God Stomp Da Roach lyrics

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Kirk Franklin - Stomp! lyrics

Clinton, George Jr; Franklin, Kirk; Morrison, Walter; Shider, Garry; For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far You think we got too radical with our message Well, I got news for you, you ain't heard nothin' yet And if you don't know, now you know, glory, glory La

Quiet Riot - Stomp your hands clap your feet lyrics

Woo-woo yeah Turn it up until it bangs your head Tear it down now mother don't play dead People stand the noise All the little toys Put some more coke on the fire Stomp your hands Clap your feet Stomp your hands To the beat Stomp your hands

Aaron Carter - Stomp lyrics

out the weekends open wide Fill it up let's blast the jams and ride While we're cruisin' around in the street Listen up for the party in feet Slap me five that's the place we've arrived it's alive Ev'rybody take it to the top we're gonna Stomp all night in the neighb

Moxy And The Influence - Stomp you down lyrics

come, to me We’re not the same, now I’m free I played your game Moving ahead creates no blame Because the crowned thought they’d win Your armor stronger than your sin You pushed, you beat, you scarred our name You went insane! You clawed y

Ruff Ryders - Stomp lyrics

Yung Wun] Y'all done f***ed up now! OH SHIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's mine now! Who want it, HA? D-S, Ryde or Die nigga, you heard that? It's Yung Wun with the big gun, what you gon' do boy? You betta sit down nigga don't play like that Betta yet tell ya man to put down th

F.k.Ü. - Stomp and shake (crystal lake) lyrics

man behind the mask To slaughter and to maim that is his task Innocent youth down the lake Mother says their lives he's gotta take One thing you cannot trust Is a man with a machete in his hand Get the f*** out, he's not a goalkeeper It's Jason Vorhees with a

Rap Monster - God rap lyrics

Thank God that I can live Thank God that I can breathe Thank God that I can spit Thank God that I can dream i areumdapgodo chuakhan sesangeur bor su isseo nugunga jugeoganeun ttaedo koreur gor su isseo nabakke molla,geurae neur gippeugeona seulpeugeona nugur

Brown Eyed Girls - God particle lyrics

mugeran eopseo chakgagiya geudae geokjeongeun jeo dwiro deonjyeo beorigo geujeo haneulhaneul bieoissneun gabyeoun jonjaeyeyo kkadaropge gulji mayo i bameun oneulbuteo da neoreul beoseo da yeogin paradise jeulgiraguyo geudaen oneul ttak han beonman gyunhyeongeul i

Knowledge - Stomp out lyrics

I'll be sick with all the things you say But only when you try to you lie and use them everday You're fighting with yourself...you can't fool me Someday you will realize...Someday you will say You thought you were a ruler It's only a charade A never e

Dr Iggy - Da si tu lyrics

Ja samo tebi pripadam i samo tvoje ime znam nezno saptati u snu o, kako zelim da si tu Vec dugo ja te poznajem i imam te kao druga i mada sebi to ne priznajem zelim da je relacija druga Mnogo mi se dopadas o da, a da li ti to znas pa

Bloodhound Gang - Rip taylor is god lyrics

Da dee dada dee da da This is Rip Taylor Hey there sprinkle genies! Haha! Did you know that midgets make up a small percentage of the population? Hah! Not half, up to here, HAHA HEY! Woo But seriously, don't you think it's time we had a female president? With big gazooms?

Da Brat - Da shit ya can't fuc wit lyrics

promise the funk the whole funk and nothin' but the funk...Yoooooohoo I be Da B-R-A-T the new lady wit dat shit ya can't f*** wit I be Da B-R-A-T the new lady wit dat shit ya can't f*** wit Uh, fool sittin' all fat brat tat tat tat (bitch and its like that) Well

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Da mystery of chessboxin lyrics

game of chess, is like a swordfight You must think first, before you move. Toad style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon When it's properly used, it's almost invincible. (Verse One: U-God) Raw imma give it to ya, with no trivia raw like cocaine st

Eterna - Da pacem domine lyrics

for Friday to feel some good sensations. Sometimes I feel the floor moving my legs. Don´t wanna be afraid of my own temptations. Too many things that I see... Oh! I can´t have it!! Whatever nothing can prove that all fake sensations. Maybe should be good to be sad... We woul

Andre Nickatina - God gimmie g's lyrics

the ball 'cause you just might fumble Goin' about 90 baby comin' out the bay bridge tunnel God gimme G's on the double Prime time trouble Love to watch dope when it bubbles [Verse One] You must be dreamin, get a dictionary for the meanin' All up in the game like Willy Demon Straight

