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The Cataracs - Im a star lyrics


Ian Brown - Golden gaze lyrics

the haze of smoke in the room I caught your golden gaze Knew these were better days With the rays of the sun through the roof I caught your golden gaze Knew these were better days, your golden gaze Star spangled shades, shade your eyes But could n

Arthemis - Star wars lyrics

is a time when all men Believe they can change the world Telling us lies, controlling our souls Star troops, silver knights Lights and purple fire We want justice for all Nobody wants to challenge The rage of the Silver Hawk Too late to stop t

Seven Gates - Download lyrics

t know what to do - the night seems so long Just wake up from a nap - and turn on my grey box Everything is so easy - can get what you want Interacting by a little pet - my body is fixed on the chair I feel no pain in my eyes I'm faraway wit

Mc Lars - Download this song lyrics

la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la It's 2006, the consumer's still pissed Won't take it anymore so I'm writing a list Don't try to resist this paradigm shift The music revolution cannot be dismissed $18.98 Iggy pop CD What if I can get it fro

Roadrunner United - Dawn of a golden age lyrics

childe Spawned of rage Soon childe... The dawning of a golden age Four and twenty acts have passed Since the pact was signed in blood Now this fifth lustrum will surely grasp The children of the holy With music wracked like final gasps From hearts that broken, flood Whil

Kid Ink - Star of the show lyrics

Chorus: Sean Kingston] I see you girl, play your role Always low when the cameras on You the star of the show oh oh Star of the show oh oh You deserve a golden globe Til you stay fresh from your head to your toes You star of the show oh oh Star of the show oh oh [Verse 1: Kid Ink] Hey

Kate Earl - Golden street lyrics

keep sayin that im a little short on mercy Say my god forsaken soul will buy me things Fame and fortune pearly gates and silver wings Ya i picked out curtains for my place on golden street People been calling me sinner Been calling me wayward saint Caught a snag along the pa

Almah - Golden empire lyrics

long You have been waiting for so long You wait Always the spring at the same place Until you feel it again... Oh... In you! So young Your wishes start to grow and then You know You need to be fast to get them Before they leave you again Over the golden empire

Jeremih - Imma star (everywhere we are) lyrics

thought i told you im a star you see the ice? you see the cars flashy lights everywhere we are livin like like theres no tomorrow i thought i told you im a star you see the ice? you see the cars flashy lights everywhere we are livin like like theres no tomorr

Kem - Golden days lyrics

won't you find yourself a dream Go down in history, Baby we'd be self-a-life up in the morning Feeling fine. (aye boo day bu doom boo dah dah) Tell daddy what you want yourself to be and have a taste of victory. Sugar wake up to the light, and you'll make it through the nigh

Lee Ben - Im with the star lyrics

I saw you on the catwalk Not a corny supermodel song I tried to cheer, but the cat had my tongue You came out of the dressing room In a t-shirt with a red front I'll be your hanger-onner If that's what you want Cause I'm with the star Cause that's wh

Maze - Golden time of day lyrics

s a time of the day when the sun is going down That's the golden time of day It's a time that the sun turns a gold all around That's the golden time of day At the end of the day when the wind is soft and warm Don't it make the flowers sway When the

Elysium ( Pol ) - Download damage lyrics

This Fantastic Future Surfin' Down Straight To Inferno Delete Trust & Understanding This Communication Breakdown Feedin' The Digital Demon Save Me As An Ego Breakdown Download Self-Destruction System Scheme Fatal Update Ch: Let Me Introduce Myself For I

Racer X - Golden god lyrics

a far came a star and he traveled from the great unknown Built a world out of stone rocked us down made it all his own With one stroke of his hand He was across the land Jet-black jive and rockin' beat He's the one the Golden God The one the Golden God

Jason Brannon - Star wars gangsta rap 2 lyrics

is Admiral Biatch to base camp, it seems the stormtroopers have gone on strike and I have no experience with this type of shit. Who should I call for help? Vader: It’s the V to the A to the D-E-R (Vader!) Reconstructin’ the Death Star! With my slick suede suit that’s bl

Cascada - Golden train lyrics

t you wake up yet Give me some time To watch you asleep Oh angel of mine And I would be fine, as long as you're near me Oh angel of mine [Chorus] But tomorrow if a golden train came to take you away, Would you go or would you stay But tomo

Jman Yiisshh - Golden voice:dont fu{n}k up are beats entry j.. lyrics

Its Jman and Im back in the booth, Attaining back that epic-ness i lost in my youth, Doctor thought my name was Vader and i told him it was true hehe.. just a deep voice and that is the truth Same old, Same old, Same sheets different fold Legend type, spitting right, nonstop o

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Golden lyrics

sunset falls in Wichita, yellow dances through the blue Wheat fields catch a glimpse of heaven, makes me think of you And even when you're miles away, You're always on my mind Lord knows you're in my heart Even when I close my eyes You are golden, Pr

Primal Scream - Star lyrics

you solid Are you solid as a rock Have you a strong foundation Or can your soul be bought It ain't true that Everybody's got a price I sing this song for everyone Who stands up for their rights [Chorus] Every brother is a Star Every sister is a star Every bro

