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Goodbye All My Old Friends lyrics

Browse for Goodbye All My Old Friends song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Goodbye All My Old Friends lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Goodbye All My Old Friends.

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Elliott Smith - All my rowdy friends (have settled down) lyrics

my rowdy friends have settled down And they seem to be more in the laid back songs. Nobody wants to get drunk and get loud. Everybody just wants to go back home. I myself have seen my wilder days And I have seen my name at the top of the page, But I need to

Skeletal Family - All my best friends lyrics

look in the mirror, but you're still there It must be true, reflections don't lie The image is real, the details too perfect Yes you're still alive, but I saw you die Chorus: Yes in my eyes your dead The only truth, is better left unsaid You can see the ligh

Less Than Jake - All my best friends are metalheads lyrics

think its strange, that there's a way Of how you looked, and how you act, and how you think Pretend they're not the same as you. Do you know about her strength in convictions Or how she puts all her faith in religion. Did we take the time to really discover,

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - All your good friends lyrics

will lend you ready cash? all your old friends who will want it back like that? all your good friends who will keep your secrets safe put all of their problems on your plate? all your good friends Who can see the real you? all your old friend

Johnny Reid - My old friend lyrics

I said goodbye to my old friend I pray some day we get to meet again under one more clear, blue sky up there where the eagles fly and/where/and we'll go walking in the sunshine with a big smile on our face race the river to the ocean go splashing

Audio Adrenaline - Goodbye lyrics

ll be fine tomorrow The sun will rise again It's never easy to say goodbye You know I'll always love you You know I always will Chorus: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye My old friend (my old friend) Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye We've reached the end (w

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - Old friends lyrics

friends, old friends, Sat on their parkbench like bookends A newspaper blown through the grass Falls on the round toes of the high shoes of the old friends Old friends, winter companions, the old men Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset The sounds of

Willie Nelson - Old friends lyrics

friends pitching pennies in the park Playing croquet till it's dark old friends Mhm old friends swapping lies of life and loves Pitching popcorn to the doves old friends mhm [ guitar ] Old friends looking up to watch the birds holding arms to climb a curb Old friends oh old friends

Tim Mcgraw - My old friend lyrics

old friend, I recall The times we had are hanging on my wall I wouldn't trade them for gold Cause they laught and they cry me and somehow sanctify me And they're woven in the stories I have told And tell again My old friend I apologize For the years t

Refused - Old friends / new war lyrics

clutch the worn out year of my birth Herded with the herd I whisper through anemic lips: I was born And the centuries surround me with fire Aortas fill with blood to cleanse my head To clean this feed Commit to memory failures past and our petty needs Suppress the cr

Everything But The Girl - Old friends lyrics

for the first time I look back on all those years Not for the last time names will ring in my ear When there was just a gang of us Storming the town by train and bus A moment of thought this heart sends to old friends Not for the first time I look back on my first love

Barry Manilow - Old friends lyrics

old friend Are you ok old friend What'll you say old friend Are we or are we unique Time goes by Everything else keeps changing You and I we get continued next week Most friends fade Or they don't make the grade New ones are quickly made And

Prince - Old friends 4 sale lyrics

sun set in my heart this evenin' Cuz an old friend of mine got lost in the jive Little did she know, when U're stuck in the snow Nobody gets out alive Tears fall gently in my garden As I wait in vain 4 my sweet baby 2 call I guess what my own brother told me

Honeyhoney - Old school friends lyrics

miss my friends, my old school friends The ones that I've known all my life I spent so long pushing their love away Now it cuts and it bites I had this dream that I saw all of them And we talked but we knew that we'd changed Some had seen money and some had

Rosanne Cash - My old man lyrics

old man is laughing tonight He's young beyond his fears But then the smile drops from his eyes And we all wind up in tears The old man's crying tonight 'Cause it all happened so fast He's frightened by the future Embarrassed by the past So le

Patty Loveless - My old friend the blues lyrics

when every ray of hope was gone I should have known that you would come along I can't believe I ever doubted you My old friend the blues Another lonely night, in a nameless town If sleep don't take me first, you'll come around 'Cause I know I can always count on you My old friend

Gregg Allman - All my friends lyrics

s all gone, for the last time it seems And it's a shame, all the feelings were lost in our scheme The things we had were fine, yeah Did we have to have them all the time Some day we'll find, we should have relied on time (Some day we'll find, should have relie

Blackbear - Spent all my money on rick owens cargo pants .. lyrics

Blackbear:] I be smashin' through the city, ayy 90 on the dash hand All my new friends f***in' with me now Wonder how long that's gon' last, yeah I go shoppin' dolo just to waste time They say save my money, but I spend mine They act like I'm gettin' f***ed up ev

Kurt Vile - My best friends (don't even pass this) lyrics

best friends don't even pass this way again I think i must've insulted them I don't want you to cry I'm just sayin goodbye I don't want you to come And i don't know why I never did understand the words comin out of a man Givin answers to questions That i didn't ask Co

