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Segismundo Toxicómano - Bonus track lyrics

Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus

Andre Nickatina - Bonus track lyrics

smoke cannibus check this out you better work it trick filmoe for life with a grain of salt a tiga like me hate to take a loss finikey and helifikle know it aint simple hit you with cocaine and hot nickels sell the shit, make the profit reload your thoughts, then recop it come

Choppa - Bonus track 1 lyrics

Choppa] While you walking I'm running, while you shooting I'm chopping Got me confused with them dudes, but who is you to be knocking Now I be marching like a soldier, and my army right behind me On that Westbank is where a nigga, might find me F

Choppa - Bonus track 2 lyrics

on [14x] [Choppa] Now what's happ'n, what's crackalting fool on your end What's happ'n, hustle up and buy you a Benz Uh rock your ice, represent your shit Man what's happ'n with you nigga, what's happ'n with you bitch When you see me, you know

Dear Whoever - Bonus track: a place for the end lyrics

into the eyes of fear To see the one pain Of this soul my dear The shadows over my head That there is nothing now And will be nothing in the end Oh nothing in the end Oh I'm on my knees I'm begging please Is there a place for the end? Kill me now Kill me now Is there a pl

Emery - Bonus track: closed eyes, open hands lyrics

can make believe we're happy and free. It's automatic when the money is in our hands. People always try to look beyond their own lives, but I know that it won't last. Pride comes before our fellow man. Oh-oh, o-oh, Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh, o-oh, Oh-oh-oh-oh It's a perfect

Foster The People - Bonus track: broken jaw lyrics

yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah I've broken it a lot All the words come out my broken jaw I don't know anything But then I act like I know everything Don't wanna talk about it What do you see when you dream about it Well I had them broke down from my enemies I'm dr

Foster The People - Bonus track: chin music for the unsuspecting .. lyrics

I walked through the door and fell down on my floor Got al of my papers out and read them Seems that I've been wanderin' for a little too long Yeah, the desert can be hot if you waste it Took a stab in the dark and missed again I believe The hardest part is not seein

Foster The People - Bonus track: downtown lyrics

turn around man I'm gonna take you downtown You wanna grab the sac go ahead and do it My fear and doubt is set in place by a lie I glorify you that's the only way of life yeah I take the shake and slowly surely dissipating You're the wrinkles on my

Foster The People - Bonus track: love lyrics

my name is Mark I play gentleman's games And I just slip through and creepin' Through the night's parade, I shake a hand or two, I tip my hat to you. I'm always runnin' and a-jumpin' Like a fool who would do On through the wild I see She's sees me We could be Something, it's exc

Good Clean Fun - [bonus track] lyrics

Issa:] Hi there, this is Mr. Issa from Good Clean Fun You might remember me from such albums as Shopping for a Crew, On the Streets Saving the Scene From the Forces of Evil and Straight Outta Hardcore I'm here to talk to you today about SEX [Kelly:] Issa it says S-X-E [I

Lecrae - Bonus track i love you ft. chris lee lyrics

sometimes we get so addicted to self that, you don't realize you hurting other people, specially the people you care the most about. [Hook:] Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile, Cause I don't deserve you. So for all the t

Wolfgang Petry - Bonus track wie beim ersten mal lyrics

nicht auf der Sturm ist vorbei alles im grünen bereich halte dich fest komm noch ein stück zu mir du bist jung hast das leben gesucht dich selber dabei verlorn alles wird gut versuchs noch einmal von vorn es gab eine zeit da warst du zu klein f

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

want to be real Not some conscience to myself The way you worship, never ending Some idol who’s pretending to be true How you put upon yourself A man who never seems To answer to you words So go and make me over I’m a fly upon your neck You can’t co

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

want to be real Not some conscience to myself The way you worship, never ending Some idol who’s pretending to be true How you put upon yourself A man who never seems To answer to you words So go and make me over I’m a fly upon your neck You can’t control me I

Akanishi Jin - Replay (bonus track) lyrics

got a dime piece And she my treasure Anything you want I got it girl it's my pleasure And I never, ever let her go, Just thought you should know, With her voice runnin' through my head all day and all-all night long And every time we break up we make up. Shawty

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Pain(bonus track) lyrics

Deuce] Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry so hard Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry tonight [Johnny 3 Tears] The necks of this youth With their necks through this noose We're told lies like it's truth And we suspe

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Kiss this love goodbye (bonus track) lyrics

'My one, true love, You can guess what I've been thinking of? God knows, we've tried.. To stay together while our hearts divided Put my boxes in the hall, I leave my keys behind It might not be the end of now Oh it's time, to kiss this love goodbye To kiss this love

B.o.b. - Letters from vietnam (bonus track) lyrics

my love The country is in need of me And I heard there were signs for war So I'm going overseas So don't cry my love The skies above will cry for you And I'll be safe so hopefully I'll come back home for you Yeah, yeah So please Tell me it's not true After all the love I'

