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Casey Jones - Birdman got hit by a trolley (aaa) lyrics

will they f***ing disappear And nothing stays the same But ... I will be right here And things will always change ... assholes at triple A Just another shitty day And I'll

Sarah Blasko - An arrow lyrics

am just like an arrow Heading straight for a ... destiny And no one and nothing can take that away ... that defies what the eye can see Nothing and no one is

Ac Dc - Got you by the balls lyrics

mister businessman Head of the company Are you ... please? Hey mister businessman This one likes to tease ... special service In French quantities But she won't

Raised By Swans - By an ion lyrics

you’re somehow smaller than you were, but all of it was ... fireworks dreamed by an ion. Now the charges are ... the poles have swung away, and right at the split, you

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Got you by the balls lyrics

mister businessman Head of the company Are you ... please? Hey mister businessman This one likes to tease ... special service In French quantities But she won't

Lou Gramm - Arrow thru your heart lyrics

can't take her light She's ... d been more careful She's got her lights on low You better ... to let you know She'll put an arrow thru your heart Arrow

Lucy Rose - Like an arrow lyrics

made for you We were made by two We took our chance And we flew Like an arrow, like ... an arrow We came to our sense to soar ... Like an arrow, like an arrow Oh, won't you comfort me

Firehouse - Arrow through my heart lyrics

be a time when I would call and you'd be there Now your ... leaving's killing me and the time we spent together ... Why can't we tape the picture that is ... there's just no love here any more I can't hide from my

Johnny Medlar - Arrow in the knee lyrics

round ye people and mind to listen well. I got an epic tale to tell you from ... the land of Tamriel. I was traveling ... I had just arrived in Whiterun and that where i met him.

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - Olive and an arrow lyrics

know when you’re lying She wants to be and eagle when she’s ... high she can fly no matter what she was ... She’ll be the perfect woman Then she’ll change suddenly

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Riding on an arrow lyrics

far away to the holy land The closer we got without ... we found out is the world a land Time is passing on as ... garden of fear Riding on an arrow Flying through the sky

Cyne - Arrow of god lyrics

thoughts like What's the meaning of life, it triggers ... quite complex like this In ancient times of kings and ... history still Feel the relevance of those in the history

Candlemass - My funeral dreams lyrics

I'm going down, deeper and down The door to the other ... court of the witch lord I got the invitation Curved blade ... I died in the Douaumant trenches Did the devils

Magnum - Just like an arrow lyrics

talk endlessly don't get anywhere Born in reality ... Won't you still be there And those lonely nights when you ... love only for you Just like an arrow It goes deep my love

Mr. Big - Arrow lyrics

the time just slips away. An ordinary simple man Who's ... of something. Hold my breath and close my eyes. Say a little ... hello. I didn't see the end and so the story goes. How can

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Arrow through me lyrics

baby, you couldn't have done a ... thing to me If you'd taken an arrow and run it right ... through me, ooh Ooh baby, a bird in the hand is worth ... way, bring your love Ooh baby, you wouldn't have found a

Horrible Histories - Joan of arc lyrics

pamplemousse, baguette and brie. Are you ready? I'm ... Joan Of Arc from Domremy, ... ter me. GOd said 'Save France from the English' and make ... Charles, king! Dauphin means heir to the throne, but England claimed the crown as their

Runaway My Son - Arrow lyrics

me like an arrow in your hands treat me like a master

Animal Collective - There's an arrow lyrics

prick, you pull out the stick and Pow, all that you need is a

Alesana - To be scared by an owl lyrics

rain is crashing down, I've hit another dead end. Just ... face. I'm scared to death and have myself to blame, I'm to ... How did we end up fighting anyway? You know I used to

Elvis Costello - Shot with his own gun lyrics

now you've been undressed by a man with a mind like the ... has to pay for the one who got away What's on his mind ... now is anyone's guess Losing his touch

Chicago - A hit by varèse lyrics

say, it will help me get by Something to move me ... Remove me and grove me, you want to know why? I’m so tired ... of oldies And moldies and goldies, that I want to cry