Lothlöryen - My old tavern lyrics

on a road, they say Could be a dangerous way 'Cause you don't know where your steps will lead to you on It's like sailing through the seas Winds blow in your hair so sweet Many wonders invitate you far away Bridge: I'll ever see you when I look behind Like

Saosin - Old friends lyrics

way divides the victim I won't ask for your permission I saw dysfunction in your rhythm Life just slips away Pass right through the first incision Everything we are I'll wait till you've forgotten (I see the way you are) If you get past the words that [measure unaffecte

Echo & The Bunnymen - All because of you days lyrics

don't want to run I don't want to hide I just want to kiss goodnight Say goodnight one more time Nothing gets you up Nothing gets you high Everything just comes to this Final mis-taken lives And it's goodbye, goodbye all my new days Good

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Goodbye to my dancer lyrics

Goodbye Seems like I knew you since you were a little girl Cried out to you, never thought that you'd ruin my world Now we're all broke up I glimpse you on the street Just gotta put up, shut up, Because we've split the sheets This world kee

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - All my friends lyrics

s how it starts We go back to your house You check the charts Then start to figure it out And if it's crowded then all the better Because we know we're gonna be up late But if you're worried about the weather Then you picked the wrong place to stay You sp

Cimorelli - All my friends say lyrics

: Maybe I should of known Maybe I should listen They say he'll never change He says with me it's different I tell myself he has a good heart, he means well And I swear he's trying so hard! Lauren & Dani:: But the number of times he let me down I can't count that

Danger Danger - Goodbye lyrics

all my dreams are gone And life must carry on without me Hello, hello Mr. Sun, I'd to become one with you And my heart is full of shame For these things I have been Lick my wounds and be born again Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me Help me help me understan

Jacob Sartorius - All my friends lyrics

my friends are coming over I wanna see all my friends Chillin' in the back yard Doin' what we want tonight again Hey You know I wanna see you there In your white jeans Looking like a daydream That came to life Hey Everybody's on their way so What you waiting fo

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - All my friends lyrics

it starts We go back to your house We check the charts And start to figure it out And if it's crowded, all the better Cause we know we're gonna be up late And if you're worried about the weather Then you picked the wrong place to stay That's how it starts

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - All my friends lyrics

it starts We go back to your house We check the charts And start to figure it out And if it's crowded, all the better Cause we know we're gonna be up late And if you're worried about the weather Then you picked the wrong place to stay That's ho

Amos Lee - All my friends lyrics

my friends, all live in pain. Longing for the warmth of chilhood, to bring them home again. All my friends, got broken hearts. And if the world's at stage, we're searching for our parts. We'll face the winds, and break the strongest of trees.

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - All my friends say lyrics

got smoke in my hair My clothes thrown everywhere Woke up in my rocking chair Holding a beer in my hand Sporting a neon tan My stereo cranked up I can't find my truck How'd I get home from the club Ain't got a clue what went down So I started cal

Lcd Soundsystem - All my friends lyrics

s how it starts We go back to your house You check the charts And start to figure it out And if it's crowded, all the better Because we know we're gonna be up late But if you're worried about the weather Then you picked the wrong place to stay That's how it

Eatmewhileimhot - All my friends lyrics

are sober acting drunk Any closer, you're out of luck I don't know what you're thinking Acting without reason This is my town This is my pride These are my friends This is my life You are so out of luck Tell me what you're gonna do tonight My friends are calli

Powerman 5000 - All my friends are ghosts lyrics

apparition in your condition has every right to expect some suspicion And there's no gratitude in all this solitude but still you wonder how I got this attitude Your bloody hands and hollow eyes are just a part of your disguise Your phantom tricks, they'll burn out quic

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - All the right friends lyrics

know you say Maybe some day I need never be alone I know I say It's the right way But you'll never be the one I've been walking alone now For a long long time I don't wanna hang out now With the friends who just aren't mine Party to party You've been lookin

Say Anything - All my friends lyrics

re turning away from me Backstabbing places they roam My friends are just neighbors That steal from me when I'm not home I am so damn trusting I do not see their malice In this blackened wonderland I am the darkened Alice Sometimes I can't fathom why everyone's so tw

Sebastian Bach - All my friends are dead lyrics

my friends are dead I'm left all alone Still I live and breathe We are the left behind Contempt to prophecise Eternal rest in peace Your turn to rescue me It's too late to turn back now Oh Oh-Oh Oh Oh All my friends are dead Oh Oh-Oh Oh Oh And I don't have time

Snakehips - All my friends (feat. tinashe & chance the ra.. lyrics

Verse 1: Tinashe] We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals Sure I get lonely, when I'm the only Only human in the heaving heat of the animals Bitter brown salt, stinging on my tongue and I I will not waver, I will not wait its turn It wil

Lonnie Donegan - My old man's a dustman lyrics

here's a little story To tell it is a must About an unsung hero That moves away your dust Some people make a fortune Other's earn a mint My old man don't earn much In fact.....he's flippin'......skint Oh, my old man's a dustman He wears a dustman's hat He wears

