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Michael Alvarado / Us The Duo - "take me home" - us the duo lyrics

m only happy when I'm with you Home for me is where you are. I try to smile and push on through. But home for me is where you are. They tell me that I'll make it. It'll only be a while. But a while lasts forever Without you... Send out the alarms I

Michael Alvarado / Us The Duo - Fall asleep - us the duo lyrics

Ohhhh I’m always worrying through out the day These trouble and problem never goes away And at the end of the day I just want to lay my head On the pillow next to yours inside our bed I just want to fall asleep I just want to fall asleep I just want to fall asleep Inside your

Melissa Smith - Goodbye forever lyrics

kinda think (Ah) That you and me (Ah) Are starting to feel like we're not meant to be (Ah) And usually (Ah) You can keep (Ah) My attention but now I'm starting to drift away (Oh) And honestly (Ah) I can't keep (Ah) Doing what we've been doing faithfully (I know) So maybe we (Ah)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Goodbye forever lyrics

ate all my food, you spent all my money. When I complained, you thought it was funny. Well I've put up this, for far too long. Well you slept in my bed, with another boy. Being last to find out, was the thing that annoyed me. I'll never trust another girl again. So

Rick Astley - Goodbye but not the end lyrics

re hanging here by just our fingertips Trying to stop the words from falling from our lips But I've got a feeling That I'll see you soon again Yeah I've got feeling Its goodbye but not the end Its not the end So hold on just a little longer You fall down, get

Alkaline Trio - Goodbye forever lyrics

your wings outside, you can't fly in here Besides, a purple sky is better soaring for you my angel You're angel, you little devil As for me I'll stay inside I'll be just fine and I'll watch from the window. Cannot categorize the nature of

Derdian - Forever in the dark lyrics

don't know who I am I'm trying to understand But ain't no answer to my wondering I'm living, believing In something, but I need To know the reason of my life And what I'm searching for Lays hidden behind the door Where dreams and reality are fighting day by day It's some

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Goodbye friend ft. the script lyrics

colours will change I love every shade of you Don't lose your faith Keep walking how you do Don't you say it wasn't worth All the pain and all the hurt you're going through And I'll always be with you Goodbye friend No, this is not the end Lift up your head S

Ayreon - "forever" of the stars lyrics

am of the stars. I am called "forever". Eternity courses through my veins. It is cold beyond your sun where we come from. We seed the universe with the milk of a million moons. You are that seed. Your earth is our experiment. We vanquished the dinosaurs with the ca

Iron Mask - Forever in the dark lyrics

voco, mortuos plango Fulgura frango, oho-oho-oho Vivos voco, mortuos plango Fulgura frango, oho-oho-oho Do you believe in heaven Deliverance and forgiveness The christening holy water (Is) freezing when saviours falter Forever in the dark, forever in a world as co

Louisa Johnson - Forever young / the final results (winner’s s.. lyrics

God bless and keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every wrong May you stay forever young Forever young, forever young May you stay fo

Seals & Crofts - Forever like the rose lyrics

like the rose, I suppose that's the way to be. Fresh and ever growing, always showing lots of beauty to the world. I know it's not an easy task. All I ask is that you try. Try for me, be like the flower, within it's hour of final glory. Open up and let the sunshine touch y

John Smith - Forever to the end lyrics

are one Nothing could be clearer under the sun There's none you should hold dearer than the ones Who will race at your side as we run Forever to the end To the end We filled our glasses, drank a toast and raised our weary heads Nothing but the finest for the things we leave uns

Aldebaran - Forever in the dream of death lyrics

dawn | asphyxiating earth | cascades of red | immersing -...awakened | dormant atavistic dreams | shadows cast as ruins | reach for | the ends of the earth | searching... becoming | the endless welkin | the deathless heavens || rising upon thrones deformed | crowning the earth in bla

Grave Digger - Goodbye lyrics

you'll smile Forever you'll breath Forever you'll live in my heart If I could rise... If I could fly... I would catch the stars from the sky... Goodbye my love, Goodbye my life, Goodbye my sweet romance, Forever you'll be mine, You'll be mine.

