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Gospel Gangstaz Let\'s Pray lyrics

Browse for Gospel Gangstaz Let\'s Pray song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gospel Gangstaz Let\'s Pray lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gospel Gangstaz Let\'s Pray.

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Mean Messiah - Let us pray lyrics

Pray! All rise and say a prayer: “Holy f***, we die!” We’re going f***ing nowhere And your spirit killed your soul God, I love you Your flesh, your bones I’m ready to Breath your ashes when you burn I turn my face away Let us pray Let us pray Let us burn now

Kirk Franklin - Pray for me lyrics

for me, I'm afraid that I'm about to lose it all Pray for me, I don't need gravity for tears to fall You can keep your fancy words and your coloured lies Nothing super-spiritual not this time, just pray for me Cause judging me is not helping me to grow Pray for me, see the wr

Gamma Ray - Pray lyrics

// So here we stand again Like dust on Mother Earth And we hide our faces in our dreams Only emptiness where angels flew - high on golden wings And the voice of God has vanished now - lost inside our dreams But the only way to

Raven - Pray for the sun lyrics

to run Caught in a trap Deep in the heart and soul Of the cold Writing a line Thinking of home Wondering if you're Waiting for me Day after day Let us pray for the sun It's so cold out here now And we're all on the run Don't ask me why why a

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Pray lyrics

me love you Until the end I'll show you a beautiful world Let us pray so my heart won't

Rick Ross - Pray for us lyrics

on let's pray Dear Lord Please forgive us for all the sins we have brought upon us And look down upon us with forgiveness for all the sins we will have in the future I know you understand that niggas ain't perfect But we try, Lord We try to keep our heads

Secret Discovery - Pray lyrics

will be the same, everything's gonna change, I will never forget your face. I won't forget the time, such moments hard to find, hand in hand with you into the light. so many things to feel, but which of them are real, what are words, when you lose your aim? s

Knoc-turn'al - Let's all roll lyrics

Time Bomb] I'm from the S-O-U-T-H side of C-A, why they try to P-H Still hit 'em up with that E-A, G-A to the N-G-S-T-A So f*** them other N-I double-G A's Hate the po-po's and kill the DA Hang with my crew, blue strings in my shoes Mary jane and

Trip Lee - Let 'em know lyrics

Hook:] First let's spit the truth Then pray the spirit moves Let's serve Him in our youth We gotta let em know Let's tell em they missin' Him and that they sick in sin Get they attention then We gotta let em know Hey let's come and bring the word of the one that runs this thin

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Gospel lyrics

used to think about it when I was a little one all alone Used to be so excited, so excited on my own I used to think about it when I was a little one all alone Used to be so excited, so excited in my home You wouldn’t believe it even if I told ya This little girl had

Eric Burdon - Gospel singer lyrics

the town of Tifton, Georgia On a hot and dusty day You could see the heat coming off the ground Up the street a man came a-running Stumbling on his way And he shouted that the gospel singer Was a-comin' to our town Hallelujah the gospel singer is

Screaming Trees - Gospel plow lyrics

you wanna get to heaven let me tell you how Keep your hand on the gospel plow Hold on(3x) Mary had a golden chain Every link spelled Jesus' name Hold on(3x) Mary had a golden chain Hold on If you wanna get To heaven let me tell you how Keep your

Marduk - Gospel of the worm lyrics

used up life-force and used up skin Through strings of failure and stiff limbs of shame Crapulous orgies - Consuming sin In ceaseless hunger Hellish black thirst Livid with the hue of mould and death Crowned with swarming angels of rot Mere food fo

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Gospel train lyrics

on people Got to get on board Train is leavin' And there's room for one more God, don't listen to the devil He got ways to move you This train don't carry no smokers This train... Well, come on people 'Cause it's startin' to rain Get on board, it's the gospel train Don