Girls Dead Monster - God bless you lyrics

koto mo gara ja nakute sumashite kiiteta hoozue o tsuite gogo no kensou yukkuri to chikazuite kie kasanaru hamon no you na hitotachi o zutto mitekita sukoshi demo tsutawattara koko ni iru imi ga tsukureru soto wa ame kyoushitsu de kyoku o kaiteta waratte sa nakisakende sa yuke dar

Paradise Oskar - Da da dam lyrics

is smart, he knows each European country by heart He likes to sit under an apple tree on his yard And wait for an apple to fall When Peter is nine, His teacher tells him that this planet is dying That someone needs to put an end to it all And so

Prince - Da, da, da lyrics

da, da, da Da, da, da, da, da (Yeah y'all, it's like that y'all, it's like "Bet Your Life") {sample repeated in song} Yeah It's like rolling in a Bronco pumpin' them pumps U know what I'm sayin'' On Broadway or somethin', U know what

Audio Push - Da rockwilder lyrics

Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da R...

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Da da da lyrics

aha aha aha aha aha Was ist los mit dir mein schatz - aha geht es immer nur bergab - aha geht nur das was du verstehst - aha this is what you got to know loved you though it didn't show Ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht - aha ich lieb dich nicht d

Iyaz - Da da da lyrics

da da, da da da You keep up coming up after lies And saying sorry, da da da Sorry, da da da, sorry, da da da But I ain't buying all your lying You ain't sorry, da da da Sorry, da da da, sorry, da da da [Verse 1] Hey baby girl, what you doing? I give you my world, but you

Alyssa Milano - Da doo ron ron magic in your eyes lyrics

met him on a Monday And my heart stood still Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron ron Somebody told me That his name was Bill Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron ron Yes my heart stood still Yes his name was Bill And when he walked me home Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron ron

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Da destroyer lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Yo, aiyo, yeah nigga, what up I can't do this shit! [Raekwon:] Yo, some nights I feel like sticking up Exxon My gun game experience, came from robbing Louis Vitton Cocaine specialist, since nine Age bracket, f*** them O.G.'s up, they started g

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Da da da lyrics

it (Damn girl) You know you got it going on You can see by the way that she walking You so fine that your body need a body guard, Well I can be your Bobby Ohh your only tenderoni Let me beam you up like Scottie I got Whitney so just enough for everybody

The Searchers - Da doo ron ron lyrics

met him on a Monday and my heart stood still Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron Somebody told me that his name was Bill Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron Yeah, my heart stood still Yes, his name was Bill And when he walked me home Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

Ace Of Base - Da capo lyrics

Capo Da Capo You're living in a dreamer's dream Da Da Capo One level ahead I'm calling to you But touch you I cannot do To tell you i can't I'm drawing the line To greetings to understand You will find me waiting out in the dark I'm your everlas

The Crystals - Da doo ron ron lyrics

met him on a Monday and my heart stood still Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron Somebody told me that his name was Bill Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-r

Dave Edmunds - Da doo ron ron lyrics

met him on a Monday and my heart stood still Da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron Somebody told me that his name was Bill Da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron Yeah, my heart stood still, yeah, his name was Bill And when he walked me home, da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron I know

Delia - Da, mama lyrics

nu accept geometria în iubire Triunghi în dragoste, plimbări pe o ață subțire Și nu mi-e frică să cad, mi-e frică să nu cazi tu. Nu poți să-neci în vin amarul prea mult timp. Dar timpul trece și vreau să văd și dragostea trecând, Să văd și dragostea trecând. Da' am

Dio - Distraught Overlord - God forsaken lyrics

other side awake sekai kara itsuwari wo tadasu no sa Omou ga mama ni hajimaru Amai kaori kuchizuke wo kawasu no wa Tokeau hodo ni kimi wo kanjitai Demo dou ka boku wo seme wa shinaide hoshii Tsuredashita no wa nozomareta kara Doko made hito to wa yowaku Kimi de wa boku wo iyasen

Dr Iggy - Da li znaš lyrics

li znas, da li znas koliko to boli dok druga te voli Zasto se ubacujes u fazon los kada cu te voleti dugo jos ti dobro znas da smo odlican par i stvarno ne vidim u cemu je stvar Videla si me s nekom i nisi znala da je to moja sestra mala dosla je u pose

Field Mob - Da durty lyrics

filthy, nasty, dirty, south! I represent Albany gorillas, rock choppers, and drug niggas We bust shots and slugs on hot blocks of thug niggas I'm done talkin', I come walkin', short stalkin' If it's beef I shine in the dark and I keep my gun sparkin' Well it'

