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Honeyhoney - Give yourself to me lyrics

looked to me and I looked back Serious as a heart attack ... Plastic cups and dishes stacked and use You tell me I ... too much But I tell you that's just your crutch That

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Give yourself a chance lyrics

thousands of years, colors and religions Are fighting against each other But, wherever ... you are, however you are Give yourself a chance, for peace ... on earth I'm back with the track I'm white

Jack Peñate - Give yourself away lyrics

gold coins fall from your fingers And fly ... steps, you're struck by heat Escaping outside until Give yourself away Go on, do it Give yourself away I dare you to

Matt Woods - Give yourself away lyrics

welcome this is your life Finally poised on an edge of a ... knife So don’t you dare dig your heels Act like ... Come on you got potential you got it in spade Its

Crash Test Dummies - Give yourself a hand lyrics

Fussy Hello, Mrs. Nice Have you ever shared a bathtub ... Full of beer and ice? I know you want to ... I know you can Put down your children And free up your hands Come

Black Label Society - Give yourself to me lyrics

only then you will see For I am the skies up above Beneath and everything in between ... These oceans which harbor your sadness These ... rivers which carry your pain Give yourself to me For only then

Raised Fist - Give yourself a chance lyrics

yourself a chance! Everything you say is ... not true But we believe in what you say Cause no one expect ... you to be wrong Or at least to lie Although your using

Ryan Beatty - Give myself a try lyrics

looked in the mirror and realised, I can be the one to ... change the world, Even though ... seems impossible, sometimes And I'm like maybe, just maybe, ... Even though I'm not first place at the finish line, I

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Give me a try ft. sizzla lyrics

Sizzla:] Where do you go dont you ... need my love baby Why cant you come on and let us play ... When are you going to come my way Aah Aah Aah What sort of things

Sizzla - Give me a try lyrics

go? dont you need my love,.. Baby? Why don't you come on and let us play? when are you ... going to come my way?.. aahhhh What sort of things ... stop me from getting you... ahhhh [hook:] Give me a try... Cause I... Know that..

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Give love a try (joe´s version) lyrics

You like driving on a Sunday You, You like taking off ... on Monday You, You´re like a dream, dream come true In ... your eyes when I saw them for the first time

Bonfire - Give it a try lyrics

wolf howling in the night calling for you Time is passing by and I'm feeling so ... sad the wounds of love won't ... heal I'm running around in circles 'cause we

Itchy Poopzkid - Give it a try lyrics

s me against the world, it's me against myself. Where is the reason to stay sober?! I look ... into your eyes. Come on, give it a try. We'll work it out,

Bobby Byrd - Try it again lyrics

times seem to be hard Don't forget how long it ... took you to start Try it again Try it again When ... things just won't go your way Hold on and try another day But try it again Try it again Don't ever think that

Knorkator - Try again lyrics

you do, to get to me? What would say, to have your way? ... Would you give up or try again, If I hesitate to let you ... in? Now would you be yourself, or play role? Tell all the

Hayden Panettiere - Try lyrics

re scared… you'll fall sometimes it seems ... impossible but your hopes…and dreams are closer than ... they seem Why not? Give yourself a chance Nothin's gonna hold

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Try lyrics

ve chased after rainbows I've captured one or ... two I've reached for the stars I've even held a few I've ... walked that lonesome valley Topped the mountains, saw the sky I've laughed and I

Gary Allan - When you give yourself away lyrics

you give yourself away Love becomes somethin' that ... you do Not just somethin' that you say Ain't it funny how a ... smile Makes the world a better place When you give yourself away When you open up your

Badfinger - Give it up lyrics

in hope of love And wait to die Sadness all around ... us makes for crying Feelings that ... once meant so much Were left to dry and turn to dust, and ashes We

Badfinger - Give it try lyrics

it a try and we can make it so high You'll never ... feel this way again Wipe out your sorrow and pain Come into my heart. ... Just give it the time Should work out

