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S.o.j.a - You don't know me lyrics

she only tried to get near me. And never ever knowing ... But one that I hold is worth so much more to me if it's both ... body and mind. You think I'm alone when everyone

Toby Keith - You shouldn't kiss me like this lyrics

ve got a funny feeling The moment that your lips touched mine ... Something shot right through me My heart skipped a beat in ... time There's a different feel

Rza - Shady lyrics

Intro] Oh Bobby why do you treat me so bad.. You know I ... love you [Hook: Intrigue] But why ... do some it wasn't me But why do some in front of me Oh baby baby you was acting so shady I thought that you

Ice-t - You played yourself lyrics

with the high bid Suckers you've lost cos players you're ... not, gangstas you ain't You're faintin', punk, if you ... E...turn up the microphone So I can ill and break on the

The Kooks - You don't love me lyrics

you don't love me the way that, I love you ... 'cause if you did girl you would not, do those things you do You killed my heart just ... to see if, I will rise Above your anger and above your lies

Walker Hayes lyricsWalker Hayes - You broke up with me lyrics

I got some coke in my bourbon Surfin' ... pain I'm at the top of my game Darlin' you can't crash my ... party with your 'Sorry's and 'What Are We's Don ... t even fixin' to listen to your guilt trippin' You're

George Jones - Girl, you sure know how to say goodbye lyrics

kissed me and you said I was a gentleman to you ... You said I was a person you could trust You told me that ... you loved me, aw, in a way couldn't I Girl, you sure know how to say

Richard Hawley - You don't miss your water (till your river ru.. lyrics

still of the night I call out your name You know and nothing ... right And it won't do again You say you're gonna leave me now ... You're turned away on your side, you kill the light

Sneaky Sound System - You should have told me lyrics

precision Centered around me was a goody good song Move, ... and on and on. The gals were something lines, Like they were ... poetry. Take a listen for yourself and you will see. Take

Faith Hill - You can't lose me lyrics

little girl, a little small for her age ... her eyes She says, "You did just fine honey, that's okay ... "Sometimes life's just that way "You're gonna lose the race from

Oli P - Girl you know it's true lyrics

know it´s true my love is for you girl you know it´s true my ... love is for you girl you know it´s true hu hu hu i ... love you yes you know it´s true hu hu hu i

Deep Dark Robot - You mean nothing to me lyrics

for you your not there, I can't find you ... anywhere You're leaving on a plane Covet me I secret you, want my love ... but not my truth. treat me like a plague You mean

The P****warmers - Me and me girl lyrics

and me girl look for a home than we wont to live on the ... because we now money lay? Me and me girl look for a home ... we now money lay? .... Me and me girl look for a home

Milli Vanilli - Girl you know it's true lyrics

m in love with you girl 'cause you're on my mind, you're the one I think about most ... every time. And when you pack a smile in everything you do, don't you understand, girl, this love is true. You're soft, succulent so sweet and

The Ark - Girl you re gonna get em lyrics

you’ve heard about things and you’ve heard about fangs And you’ve heard about song and you’ve heard about dance And you’ve heard them all say you

French Montana lyricsFrench Montana - You don't hear me tho (ft. ace hood) lyrics

off welp, we just wanna see you naked blah blah blah, with ... all your bullshit xxx crossing out ... hunter moore on speed dial you'll be famous for awhile bamf

Lemon Ice - Girl you know its true lyrics

what are you doing back well I sat back ... we used to do it really meant a lot to me you mean a ... lot to me I really mean that much to you girl you ... it's true I'm in love with you girl 'cause you're on my mind

Pixie Lott - Girl you left behind lyrics

hot to even think in here A girl could lose her cool. I'm ... shade of blue. But every time I get the chance to reflect, ... My thoughts are gonna turn to you and then All the questions

Charlee Drew - You did me a favour lyrics

when I was telling you everything Would have ... thought I'da figured you out Last in a moment didn't ... for us to talk about You're constantly questioning

Neil Diamond - Girl, you'll be a woman soon lyrics

you'll be a woman soon. Love you so much can't ... all the ways I'd die for you girl and all they can say is ... "He's not your kind" They never get

The Hollies - You know he did lyrics

made a fool of you I said he would You know he ... did How many times did I say He'd let you down ... Well it's a sin You're playin' a losin' game ... Well you're a fool, you just can't win It's gonna be

Isley Brothers - You didn't see me lyrics

no, no No, whoa I still love you baby You know, you know [1] You didn't see me But I saw you You didn't see me But I saw you ... I can remember those nights and days

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Girl you're so together lyrics

you're so together Together we can ... Between a million bucks and you I'd choose you babe, yeah ... But with proof as sweet as you, noo Apples peaches and

Ian Hunter - You nearly did me in lyrics

children of the night - come catch the candle bright I ... hear a hollow sound - falling to the ground - ... free - I'd rather search for me CHORUS You nearly did, you nearly did, you nearly did You nearly did me in, you nearly did me in And I need some place

Gary Barlow - So help me girl lyrics

could have kissed me, Like this wasn't gonna last ... Kept me from saying, Something I'll never take back, You could've held me like there ... was no chance of me waking up where I am, You

B. B. King - You put it on me lyrics

I'm glad, glad, glad, I'm so glad baby That you put it ... on me Oh, I had pretty women in every town And I played ... the sun went down Oh, but you stopped my partying You

Brand New Sin - Did me wrong lyrics

and jaded The flame has faded Hands bound and ... The trust, the lust All seemed a must The time you lied ... Echo inside my mind And you lied And pushed it my face

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Girl you loud lyrics

Tyga:] Niggas won't ride for you, niggas won't die for you ... Bitch I'll ride for you, niggas won't die for you ... , niggas won't ride for you [Hook x2 - Chris Brown:]

Mindy Gledhill - You don't define me lyrics

do you stare? Why do you turn your nose up in the air? ... Why do you care? Coming around? Turn your life into your own affair? ... You know my name, but how would it be if you

Movetown - Girl you know it's true lyrics

You don't hold me, you won't show me. But I'm still ... in love with you. It's like the first time, ... I got you on my mind. Girl you know this love is true ...