The Smiths - Golden lights lyrics

lights displaying your name Golden lights it's a terrible shame But oh my darling WHY DID YOU CHANGE ? Boy in a million, idol, a big star I didn't tell you how great you were I didn't grovel and scream And rip your brand new jacket at the seams You made a

Renaissance - Golden key lyrics

of the golden key Company machine Sell his identity Spin their golden dream Sell him out as the boy next door Take him under their wing Gilded cage, but he has it made Golden bird he sings Sold out commodity Everything they need Image is fancy free How they'd like to b

Seals & Crofts - Golden rainbow lyrics

the evening when I wake up and my golden rainbow is gone. I reach out and I feel you there. And I see that look on your face. And it seems so natural, here with you. In the closing moments just before I lose myself. I forget about my problems and I just leave all my cares b

French Films - Golden sea lyrics

like strangled in my own bed But stood up Nothing, nothing instead Of staying out of the last hours Put it all in my endless debt I'm taking everything I can get See us trying to hold on what's left of our souls Now would you believe me If I said Felt

Hawkwind - Star cannibal lyrics

of blue open wide the sky Silence split with thunder men who fly Descend the jaws of cosmic brood For their appetite we the fleshly food Rising souls and carcassed bone Fleshless remains in every home Onwards crunching munching men Star Cannibal has come again He pa

One Less Reason - Im not happy for you lyrics

baby, maybe you've been saved And you just don't know it And maybe, maybe you've been hurt And you're scared to show it But sometimes, does your pain become too much for you to bear? And sometimes, do you run away? And I said maybe, maybe you won't stay

Brian May - Star fleet lyrics

Send a message out across the sky Alien raiders just past Gemini Who will come and save us now? Who can defend us from the power? Starfleet Starfleet Starf...

Gatsby's American Dream - Golden ticket lyrics

news of your misfortune And its scratching out my eyes, biting at my heart But ive got something to offer So this isnt a time to hide my hands Still i hide my heart, still i hide my heart This is where the rubber meets the road Its where we forget our transgressions And mov

Tim Mcgraw - Im only jesus lyrics

s got a duster '79 bottle of Jack and a 45 points it at his head and he starts to cry, to proud to ask me to save his life Billy's in a limo on the upper east side playing Russian Roulette with the long white line his wife gets a call at 3 am saying billy aint never comi

Skinny Puppy - Download lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Obituary lyricsObituary - Download lyrics

yourself in Burns with fortune. Comes with the falling rain. Peels down, racist game. Death falls, blood pours. Then we see lies pour, lies pour. Come to the falling, life's near the end. Life's end is guessing, for understand. Feel tha

Radikal Chef - Golden kidz (prod. frozengangbeatz) lyrics

2x) Nemôžem za to že vidím svet ako ho nevidíš ty, to znamená že ja som pred tebou keď mi chceš nakopať riť, nemôžem za to že vidím svet ako ho nevidíš ty, sme najlepšie čo táto doba vytvorila, vieme len míňať a piť. Stále žijeme s tmou, autami jazdíme h

Killerpilze - Im internet lyrics

Ich schalt' dich ein und das finde ich toll Dreh dich auf, dann bin ich gut drauf Anonymität ein, total fremdes Land Tausende von Mails, trotzdem kennt mich niemand Im Internet beginnt für mich die Welt Hier seh' ich gut aus Bin ein riesen Held Niemand schrei

Nozuka Justin - Golden train lyrics

t you wake up yet Give me some time To watch you asleep Oh angel of mine And I would be fine, as long as you're near me Oh angel of mine But tomorrow if a golden train came to take you away, Would you go or would you stay [Repeat] Here in this cozy r

Robert Ramirez - Im a number lyrics

m not a singer nor a star it's more simple my love i'm a number i'm not a planet nor a car i don't play with your soul i'm a number i don't feel i don't cry i don't look after you i'm a number i'm not a child nor a sinner i won't be mean and rude i'm

Lee Ben - Im willing lyrics

took a breath of fresh air I took in the view at the top I took a lock of her golden hair I took a look - it was gone If living Is giving I'm ready I'm willing I took her heart cos she let me I took a walk in the dark I took some time to decide if it was r

Saving Jane - Im in love with a vampire lyrics

I'm in love) (I'm in...I'm, I'm in) (I'm in love) (I think I'm in love) (I'm in...I'm in love) (I'm in...I'm in love) He's been waiting here a 1000 years until I came along and he left He said he could never be with me, 'cause time will never ch

Nesian Mystik - Star gazing lyrics

Chorus: Dmon] I know it seems kind of bright It's easy with these lights For me to forget why I came Caught up with the stars Like you know who we are! Got no time for waiting [Verse 1: Sabre] I'm looking for that green light, and stacks with the rubber band

Onision - Im so emo lyrics

m so dark I'm so emo I'm so dark I'm so emo I'm so dark I'm so emo Sometimes I like to watch you change I'm so emo I can meditate for 4 or 5 hours I'm so dark I'm afraid of milk, and I don't take showers I'm so emo It's fun to pretend my eyes h

Animal Collective - Golden gal lyrics

this about—where your head’s at? (f***)” “No, Blanche, she’s upset because they keep changing the taste of coke.” Golden Gal on her screen Some kind of tube she'd never seen Gift to the girl ready to dream Hope in new forms the ladp Spirit is bu

Prince - Golden parachute lyrics

Hey! (Hey) Golden parachute Do U wanna - golden parachute Here's 50 million dollars - go'n leave us alone (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute) In appreciatio...