The National - Gospel lyrics

ve got two armfuls of magazines for you, I'll bring them over So hang your holiday rainbow lights in the garden Hang your holiday rainbow lights in the garden And I'll, I'll bring a nice icy drink to you Let me come over, I can waste your time, I'm bored Invite me to the w

Deivos - Gospel of maggots lyrics

fingers they twitch - organic dysfunction muscles go into spasms - bodily corrosion even the most sublime flesh - destined to wither once silky breasts now rotten apart - for worms to slither on this is ultimate communion sacrament of decomposition eternal life in ra

Lay Down Rotten - Gospel of the wretched lyrics


Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Pray lyrics

turn the night into a glory day Pray Stand up for the rules and pray Refrain: We cam make it a better place When we pray for freedom It doesn t matter what kind of race When we pray for freedom So let s live for the promised land Living in harmony So le

Kill It Kid - Pray on me 5. dark hearted songbird lyrics

blade on forecourt concrete. Smell of burnt cotton in the bridal suite. Lordy mama hurt me so to see you go. I'll never let you. Lord pray on me. Pray on me. Now you're gone the hurt made a home. It breathes in my lungs (and) scratches in my bon

Bianca Ryan - Pray for a better day lyrics

for a bet-ter day Ohhhhh Pray for a bet-ter day Sometimes it feels like nobody cares Sometimes it feels like your the only one who's there And I cry myself to sleep And I wake up on my knees And I pray for a better day Sometimes it hurt

Icarus Witch - Pray lyrics

many lay silent No course they say Too many decided Let come what may Gave rise to a tyrant In cloaks of gray Now forces assembled Let come what may A battle for cause, the men on the field Take heed and... Pray Oh pray And so it is That starts this day A nat

Mental Discipline - Pray for me (feat. !distain) lyrics

Pray for me) (Pray for me) Pray for me Until there is no rain on the street Pray for me Until my broken heart stops to bleed Look at me Until you see no tears on my face Set me free And let me disappear from this place I tried my best to make you see the truth (ra

Jessica Simpson - Pray out loud lyrics

you're down Don't be afraid to pray out loud Just close your eyes and let it out Take all your fears and downs He's listening right now Don't be afraid to pray out loud Pray out loud Everybody's got their problems Everybody's got th

Manafest - Pray lyrics

last night was crazy What you said today Shakes me How can you like fake it And not get all jaded Trips me out man But I’m here for you After long nights you”re talking Spiritual I’m waiting for a miracle Crying in my arms And the dj’s out of songs

Manafest - Pray (feat. yosh of survive said the prophet) lyrics

last night was crazy What you said today Shakes me How can you like fake it And not get all jaded Trips me out man But I’m here for you After long nights you”re talking Spiritual I’m waiting for a miracle Crying in my arms And the dj’s out of songs Drive you to y

Mc Hammer - Pray lyrics

s word,we pray(pray,pray) We got to pray Just to make it today I said we pray(pray) ah,yeah,pray(pray) We got to pray Just to make it to pray That's word,we pray All my life I wanted to make it to the top (That's word,we pray) Some said I would

Reba Mcentire - Pray for peace lyrics

for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace Pray for peace (Please) pray for peace

Bad English - Pray for rain lyrics

to the rain come down on the roof Someone needs a miracle And I'm the livin' proof Drink Light a cigarette And let me count the ways I can hear a whisper In a haunted house these days She won't set me free She won't let me go She won't leave my soul

Sanctus Real - Pray lyrics

bow my head to pray, I don't know what to say I'm not sure how to fix the things I'm dealing with I'm in a desperate place, I need to share the weight But I just don't know how, to let it all pour out Though I'm silent, my heart is crying Cause I was made to come to You

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Pray lyrics

m young and I'm foolish, I've made bad decisions I block out the news, turn my back on religion Don't have no degree, I'm somewhat naive I've made it this far on my own But lately, that shit ain't been gettin' me higher I lift up my head and the

