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George Strait - Thats where i wanna take our love lyrics

s a quite little place tucked away in the ... hills Where a crystal clear lake makes it ... That there's not another livin' soul for miles and miles ... around That's where I wanna take our love and settle down

Jay Sean - Where you are lyrics

you know the feeling When sometimes you wake up ... young, and sometimes you wake up old And sometimes you’re so in love And Do you ... know the feeling When their love just comes undone And I cant figure it out What

The Pigeon Detectives - Where you are lyrics

want this place beneath the sun You picture one ... the chosen one It’s just a thing to meet you might be right. ... This one out is the fox most seen But did you thought you’ll hear from him

Ashley Parker Angel - Where did you go? lyrics

s an empty room full of memories, And everywhere I look, it ... s where we used to be. It's like a photograph, A moment ... froze in time, I'm staring at your face, even when I

Itchy Poopzkid - Where i wanna be lyrics

in 1991 when I was a little kid I went to the stadium for ... the first time I admit that this day created a decision and a way A constant in ... my life will be on Saturdays I didn't

Joe Jonas - Gotta find you lyrics

time I think I'm closer to the heart What it means to know just who I am ... I think I've finally found a better place to start No one ... ever seems to understand I need to try to get to where you are Could it be you're not

Soundtrack Camp Rock lyricsSoundtrack Camp Rock - Gotta find you lyrics

I think I'm closer to the heart What it means to know just who I am ... I think I've finally found a better place to start But no ... one ever seems to understand I need to try to get to where you are Could it be you're not

C.n. Blue - Where you are (english ver.) lyrics

breaking down. I am screaming out. My time is running ... out. What do I do now? Oh give up? or stand up? I don’t ... know. I wanna break the spell now.I’m drowning now. I am crying out. My time is running out. I need

Everlife - Where you are lyrics

s hard to find love that's not complicated ... It's hard to see life when we all seem so jaded I don't know, you don't know ... Why can't I find a way to show you now It

Marvin Gaye - I wanna be where you are lyrics

i wanna be where you are i gotta be where you are i wanna be where you are i gotta be where you are oooh, oooh goodnight, y'all goodnight little

Booty Luv - Where you are lyrics

uhm, uh uh uh (2x) Baby forgive me For making you wait so ... long Boy please believe that It's due to my lack ... of funds Baby I swear, I'm gonna find a way to get out

Roger Shah - Back to you (feat. adrina thorpe) lyrics

I wanted… Wind swept faces on sunset ... avenue All I wanted was to get to you ... Screaming, heart felt, my apologies ... Don’t make a difference ‘Cause you just

Jessica Simpson - Where you are lyrics

are times I swear I know you're here When I forget about ... my fears Feeling you my dear Watchin over me ... hope seeks What the future will bring When you wrap me in

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Wanna be your girl lyrics

can see your hungry eyes slide up and down And all around ... me Go for the maximum, I gotta say you're a blast, So ... come and show me I kind of knew what to do, wearing

Honor Society - Wherever you are lyrics

ve been around the world I've seen a lot of faces but I ... ve never seen one like you No i've never seen one like you I heard you're hard to ... handle but I was never one to gamble but I wanna roll the dice on you I

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You are there lyrics

are there like the laughter of a child ... When I need just a smile Suddenly the sun shines ... for a while Everywhere sounds of love are everywhere ... And my heart sings along Thanks to you I finally got a song, Refrain

Ryan Leslie - Wanna be good lyrics

Be Good Yeah, uh Next Selection I-I-I-I-I, just wanna be ... good to you (uh, I really do, Yeah) I-I-I-I-I, I just wanna be good to you Girl I need what you give me I

Da Buzz - Wanna be with me lyrics

to be with me, Want to be with me (Wanna be with me) ... Vers 1. Night falls, everbody change their attitude and they start to ... run, they wanna be the first in line again. oo-oh I go,

Billy Ray Cyrus - 'wanna be your joe' lyrics

works at the steel mill Works damn near everyday ... the sun comes up Drop's the kids at school along the way (Kid's along the way) When the ... night is falling He gets home and hugs his