Golden Resurrection - Golden flames lyrics

Flames We are the golden flames Golden Flames We are the golden flames Time, time's running fast, no time to relax We're lost in broken systems Today we are blind to see the reality We have, we have to break through Before it's too late The

Laura Jansen - Golden lyrics

nothing holds When all the lights have turned away Deep in the dark Light years, you feel light years from yesterday There's still a spark A million sparks Light the whole sky 'Cause it's all the work of stars We are golden, we are golden And they fall right where you

Lindemann - Golden shower lyrics

stand up and spread your legs I lay me down, look up, it shakes Let me eat your shame Let me sip champagne Let cry your pinky flower Give me, give me golden shower Let it rain, don't be blunt Let it rain, what a stunt Let it rain, make me grunt Le

Ns Yoon-g - Golden lyrics

oh oh oh oh oh oh we are golden(urineun choegoya) we are golden(urineun choegoya) AH~ nunmuri nage gomawoyo yeppeun meotjin saram sesangi naege jungajang ...

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Golden days lyrics

found a pile of Polaroids In the crates of a record shop They were sexy, sexy looking back From a night that time forgot Boy he was something debonair in 1979 And she had Farrah Fawcett hair Carafes of blood red wine In the summertime, in the summertime

Dan Wilson - Golden girl lyrics

golden girl, golden fire, golden eyes read my desire I've wandered through the world so long Looking for the golden girl I watched her walk across the square Through the gate I lost her there Gonna see my golden girl again Gonna see my golden girl someday, someday

Ian Hunter - Golden opportunity lyrics

The kids are OK They're telling you now But you're letting them down Cause you just don't know how And it's a golden opportunity I'm spinning in spac...

Jill Scott - Golden lyrics

Intro:] Heyyy, Ohh, Heyyy, Yeah, Ohh, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahhhh [Verse 1] I'm taking my freedom, Pulling it off the shelf, Putting it on my chain, Wear it around my neck, I'm taking my freedom, Putting it in my car, Wherever I choose to go, It

Van Morrison - Golden autumn day lyrics

I heard the bells ringing, I was thinking about winning In this God forsaken place When my confidence was well, then I tripped and I felt Right flat on my face Now I'm standing erect, and I feel like coming back And the sun is shining gold Put a smile on my fa

Twin Shadow - Golden light lyrics

met you first I heard your voice on the telephone And then again A city street where you walked alone And when you came out of the dark I was waiting there You said "i can take it now if you can take me anywhere" Don't be scared S

A Girl Called Eddy - Golden lyrics

night I dreamed While I was walking that I died looking up At fancy buildings and skyscrapers Are real heartbreakers When your time has come and gone It could've been all yours for a song Of all the things I ever wanted It was you And love and freedom But I was a girl haunted I

Anubis Gate - Golden days lyrics

blows on me Here comes my golden days It’s the vital state I’m in I see the lights The lights that mesmerize This young boy to dream on Dying to go Impatient to show the powers I possess I hunger for success I find myself invincible Collecting golden days I’m counting

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Golden girl lyrics

place mid-night When I come through I ring ya doorbell twice When I come through I do the things you like like Like I'm room service And don't you take me but every chick tryna take all your shit Cause I ain't even tryna get none of yo shit pleas

Dj Sammy - Golden child lyrics

child When ever you feel lonely I`m on your side No matter where you go I will be there You always find my shoulder So don`t cry, my golden child My golden child My golden child Golden child Whenever you feel lonely I`m on your side No matter where you go

Drake Bell - Golden days lyrics

amp;quot;Golden Days" These are the golden days In this golden age that we're livin' I show you a thousand ways I show you how we take what we're given Alright Yeah You can say what you want We don't need your permission Cause you'r

Golden Resurrection - Golden times lyrics

still remember when you came into my life I fell in love (I fell in love) And I'm still in love (I'm still in love) Music with action given from above to me yeah! I remember the golden days I remember the golden times When you took me by surprise I hear the music so

Klaxons - Golden skans lyrics

ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on. You can forget our future plans. Night touch my hand with the turning Golden Skans, From the night and the light, all plans are golden in your hand. Set sail fr

Miss Li - Golden retriever lyrics

gonna buy you a dog, I’m gonna buy you a puppy, I’m gonna be so happy, I’m gonna move out to the country. And if you call me on the phone I’m gonna be out in the garden With my Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever. I’m gonna make myself dinner, I’m gonna eat all by mysel

Dolly Parton - Golden streets of glory lyrics

to His name, oh, holy, holy There's a city where the streets are paved in gold A land where the milk and the honey flow And a mansion which for me 'Cause my bible tells the story I just hope my feet are clean enough To walk upon the golden streets of glory

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