Gloria Estefan - Touched by an angel lyrics

angel, my angel I've been touched by an angel When I look into your ... on high I've been touched by an angel What a beautiful ... for all my life You can send me On the wings of love

Cephalic Carnage - Touched by an angel lyrics

a vow of celibacy To be pure and of god, not to bring pain on ... man For centuries imposing their ... thy dreams Touched by an angel, blessed by the hand of

David Bryan - Kissed by an angel lyrics

album in my opinion, and one that most people seem to ... forget. So here's Kissed By An Angel, by David Bryan

Cephalic Carnage - Raped by an orb lyrics

sky A world of debauchery and habitual plight The Chosen ... up at the sky Compass in hand, as the tents are raised ... lie bereaved Malnourished and diseased Kill the lambs so

Midnight Sun - Kissed by an angel lyrics

in chains of time Stand and be counted now Stuck up and ... pride Paralysed No a strangest illusion one one Perfect ... lie Cause I, I was kissed by an angel A fire within

Mortiis - (passing by) an old and raped village lyrics

boughs and leaves and stone on ground. I feel a ... of evil, a silent sound. An evil place once lovely and ... A village old, pillaged and raped. All it's houses are

Primalfrost - An end to tyranny lyrics

is how you must govern your lands It must end (It must end ... souls Souls to be crushed by an opposer an evil force of ... betrayal, deceit and lies (Chorus) We will

Indica - Straight and arrow lyrics

s getting narrow, with snakes in the shadow And the shade where you sleep is ... formed by the gallows Where a man with ... an arrow was hung by the shallow Little boys

Van Morrison - Real real gone lyrics

real gone I got hit by a bow and arrow Got me down to the ... very marrow And I'm real real gone Real ... real gone I can't stand up by myself Don't you know I need

Andre Nickatina - T-shirts an ah adidas suit lyrics

filler City after city time and crime rap dealer I don't ... that's how I learn to spit Man, some All Star Chuck's and ... black 'cause I'm reckless Cuban necklace Never in the game

Candlebox - Arrow lyrics

a face Never had much of anything Yes I see you and I ... the time Never had much of anything Yes I see you I point ... too You waste me You want me oh my my Still she dont

Kimberly Cole - Arrow through my heart (feat. garza) lyrics

flash your credit I don't want your damn appeal It takes ... more than that to get it Give me ... something I can feel Just so you know I ... m ready go I got my beat on the ground I got the fees You and your pleas

Godley And Creme - An englishman in new york lyrics

round the block Deformed Chicanos pour in, Chicago's rolling ... Surgical stockings marked his and hers Guggenheim attitudes ... a nice day! Defecting Russian dancers dance into Hockney

Andre Nickatina - Last breath of an mc lyrics

Breath of an MC I cant remember the day But i ... The first time in my life had an mc fight Caterpilla killa ... lyrics spit like venom Only thang my mind said was nigga go and get em I ducked and bust and

Rag 'n' Bone Man lyricsRag 'n' Bone Man - Arrow lyrics

me right here You'll be the arrow, the arrow Times up, I'm ... I didn't see this coming Can you hear the sound of skies ... me right here You'll be the arrow, the arrow Oh your love

Method Man - Hit 'em high (the monstar's anthem) lyrics

through the hole You ain't got no game I'm breakin' ya out ... crew takin' all control You can't get none of this, we're ... gunnin' this Get out the lane, i'm comin' through And if

Greyson Chance - Hit & run lyrics

path when you walked in Why can't you forget it? And don't ... my father's son Yeah, I am a hit and run And don't call me ... my father's son Yeah, I am a hit and run Now I'm all alone

John Prine - The accident (things could be worse) lyrics

night I saw an accident On the corner of ... Third and Green Two cars collided and ... I got excited Just being part of ... It was Mrs. Tom Walker and her beautiful daughter

Kathryn Calder - Arrow lyrics

hollow metal arrow Fell to the water It must ... the past I gave it to you And I watched as my sandcastle ... away, I'm still hearing phantom waves Fire away, I still