Disciple - You are here lyrics

are to me (you are to me), a light to see You came to me, ... and set me free You see me now, not how I was I’m washed and clean, under the ... blood You sit down On your throne in heaven And you

Hillsong Young & Free - Where you are lyrics

lived Hard on the wire Hand in the fire For so long But you've shown me better A new kind of love Is ever the one I want I'm lifting you higher,

Hopsin - You are my enemy lyrics

Verse 1:] Yo, I work hard and barely get paid ... how did I get stuck on this page, I've been starving for ... like six days, I should go and get a switch ... blade, and try to find out where this bitch stays, I'm a lit

Matthew Mcginn - Where you are lyrics

quiet tonight, I'm staring at the sky I'm wishing on ... every star. To send me a sign, 'let me know that she ... loves me tonight.' I want to be where you are. I tried to be

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You are not alone (rapversion) lyrics

you know what I feel And if you feel the same way too Just ... close your eyes You're not alone... C'mmon! C ... mmon! Wave your hands in the air! If I took the time to put you in my rhyme Let

Delta Goodrem - You are my rock lyrics

one can buy true love in their life We all need someone ... on standby The night drew long you kept me ... strong Now I can thank you in this song You are my

Marc Anthony - You sang to me lyrics

just wanted you to comfort me when I called you late last night you see i ... was fallin' into love oh yes, i was crashin' into love oh of all the ... words you sang to me about life, the truth and bein' free

Deaf Havana - You are beautiful lyrics

have you been? The smell of loneliness ... and the heartache of distance, Is all we have left. ... And when your dress hits the floor it's obvious, It ... s been well kept (it's obvious). Cause waiting for

Good Charlotte - Where would we be now (remix) lyrics

smile , you laugh, I look away I sigh, you ask me ... why, I say, It's ok and I am just feeling down Your ... hand on mine I hear the words If only love ... had found us first, our lives, would be different, oh

Gavin Rossdale - If you're not with us you are against us lyrics

you're not with us you are against us! I love you now but I've loved you not I am the ... runaway that turned to dust I just hope to find a way to ... keep it together Shocks me how we beat the weather Too much time

Lea Michele - You are woman, i am man lyrics

are woman, I am man You are smaller, so I can be taller ... than, You are softer to the touch, It's a ... feeling I like feeling very much. You are ... someone I've admired, Still, our friendship Leaves

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You are not alone lyrics

deep is the ocean How deep is your love I have the love in my eyes But how do you feel ... When you can't get enough Halfway to your paradise Oh, my love is your love Forever and again You are not alone - I'll be there

Chicago - You are on my mind lyrics

are on my mind The echo of your laughter flowing through me ... Sitting by a mountain fire And wishing you were in my ... arms And loving me completely Rocky mountain highs are very nice But you

Her Bright Skies - You are the ones lyrics

I'm still the boy you raised, Learned from my mistakes, do better. And father ... I'll never be half the man, But I'm trying the best I can, To keep

Live - You are the world lyrics

you've ever known love, If you've ever known peace, If you ... known joy, Make sure that you are on time. If you've ... ever known war, If you've ever known pain, If you

Leann Rimes - You are lyrics

one, two, three, ...) You, you've made no mistake You take ... everything I ever wanted into account When you walk into the room You give me, ... reason Talk in turn, never too late or too

Jls - Thats where im coming from lyrics

meant every word of every promise I made to you, But I’m a ... mess in my heart, and now we’re both ... confused. Told you not to get too close, now ... look what you made me do! You should try to save yourself, I’ll only end up hurting you,

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Gospel song lyrics

will walk with Jesus till I can't go anymore And I will ... stay with Jesus till I can't go another mile And ... people will see all the good that's ... to feel any sorrow Cause I will not stand by and watch you

Big Time Rush - Song for you (feat. karmin) lyrics

up from another day I'm feeling so insane 'Cause ever since I saw your face I got it ... tattooed on my brain Did you know that you came and you ... got me like this 'Cause I know you're the one I wanna be with You gotta know that I'd

Matty B Raps - You are my shining star lyrics

you are my shining star Don't you go away ... Oh baby Wanna be right, here where you are to my ... die in day Oh baby You hear about some people who ... met when they were kids They star as a friends