A Life Divided - Goodbye lyrics

are the poison, we're spreading disease We are the ones who just don't think that you can breathe We are the devils of the frightening dreams We are the uninvited, same and I just believe Let's go, I'm leaving We gotta break apart We need to get away and find out when it'

Michael Alvarado / Us The Duo - Slow love - michael alvarado lyrics

me, I'm nervous What did it take to deserve this? Beautiful love, it's perfect Baby without you I'm worthless but you gotta know it takes service Love is real without purchase and I'd do nothin to hurt this I knew it was love for the first kiss Take it easy it don't take a lot

Laura Marling - Goodbye england (covered in snow) lyrics

were so smart then, in your jacket and coat. My softest red scarf was warming your throat. Winter was on us, at the end my nose, and I'll never love England more than when covered in snow. But a friend of mine says it good to hear, that you believe in love even i

Evil Masquerade - The final goodbye lyrics

how the time flies by Why did we waste it acting shy Stay with me as I shed a tear It breaks my heart cause the end is near Goodbye blue sky Goodbye friends Ain't that a shame When tears fall like rain This is the end It's the final goodbye Hush now little f

Rage - Forever lyrics

the beginning you learned that we all have to die You got so used to the fact that you don't wonder why You don't ask: How does it feel to someone when the moment has come When all is taken away, an existence is gone, who'll be his guide Take his soul and take his mind And his open

Jon Secada - Forever lyrics

want to love you 'til forever comes I want to give you everything under the sun One day at a time I'll share with you my life And our forever ends the day we say goodbye Cause forever is as long as it lasts. Don't wait 'til tomorrow, let's enjoy today The promise

Michael Alvarado / Us The Duo - Never gonna leave you - us lyrics

s a million other guys who would leave ya And when you say that you're in love they won't believe ya When you're gone and outta town, they'll deceive ya Girl you must examine how they treat ya Pre-chorus: I'm the kinda guy who wants to show you why Love can conquer all Do

Coheed And Cambria - The lost shepherd (demo) lyrics

saves me a place at the window I'm on my march to the end of me I've buried cold within this heart I lost the cure, the plague, the start Oh, my lover I ache (I can't stand much) I've done all of these things for you Stain my soul to bleak refuse (Help us, help us, someone

Everlast - Goodbye lyrics

na-nahh-na, na-na-nahh-na, hey, hey, hey...goodbye! [2x] Goodbye, goodbyeit's over We're through It's done Our relationship is no longer one on one So I guit girl I don't need this I'm disgraced 'cause in my face You spin I quit stepin' out wit another guy After givin' you

Dope D.o.d. - The island lyrics

Reaper : Im on a higher level nigga come and test the double barrel Heavy metal heading for your chest / I even shoot the shadow /Put the pedal to the floor / carcrash / make you rattle / Put a rapper on my Island / Nah, he will never settle / Im gettin’

Slipknot - Goodbye lyrics

on over Come unglued It's not easy To see all of you Help yourselves Help is on the way Well there's nothing to lose so now I have something to say Maybe we can all recognize a moment of silence Maybe we can finally agree on the same point of view A long time ag

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The end lyrics

in together, but you held me The process walking right through that door, at the entry I can't seem to remember, the lights were so bright And the discoball blurred in the turn of that night But it was perfect I was told the tux was starched and all Gra

Kenny Rogers - Goodbye marie lyrics

woke up this mornin' All cotton mouthed from drinkin' Wonderin' how I'd make it through the day Wild eyed and crazy All burned out from thinkin' Wonderin' how the hell I's gonna say. Goodbye Marie, oh goodbye Marie Out the window there's a lonesome highway callin' me

Tim Buckley - Goodbye and hello lyrics

antique people are down in the dungeons Run by machines and afraid of the tax Their heads in the grave and their hands on their eyes Hauling their hearts around circular tracks Pretending forever their masquerade towers Are not really riddled with

Sham 69 - Tell us the truth lyrics

the corners of our eyes We can see them pass us by Looking at us but not talking to us Now we see them talking about us Whispering lies all around us Not wanting us to know the truth Tell us the truth Don't let us down You're a fool if you do If only we coul

