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Immolation - In human form lyrics

Trial of will, to force restrain All the rage, locked inside ... Struggle on in human form Hate overflows ... it's way, beneath our skin It's curse is strong,

Death - In human form lyrics

the earth beware, it is here in human form. An atrocity ... with greed. Filled with evil intentions, ready to attack. ... be your next victim. Profiting on visions of others, dark

Blondie - Words in my mouth lyrics

song for someone else to sing To see what a meeting of ... the minds might bring But we're not exactly two ... of a kind And our meeting has come to a grind Words

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Words in the distance (love awareness) lyrics

with danger and tears in my eyes Love ain't no ... stranger so many goodbyes Words in the distance are ... calling me Just when I thought I ... Here comes another fire burning in my heart Words in the

Ragenheart - In the name of god lyrics

say you're a sinner in your life They say they'll ... And no more.. You're believing that they're serving god ... the human soul They claim sin no more And cross they hold

Freakangel - God's blind game (es23 remix) lyrics

destination is under his will Ugly ... life makes this f***ing world ill Broken hopes are ... thrown into waste We are the ones by ... chased Our agony is moved by salvation of prayers Rotten

Freakangel - God's blind game (neikka rpm remix) lyrics

destination is under his will Ugly ... life makes this f***ing world ill Broken hopes are ... thrown into waste We are the ones by ... chased Our agony is moved by salvation of prayers Rotten

Freakangel - God's blind game (syndrome x/209 remix) lyrics

destination is under his will Ugly ... life makes this f***ing world ill Broken hopes are ... thrown into waste We are the ones by ... chased Our agony is moved by salvation of prayers Rotten

Jose Luis Sepulveda - Prayers for a nation lyrics

wish that Lord, You'd hear my prayers For the word "Inequality ... quot; Not to cross my day Every worker has a voice And ... wish that Lord You'd hear my prayers For the word "Fanaticism

Autumn - Answers never questioned lyrics

Another twist of fate Shadow by the lamp post a trench coat in the corner of the eye ... weight did you walk away indifferent? Hearts and spades ... diamond cannot be replaced by the clovers insignificance

Disciple - God is with us lyrics

words can not stand against us For God is with us, God is with us This desert is ... My enemies are strengthening every hour like a plague ... Their words can not stand against us For God is with us, God is with us Their words can

Big Country - God's great mistake lyrics

enough answers to too many questions But ... guns are the last things we need So we better watch ... the news For we all have minds to feed For the latest in

Rage - Prayers of steel`94 lyrics

anvil, oh lord And forge me in a crowbar Let me pry young ... virgin souls Give 'em strength ... anvil, oh lord And forge me in a spike Drive me in the ... your temple high From the darkest souls, so deep To the

Fleshgod Apocalypse - In honour of reason lyrics

with deceit by the vile spread Idolatry to ... nothing No redemption for men who ... cowards serve Forsaken by those fathers that push them ... to be Killed by god they pray Stead of their

Blood Red Throne - In hell i roam lyrics

Bullets form the tongue of damnation Brainwashed minds cut ... out the eyes Of reason in a desperate stare Hatred ... comes from nothing more Where's your God now?

Mamas And The Papas, The - Words of love lyrics

so soft and tender, Won't win a girl's heart anymore. If ... Worn out phrases and longing gazes Won't get you where ... soft and tender, Won't win her... You oughta know by

Blitzen Trapper - God & suicide lyrics

can live with god and with suicide the same thing holds if i close my eyes it ... of heaven mixed with hell inside of my head if a three ... four cord can ignite a flame and a girl like you can

Adiastasia - By dreams lyrics

light in the dark i see the reason of being ... the answer to all my prayers my promessed land I know ... what i`m waiting for Just what i am by ... dreams i live all my life by dreams i will live forever a

Luisa Värk - God inside your soul lyrics

god was laying by my side To love and care and ... Tell me... Would sky remind me who I see? Would sky be ... s You I need) Eyes too blind to see God stood next to me

