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Jamie Cullum - Back to the ground lyrics

i've let myself go I've been screening the calls From my friends to my foes Although i've been weak Far for so very long I gotta get myself I gotta get myself I gotta get myself Back to the ground Sultry siren messed with my song I'm gonna send her bac

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Back to you lyrics

you like a shot Thought that I could chase you with a cold evening Let a couple years water down how I'm feeling about you (Feeling about you) And every time we talked Every single word build up to this moment And I gotta convince myself I don’t want it Even though I

Rock Goddess - Back to you lyrics

left a note that I wrote But I didn't know what to say Said we're through Then I look at you And your eyes trap me again So why can't I say no to you Tell me why Why have I gotta feel the fool You're back to me And I'm back to you Back to you I t

Schultz Mark - Back to you lyrics

here on the dock as the sun is setting Red and gold in a purple sky And the breeze through the trees keeps them gently rocking Just like the waves that are keeping time And I know You are all around me I'm so glad You came and found me Out here tonight I'm

The Mission - Get back to you lyrics

Mouse grins her cheshire cat grin The cat who's got the cream dribbling down her chin Valentine sleeps in a heap on the floor Give the dog a bone and she'll come back for more The man in the moon is swinging in the breeze Hanging like a fruit from

Cody Simpson - Back to you lyrics

I know sometimes that you want to erase me. Especially after what we've been through lately. You know I didn't mean to call you crazy. Lovely, I know that your sister doesn't trust me. I ain't saying there's a halo above me, But you can't let the rumors take you from me. Le

Gotthard - Back to you lyrics

Eyed Sister Mercy Beautiful Queen Of The Night You Make Me Feel Like A Stranger Then You're Holding Me Tight Got Me Under Your Law And There's Nothing You Can Guarantee Before The Day Is Over You'll Turn Your Pretty Back On Me, Yeah Time And Again

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Back to you lyrics

said it would be easy Nobody said that life's a breeze Tossin' and turnin', oh the wind keeps churnin' Like I'm a little toy boat out on the sea If I'm down don't count me out I'll slowly get back on my feet Stumblin' and fumblin', but I keep on coming Just as long as you'r

Coconut Records - Back to you lyrics

t it be good if you could stay But I know you can't And I know you wouldn't anyway Wouldn't it be good if you could stay But I know you can't And I know you wouldn't anyway Oh I know you have to go Yes I know you have to go So why won't you take me With you Whoa

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Back to you ft. louis tomlinson, digital farm.. lyrics

Bebe Rexha) I know you say you know me, know me well But these days I don't even know myself, (no) I always thought I'd be with someone else I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah... I call you but you never even answer I tell myself I'm done with wicked games

Louis  Tomlinson lyricsLouis Tomlinson - Back to you feat. bebe rexha lyrics

know you say you know me, know me well But these days I don't even know myself, no I always thought I'd be with someone else I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah I call you but you never even answer I tell myself I'm done with wicked games But

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Back to you lyrics

Now I know the only compass That I need Is the one leads back to you. And now I know the only compass That I need Is the one leads back to you. She had cat eyes,nine lives,no tan lines Bad habits. She ride me like a drive by I'm real these

Peter Jam - Back to you again lyrics

of my friends is in love, the other's always been denied. One of my friends is making love, but my baby's gone away. I can't help loving you, and I don't wanna say goodbye. I'm coming back to hold you baby, I'm gonna be back as I am, baby we'll be a

Mighty Oaks - Back to you lyrics

will i go who will i be the knowledge that i've thrown lands on me and i used to fear the words of the priest til i found out he's just a man like me and all the wrongs i've done they got me on the run and it's what you do that comes back to you Back to you wh

Honeyhoney - Back to you lyrics

dirty things you said to me still hang above my bed Climb down from the ceiling Rest upon my head Oh the painting on my walls Like works of art gone wrong And I'm wondering, babe When it's coming back to you I'm eaching like a baby I'm ugging on

Mandisa - Back to you lyrics

to you... I could never say enough to thank You For everything You’ve done for me And I might think I could do enough to show You But I know that’s just a crazy dream This shouldn’t be complicated This isn’t that hard to see It’s not about what I do for You

Roger Shah - Back to you (feat. adrina thorpe) lyrics

I wanted… Wind swept faces on sunset avenue All I wanted was to get to you Screaming, heart felt, my apologies Don’t make a difference ‘Cause you just can’t believe Miles and miles keeping us apart Broken layers of a shattered star If I could rewind

Jessica Simpson - Back to you lyrics

I first saw you I already knew I was breaking my own heart when I fell for you I meant to be moment of lovers taboo When I let my mind wander it brings me right back there to you What a beautiful house with the city lights few No white picket fence No porch swing for two But th

Christina Novelli - Back to you lyrics

XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli Pull me up Pull me down Tide comes in and the tide goes out again But when I'm lost and I lose control This current keeps pulling me back to you So we dive in Never coming up for air We're surviving Never giving into