Falco lyricsFalco - The spirit never dies jeanny final lyrics

I don‘t know about It‘s gonna be a very interesting time It‘s gonna be a long way But it‘s all wrong Wir tanzten einen Sommer Und ich war so oft, erschien es mir einen Herzschlag lang so nah bei dir Zeichen sehen, Zeit verstehen Über alle Grenz

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Forever young lyrics

s dance in style, Let's dance for a while, Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies, Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live forever, We don't have the power but we never

Nevermore - The sorrowed man lyrics

me away to the quiet place Where the doors of perception open wide Smiling faces greet me there Loved and lost, lost inside Take me away to the netherworld Where we dance in the waves, the universe shines The place that holds my beautiful dream When I awake, I

Pharaoh - Forever free lyrics

pain in my head, this anger in my heart It is for you, my friend The tears ever flow a river of disdain So unfailingly flowing to the end Oh - Beyond the other side of sanity A thousand dreams away Oh - close your eyes and everything you see W

Jefferson Airplane - The wheel lyrics

CAN BE ONE WORLD WE WILL BE ONE WORLD In the Jungles of the Mountain Young Nora loves the mountain And the Mountain feeds the people and the Wheel keeps on turnin' REVOLUTION! And the Wheel keeps on rollin' firmly toward Tomorrow And the Mountain speaks clearly to the People in th

Emblem3 - Forever young lyrics

s dance in style, Lets dance for a while Heaven can wait We're only watching the skies Hoping for the best But expecting the worst Are you going to drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live forever We don't have the power But we never say never Sitting in a san

The Moody Blues - Forever now lyrics

we could live forever Where would our dreams lead us to Living in a world of ever Changing expectation If it could be If it could be It would be forever now If we could be here forever Where in this world would heaven be As we race across

Amber Pacific - The last time lyrics

faintly remember yesterday, Oh so close yet far away, From the lives that we once etched in stone Who would think that it would last Please just give it one more chance Forever is a word that only grows And never in this saddest moment I feel we're letting go And if you

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Goodbye mr. ed lyrics

ghosts of Manhattan shrieking as they fall From AT&T Someone sees it all Goodbye Mr. Ed Andy's skull enshrined in a shopping mall Near Queens, someone sees it all Icarus takes his pratfall, Bruegel on his head Goodbye Mr. Ed Four and twenty black kid

Darkseed - Forever stay lyrics

hours are slipping by I stare into the night Into my deep blue sea Of unforgotten memory I paint your face Into my mind And kiss your tears away For me there's only you I want you here, forever stay My heart torn in two I'll hold you close to ease your pain 'Cause I feel it

Ghost Of The Robot - Goodbye lyrics

don't care what people're gonna say about it I just wanna sit here and drink your sweet wine Know they're gonna say you're too young for me but Think if I kiss you that would be fine Know how it's gonna end before it ever starts now Gonna give me love sweeter

8ball & Mjg - Forever lyrics

la la Bangladesh.. Hey... [Hook - Lloyd] See a nigga like me gonna get money til I get rich Ride with a couple hundred G's in a biscuit Stay down for whatever forever hustle with my misfit homes And soon you gonna see just how crunk this shit be once we get rich Til then

Phil Ochs - The scorpion departs but never returns lyrics

climb the tree, up the terrible tree Where are my shipmates have they sunk beneath the sea? I do not know much, but I know this cannot be It isn't really, it isn't really, Tell me it isn't really. Sounding bell is diving down the water green Not a trace, not a too

Chris Rea - Goodbye little columbus lyrics

plane is waiting, you must to go ’goodbye I’m gonna miss you’ And all the things you say at a leaving Ah just turn your head and walk away Goodbye little columbus Goodbye, I’ll see you one day Goodbye little columbus Travelling, just travelling That

The Baseballs - Goodbye peggy sue lyrics

ey, yaha Ey ey, yaha Ey ey, yaha Ey ey, yaha Ey ey, yaha Ey ey, yaha She was a top class, top act crazy kind of girl A top cat on a tin roof kind of girl We took a hot rod ride now straight into the sun We burnt our feathers, hoppin’ an’ boppin’ an’ havin’ fun But

