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Dalla Lucio - Com'è profondo il mare lyrics

noi, siamo in tanti ci nascondiamo di notte per paura degli automobilisti dei linotipisti siamo i gatti neri siamo i pessimisti siamo i cattivi pensieri e non abbiamo da mangiare com'è profondo il mare com'è profondo il mare Babbo,

Cocciante Riccardo - Com'è leggera la vita (cocciante & gian marco.. lyrics

posso rincorrere più la ragazza questa ragazza, la vita mi sfugge e mi fa un segno col dito e mi dice "Mercuzio, no!" Ragazza impazzita, mi dice di no cosa farei con la vita di giorno con lei di notte con lei ma mi dice " Mercuzio, no!&q

Blind Fool Love - Com'eri un tempo lyrics

finirà come finisce il tempo non cambierà come cambia il vento settembre è già finito, ormai la polvere sulle tue vesti vecchie non sarà più come allora quello che resta è soltanto solitudine ti vorrei com'eri un tempo quando il cielo sbocciava

Lil Mama - Com follow me lyrics

Come On) That's not the way to rock Do you want, what we got Tag along, crank it up Sing a song, you know we don't stop Yo my man. Get behind the wheels Time to cruise. You snooze, you lose Let me introduce you to my friends In the other car right behind us And my other f

Mono - Com(?) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Motionless In White - .com, pt ii lyrics

lips and skin, they taste of sin Step 1- there's silence in your screaming As I'm cutting out your tongue This will be the last time that we ever play this game Step 2- feast upon your insides Drain the blood out from your veins This will be the last time that you ever see my f

Dark Lotus - Dot com lyrics

is a lot of important people Involved in making the Juggalo world go around And this right here Is a special shout out to those people Of course there is no way to possibly cover all the people that make the Juggalo work go round This is ju

New Boyz - Dot com lyrics

Chorus: Legacy] I'm a reject dot com Jerk dot com Every time I lift up my shirt dot com You a bad one I'm a flirt dot com You tryna look me up jus surf dot com I'm a jerk (dot com) [x4] I'm a jerk (and a reject) I'm a jerk (dot com) [x4]

E-type - So dem a com lyrics

dem a com, so dem a com, dem a com, dem a com So dem a com with a bompin' song So dem a com with a bompin' song, so dem a com Late in the evening when the "E-Type" left the stage Casanova takes over, now they call me P.J. Them balin: rampam-zibb

Right Said Fred - Lovers.com lyrics

hearts from London to Bombay You never need for gas on this highway The search is never done For lovers.com Capricorns and Libras and Virgos From Illinois Vienna and Rio The search is always on For lovers.com Sex for fun Get your kicks when you c

E-type - So dem a com (explorer version) lyrics

in the evening when the "E-Type" left the stage Casanova takes over, now they call me PJ Them balin: rampam-zibbie-dibbie, ever in style PJ breaks your heart and then he'll leave you with a smile So dem a com, so dem a com, dem a c

Killerpilze - Komm komm.com lyrics

komm.com! Lass und die Musik spielen, genügend Kohle machen und mit Models im Arm über diese Strophe lachen. Was'n? Ich kann das nicht in Worte fassen, das ist unser Gefühl. Wir schweben ohne Ziel. Von allem viel zu viel. Auf der Überholspur, Everything is fun.

Al Bano & Romina Power - Parigi è bella com'è lyrics

è bella com'è col movimento che c'è da quando arrivi ad Orly e senti primo bonjours salendo sopra un taxi. Parigi è bella com'è, si vede dalla Banlieue entrando a porte d'Italie, seguendo il traffico che va fino a Champs-Elysees. Parigi

Jethro Tull - Dot com lyrics

s a wide world out there So much wider than imagined I can't quite put my finger on the pulse Of your heart softly beating Just beneath the raw silk sheen That reflects the tints of Autumn from the hills. So punch my name. And in case you wond

Jello Biafra - Dot com monte carlo lyrics

did they come from? Why are they here? Hi-tech piranhas With Bluetooth barnacle ears Living breathing biohazards Spit their money in everyone’s face Worship all these shitty indie-pop bands Babies in cigar bars Trying to play Gatsby They want us gone

Mercenary - Dead.com lyrics

will follow orders Obey my command at all times Or you will be punished Spikes... Spikes yeah And you're gonna get'em As I crept away From the sun in the sea Who would you betray? Cretaintly not me Because I'm restless master Just like you teach you

