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Cece Winans - King of kings lyrics

of Kings and Lord of Lords Lover of my soul Jehovah ... One and only God I am Jesus Christ the Holy ... Lamb King of Kings and Lord of Lords Lover of my soul

Crom ( Spa ) - King of kings lyrics

rides the night for you On a ... rainy and cold one 'cos freedom day has arrived He marches ... now by your side One thousand sunrises of ... fear Unchained souls by pain Feel the force

Manowar - King of kings lyrics

of Victory All Shout and proclaim The Kingdom of Glory is mine The Raise of the ... will our prophecy filled I'm the lord of the day ... and the night Ive nothing to sell but the power of hell

Dynasty - King of kings lyrics

is the King of glory He is the only way One day ... He paid the price for us Defeating death To Him be ... all the honor The power and the praise The nations will

Evil Conduct - King of kings (cover of jimmy cliff) lyrics

lion says: I am king and I reign The lion says: I am king in this ring No more kings ... must be in this black yard The lion says: I am the king ... and I reign The elephant says:

Leaves' Eyes - King of kings lyrics

the forces The first king of Norway Hail the forces the ... brave son God's bloodline Mere a boy Summoned ... rebels called to armor Ravage revenge A ... revenge of lords divided Summoned armor A theatre of war and renegade's ruin

Elm Street - King of kings lyrics

A new covenant was born Sent to preach and create a path to ... the afterlife He lived his life with love And ... compassion for mortals To guide humanity to everlasting

Echo & The Bunnymen - King of kings lyrics

up on a hill He confessed I was dressed to kill Saw ... what happens when the soul dies I'm the king of kings ... I've lost my crown The world so far below And all I

Polar lyricsPolar - King of kings lyrics

were all I've ever known You did your best now down I go Down I go King of kings, ... mover of mountains Promises of parting the seas Diamond in ... your eyes Full of devotion, no disguise An

Royce Da 5'9" - King of kings lyrics

you.. I wake up... and I don't know where I am.. I wake ... up... and I don't know where I am.. I wake ... up... and I.. Yo, to all my hungry disciples

Divinefire - King of kings lyrics

after day I lay down my life into your hands ... live in my heart The rock of my soul forever I hear the ... angels are singing No more death Christ has won He's

Hezekiah Walker - King of kings lyrics

1: He is the King of Kings and He is Lord of Lords, Jesus is ... wonderful, He is marvelous. He is ... the Prince of peace, the Mighty Counselor, ... and He lives down in my soul. Verse 2: He

Sleeping Giant - King of kings lyrics

horror of all my own reality of self existence all is nothing ... all is dust truly nothing in this ... But what can I say to the one who knows my name are ... you able to see my life for what it could

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - King of kings lyrics

] Let's go (Yeah, nigga) Good lookin' Rae that's what I'm ... talkin' 'bout (It's all good don't worry about it) You feel ... what I'm sayin'? (Don't worry about it) Yeah

Forgotten Tomb - King of the undesirables lyrics

am the king of kings I rule this hell circle King of the undesirable ones I ... am the king of kings I rule these corrupted children King of the undesirable

Hillsong Church - King of love lyrics

Beautiful Jesus You're wonderful You're powerful Great ... Jesus Your name is lifted high over all The King of Kings and Lord of Lords The ... earth proclaims Jesus is the King (of love) (Faith, hope, love

Earth, Wind & Fire - King of groove lyrics

wants to be a star everybody wants to be accepted by the ... mass everybody wants to be raging fire but their ... heat don't last Everybody wanta peek into my dreams

Musical Newsies - King of new york lyrics

A pair of new shoes with matchin' laces ... A permanent box at Sheepshead races Spot: A porcelain ... tub with boilin' water Kid Blink: A Saturday night with

Magica - King of the world lyrics

the king of the world, Listen now for his words ... are coming out Like thunder Look for the king of the ... world And you will find him in your mind. Call the king of the world If you're down