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Pray 4 love ft.travi$ scott lyrics

Hook: The Weeknd] Oh, no praying for love Oh, say loud Just ask the lonely, oh Just ask the lonely, oh [Verse 1: Travi$ Scott] Pray for who lost they fate, and died too young Pray for the ones I hate, the ones I love Pray for my liver when I'm off, in this club I pray that the

Angelo - Gospel lyrics

no mae tachihadakatta soko no mienai zetsubou wa Kyoufu ni kouritsuku sono karada ni tsukimatotte Konran o sasoidashite yami no fuchi e hikikonde Eien ni sono kokoro o shibari tsuzukete iku Seiten tachihadakatta yosoku dekinai zetsubou wa Tsukare chikara ushinau son

Antropomorphia - Gospel ov perversion lyrics

Wade through echoes ov terrestrial flesh Temple ov decomposition Breathing wounds Grotesquely disharmonized Ravenous....erotic desire :Chorus: Salacious sounds ov mour...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Gospel song lyrics

will walk with Jesus till I can't go anymore And I will stay with Jesus till I can't go another mile And people will see all the good that's concealed And people must know not to feel any sorrow Cause I will not stand by and watch you cry I will stay with Jesus til

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Gospel plow lyrics

wore three links of chain Every link was Jesus name Keep your hand on that plow, hold on Oh Lord, Oh Lord, keep your hand on that plow, hold on. Mary, Mark, Luke and John All these prophets so good and gone Keep your hand on that plow, hold on Oh Lord, Oh Lord, keep your

Jill Scott - Let it be lyrics

do I do If its Hip Hop if its bebop reggaeton of the metronome In your car in your dorm nice and warm whatever form If Classical Country Mood Rhythm & Blues Gospel Whatever it is,Let It Be Let It Be Whatever it is Whatever it is Let It If

Pavel Helan - Gospel lyrics

you step out of the boat When you leave your comfort zone You might even walk on water and the rest you will be shown You will hear, hear the new song You might see the right way to go You will hear, hear the new song in the sound of falling s

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Gospel medley: you've been so good/now behold.. lyrics

you Lord Hallelujah You've been so good to me Thank you Lord Hallelujah I'm grateful for my blessings I'm grateful for my struggles Trials and tribulations I've been through I realize no one Can love like you do Thank you Lord Hallelujah I feel you

Devildriver - Pray for villains lyrics

Blood on the blood-stained highway We're brothers in arms 'til we get it right You're gonna want it your way It's gonna be done now Don't take it too far, gonna get it right Move on from the past Agree to disagree Every sorrow has its source And you

Petra - Let everything that hath breath lyrics

everything that hath breath praise the Lord Let every creature under God's sun praise the Lord Let all the mountains, let all the valleys Let all the hillsides sing of His glory Let everything that has breath praise the Lord Israel had a war to fight but the Lord Showed them the secret

Zucchero lyricsZucchero - Let it shine lyrics

visto prati muoversi Come il mare Nel grano d'inverno E uccelli liberi Tuffarsi X non tornare, x non tornare... L'amore sa... Ho visto senza luce Domeniche di gospel nell'aria E giorni luminosi Solo di te, solo di te L'amore sa... E tutto brilla Let it

Her Name In Blood - Pray to the sun lyrics

m sick of lightning cigarettes the stress stays in my mouth if everyday, shadows stalk break away turn the sphere around follow your instincts i'll drown in bottles, not in my dreams although i chose this f***'n game another path i must take

Jaron Andthe Long Road To Love - Pray for you lyrics

haven't been to church since I don't remember when Things were goin' great 'til they fell apart again So I listened to the preacher as he told me what to do He said you can't go hatin' others who have done wrong to you Sometimes we get angry, but we mu

Jaron & The Long Road To Love - Pray for you lyrics

haven't been to church since I don't remember when Things were going great '˜til they fell apart again So I listened to the preacher as he told me what to do He said you cant go hating others who have done wrong to you. Sometimes we get angry, bu