Ice-t - Hit the deck lyrics

quot;I'm the minstrel man, the cleaning man, the pole ... man, the shoeshine man I'm a nigger man, watch me dance" [unknown movie] I ... that I would never get you? Got you Doggin the floor like

2pac lyrics2pac - Got my mind made up lyrics

find an MC like me who's strong ... with no verbal support And when I command the ... as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on ... those Who can withstand, the mo' power I gain and

Rory Gallagher - Just hit town lyrics

I just hit town and I flew in by the seat of my ... pants, Well, I just touched ... down and got me some crazy plans. I'm an ace, I'm a deuce, ... I'm a buzzin` all over the land, And it ain't no use to change the way I am. The way I

Xavier Naidoo lyricsXavier Naidoo - Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) lyrics

know they say In every man’s life, there comes a time ... When you got struck by the arrow of cupid By the love of God, ... or the beauty by a woman Yes, sometimes this love,

Run Dmc - Hit it run lyrics

rock around the clock You can't say I'm not And in case ... you forgot I'm the ... mic controller D.M.C. And can't nobody mess around with me ... I'm the king of rock, rap, and a rhyme I deal what I feel

New Edition - Hit me off lyrics

Alright y'all You ain't got to ask nobody Bobby spoken: ... Yeah Ralph: Got cha open baby (Come on baby you drive me ... crazy) Bobby: She's the finest thing I've

Falco lyricsFalco - Hit me lyrics

schenke ich Dir Das Tier an Dir gehört jetzt mir Hit ... me baby, drive me crazy - ayaya Das ... Tier an Dir gehört jetzt mir Take me ... slowly, make me holy - ahaha Hit me, hit me, hit me Wenn Du

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Hit em up lyrics

to him Quit talkin, I'ma hang ya by your tongue, Yea Any ... t even hear ya Hollerin bullshit nigga quit the diaherra ... the homeless, charmless You can leave out here armless, no

Punk Goes... - Dead man's party by a thorn for every heart (.. lyrics

to go Walking with a dead man over my shoulder All dressed ... to go Walking with a dead man over my shoulder Waiting ... for an invitation to arrive Going

The Game - Hit the j lyrics

Marry Jane That OG Kush, that sour ... diesel drive them girls insane I roll it up, she disappear ... like David Blane And she ain't try to book a ... flight on that paper plane She don't wanna hit the J

Matt Cardle - Hit my heart lyrics

to Hit My Heart If you can find heaven I show you how ... it How to build a castle And take it down brick by brick ... of running in circles Living by the moonlight Waiting for

Monrose - Hit 'n' run lyrics

My Hit’n'Run) (My Hit’n'Run) I like how you ... drive How you lean into it I might take a ride ... limit straight to lights, hit your eyes tinted glass. You

Breathe Carolina - Hit and run lyrics

you're ready cause I don't wanna hit and run Excuse me can I lift you up and take you ... it up Had me from the first hit Never felt this high before

Juicy J - Hit it from da back (remix) lyrics

appointments with them toys and things they need to cease ... cause they can't even compete with me If I ... ain't precise and you ain't suffice and I make ... time if I got to But before you get more

Lil' Keke - Hit'em lyrics

Keke & (H.A.W.K.)] You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit ... em low) You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit ... em low) You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit

Amorphis - Enchanted by the moon lyrics

Dark skies tucked me in Stranded in the mire of sorrows ... rushed over me The serpent ran me through A moment stole my ... over me My passage enchanted my the moon The light

Insane Clown Posse - Never had it made lyrics

I was born young and healthy I told my mother ... one day I'd be wealthy Can't forget my first day at ... school Got stabbed in the head with a ... Get my education A job and a family, a good reputation

Katy B - Got paid (feat. zinc & wiley) lyrics

my door and I scream like it's been ages ... liquid liner make you wanna say Oh my gosh, oh my gosh ... grab your coat, we're gonna hit the town But I just got paid

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Hit or miss lyrics

was sitting down, all by myself Listening to ... everybody else Oh you see, I gotta be me And there ain't ... nobody just like this I gotta be me Baby hit or miss

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