Jana Kramer - King of apology lyrics

I'm not gonna be The queen to the king of apology I've ... your supper's gettin' colder sittin' on the plates Say ... out with the boys, time slipped away Like it always does

Kiss - King of hearts lyrics

but in here eyes she was old enough to know We were ... two city streets, like a bad dream We could barely ... survive in the world outside, where the writin's on the

Lo Key - King of horrorcore lyrics

your head to thy king of horrorcore! They tried ... their best to erase me I don't think so, put a blade ... where your brain be I don't need help, yo it's too

Pyrrhon - King of all tears lyrics

out of the circle We weep for the ... terror in your eyes We disseminate our filth in the ... air We thirst for the rape of your mind We weep for the end of this aeon We weep for

Rory Gallagher - King of zydeco lyrics

line as the crow flies, To a heaven here on earth. And ... if you make time, it's a cool drive, Head down to the coast ... If your taste runs to the gumbo, Don't know where

Luca Turilli - King of the nordic twilight lyrics

lege lice Licebit agi Studia nostra nostrae Nostrae ... herbam Innocentium cruor Domine domine Propemodium ... res in un Res in unum diem Fortuna cumulat Quis tam

Planetshakers - Glory forever lyrics

glorify be lifted high Here in this place be ... magnified King forever living Saviour Jesus ... Christ Love crucified now reigns on high The King of kings the Lord on high King

Hate Eternal - King of all kings lyrics

I am I reclaim the throne of all creation As I shall be ... annointed king For thy strength I must ... sustain For thy dominion I shall proclaim I ... I reign supreme I am the king of all kings I my dominion,

Pantokrator - King of babylon lyrics

hath the oppressor ceased The Golden city ceased The ... Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked And the sceptre of the rulers Sheol is moved ... for thee The kings of ancient times Arise from the

Metal King - Hymn of glory lyrics

protective shield shines with all intensity, A ... flag is hoisted with all conviction, Banners ... their steel, We pay tribute to the king of kings, Who's not

Sarissa - King of all kings lyrics

t stand up to the shadow of the angels Only fools try to ... do so Can't ignore dreams' warning A new born King is rising up. Great empire ... will reveal Upon the bones of the wicked ones All soldiers

Golden Resurrection - Glory to my king lyrics

to my King!!! Welcome to my house Don't be afraid my ... friend I know it's safe here And ... you are invited The world's getting colder You're looking for love that lasts You're

Mean Messiah - King pathetic lyrics

down, I come! Riding a dead horse Still something ... I reach the secret place Found by a mistake A higher power ... leads me Still I'm out of my way Voice deep inside my

Dragon's Cry - King of zion lyrics

David] Why do the nations conspire And ... people plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers gather together Against the Lord and

Casting Crowns - Glory lyrics

in this place You are worthy of my praise and we worship You ... we worship You You're the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords You're the Master of the

All Sons And Daughters - King of glory (you restore my soul) lyrics

know a place where I can find You Here in the valley of ... the shadows Give me eyes to see Where You're leading me ... can feel You Here in the freedom of forgiveness Give me

Hillsong United - King of heaven lyrics

You tore the night apart And ripped the silent skies in ... half Your glory breaking through the dark And here ... our worlds collide Divinity in man confined This

Iron Fire - Glory to the king lyrics

Tale is from the Magic Kingdom Told by Generations About ... the King's Crusade Against the Mighty Dragons ... Many Years of Endless Suffering Still no Sign of the King Now the People are

Kiss - King of the mountain lyrics

mountain I'm gonna hit the top I wanna go where nobody's ... ever been I'm never gonna stop I'm gonna reign, I'm gonna ... I'm gonna beat the ground I'm gonna shoot through the

Evergrey - King of errors lyrics

ve crowned a king with no soul When all doors ... are closed, we walk alone We know you ... ve seen us, you always did And every time you close your ... eyes You make us fade Don't you ever wonder if we

Folkodia - Sword of kings lyrics

don't want no gold nor jewels To bediadem my ... brow Steel is what made me a man And by steel I'll ... rule as king! Fech me my helmet tall ... And my shield of dragon horn Ready now my heavy

