From an ... endless dripping sky Paint the visage Centuries old Of

Necronomicon - Through the door of time lyrics

I Walked Through the Door of Time I knew what I have been ... And what I've become So many lives And experiences To ... reach this state To be awaken Now I've returned Down

Red Circuit - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

has done wrong? This world is a mess See mother's fighting ... for their guns I wanna live and wanna die Will you ... put roses on my grave? The madman - salutes you You

Arch Enemy - Through the eyes of a raven lyrics

from storms Our spirits scarred to ice The only witness ... left alive The raven and its staring eyes Taste the blood Hear their cries ... genocide We lost our paradise Through the eyes of the raven See the slaughter,

Atargatis - Through the mists of oblivion lyrics

into the mists of oblivion. Dive through the ... sea of oblivion. Upon a wish I crawl, upon a will I call to thee Upon the might I fall and shall not belong in

Gehenna - Through the veils of darkness lyrics


Glamour Of The Kill - Through the eyes of the broken lyrics

we towards to sunset Every day is like another eternity We ... took everything we came for And we left behind and f***ing ... catastrophe Who would have known It would end up this

Melissa Manchester - Through the eyes of grace lyrics

and John are in their morning places He looks at ... the paper: she looks straight ahead Neither one is hungry, ... but they need to be fed. Yesterday the kids came by to see them,

Marduk - Through the belly of damnation lyrics

The Air Lies Thick With Sin And Dust, Hich On Conciet, From ... The Frantc Worship Of The Carnal And The Vain And ... Judgement Came With Sturdy Wings, Cheers Of Pestilence, Dancing Disease, Through The Belly Of Damnation And

Aeternam - Through the eyes of ea lyrics

I : Bearer of Aquarius When you stand at the ... gates of Anu For you have ascended the road to Heaven The snake shall be revealed to ... yourself In the mighty symbol of life But is

Communic - Through the labyrinth of years lyrics

the fragile edge of darkness Down to chaos seething ... below Rise in the grace of moonlight The stranger came ... in the night I've been waiting for so long now...

Against The Current - Let me love you (ft. alex goot, khs) lyrics

believe We were burnin' on the edge of somethin' beautiful ... Somethin' beautiful Sellin' a dream ... Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle On a miracle Say, go through the darkest of days Heaven's a heartbreak away Never let you

Angels And Airwaves - The flight of apollo lyrics

Flight Of Apollo I’m floating…and something’s reaching ... out Vibrations, can you hear them now Please help us, we’re ... running out of time My brothers, we are deathly out of line

In Strict Confidence - The darkest corridors lyrics

see people hiding And longing for trust Can ... smell cold sweat While they're crawling through dust ... Join the fool parade In God's name Religions are infected While time turns

Madball lyricsMadball - Darkest days lyrics

were the light in the darkness that I lived in full of ... redemption and sin Even though I was ... surrounded by the best of friends My future was ... looking dim You gave me hope in a time when I

Hour Of Penance - The uncorrupted ones lyrics

and burn, make us free We bring inhuman ... greed End of time is here One by one, ... dust to dust The doomsday dice is cast We'll never fall from grace All I feel,

Architects - I can't see the light lyrics

weeks I've felt lost and I can't see the light Shining through the darkest of days What can ... my thoughts From this world of lies? I've felt so lost for

Polens - The calling wherever you will go lyrics

lately, I've been wonderin Who ... will be there to take my place When I'm gone, you'll ... need love To light the shadows on your face If a great ... wave should fall It would fall upon us all And between the sand and stone Could you make it on your own If I

Jason Mraz - The darkest space lyrics

I'm not just a song anymore I just might be the ... whole damn score I might be reeling ... in your head while You're sleeping in ... your bed at night Well I'm not just along anymore I finally found

Bloden-wedd - Through the heaven's eyes lyrics

up a new world and take a look at yourself You're so ... lonely, but still you carry on There's nothing to fear, your life will start here ... You're a warrior of the night you'll always fly away

Bina Bianca - The last of us tribute song lyrics

used to think that I'm better off alone In a world where all ... I loved has gone When it felt so hard ... to keep my strength You saved my soul, you held my hand

Divina Enema - The darkest hour lyrics

Caym:] ...And naught was found in thief's chest but ... his curse! And loth was he to render up the keys! ... [Caacrinolaas:] All woes will follow you like

Avian - The depths of time lyrics

in the grand universe Reside the ones that control it all Across the millions they ate the first To witness what ... becomes of our world Light years away but somehow near

Jamie Christopherson - The stains of time lyrics

away the anger Here I stand beneath The warm and ... soothing rain The droplets falling Gently down on the terrain Wash away the sorrow All the stains of time But there’s

Semblant - The shrine lyrics

s a magic atmosphere Beyond these gates of oblivion Dive ... into the unknown And face the limits of reality Religion ... is a name to domain Every soul's poverty Some

Ceremonial Castings - The fall of man lyrics

Our Darkest Hour, We Shall Fall ... From Greed As Our ... Time Fades, We Will Disperse ... ... From Selfishness On The Night Of The Darkest Of Eves ... When Man Forever Falls The Human Race Will Escape From The World We Call Our Own And Through Our Greed; Our Own Decieved

Abney Park - The end of the days lyrics

our days, and the fall of man One day this will heal again Beasts crawl forth over ... desert clay And mankind will be nature's prey ... Ruined towns break forth in vines; Trees, leaves, fleet combine Humankind

Goo Goo Dolls - Happiest of days lyrics

need your attention And not your intentions now It ... s almost 10 in the morning Your mind is still ... soaring now And I know you're gone I know ... you're strong I pushed back the pressure And savor the

Lemuria - The slaughter of innocence lyrics

ve heard the drums of war The thunder closing in Toulouse ... has turned its back We've been forsaken by our ... lost I need to stop this deathly march No matter the cost

Abigor - Reborn through the gates of three moons lyrics

enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But I'm ... Mesmerized... By visions past and gone Till the end of ... time I will eternally dwell Im dunkelsten der

Skylark - The tears of jupiter lyrics

the heat of the desert, far away from the sky alone in the ... night, alone in the dark just few sparks can lead the way. The tears of Jupiter. ... Hold me now, I won't be there tomorrow, take my hand and

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