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Goodbye my friend lyrics

can tell me who I am who I am my friend I'm an Alien so they say a risk to everyone No - Tell me what do they see No - Tell me what do they feel No - Tell me what do they fear No - Tell me what do they see I'm a dwarf but I know more than you and I'm a key to a better li

Casting Crowns - The word is alive lyrics

out from His throne, the Father of light and of men Chose to make Himself known and show us the way back to Him Speaking wisdom and truth into the hearts of peasants and kings He began to unveil the Word that would change the course of all t

Little Dragon - Forever lyrics

the start love was swaying bouncing orchestra playing loud Oh so enlightening but it also felt frightening when A lasso in high speed make a perfect knot around my knees I'm falling into worm embrace while secretly in chains 'Cause I wanna call it forever call This

Mikey Wax - Goodbye too soon lyrics

ve been around I've been to lost Peru But I couldn't tell you which way that is I'm colorblind Can't tell you black from blue But I know I said goodbye too soon Yeah I know I said goodbye too soon I've seen the sun set from an ocean view But I couldn't tell you h

Chris Norman - Goodbye lady blue lyrics

always told me That she was bored With the same old story She'd heard it all So I said good night And she said hold tight I said no, no, no, I don't need you So goodbye lady blue, Oh, oh Goodbye lady blue And so she called me And like a whore She came to

Project Arcadia - Forever lost lyrics

day breaks We rise from our sleep And once again reality Robs us Of so many dreams They die unborn Before they see the dawn And our souls Are crucified On the cross of lies All the ancient lies That rule Our lives And turn our days to memories Of so much pa

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The sweet hello, the sad goodbye lyrics

Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye Red like fire was the day I met you I tell you now there are no regrets in this room there are many memories some are good some I try to forget I thought we were the chosen ones who were supposed to fly We're very m

Savage - Goodbye lyrics

cigarette Picked up my keys and left Those walls were closing in on me The rain was falling down I felt my heart just pound With thoughts of how we used to be It started months ago Your distance on the phone I tried to change so we'd agree Do what you

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Goodbye to romance lyrics

has been and gone Tommorow will I find the sun Or will it rain Everybody's having fun Except me, I'm the lonely one I live in shame I say goodbye to romance, yeah Goodbye to friends, I tell you Goodbye to all the past I guess that we'll meet

Arachnes - Forever lyrics

man with the flute is one of us, with big black eyes and a case in his hands. An enigmatic smile on his face, and a numerical ocean in his brain... AND A SECRET IN HIS MIND, SOMETHING THAT WE DON'T KNOW. AND MAYBE HIS LOVE WILL BE FOREVER. The woman with the harp is one of

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Goodbye twitter lyrics

the rumours are true I deleted my Twitter Ha, can you believe it? I got to 2, 2 million That I said adios I had to say goodbye And this little rap is to tell my fans why Huh, uh! No, it wasn't because my friend told me to Y'all know very well, what you say I

Dragonforce - The warrior inside lyrics

fires bring mass devastation, Manic search in sad desperation, Jeopardise the right to hide from a sad existence, Nothing left, still searching for something, Deep beneath the cries Wait for the deafening silence, fly forever more. Crushed by the thought that you're all alon

Heir Apparent - The fifth season lyrics

looked unto the Old One, in the Sacred Halls I found him there amidst his grief, and crumbling walls The tears that lined his face Told the tale he tried to hide Of castles made of sand, and of the tide A whisper through his sobs I heard him so

Naomi Terra - Goodbye letters lyrics

like clouds today The sky is gray The sun been hiding for a while People walk by the window of his car Look in, lock eyes Betray their thoughts with a smile ‘Cause you know your gaze is cold and distant Your stare could chill in an instant This Janu

No Angels - Goodbye to yesterday lyrics

planets used to pave But nowadays They don't circulate the same orbit no more All the colours turned to grey We're down a strain Our relationship is sailing off the shore Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm sick of living this way Yeah, yeah, yeah, y

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