Mystic Circle - King of the nibelungenhord lyrics

quot;I'm the king of the Blackalbs, Alberich is my ... name since thousand years I hold the treasure in ... my hands but you can't see me cause ... a magic hood is on my head come join my realm but

Crimson Shadows - A gathering of kings lyrics

king has summoned all the lords and powers of the realm A ... harvest feast to celebrate the bounties of the ... year Men pack the halls and women flock, to entertain the

Dustin Smith - To you alone lyrics

Christ, risen Lord All You are we adore Mighty ... Matchless One Who was and is and is to come Worthy ... upon the throne Praise and adoration To You alone, to You

Astral Domine - King of north lyrics

will never forget Your hands are stained with blood All ... that was magic and beauty Memories frozen in stone And everything that we ... believe and cried And everything now we are here

Christopher Lee - Act i king of the franks lyrics

gather near Come hither to my bedside The hour that I ... must retire Is drawing ever near From the ... exigencies of this life My deeds laid out before your eyes

Debauchery - King of the killing zone lyrics

balgeroth is my lord My god, my king, I fight in his horde I am a war machine from ... hell A titan of war, killing with fire and ... shell I am armoured in biomechanic and black Fed

Sinister - To mega therion lyrics

of mass destruction Dimentions opened mayhem ... natural terrors Total chaos The world welters ... in blood TO MEGA THERION 666 Rivers of ... blood overflown With human waste

Delirious? - King of love lyrics

of love, you've called my name you gave me life ... although the shame had covered me, you took my hand and ... here i stand i'm saved by grace father god you

Krystal Meyers - King of angels lyrics

Angels sweetly singing Hymns of Glory Songs of Exaltation To the new born Savior Lying in ... a manger Hymns of Praise Carols of adoration ... (Chorus) King of Angels, We worship you Under Heaven's star King of

Adx - King of pain lyrics

of demons or land of beasts This place is nothing ... but a vast furnace Wild with victories and bloody ... feasts You stand alone in your madness Stop ... always shedding the enemy's blood Forget

Blood Stain Child - King of the sacred sword lyrics

wars since ancient Corrupted, foolish wars War of honor ... War of glory But nobody can get mighty sword I´m ... legend sword of God I control holy mountain

Army Of The Pharaohs - King among kings lyrics

Chief Kamachi] Yeah, uh The dark arts AOTP, yeah Feel ... like the nineties right here don't it Yeah uh uh, uh uh ... my street magic been on deck I'm the north Philly

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - King of nothing lyrics

lost our empire We were children on the march We were told ... we had to serve our empire and die In our wake we only left ... destruction Sent their children to the graves In the year

Kings Of Leon - King of the rodeo lyrics

s so the purity, a shaven and a mourning, And standing on ... a pigeon toe, in his disarray Straight in the ... picture pose He's coming round to meet you And screaming

Full Diesel - King of defeat lyrics

sad turning point, no more joy ... No longer I´m the idealistic boy And all that ... hate coincidences made And that game we used to play ... Step into the third dimension, I'll show you my kingdom A choice, I bet, you will

Hillsong United - Prayer to the king lyrics

seek the Son of God We seek the Risen Lord We ... seek the King of kings The Savior of the world ... We give our lives to You We choose to follow You

Cassie - King of hearts lyrics

are the prince of charm Seduction is your art You'll ... play my love You're just my king of hearts You are my king of ... winning You might as well admit it And you can come and

Archive - King of speed lyrics

don’t come any closer to me, I feel old like a ... withered tree, these days are passing eternally, ... you won’t ask me to slow it down, blurred emotions in the

The Nipple Erectors - King of the bop lyrics

do they call me the King of the Bop? Why do they call me ... the King of the Bop? Why do they call me the King of the ... Bop? Why do they call me the King of the Bop? The reason is

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - King of snakes lyrics

of snake king of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake ... snake 24 hours with the king of snake kkking of snake

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