Disciple - God of elijah lyrics

will you waver between two opinions If the Lord is God then ... follow Him But if Baal is god then follow him There are ... And show everyone here today That if he's the real god

Disciple - By god lyrics

bring out the best in me Which is nothing less ... than Your holiness Manifest Your power in me ... I lay me down, let it rise up in my soul I’m falling down, so

Juanita Bynum - In the silence lyrics

of telling you, You'll have me, When ... don't I'm tired of telling you, I'll follow, When I ... ears can't hear how to walk in your ways. [Chorus:] In

Coheed And Cambria - God send conspirator lyrics

is stuck on the right words in your ear. Did you hear me ... loud and clear? In sight and out of mind? ... Cautiously avoiding the cracks not to disturb ... your steadied arm straight line. The facts before a climb..

Damnwells - God bless america lyrics

Land that I love If we win or we lose Standing beside ... her and keeping score Guiding her freedom to the enemy's ... door God bless America by land and sea Saving the

India Arie - God is real lyrics

flower the largest plant Into the smallest atom, snow ... flakes in the bird kingdom, Smaller than the eye ... can see, Bigger than the mind can concieve. (oh) Heard a

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - God will lyrics

where no one else will walk God will talk with me of things ... will talk When no one will, God will God will share with ... no one knows are there God will care for me whenever

Corey Hart - In your soul lyrics

since I was a little kid I have ... I could run faster than the wind Stare up to the sky with ... live and die Man you can't find that in no book You never find that in no book Someone will

Culcha Candela - In da city lyrics

party always gonna rock on Inna sunshiny weather where ... people come together Berlin city...love you but sometimes ... I got to come down from da trouble, from da noise and

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In the heat of the moment lyrics

me you've touched the face of God . At the sound of a rope ... cracking on your neck. They tell me ... Like the song that was soul singing in your head So honey

Dean Martin - In a manner of speaking lyrics

a manner of speaking In a manner of speaking I just ... the way You told me everything By saying nothing In a ... manner of speaking I don’t understand How love

Nas lyricsNas - God love us lyrics

Uhh.. Uh.. speak without thinkin.. speak without speakin.. ... huh.. Feel without reachin, uhh That's what it's about ... It's about that, inner, inner love, yaknawmean?

Alunageorge - In my head lyrics

It's like you got the power in you, hypnotized Yeah when I ... m in a funk and know it's breaking ... me life It's like you're goin' Da da da da da, da, doo Da

Graveworm - By the grace of god lyrics

one day Black shadows darkened the light Destruction ... horsemen began the sentenced In the name of god A battle against godless tribe A dreadful ... pact Lost a thousand innocent souls A sea of blood

Martin Gore - In a manner of speaking lyrics

a manner of speaking I just want to say That I ... the way You told me everything By saying nothing In a ... manner of speaking I don't understand How love

Pharaoh - In the violet fire lyrics

the darkness envision Angels ... protect you from sin In your heart there's a key to ... the prison within In the violet fire Wash away ... your fears Let it shine forever Holy light for the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - God bless amerika lyrics

Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] Uh, my mind's filled with minefields The ... ashes fall, the wine spills The world stops, ... drops and rolls It's Judgment Day or a fire drill Yeah, I pour

Golden Resurrection - God's mercy lyrics

s Mercy, God's Mercy, God's Mercy, For you and for me ... Side by side, Hand in hand, We all unite, We take ... stand, See the heart of mankind, Please don't grow cold

Plus One - God is in this place lyrics

h o r u s] I need to say That God is in this place And God is ... right by your side You need to know ... That anywhere you go Just by faith His love will abide

A Forest Of Stars - God lyrics

shattered like ice, incipit rage in myriad voices of ... the wind All light now absent as ... the banshees howl No solace in the maelstrom. -Even the ... the eye can see Relentless winter restraining the new mourning rays. Frozen in thought

Broilers - Das da oben (nur in dir) lyrics

in den Wolken Jemand, der da wohnt Ein heiliger Geist, ein Prophet,ein Vater und sein ... Manchmal schwer zu glauben ,dass da jemand ist,der über uns ... hier alle wacht und Kinder Sterben lässt. In