Key,kelly - Tudo com você lyrics

que você não fez por mal Mas vacilar assim não é legal Sei quando a paixão é fulgás Rola um ciúme, amor Nada demais Perdoar, te querer, te beijar Me entregar pra valer Sedução, emoção, me envolver Tudo com você Pare de bobeira e deixe o clima rolar D

Deuce - Deuce dot com lyrics

don't stop, what's my name girl, what's my name girl? (Deuce!) Don't stop, shake that thing girl, shake that thing [Chorus:] We can ride if you wanna ride, later We can dance if you wanna dance, baby I don't care if you gotta man, save it Keep standing by my si

Khadaver - Fear [at] horrorween [dot] com ii lyrics

world of scream and hate Enter world of terror and lost fate Open port be ready for fear Hide to folder it’s Halloween Binary knife in your head Killer in the mask wants you dead Do you feel pain inside F***ing shock tears you apart He is comi

The Damned - Song.com lyrics

get up and save the world And though it may be a game I know it may sound absurd But I dig the challenge Gotta hit the sites Because I'm always surfin', always surfin' Surfin' for my life Chatting with a new made chum Doesn't know I look a bum She thinks that I'm 6 foot

Tim Hawkins - Freecreditreport.com spoof lyrics

the other day some dude asked me where I'm gonna spend eternity He said I didn't know my future was wack so he opened up the holy book and showed me that F-R-E-E that spells 'free' salvation for you and me says there in John 3:16 In your King James or your NIV now

Jambo - Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vurvergo5im&fe.. lyrics

Jambo Bwana - Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Hakuna Matata. Jambo, Jambo Bwana - have a good time, enjoy the samba. Jambo, Jambo Bwana - you are welcome, Hakuna Matata. Jambo, Jambo Bwana - have a good time, enjoy the samba. Jambo, Jambo Bwana - take it easy, Hakun

Max Milner - Max milner & meanwhile in tinseltown - my com.. lyrics

OH, BA BA BU DA BU DA BU BA BU BA BUM, BA BA BU DAAAAAAHHHHRGH WOAH OH, BA BA BU DA BU DA BU BA BU BA BUM, BA BA BU DA BOW. ahB BIBIDY BAW BOW! So if you're waiting for a pathetic apologetic text I probably wouldn't hold my breath, you know I nev

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Go hard or go home [amazon.com bonus track] lyrics

I feel my heart stuck to beat like a drum every, everytime you're looking my way, I see them other guys, trying but I only wanna wanna hear what you have to say [Bridge] Don't keep me waiting, got one chance before I'm off to saint elsewhere, that window is closed I keep my

Moonspell - Tenebrarum oratorium (andamento ii/erotic com.. lyrics

Insinuant tongue of Lilith Oh! Virtuous latin Langsuyar Will you both drive me onto an Erudit Zenith? Will I take part in the lybidious dances of Nergal? I lust with thee. Pictures, fetishes of luxury! Does the incomparable beauty of Kali Still a

Sleeping With Sirens - The bomb dot com lyrics

hate the way that this feels, the taste, it's nothing new Your words they overtake me here I am, I'm yours I feel it deep in my skin Your grace is poisonous Your eyes they focus in on mine Hold me close we're sinking fast When all we know is falling I'll

Sleeping With Sirens - The bomb dot com version 2.0 lyrics

open up like a page in a book. These words that I'm writing wont be misunderstood If I'm dishonest bring me back to my knees. Show me why I'm even able to speak. I'll testify please help me to see. Don't close your eyes, keep your eyes on me. Open up, open up now make

Coalesce - Cowards.com lyrics

s all too typical how they forget their names when they finally grow their balls. It's all too typical how these parents, they deal with threats and dare to expect change anonymously. Where the hell do you think you are? Dirty looks and guilt trips are useless on u

Gaby Espino - Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajtdxiazrmo lyrics

re the light, you're the night You're the color of my blood You're the cure, you're the pain You're the only thing I wanna touch Never knew that it could mean so much, so much You're the fear, I don't care Cause I've never been so high Follow

Greeley Estates - Loyal.com lyrics

it's the last thing Ima say to you Soon you'll feel us, We're getting closer Soon enough you won't even breathe Soon you'll know that we're getting closer And by that time you'd better be ready for hell You know what you did, You thought you got away with it Revenge