James Morrison - Give me something lyrics

want to stay with me in the morning You ... hold me when I sleep, I was meant to tread the water ... For every piece of me that wants you Another piece backs away. 'Cause you give me

Midnight - Try suicide lyrics

death the grave is waiting for you Live without ... sin no way you'll get in To hell we all knew Your heart is weak ... but still you survive Reach for the blade and give it a

Blue - Give me a shot lyrics

fine But I don’t see no reason for you to beat you down ... ‘Cause you don’t even let me get ... I could be the one if you give me some of your time I

Heather Small - Don´t give up the fight lyrics

can't live your life like ... Follow further next dream Only you can know the answer So what's it to be? ... You're standing on the edge, yeah Fail all your success, yeah Don't give up the fight Don't give up

Aaliyah - Try again lyrics

Timbaland) It's been a long time We shouldn't have ... left you Without a dope beat to step to Step to, step to ... step to Step to, step to Freaky-freaky It's been a long

Alexandra Burke - Try lyrics

s that they say about time? It heals all ... things but not the blind And there is no one more blind ... to see I need you, don't want you to go Don't leave me,

Colbie Caillat - Try lyrics

your make up on Get your nails done Curl your hair Run ... the extra mile Keep it slim so they ... sexy on Don't be shy, girl Take it off This is what you want, to belong, so they like

Nightcore - Try lyrics

your make up on, Get your nails done, Curl your hair, ... run the extra mile, Keep it slim so they ... sexy on, don't be shy, girl Take it off, this is what you want, to belong, so they like

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Don't hurt yourself (ft. jack white) lyrics

Beyonce] Oh la la la... Oh la la la... Oh la la la... ... (Don't hurt yourself) (Don't hurt yourself) ... Who the f*** do you think I am? You ain't married to no average bitch boy You can watch my fat ass twist boy As I

Shakira lyricsShakira - Try everything lyrics

I messed up tonight, I lost another fight I still mess up ... but I'll just start again I keep falling down I ... keep on hitting the ground I always get up now to see what's

Home Free - Try everything (shakira) lyrics

I messed up tonight, I lost another fight I still messed ... up but I'll just start again. I keep falling down, I ... keep on hitting the ground I always get up now to see what's

Dusty Springfield - Get yourself to love lyrics

t it time all of love's bad debts got paid? Don't be afraid Isn't it true? If you ... don't trust in yourself You'll trust no-one else All your favourite memories Are not your worst enemies

Pennywise - Try to conform lyrics

- still you got nowhere try and stay in line and live by all the rules thesy say to ... follow try to conform in your head they ... you bullshit you should swallow try their style don't give up you will blend in it's

Save The Cookie - One more try lyrics

both know that we tried then we said our ... but now I've lost my place I can't help but wonder why ... When I retrace my steps they always lead me back to you now

Fallulah - Give us a little love lyrics

If there's nothing here, why are we still here? (4x) It's ... another time, it's another day Numbers they are new, but ... it's all the same Running from yourself, it

Morta Skuld - Save yourself lyrics

technology freedom is the cage we all call home scales of ... forced to your knees by dreams built on false hope you leaft us nothing but a world ... beyond repair try and heal yourself, try and save yourself try and see yourself, save yourself

Mr. Probz - Hard on yourself lyrics

best but never seem to get far No gas in the car, looking ... for a buck in a jar Your Ex girl's on the phone ... saying life is hard And that bitch left you with no money

Ricky Nelson - Try my love lyrics

ve been so disappointed Never got what you wanted Why Love, don't you try ... my love? I've watched him tear you up girl I ... think you've had enough girl Why love, don't

Dash Berlin - Feat emma hewitt disarm yourself lyrics

yourself Release the fear Disarm yourself And hold ... me near And now Give yourself to me Give yourself to me ... Give yourself to me Disarm yourself Release the fear

Robin Gibb - Give me a smile lyrics

.... It's not the way you say to me, I'll wave goodbye It ... s not the search to try to say the tears you'll cry Because I am crying too for the ... thought of leaving you You have to give