The Dresden Dolls - My alcoholic friends lyrics

m counting back The number of the steps It took for me to get Back on the wagon of the weekend I'll use the autotimer to prove that I'll get home with my imagination If they find the body in the basement "in the very house that she was raised in!" I'

K'naan - My old home lyrics

yea basicaly alot of people ask me how life was then... so here it is My old home smelled of good birth Boiled red beans kernal oil and hand me down poetry It's brick white washed walls widdowed by first paint The tin roof tops humm in songs of promise while time ends Loc

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - My old man lyrics

I was a young boy in Brooklyn going to public school During recess in the concrete playground they lined us up by twos In alphabetical order, Reagan, Reed and Russo I still remember the names And stickball and stoopball were the only games that we playe

Palaye Royale - All my friends lyrics

my friends say it’s raining But I don’t see no rain today My mind is feeling warm But my body don’t feel the same way Following the rain down the drain I'll be like this until my last days All my friends say it’s raining But I don’t need no raincoat today Don’t need no raincoat tod

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Old boyfriends lyrics

Old boyfriends Lost in the pocket of your overcoat Like burned out light bulbs on a Ferris Wheel Old boyfriends You remember the kinds of cars they dro...

Dr. Dog - My old ways lyrics

things never change Or go away I wait around And now it’s yesterday Like some little kid Who’s overgrown The lonely one Who’s never been alone But I don’t want to ever go back To my old ways Cheatin’ and creepin’ around I don’t ever want to go back To t

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - My old man lyrics

old man wore three peice whistles he was never home for long drove a bus for London Transport he knew where he belonged number 18 down to Euston double decker move along double decker move along my old man later on he drove a Roller chauffeuring for

John Hiatt - My old friend lyrics

thought we were gonna make that bridge, what did I know Me and my expectations was always high "Like a Rolling Stone" is playing on the radio It made you cry But we got by [Chorus:] My old friend You make me feel young again My

Diana Ross - My old piano lyrics

is called My old piano I have a ball With my old piano My baby entertains The real life of my parties But still retains In all the dignity His international style Exudes an air of royalties His eighty eight key smile Is so pleasant to se

Anika Moa - My old man lyrics

old man is a lonely tree Sitting on a branch in a lonely sea When I first met him I thought how Could he have let my mother down But my old man he came to see me He put his hands in mine and said he loved me Well I was burned up with ill feeling But his eyes they said i

George Strait - My old flame is burnin another honky tonk dow.. lyrics

a one pump fil-in station Lord and one old general store I found her in that wide spot in the road And the brightest lights she'd ever seen Were the headlights on my pickup Till she saw the lights behind those swinging doors And everywhere she goes She leaves the jukeb

Eli Young Band - My old man's son lyrics

know there something about me I didn't know I didn't see Back when I tend to take for granted The ones who made a man of me That kid I was He had no clue That he'd make the man standing right here in front of you I was born my old mans son My momma's secret weapon He

Broken Social Scene - All my friends lyrics

my friends in magazines Got addicted to the word "leave" And they all wrote songs that they believe Little lies and massive dreams And they all request that you slow down And they all request that you slow down You've got to turn it

Good Clean Fun - My best friends lyrics

love Ani and Amy and Emily I hope every lesbian learns to play But when it comes to special rights like family I think marriage goes a bit too far We're pushing and pushing But never forget True equality, it hasn't happened yet But don't point your finger at me Take a look

George Jones - All my friends are gonna be strangers lyrics

the love you promised would be mine forever I would have bet my bottom dollar on Well, it sure turned out to be a short forever Just once I turned by back and you were gone. From now on all my friends are gonna be strangers I'm all through ever trusting anyone Th

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - My old man lyrics

old man He's a singer in the park He's a walker in the rain He's a dancer in the dark We don't need no piece of paper From the city hall Keeping us tied and true My old man Keeping away my blues He's my sunshine in the morning He's my fireworks at the end of the day He's

Mr. Probz - My old self lyrics

you want to be friend but I don't want that Told you to leave see Ima go back to my old, self Find yourself someone else Told you I don't want you to come back 'cause Ima do me bitch fall back My old self, old self Yeah now this must be the realest shit my pen wrote do

Émilie Simon - My old friend lyrics

old friend, my old friend Come close to me I want to talk about the sunny day It's almost as if the sky Fell on my shoulders It's funny cause in my mind It seemed easy to talk to you My old friend, my old friend She left me, she took alone

Adestria - All my friends are wild lyrics

call me wild thing, wild thing Vines and trees, replace my walls And oceans fill my floors I sail through day, i sail through night I sail right through that open door And in and out of weeks, almost over a year now, To where the wild things are Terrible roars, ter

Benjamin Lasnier - My best friends girl lyrics

my best friends girl, now i´m livin´in my best frieds on the world. She is the only one for me. The only girl i need. And I´m losing my best friend now for a best friend girl. Uaaau ua ua ua aaa ua a a .........

Chapin Harry - My old lady lyrics

wore an S.E.G. when she came back home Like the cat that ate the canary And I stood befuddled, a chauvanist stud With his mistress quite contrary I was smack up against the moment I was afraid i would face someday But the truth is a wall that you can

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