Dierks Bentley - Pray lyrics

Bentley, Dierks; Crowell, Rodney; Just because it didn't last Doesn't mean that we were wrong We both fell in love so fast And now it's gone and the hurt is strong Though we don't see eye to eye And a wind's begun to blow I'm gonna love you till I die And I want you to know till

Body Count - Pray for death lyrics

Pray for death Pray You crossed your last motherf***er It’s time to pay your dues It’s time to make you suffer It’s time to turn the screws Your pain will be my pleasure Your screams will make me come Your useless pleads for mercy I’m having too much fun My only plan

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Pray about everything lyrics

is tight and money's short River's up and the weatherman He's calling for another storm Pressure's on, the margins thin Gotta figure out a fix for this awful fix I'm in Oh Mama, what am I gonna do She said, "Child there's only one thing you can do" Chor

Fozzy - Let the madness begin lyrics

s a promise that he made to himself But the thrill puts his pact on the shelf Locked in a prison he built over time Made of bitterness, hate, and his lies A life on trial a sad refrain A man's denial of pain sustained He can't control the deepening hol

Mechina - Pray to the winds lyrics

Breathe the air of a fallen world And tear the sky with a golden storm Destabilize this world of slaves And debase their fallen gods Let the crescent flag Be stained in...

Avantasia - Let the storm descend upon you lyrics

m smothered by a lucid nothing I can't hear and touch and see But I feel it Though I can't believe it Been master of the observation Coming up with an explanation There was no need Making use of the spirit Oh, we can give you answers you were dying to receive Keep o

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Pray for spanish eyes lyrics

know for sure his heart is here with me Though I wish him back, I know he cannot see My hands trembling, I know he hears me sing I light this candle and watch it throw Tears on my pillow And if there is a Christ, he'll come tonight To pray for Spanish eyes And if I have nothing le

Rick Sprinfield - Let's go out tonite lyrics

the cars go by All the day and night Why don't you say What's so wrong tonight Pray for me Praying for the light Baby, Baby, let's go out tonight Where the lights all shine Like I knew they would Be mine all mine Baby I'll be good Pray for me Praying for the light

Laura Doyle - Let you go lyrics

is where my thoughts chase my tail this is where I can't help myself and this is where I feel like I've failed again and this is where I want retaliation and if I could I'd steal your soul and this is where I stop... and I give in to love And this is where I say I will

Cece Winans - Pray lyrics

know that you think you can't pray after that mistake but I know it's the only way you can make it better And I know situations get too much for you to take and you feel like you're gone break and it makes you say I can't take it When will things

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Pray pray pray lyrics

world is like a river of which we drink but our sins pollute the water And now the river is flooded so we must build an ark of faith and trust in divine providence I was in a room of darkness it wasn't enough to open the window for air I had to unlock the d

Aaron Sprinkle - Let me in lyrics

my own volition I pound my head against the wall And I don't hear it when you call Tumbling down the stairway I still try to make the phone I call you back but your not home Full of good intention I read the paper to myself I try to act like s

Haim - Pray to god ft. calvin harris lyrics

I remember when this road was my own I pray to god, I just don't know anymore I pray to god, I just don't know anymore Anymore I lost the feeling but I try to hold on I thought the end of a love and what made you strong I pray to god, I just don't know anymore When there's no get

Marshall Law - Pray for deliverance lyrics

untold let them unfold Under the glory of the stars Through heavens gate unlocked by fate Forever concealed in the stars who you are No existence (who you are) No return (who you are) No knowledge Left to burn Sinister minds controlling time Seeking the answers to

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Pray for me lyrics

Yuh, yuh, yuh, yeah Ayy [Chorus] Talk to the man upstairs, hoping he answers my prayers Hollywood feel like the jungle, lions and tigers and bears Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me, pray for me Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me, pray for me Talk to the man upstair

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