The Kelly Family - Try and forgive lyrics

and forgive, try and forget Forgive yourself and your friends and try not ... to hurt again Try and forgive, try and forget Forgive yourself and your friends and try not

Dominia - Save yourself lyrics

might of my Enemies Die away in me I will survive I ... know I'm free In the Land of Grief With tears I slay ... Come! Take my Life! Come on! Let's play! And I will rule Don't

Gob - Give up the grudge lyrics

t make me listen to this stupid ... broken record again The needle's skippin' and ... repeatin', Never reachin' the end You know you're ... bitchin' and complainin' like you got it so tough

Kidz Bop - Try again lyrics

1: It's been a long time long time we ... left you left you without a dope beat to step to (step ... to) (freaky x2) It's been a long time (time) we shouldn

Lil Boosie - Give me that lyrics

me That (Oh) Girl give me that (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give ... me that Girl give me that (p****) (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that Girl give me that ... (p****) (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that there Girl give me

Daniel Powter - Give me life lyrics

with your friends understand my point of view and I´m ... not bothered I break before I bend give me life, ... give me life, for what I do. I can´t remember and everything the same and what you think that I should be

Sizzla - Give dem a ride lyrics

do us so much Nuff have dem wealth but yet no ... Well the Binghi fire bun all poor and rich Them neva ... know say it woulda come down to this [CHORUS

Drake lyricsDrake - Try harder lyrics

1:] Sometimes I feel like Lohan and Hilary Duff are the only ... ones with enough To feel what I'm about to say in this ... song When they want you to be like somebody

Ramp - Try again lyrics

everyday life starts to get you down And your ... problems seem to many When your job is shit and ... the rent is sue And you're down to your last ... time left to hide When your parents don't like it and they

Seals & Crofts - Try your love lyrics

saw you today. I've got to say you're looking better. The way you hold yourself up now, I ... can tell you're a go-getter. So go out and find ... yourself someone while you can now, 'Cause we all, we got a

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Give peace a chance lyrics

have a dream, I have a vision You may say it’s an ... illusion Together we are strong Let’s give peace a ... chance Tell me what will be tomorrow Will we

Raised Fist - Keeping it to yourself lyrics

need a friend today, But it never happens after ... knowing your name. Before people say good day they ask how much you weigh, ... Then they say your skin looks gray. You

Andrew Bird - Give it away lyrics

you give it away Did you give it away for free Don't you give it away Let's try to keep it ... in the family I know you know desolation Coming home with your

Gorgon City - Try me out (feat. anne-marie) lyrics

Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] I don't need nobody ... else now that I got you-ooh We don't have ... to second guess what we're gonna do-ooh Give ... it all up, give it all up for me Won't ya? Give

Hawkwind - Be yourself lyrics

yourself, see yourself I can see others like me Be yourself, see yourself Try and find ... peace of mind Be yourself, see yourself Be yourself, ... see yourself Be yourself Be yourself, see yourself

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Give it a go lyrics

it a go x8 Give it a go, why don't you choose me? ... Say it's not so that you'd rather lose me If you're ... disposed to say forget it You don't suppose

Phantasma - Try lyrics

at yourself Sitting and waiting Look at your days Wasting away Where can you go? ... And what scares you so? And why does every moment Make ... this feeling grow Look at yourself Look a bit closer Look at

Imany - Try again (theme) lyrics

try again don't be afraid to follow your heart Stop, ... try again I said to myself to hold on tight ... I pray, I swear, I swear I'm only me I...,..., I

Mikelwj - Give 'em hell lyrics

days aren't getting better, these days remain the same. She ... her looks,wishing she could change. I tell that she's beautiful, it doesn't mean a ... the sting. But I guess that's what happens when people make mistakes, we used to be in

13 Faces - Try again lyrics

up! It's all about deceit You can't move ... your feet fast enough Try to get away F***er, you ... you f***ing slice You're a little bitch with no balls and a little dick Twisting,

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