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Courtney's song (bonus track) lyrics

s still a light on your table There's still your name on my phone I can't believe I'm not able To call We met in a beautiful place You danced, I talked I go back there every single day I'm still there but you're not You lit me up and led me inside Then you disappeared with

Mercenary - Nothing's what it seems (bonus track) lyrics

were the light of many lives Shining bright through your eyes Like a candle burning fast The memory forever lasts I still feel you right beside me You're here writing through me I'll always remember your name OB the best you get Everything he lived fo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Martyr (bonus track) lyrics

never wanted so much I unleashed with the fury of a fire I only wanted your touch I am seen as a sinner and a liar I never took you so high I can feel all the traces of the sky I never held you so tight I conceal all the worst that you desire You know it´s

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Cry [japanese bonus track] lyrics

m not the type to get my heart broken I'm not the type to get upset and cry Cause I never leave my heart open Never hurts me to say goodbye Relationships don't get deep to me Never got the whole in love thing And someone can say they love me truel

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Light on (bonus track) lyrics

the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on I'll leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on It happened in the blink, blink, blink of

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Don't leave me (bonus track) lyrics

t leave me Cuz you need me I never wanna be without you Don't leave me Cuz you need me I never wanna be without you I woke up this mornin' From a dream That you were sayin' goodbye We had simple argument But not enough to keep out Each othe

Edguy - Life and times of a bonus track lyrics

artist went to label, truckloads of money in mind Rich artist left the buildings Cause all the labels had been standing in line And so they signed Artist wrote rock'n roll history Concentrated on an album so strong But business claimed limited editions Insisti

Jacobs Dream - Violent truth (bonus track) lyrics

in hell, that's where I live in an endless struggle to survive Concrete jungle meshed with steel Will I make it out alive? Take a walk on the wild side Take what you want but live in fear Of a bullets sting or the edge of a knife People dying ain

Kaktus Project - Bohemian rhapsody (bonus track) (queen cover) lyrics

this the real life ? Is this just fantasy ? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter t

Mxpx - Broken hearts disease japanese bonus track lyrics

admit it I'm a jerk and I'm taking all the blame. I'll take it like a man, I'll run into the flames. I ask, I plead, I beg, I need. Don't let me die of broken hearts disease. Don't let me down, I'm begging darling please. Nothing's ever worth all the pain I al

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Always on the run (bonus track) lyrics

..Europe Amazon MP3 bonus track... Take me from the city Let's go for a drive Take me, Take me anywhere Just make me feel alive We could feel this fire Higher than the sun Things could be so easy But we're always on the run Always on the run

Alunageorge - This is how we do it (bonus track) lyrics

is how we do it... This is how we do it On Friday night, and I feel all right. The party's here on the West side So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up Designated driver, take the keys to my truck Hit the floor cause I'm faded Honeys in the street say,

Fort Minor - There they go (bonus track) lyrics

time for my Machine Shop crew and then its Two times S.O.B and LP too and then it's Three times It's Mike and Six on the track and then Four Times when we come in through the back they're sayin Oh no close the door Shut the lights and start the show

Kollegah - Genozid (bonus track) lyrics

und die Zeit rast weiter, doch ich halte sie an, denn ich weiß noch genau, wie das alles begann. Yo, als lässiger Player mit Headset auf dem Sessel rappen und dennoch besser als jeder in der Battlearena. Zerfetze die Gegner mit den Tracks, wenig später kennt jeder in der Unterg

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Canyons (bonus track) lyrics

..Spotify bonus tracks... Canyons by Avicii. Released on PRMD. 2013 Universal

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Edom (bonus track) lyrics

..iTunes/UK CD bonus tracks... Edom by Avicii. Released on PRMD. 2013 Universal

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Long road to hell (ft.audra mae) (bonus track.. lyrics

..iTunes/UK CD bonus tracks... Yeah! Our story goes He went down to the crossroads He sat down and kept his eyes closed Well, everyone has a price, child And what it cost him Why is it so? You think you're getting away No escape from the deal you ma

The Killers - Tidal wave (bonus track) lyrics

always trouble with his non-complacence And shot-gun eyes, shot gun eyes His subtlety, his mystery Not like the other guys She’s always taken by his reputation He’s so bad, he’s so bad On Saturday night they’re running for the shadows You say your heart ain’t

Montell Jordan - We ride on dem thangs - bonus track lyrics

Rap verse] Come on cuz don't playa hate cause I'm riding on dubs, I'm big willie with this shit aint no f'n with us, I'm on the strip, chillin with chicks feelin their hips, Got their man pissy mad cause I'm freakin their chicks. I keep 'em on lock the enterprise keeps me on top wit

Hed Pe - Tits, clits and bong hits [hidden bonus track.. lyrics

fear Sluts in the front, Ho's in the rear Tits, clits, bong hits your fist in the air! Aw, DJ! My fellow freakers, dancers, tweakers Hah, come on we blow up these speakers Well I know I kinda f*** like a virgin in sundress and sneakers, God damn, your p**** like squeaking,