Danger Silent - In a sea of floating hope & sinking dreams lyrics

gray, and all the shapes and lines intertwine. You don't have ... escape from the end. Trapped in a prison in your mind, can't ... stop shaking. You've thought about the

Dom Kennedy - In memory of lyrics

the week like this And it ain't just rap boy, I speak like ... this I'm heavy as a muthaf***in Jeep like this And I'm comin ... in your lane beep beep like this

Pete Seeger lyricsPete Seeger - Words, words, words lyrics

words, words in my old bible How much of ... truth remains? If I only understood them ... Words, words, words in Tom's old Declaration How ... much of truth remains? If I only understood them

Ancient - In the abyss of the cursed souls lyrics

of blood red battles Finally on my way back home Letting myself be dragged by instinct In the mist of the cold ... evening I suddenly came across a

Rebecca Black - In your words lyrics

It’s not clear The clouds ain’t always bad if when they ... they reveal And I’m moving on Cause you set me free ... And I’m trying to be as much of myself as

2nd Suicide - Words lyrics

to set free The words in the tree Malchut, Iesod, ... Keter The words in creation The words in ... On my forehead The words in the tree Hod, Binah, Keter

Public Image Ltd - God lyrics

can only feel and think in the language of Cliches ... to walk-with the caprice of God How good to talk-with the ... caprice of God Build your ivory tower So

Rend Collective - God is near lyrics

What it is to be alone Since you've never left our side ... far away Your always within reach Hallelujah God is near ... oceans to be with me, Nothing can keep you away God is

Bianca Atzei - In un giorno di sole lyrics

mio padre Avrei voluto ridipingere di rosa La mia stanza ... comprarti un cappello nuovo Fingere che tu stai bene Non ... che sono E non ti ho mai dato Per tutte le cose

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - God damn i am lyrics

is dead i beat him in the head call it sin i'd do ... it again so what? so what? babies ... tears on a butchers block god loves me well god can blow ... believe thats why i said god damn god damn i am god damn

Powerwolf - In the name of god (deus vult) lyrics

the Name of God In the Name of God In the Name ... of God we go to heaven In the Name of God In the Name ... of God In the Name of God we go to heaven Martyrs in

Deicide - In the minds of evil lyrics

obsession in a world of betray Taunted into silence and the bury the ... rage Deep depression darkness fed pull the tigger ... Crazed disposition underling decei Killing without

Elevation Worship - In your presence lyrics

presence there is freedom In Your presence there is hope In Your presence there is healing Love restores me, I am ... fall Your love is everlasting Your kindness never ends God You never leave me Your

Toby Keith - God love her lyrics

a girl born in Dixie Washed in the blood And raised on the ... mud She always had a thing About fallin' in love with ... Yea, they could see it all comin' But her daddy never

Ram-zet - God don't forgive lyrics

drifting away in the river of shame with the ... conscience of Judas and no one to blame. ... tonight?" he said, smiling contentious to his terrified

Shriekback - God's gardenias lyrics

puts the flowers in her organised hair Celia ... keeps her money in the sea The mist is on the ... river The drinks are on the bar Pleasure's ... my crimes The thort is flowing and the beast feels fine: God's gardenias rain on me...'

Astarte - God i hate them all lyrics

Poison lips Shield my mouth In the dark I hear my thoughts ... Someone please unlock me now In the dusty cellar door Just ... let me out of here In the dark where nobody hears With my

Chris Mcclarney - God of our yesterdays lyrics

we were in the darkest night And wondered if ... there Lord. When we were in the stormy gale And ... wondered if we'd ever live in peace again You were there

Manowar - God or man lyrics

arrive a stranger in this land and Those who seek ... And If she heals me will I be God or Man Tell Me Will I ... me Why Tell me who I am God or Man Step Aside Where I

Morcheeba - God bless and goodbye lyrics

can happen now I won't cave in, My heart will open out ... With love Caught in a struggle Goodness, i've ... re such a puzzle I guess, God bless and goodbye This aint a proposition Can you clear

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