Lady Pank - Www.god.com lyrics

raz o Boga Internetową sieć Adresów chyba milion Bez trudu mogłem zaraz mieć Przeważnie same śmieci I gdy je chciałem zmieść Ktoś mi nadesłał maila A oto jego treść: „Nie ma mnie od lat Tutaj razem z wami Porzuciłem świat Radźcie sobie sami Waszych win i w

Motionless In White - Schitzophrenicannibalisticsexfest.com lyrics

Your lips and skin, they taste of sin. You've got my back against the wall, You've got my hands around your throat. Now watch the blood drip down your mouth. You said let's dance. (Begging for mercy, but nobody heard me) (I so tried to stop this, but just couldn't

Chris Rea - Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp3fglpnqdq lyrics

throws her hair into the february breeze She hears it singing through the branches of the trees A song of something you know so well And she’s still looking for a freeway She hears the sound of distant planes across the sky She catches fleeting glimpse of fading red tail lig

Fatboy Slim - Slash dot dash lyrics

Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Com Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Com. Dot Com Dot com Dot Dot Dot Dot Com Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash Dot Dash Dot, Slash

Powerman 5000 - Action lyrics

.. Go! The sky is falling it’s a curious condition It ain’t a fallacy, it ain’t superstition You live your life like you’re some kind of actor But this scenario you cannot manufacture We’re gonna need some action We’re gonna need some action so

Dr.alban - Riddle of life lyrics

is the riddle of life This is the riddle of my heart Com si, com si, coma joha Com si, com si, coma johaoh Com si, si coma joha Com si coma joha This is the way you touch me This is the riddle of my heart This is the riddle of life This is the riddle of my heart

Nelly Furtado - Forca lyrics

is the passion flowing right on through your veins And it's the feeling that you're oh so glad you came It is the moment you remember you're alive It is the air you breathe, the element, the fire It is that flower that you took the time to smell It is the

Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra leone - invitro dnb remix lyrics


Narcotic Sound & Christian D - Poesia de amor (ft.yanka) lyrics

we're movin' and lovin' this sound Uh nah nah eeeh Going crazy now we are allowed Uh nah nah eeeh And we're movin' and lovin' this sound Uh nah nah eeeh Going crazy now getting it loud loud So es tu Tua musica me enloquecas (me enloquecas) Me gosto mais qu

U2 lyricsU2 - A sort of homecoming lyrics

you know it's time to go Through the sleet and driving snow Across the fields of mourning To a light, that’s in the distance And you hunger for the time Time to heal, desire, time And your earth moves beneath Your own dream landscape Oh, Oh, Oh... On borderland we run

Lucco Lucas - Pensando em você lyrics

estou pensando em você Pensando em nunca mais Pensar em te esquecer Pois quando penso em você É quando não me sinto só Com minhas letras e canções Com o perfume das manhãs Com a chuva dos verões Com o desenho das maçãs E com você me sinto bem Eu estou pensand

Mcdonnell Charlie - Rhymezonecom lyrics

lot of folk here on the internet like writing songs about weird things And one thing that can cause upset is the hardship that rhyming brings Rhyming words like things and brings is pretty freaking easy But finding a rhyme for internet can make a man feel queasy But there’s t

Raffaella Carra - Tanti auguri lyrics

Auguri Se per caso cadesse il mondo io mi sposto un pò più in la sono un cuore vagabondo che di regole non ne ha la mia vita è un roulette i miei numeri tu li sai il mio corpo è una moquette dove tu ti addormenterai. Ma girando la mia terra io mi sono convinta che non

Key,kelly - Ciúme lyrics

[se liga, senão você vai rodar tô com ciúmes de você rapá se liga, senão você vai rodar] você olha pro lado, eu fico bolada tá falando com outra, eu fico ligada eu seguro essa onda calada se você tá sozinho e não liga eu ligo pro celular, desliga você já

Common - Communism lyrics

Yo troy i'ma come on the rhythm With a little bit of communism Yeah, hah So check it out, yeah Chick-a chick-a i'm Chick-a chick-a on Chick-a chick-a my My, own shit Like an entrepeneur, that stepped in maneur Man I'm newer than a jack I went up the hill with jill And ja

Prince - Emale lyrics

aah ooh The emale left so clearly upon a computer screen Read like a threat that crept into her like a sex machine Wanted: Any woman who's first name begins with a "Z" From the sound of the keys, a pawn makes a move Her reply b