Hot Chip - Hittin' skittles (bonus track) lyrics

oh oh oh oh I'd really like to have it But you know that we shouldn't order Not that I'm a moral man But you know what I I am If I met you on the corner Where I was once a man Still I couldn't put it to you But fear that you would understand

The Agonist - Feel no guilt (japanese bonus track) lyrics

s gone wrong! Sea salt is burning through the land that's beside us, Attempt feelings; man will never be in control. Stormy skies drowning although one's been dry. No disregard for everything that is going your way. Feed up what you've thrown. When I'm to

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Ain't no easy way (bonus track) lyrics

ain't no easy way For me to hear the things you need to say But go on and say 'em anyway Baby I can take it There ain't no easy out We both know where this is goin' now Once its rollin' you can't turn around There ain't no way to fake it Life is hard but love is harder And wh

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Too much you for me (bonus track) lyrics

thing about a small town. Your life goes by as your drivin' out. The house you were livin' in the barn that we did it in. Girl I just wanna forget it now Never thought a couple headlights would light up a town so bright Our names a little faded in

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Fast lanes (bonus track) lyrics

much for wearin’ out my welcome Always been that way and then some Lonesome half the time Cause I need free and I need spacious I get bothered, I get anxious just stoppin’ at a red light. If I’m good at one thing, that’s saying ‘Good Bye’ I’m th

Amiina - Blauwber (bonus track) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Amiina - Nebula (bonus track) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Annihilator - Only be lonely (bonus track ) lyrics

ve been apart a long time, it feels like years The memories bring tears Good times, I think of all the good times To keep my sanity 'til I get home And I know it's not how we planned it It's crazy world out there Just hold on to the words we shared

Arrayan Path - The mind (bonus track) lyrics

Clement The power of the mind It's all about control It's all around the nation From the minute we are born This manipulation Affecting your mind Anything can happen To make a better life Nothing at all Life is now scorned SECTOR A Feel the

Ashley Monroe - Promised land [bonus track] lyrics

t wait for me When I'm dead and gone For I'll just be Going home Heaven's light Will shine on me It will lead To eternity When I take My final breath Lay these feeble bones To rest And I will run Through Heaven's gates Where my blessed Savior waits

Editors - Comrade spill my blood [bonus track] lyrics

don't wanna go quietly I don't wanna tread softly I'm a dog with a scent I saw the stare head Faces of the crowd I did not see the event Sincerity and subtlety Will I miss my son Comrade spill my blood Comrade spill my blood We fight a war that can be won Soul, li

Editors - The sting [bonus track] lyrics

we don’t always hide around here Now in here, I see my old friend disappear In tonight, in tonight, People don’t change, And I know your story so well I know your faith, it’s my favorite tale to tell You wanted to make me believe in love You wanted to make me believe in love

Editors - Get low [bonus track] lyrics

rally cry, the call to arms Another lame excuse So bite your tongue, ‘cause where’s the fun In another truce So get low Get low Only the last glow, lights up an atmosphere, an atmosphere Only the last glow, lights up an atmosphere, an atmosphere I am blinde

Black Veil Brides - Knives and pens (acoustic) bonus track lyrics

at last, we can sit and fight. And I've lost all faith in this blurring light, But stay right here we can change our plight. We're storming through this despite what's right. One final fight, for this tonight. Woah- Woah- Woah- wou With knives and pens w

Bloc Party - Flux (bonus track) lyrics

your right hand is causing you pain Cut it off cut it off If your colours have started to run Let them all run, run away from you There is lightning in this room Above our heads waiting to strike Im a thinker not a talker Put your faith, your faith in God We were

Bloc Party - Your visits are getting shorter (bonus track) lyrics

can see it in your eyes now You have come to resent me Condescension in the silence Your fingers are tired, girl How they falter against my thigh Your kisses are pinning the lips of someone else Your visits getting shorter Your heart is getting farth

Bloc Party - Letter to my son (bonus track) lyrics

found myself at the point where we kissed first on a rooftop overlooking the East London mosque They said, they said, they said, they said You can't go around breaking young girl's hearts I say, I say, I say, I say, keep it casual, easy,babe And you looked so

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 1:51 (bonus track) lyrics

give me something to feel I’m waking out of a dream Never had to feel love Never had to really know Just give me some other way I’m holdin’ on to the grave Never had to realize Never had a real love I don’t need no one I don’t want no one I a

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Waiting here (bonus track) lyrics

seems to lead me to these words I need to tell you tell you more Everything's been tainted that I told you that I told you once before Something hides the meaning theres no meaning in the words I said before There's no meaning in the things I've told you long befo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - High/low (bonus track) lyrics

quot;You want to walk on my side I'me the devil in disguise That's just the way that it goes I guess you didn't know Keep me high, Keep me low I don't want to tell you where I've been You want to fade under my speed I'm the one who's in your dreams It'

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