Planetshakers - Your presence lyrics

of my life I've searched for You Lord You called me to Your side With all of my heart, I'm ... desperate for more Your presence is my life The cry ... of my heart Is to be where You are I love Your presence I love Your presence Father where You are is where I wanna be

George Strait - Thats where my baby feels at home lyrics

met her in that honky tonk I thought that she would change ... But now I see just how much I was wrong Though we both tried out love still died And

Fun. - I wanna be the one lyrics

you named for the river that surrounds All my biggest my mistakes or the way ... that I made it out All the muscles in my ... mouth never smiled or said profound things Until the

Aimee Mann - Thats just what you are lyrics

our endeavor we are never seeing eye to eye No guts to ... may we wave goodbye And you're always telling me that it ... s my turn to move When I wonder what could make the

The Runaways - I wanna be where the boys are lyrics

in the streets, barely alive Mama's always telling me ... stay inside Don't you hang around with those young ... boys Soon you'll be lovin' them They're all night

Cali Swag District - Where you are lyrics

it be I stayed away too long? Did I ... leave your mind when I was gone? Well it's not my thing trying to get back But this ... time let me tell you where I'm at I wanna wanna be where you are Oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Anywhere you are Oh oh ohhhhhhhhh I wanna wanna be where you are Oh

Fu Manchu - I wanna be lyrics

for a certain sign right place, right time I ... slowly reach out my hand a voice yell, stick to the plan ... all right, I got to time it needs more, and I'll be fine

Gavin Degraw - Where you are lyrics

everybody hurts, That’s where we’re all the same We drive ... And push on through the pain I’m standing at your door ... It’s been a million miles I’ll be the first to say I

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Wanna be startin somethin 2008 with akon lyrics

met her on the walk way staring as she walked pass she ... looked back at me side ways and said i cant help ... but to ask I Said You Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ You Got

Jewel - Where you are lyrics

called you late last night Said you didn't feel like talkin' ... Had to blow off a little bit of steam Said you were tired of feeling so up-tight You make me so blue Oh, I get so

Little Big Town - That's where i'll be lyrics

you is revelation Baby I have seen the other side And ... there's nothing but lonely So I left for ... doing only what it takes To bridge the great divide I would ride across

Avant - Wanna be close lyrics

I wanna be girl let me be I wanna be everything your man's not ... And I'm gonna give you Every little thing I've got ... Cause you are more than a man needs That's

Lizzy Borden - Under your skin lyrics

the dark where you feel connected.... Hide ... away from they you were rejected.... Crumbling walls in there you won’t ... survive.... When I touch you where you hurt.... While I

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Where ya wanna go lyrics

lady how you be, what you doin, what you need, what's your ... name, what's your sign, what you think, what's on your mind? ... Can you mingle, spend some time, can I try to make you mine

Brandy - Where you wanna be (feat. t.i.) lyrics

T.I] Uh Ya Know What? On The ... Real Uh [Verse 1] Me And You We've Been Through So Much ... We Need To Start Off New You Need To Choose Don't Be ... Confused I Think It's Time, Time That You Tell Me Where You

C21 - Be with you again lyrics

set the course I'm coming back I never should have ... gone I started listen? to the radio They write ... of you in all the songs You say it all you make it clear

Faster P****cat - You are so vain lyrics

walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was ... apricot You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner They'd be your

Ben Rector - Wanna be loved lyrics

think it's true That we all live and die Through everyone ... s eyes That's why we need to belong That's why my heart beats When the telephone rings

Accept lyricsAccept - Wanna be free lyrics

girl in a darkened room, crying all alone Forced upon by ... so far from her home While in another country, a rich man ... counts his take He cares not for the lives he ruins

Chapin Harry - You are the only song lyrics

ve sung it all tonight Almost every story that I ... when they turn out the spotlights I'm not sure where I'm s ... posed to go And I'm so hoarse I can't hit the high notes It's just a whisper

Jimmy Needham - Right where you are lyrics

understand what I've been told You're what I've ... heard but barely known Like a man who's mastered every ... tongue But never left his home My hungry heart is discontent With petty thought

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