Akcent - I'm sorry lyrics

eyes wide open And new life hope I just realize, it was no surprise My heart is broken, you got me open It will heal in time, I will be just fine I’m getting stronger, I’m hurt no longer My choose it's right now I’ll take it somehow Yalla

Caves - We got this! (official music video) - clinton.. lyrics

Clinton's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClintonCaveOfficial Ryan Enzed's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ryan.Enzed.nzmusic101 Ben Chambers' Facebook:...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Commotion lyrics

in the city turns my head around. No, no, no, no, no. Backed up on the freeway, backed up in the church, Ev'rywhere you look there's a frown, frown. Com, commotion, Git, git, git, gone. Com, commotion, Git, git, git, gone. People keep atalking, they don't sa

Ligabue - Eri bellissima lyrics

bellissima lasciatelo dire e anche stavolta so che non mi crederai eri davanti a me davanti agli occhi del bambino e gli occhi del bambino quelli non li danno proprio indietro mai credimi:mai ti dico:mai eri sanissima: ostrica e lampone sulle mie dita c'eri

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Faz gostoso (feat. anitta) lyrics

disse que é difícil a dificultar Mas quando saio com mais 5, fica-se a coçar Ele sabe o que eu sinto e não tá me a ligar Minha presença no recinto, Snap a bloquear Mas hoje ele diz que não dá Mas deixa a cachaça acabar Menino te digo, tu tá bem perdi

Ardian Bujupi - Get wasted lyrics

Strophe] I wake up I really break your dan Ladies but on the Make-up, the night befor was to long I'm feeling gread now this is wear a belong I'm get in ready for the night thats wen the paty is on [Bridge] And every body say, ohh, ohh, ohh And every body say, noo, ohh, oh

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Booty man lyrics

oh oh, oh oh oh yeah eh yeah babe yeah eh yeah babe, hey whoa oh oh, oh oh oh yeah eh yeah babe yeah eh yeah babe One, two buckle, my shoes three, four step inside the venue and ah, see in the corner of my eye, this beautiful girl that's standing by the bar looking fly She was

Chamillionaire - Diamonds exposed break lyrics

Intro - Chamillionaire - talking] Log on Chamillionaire.com We got a all new social network A all new social website, I'm on there, I'm active Holla at me, chamillionaire.com baby [Chorus - Chamillionaire] Heeey, I'm livin good, couldn't be better Gripp

Common - Making a name for ourselves lyrics

Yeah yeah Me and my man Com Sense Rallyin troops like Joseph Stalin Where you at yo? Common: I'm bout to make the name Com Sense a name you fear Y'all niggaz is scared I'm your worst nightmare squared Canibus: And I'ma make the name Canibus a name you fear Y'all niggaz

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - L'equilibrista lyrics

è diverso il mondo visto da qui sopra un filo immaginario nel silenzio che c'è attraverserò l'immenso che ho davanti a me ali nel vento per volare non ho sfiderò nell'aria la forza della mia gravità muoverò le braccia aperte nell'infinità del blu com'

Shinhwa - Red carpet lyrics

amazing meon gireul dora dasi tanda Like on fire Dugeun georineun simjangeul jwigo neoreul taeunda Like ghost rider Su manheun girl deul junge niga kkojhyeo Naneun sumi meojeul geotman gata neoreul neukkyeo Jigeum sarangeul baraneun yeogi mudae wieseo Nae momi neoreul w

Fish - Senorita lyrics

Esa & Vacca] Ehi, mi piace come fai che fai quello che fai io vorrei farmi i fatti miei però ti guardo e mi chiedo: com'è che fai cosa sei? ehi, tutto quel che fai mi piace come lo fai mi chiedo com'è che fai perchè non riesco a capirlo poi me lo spieghi da

Hide - Blue sky complex lyrics

haabu no nioi Aoi shinigami no shita de Oh blue sky. nouten ki na ada hana kurui saki Feel like a suicide. iroke mo tokete nagarerya mina onaji Subete pasuteru ni irodoru Shikisai onchi no chokoreeto Oh blue sky. it's just a sunshine junkie. Ah urusai hakujit

Lady Saw - Ive got your man lyrics

when you call my phone just say what's on your mind, OK? Don't call then hang up, I'm not into that, You want me to tell you somethin? Let me tell you somethin. Your man he told me that he's tired of the shit you got, He took one hit and said my good shit keeps him comi

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