Brett Anderson - Back to you lyrics

flick your mane and click your fingers again And from your back, you call my name And like a fool, I run right back to you And dance along to your latest tune And when the lands slides And when the planets die That’s when I come back when I come back to you And when the sun cools

Bloods - Back to you lyrics

to You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Back to you lyrics

ve been down - i've been beat i've been so tired - that i could not speak i've bin so lost that i could not see i wanted things that were out of reach then i found you and you helped me through and ya showed me what to do that's why i'm comin' back to you... like a star that gui

Beast - Back to you lyrics

siganeul ijeuryeo haedo ichyeojiji anha (ichyeojiji anha) hangsang nal bureudeon ne moksoriga gwitgae maemdora (gwitgae maemdora) nado moreuge nae balgeoreumeun neol hyanghaeman gajanha ije nan eotteokhae nan ije eotteokhae don’t you tell me why don’t let me down doraw

Bobby Caldwell - Back to you lyrics

was a fool to be Thinking just of me And I thought my self we're better off this way And I thought that leaving you Was the thing to do And I've regretted each and every single day Darlin' we had a lot to learn But our heart's returned And nothing's in our way

Mollie King - Back to you lyrics

wanna be with nobody Just wanna make it with you Caught up with all of my feelings Baby why don’t you feel like I do And I wonder what you’re thinking right now No one ever can tell And I wonder why we’re doing this now I keep asking myself Why do I keep coming back to you Why

Right Said Fred - Back to you lyrics

s part of the way She moved me And it's part of the way She threw me Then love arrived With unexpected prizes Wrapped and tied By lies and it's diguises From now on Giving it all back to you I'm giving it all back to you Giving it all It is wh

Blue - Back to you lyrics

back, baby come back to me You're all girl, You're all I need Come back baby come back to me. I thought I'd broken your spell And broken my addiction But when I feel you close to me You know I can't help myself. (I can't help myself) Every time you call my name Chor

Goapele - Back to you lyrics

m sitting in my room Thinking back on you, Memories pass; My head was leaned against your face Partly on your shoulder, curving your neck. I tried to clear my thoughts of stress And let go of the day, How it began, Whispered your name- [Cho

John Mayer - Back to you lyrics

to you It always comes around Back to you I tried to forget you I tried to stay away But it's too late Over you I'm never over Over you Theres something about you It's just the way you move The way you move me Yeah, I'm so good at forget

Greg Laswell - Back to you lyrics

know now you gave your best That is all I ever really asked And how it all went down I'm all through putting all of that on you And how I threw myself around Trying to find the man I am outside of you And how it goes is like this All that

Marmozets - Back to you lyrics

m crawling to a place where I'm not kept to Suffer White like surrender all my hope will muster I don't belong in hell It's hard enough in my own world The glass won't cut my feet I float freely. And I. I'm coming back to you. I'm coming back to you. I'm co

Andre Matos - Back to you lyrics

you've been searching for a mend Sometimes you keep hoping instead But what you don't see Is the way things turn Just to remember how far you've gone Just to remember how far Hush sweet darling Rest your head Keep on dreaming Beg for more... somedays seem so fearl

Mayer John - Back to you lyrics

to you It always comes around Back to you I tried to forget you I tried to stay away But it's too late Over you I'm never over Over you Something about you It's just the way you move The way you move me I'm so good at forgetting And I quit ever game

Mike Schmid - Back to you lyrics

I'm stuck inside my head You should leave me here for dead But instead of sitting this one out You come right in When I feel like giving up You give me grace, you give me love And it's all, all I can do To give it back to you I've tried to tu

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Back to you lyrics

hearts are wild, oh so wild Like a raging storm Jealous hearts are blue, oh so blue When all the dreams are gone Maybe we were born to lick honey from a thorn But I don't think it's true at all Jealous hearts are high, oh so high On emotions oh yeah Jealous hearts are deep, oh so

Alex & Sierra - Back to you lyrics

you lonely? Do you miss me anymore? Is your heart as empty as these arms that used to hold you? Are you tired? Are you weaker than before? Are you sinking? Cause I've been thinking that there's something missing Mmm, it's you Oh, it's you Now I'm without you I'm feeling ins

Brazen Angel - Back to you lyrics

sure as the night is black your heart knows no true love How could I know? Your facade of benevolence and care, the doting that you shared was all just for show. You didn’t want me, didn’t need me, and I was just a pawn in your game, you know it’s tru

Beck - Back to you lyrics

out your red red eyes Look out your red red eyes And I can see through you And all your little lies Your empty words will fill my mind Live in this world where it's killing mine And I'm not dumb and I'm not blind Just calling to you Time bears a witness Daylight streaming t

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - I've gotta get a message to you lyrics

preacher talked to me and he smiled, Said, "Come and walk with me, come and walk one more mile. Now for once in your life you're alone, but you ain't got a dime, there's no time for the phone." I've just got to get a messag

Gordon Lightfoot - Gotta get away lyrics

m on my way, got no time to waste Places to go, people to chase Gonna grab my comb 'n my toothpaste Gotta get away from here Twenty-one years from the day I was born I was workin' on the night shift tootin' my horn Through sheets of rain, throu