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Da hui lyrics

won't f*** with Da Hui I won't f*** with Da Hui I won't f*** with Da Hui Because Da Hui will f*** with me I won't take off on Da hui I won't take off on Da hui I won't take off on Da hui because Da Hui will f*** with me A Haole with heart, that'

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Da doo ron ron lyrics

met him on a Monday and my heart stood still Da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron Somebody told me that his name was Bill Da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron Yeah, my heart stood still, yeah, his name was Bill And when he walked me home, da do ron ron

Cutugno Toto - Da poco tempo che lyrics

troppo tempo che non nasce più un fiore Nel giardino dell'amore Da troppo tempo che non batte più un cuore Nella casa dell'amore Da troppo tempo che nei giorni sempre uguali Vivo, vivo io E non mi basta più la donna più speciale Se non l'amo io Da poco tempo

Ivan Zak - Da sam je ikad volio lyrics

Da sam je ikad volio da sam je ikad ljubio da sam je ikad ljubio na drugi nacin Ne bi je sad izgubio sve ono sto sam imao ne mogu vise da nista joj ne znacim Ok, andiamo amico mio Stalno stoje pored mene jedna zena, a dvije sjene osjecam se k'o da nemam kud Jedn

Lil' Flip - Da roof lyrics

Lil' Flip] Well, I smoke and lean tryna get high on Cloud 9 tryna reach they sky we call it dro'ya'll call it lye all I need is a sweet to get me by I'm super fly like Missy drink Moette until I'm pissy I pulled up in a Bentley hoes asking who is it its F-L-I-P blowi

Raptile - Da unbeatables ft. valezka lyrics

Voice]: I like to welcome ya'll (yeah) Classic Material (hope ya'll ready) It's the album of the year [Raptile] Yeah Master Blakers Da Un-bea-ta-bles [Valezka] Chorus: It's Valezka, Raptile This you hear us - we lie Put your hands up in the sky Da Un-bea-ta-bles We d

S.h.e - Da nu ren zhu yi (大女人主義) lyrics

an you ren xing hai dong bu dong sheng qi Ji guai yi ren shi ni wo you yi zhong quan xin de luo ji Du li you tie xin she bu de qi fu ni Zhi dao yao qu na li ni mang jiu bu chao ni Ye gan zi ji yi ge ren ye you zi ji de zhu yi Ai shi hen ba dao de shi qing wo h

Brokencyde - Da house party lyrics

to go This pops fo sho Sips patron Ohh OH! Dont stop til I'm ready to go We got da house party and its poppin fo sho We got da keg pumpin and were sippin patron We get to party through the night AY! Party through the night time I walk up in the house With my s

Dari - Da me lyrics

qui nasce, nasce dottore. Nessuno qui nasce, nasce coglione. nessuno qui nasce senza un difetto. Il papa, tua madre, e chi si crede perfetto. Nessuno che pensa alle volte anche agli altri. Senza pensare a un ritorno a se stesso. Nessuno, uno centomila maschere, io ti ho capito

Elastica - Da da da lyrics

you do and what you don’t what you will and what you won’t what you can and what you can’t this is what you got to know loved you though it didn’t show ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht... da da da... da da da, i don’t love you, you don’t

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Da blow lyrics

Chorus - Gangsta Boo (9x):] Da blow ... DA pills... Da yak... Da herb... DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow [Lil' Jon] DA dro, Da percs, da ounce, get Pushed! Get back, no halves, no edge will give ya hash!, I'll join ya 2, but do ya nigga

Karma - Da sam ja tvoja jedina lyrics

Da sam ja tvoja jedina saputali bismo zvijezdama u nocima zvali ljubav na vratima mirisali cvijetove kestena Da sam ja tvoja jedina smijali bi se danima tjednima hranili toplim tijelima osjecali samo prstima Neka zelje sto plivaju dotaknu obale kraj sada

Kriss Kross - Da bomb lyrics

s da bomb It's da bomb I drop bombs like Hiroshima It's da bomb I know you hear me comin here I come So you besta watch ya back It's da bomb I know you hear me comin here I come And I'm called the Miggida-Miggida-Mac Can I drop the bomb drop

Luttenberger-klug - Da ist ein licht lyrics

ist ein Licht Da ist ein Licht Manchmal ist es um dich dunkel und leer Und alles in dir schreit ich will nicht mehr Es gibt so vieles das du nicht immer siehst So viele die dich brauchen auch wenn dus nicht immer mitkriegst Da ist ein Licht a

Opca Opasnost - Da sam znao lyrics

amp;#263;am se jutra kad je ljubav prestala, rekla si zbogom sva u suzama, a noć prije toga oka nismo sklopili, svađali smo se bezveze oko gluposti. Na odlasku si šapnula, šteta, bili smo divan par, a htio sam re&

Rampage - Da night b4 my shit drop lyrics

Interlude: [I]- Interviewer [R]- Rampage [I] Hi I'm sittin here with Rampage Whose album is comin out tomorrow [R] I feel great *beat kicks in* [I] Yea you look good too Let me ask you a question, what are you sayin the words Are they violent, a

Sinan Sakic - Da l' Će moći da se Živi lyrics

da se radi posle ljubavi kada nas sreca duso ostavi REF 2x: Da l' ce tuga da potece da l' ce suza da opece da l' ce dani biti sivi da l' ce moci da se zivi Sta da se radi posle ljubavi kada nas radost duso ostavi REF 2x Sta da se radi posle l

Sinan Sakic - Da sam ja neka vlast lyrics

sam ja neka vlast ja bih sebe prvo doveo u red srcu bih zabranio osecanja sva i za kaznu ga zaledio u led Da sam ja neka vlast na istom mestu skupio bih slicne meni da daju zakletvu da nece nikada sudbinu u ruke dati jednoj zeni REF: Kad ti kazem "volim te&

Sinan Sakic - Da sam voleo lyrics

sam puta hteo da te prebolim tvoje oci, boje neba da zaboravim REF: Pa da pevam drugovima i da pricam vetrovima da sam voleo Pa da belim svetom lutam za sudbibom i da druge zene ljubim s tvojim imenom Koliko sam puta hteo da te prezalim tvoju kosu, boje zita da

Luciana Mello - Da cor do pecado lyrics

corpo moreno Cheiroso e gostoso Que você tem, É um corpo delgado, Da cor do pecado Que faz tão bem. Esse beijo molhado, escandalizado, Que você tem Tem sabor diferente Que a boca da gente jamais esqueceu. Quando você me responde Umas coisas com graça

Montell Jordan - Da gents lyrics

.. [Montell (Da Gents)] You don't understand the physical attraction Between a (woman and a man) A woman and a man See, you don't need to man to be (Calling you) calling you (Spoiling you) spoiling you You wanna have a good time And tonight i

Nervy - Da ili (Да или) lyrics

Ты идеальна, Ты ходишь в белом пальто, Неприкасаема как электрический ток. Ты все зачёты сдаёшь только на 5, Ты учишь допоздна, Ты не ходишь гулять. Мама – педагог, Папа - бизнесмен, Прикид на миллионы е-е-е, И все, кто, так не смог завидуют тебе; И, если

Alessandra Amoroso - Da qui lyrics

qui sento che la nostra lontananza è una domanda senza risposta come la tua pelle sempre pura fresca come l'aria ma c'è un deserto troppo arido di silenzio che prese posto al sentimento sono errori che ti ho nascosto..credo Da qui sento che non

By2 - Da ren de shi jie lyrics

xi wang yi ye chang da bu yong duo kai ma ma wan hui jia duo xian mu tong xiao juan bian zong you ying juan you qian de hao ba ba All the time ze me ri zi cong bu bian hua nan hai zong ai bian gua hao xiang zheng kai yan jiu fa xian wo cheng ren li de qing dia

Clueso - Da wohnt so'n typ lyrics

wohnt so'n Typ in mir vor dem hab ich manchmal selber Angst Er fängt an mich zu kontrollieren immer dann, wenn ich nicht selber kann Er sagt: "nimm noch 'nen Schluck aus der Flasche, dann nimm dir einfach, was du willst! Lass mal

Neda Ukraden - Da se nadjemo na pola puta lyrics

si digao nos i opet spavas sam a znam da zelis me i da te zelim ja jos jedna gruba rijec i bice kasno vec a srecom bar ja znam da greske oprastam Nije ti dovoljno i zasto radis to kada me ugrijes i jednim pogledom ti vrlo dobro znas slaba sam na tebe al

Regina - Da li znas lyrics

li znas Bogu ruke pruziti k'o majci posle placa kad srce govori, da li znas da nebom plove andjeli umorni od snova i rajskih zabluda. Da li znas da moja dusa ratuje daleko od sveg ovog sto bilo mi je sve. Da li znas da jednom svemu dodje kraj, rodis

Sinan Sakic - Da se opet rodim lyrics

se opet rodim ziveo bih isto spreman i na srecu, ali i na tugu ne bih promenio nista jer ti ne bi bila ista a ja necu, necu ljubav drugu Da se opet rodim unapred bih znao s kim se druzi, koga svojoj kuci vodi ne bi promenio nista jer ti ne bi bila ista ja te takvu hocu opet

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