Reba Mcentire - Back to god lyrics

you looked around Have you heard the sound Mama's cry in' Or do you turn away When you see the face Of the innocent dyin' In these darkest days Are you not afraid That it's too late You gotta get down on your knees, believe Fold your hands and beg and plead

Montell Jordan - Gotta get my roll on lyrics

Intro-lude] Can you ball Montell? You got game? (Yeah, I got game!) Okay buddy (Okay) I know he ain't got no game [Intro] From the westside to the eastside From the northside to the southside I got good dues if you like the rules I said I got good dues Oh oh ohh, oh

Shanadoo - Gotta get it groowin lyrics

gotta get it grooving just a broken smile I wear for a while I'm sure the tears are gone hold me tight tonight I'm lonely inside I feel that you're the one we gotta get it grooving we'll get the starlight moving when we reach the sky go

The Pleasure Seekers - Gotta get away lyrics


The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Gotta get away lyrics

the truth is out so don't deny Baby to think I believed all your lies Darlin’ I can't stand to see your face It's the truth, you understand I got to get away, got to get away Gotta, gotta, gotta get away Got to get away Baby, I don't want to

E-rotic - Gotta get it groovin' lyrics

you gotta get it groovin' If you gotta get it groovin' Hey, hey everything's okay Don't go away, I want you to stay What can I do to make you mine? My heart's on fire, that'll make it shine I want you don't, you look so shy Everything's so cool, I'll tell you why We'll

E-rotic - Gotta get it groovin'1 lyrics

you gotta get it groovin' If you gotta get it groovin' Hey hey - everything's okay? Don't go away - I want you to stay What can I do to make you mine My heart's on fire - you'll make its shine I want you - don't you look so shy Everything's so cool - I'll tell you why We'l

Grave Forsaken - Back to basics lyrics

you find yourself in times of trouble Sometimes you've gotta think of where you come from Unashamed god metal, spreading the word It’s time to turn around and turn back the clock Back to basics Rock and roll Back to basics God metal It’s easy to get mixed up

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Right on back to you lyrics

rains coming down hard tonite, Pull the car over Now I'm sittin alone on the roadside I tilt the mirror down and say to me, Why you always think the answers gotta be, To just leave I'm making the same mistake I'm hoping its not too late Becau

The Replacements - Back to back lyrics

to back to back to back to back Back to back Now how you gonna hold me Back to back How you gonna show me Back to back Baby that's a fact You know that I made a mistake You know that I will stand face to face And now I gotta take it Back to back Back to ba

Jethro Tull - Back to the family lyrics

telephone wakes me in the morning -- have to get up to answer the call. So I think I'll go back to the family where no one can ring me at all. Living this life has its problems so I think that I'll give it a break. Oh, I'm going back to the fam

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Get off my back lyrics

you think that you can take me on You must be crazy There ain't a single thing you've done That's gonna phase me Oh, but if you want to have a go I just want to let you know Get off my back and into my game Get out of my way and out of my brain

Myrath - Get your freedom back lyrics

everyday For your freedom of mind Rise and revolt Before they take it all Rebel and don't be so exile They just want you to fit the frame They're so despicable and vile And they get no blame 'Cause it's your duty to rise Get your freedom back You can have

Macy Gray - Coming back to you lyrics

ve been here before. I'll be back for more. Maybe this time I can stay Forever more, Forever more. Wonder what the future brings. Fortune tellers and time machines. I predict what they'll predict for me: That I keep coming back to you ..coming back to you.. I keep (co

Gwar - Back to iraq lyrics

was part of the slaughter they called Desert Storm We maimed and we murdered in the name of "Norm" Now As civilian and purpose I lack I'm getting ready to go back to Iraq! you're over there we're I'm over here We had lasagna and plenty of beer Learning

3 Colours Red - Back to the city lyrics

at me, I'm a superstar, a hiroshima... off my cloud Abolishing the honouries Yours is mine to take when it takes me A passenger with no point of view How can I come to please you? So hold it up with a high esteem But there's something... missing Didn't love it... didn't

Rae Morris - Back to front lyrics

will force doubt on myself, Of the corners of life in your health. Pictures of where I came from, Are enough to inspire what I am. Let me set fire to this wealth, And satisfy what Ive come here to find. Distance is all in your power, And I want

Steve Aoki lyricsSteve Aoki - Back 2 you (feat. walk the moon) lyrics

was a child walking with giants a hundred feet tall. Out in the wild, you wouldn't believe all the things that I saw. I took a high road out in the open under those stars. And all the while, I just got closer to going too far. So now I'm running like you set me

Atb - Right back to you lyrics

a memory To keep you in my mind And I'm waiting For another chance To look into your eyes The clock's running out And with every breath It's getting late And there is no excuse 'cause I'm living on The memories will make Out in the moonlight There is a sunrise I'm

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Coming back to you lyrics

I'm still hurting I can't turn the other cheek But you know that I still love you It's just that I can't speak I looked for you in everyone And they called me on that too I lived alone but I was only Coming back to you Ah they're shutting down the

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