Eddie Rabbitt - You don't love me anymore lyrics

say that I'm not gonna miss you So please don't say goodbye ... now Till I've kissed you one more time And held you ... as I did when you were mine It'd be a lie to

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - You don't love me (no, no, no) feat. vybz kar.. lyrics

no no You don't love me and I know now No no no You ... don't love me so let me go now (I can't let you go, ... can't let you go) If you ask me, baby I shoulda left you along time ago, no Playas

Lil Eddie - You should be with me lyrics

Whoa, Whoa, (x2) Seen you run away, Never knew your name, Waited for the day, That you would talk to me, I'm ready ... I know, Everything about you, you, Like your favorite

Mystery Jets - You can't fool me dennis lyrics

can do anything you want As long as it makes ... sense You can do anything you want As long as it makes ... friend Don't think I'm being mean Just can't find a gift to

Blue - Girl i'll never understand lyrics

night That is what I gave you, And you were so satisfied ... flowers in the bed Anything you asked for Was it all real or ... all it could've been If you were ever wondering I'm doin

Aaron Carter - Girl you shine lyrics

see you every day and I can't seem ... think of anything to say Do you baby How can that be that ... it breaks my heart when you're smilin at me The moment

Divided By Friday - Girl, you got it goin' on lyrics

color looks so lovely on your fingernails I try to speak, ... fails I stumble over every sound I try to make For my sake ... I'm ahead That smile stops me dead in my tracks And I'm

Kem - You are lyrics

you are standing here with me I can see everything in you You are the light that feeds the soul oh yeah Girl you are ... everything divine In your love I will learn my wings

L.a. Guns - Girl you turn me on lyrics

woulda thought it would pull you under Watching your world ... him my regards Gonna tear your world apart Girl, you turn ... me on You're like the best laid plans

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You remind me of something lyrics

remind me of something I just can't think of ... what it is [1] - You remind me of my jeep, I wanna ... ride it Something like my sound, I wanna pump it Girl you

Gerald Levert - You oughta be with me lyrics

come you look so sad You got me feeling bad 'Cause I know ... that I can make you happy Don't want to see you ... blue But you won't give me a chance The guys that you

And One - You don't love me anymore lyrics

didn?t mean to treat you wrong Or maybe I did? I?m ... not so shure anymore Somehow I knew that it wouldn?t be ... long Before you?d brake up and close the door

Blackbear - You’re gonna love me lyrics

more night, I watch you go One more time, I’m stuck ... glow Free my mind, free my soul I’d hate to say I told you ... so I’d hate to say I told you so But you’re gonna love me,

Snak The Ripper - You don't know me lyrics

honest I never really show you the side of me that's calmest ... m a regular dude, don’t look so astonished I can be the man ... I'mma get back up and repeat So I never try to stop, never

David Byrne - You don't know me lyrics

re lookin at me but you don't know me I'm invisible ... eye I'm apart of ev'rything you're doin' 'm apart of you ... that sings those goofy love songs I'm the part of you you

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - You won't see me lyrics

I call you up your line's engaged I have had ... enough so act your age we have lost the time ... that was so hard to find and I will lose ... my mind if you won't see me you won't see me. I don't know

Diana Krall - You're looking at me lyrics

Crazy to lov her claimed she Who could so ... misunderstand things? You're looking at me Who was so sure of her conquest? Sure ... up losing the contest? You're looking at me You're

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - You won't see me lyrics

I call you up your line's engaged I have had ... enough so act your age we have lost the time ... that was so hard to find and I will lose ... my mind if you won't see me you won't see me. I don't know

Royce Da 5'9" - You can't touch me lyrics

Royce 5 Pause Listen to why girls drop they drawls Alot of em ... wanna get involved Well why you still holdin up the wall ... Allow me to introduce myself My name

Art Of Dying - You don't know me lyrics

think you know me You got me figured out You’re casting ... shadows I’m casting doubt You think you know me You think ... I care You should spend some time with the person in the

Art Of Dying - You don't know me (album version) lyrics

think you know me Got me figured out Your casting ... shadows I'm casting doubt You think you know me You think ... I care You should spend some time (sometime) with the person in the mirror I'm a fist,

Kelly Price - You should've told me lyrics

hour I wouldn't tuck you in and turn the nightlight ... out You would walk through the door ... never knew the things that I did not say But you were lonely ... and you were hungry And I was living

Max Schneider - You don't know me lyrics

on, come on, yeah Ba dum ba dum bum, ... hmmmmmm I know that you don't know me But I just ... wanna let you know Nooo, yeah yeah I know ... that you don't know me But I just wanna let you

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - You can't take me lyrics

can't take me Yeah! Got to fight ... don't feel right I gotta get me back I can't be beat and ... It's OK - I'll find a way You ain't gonna take me down no

The Agonist - You're coming with me lyrics

the truth. I will never know your intention but I'll make ... clear my own. You are guilty by association and ... I'm taking your sentence on. To forget is

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - You can't see me lyrics

I just wanna be as content as you but you do not deserve this, ... cause I do you may say that it's a gift, but ... it wet, better yet, don't come yet the world's a bitch,

Dreamscape - You don't know me lyrics

all the dreams they've never met. Obviously they don't care ... had... My life belongs to me! So open up your eyes to see ... .. I'm fed up with to meet your expectations And I pay no

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - You used to love me lyrics

have to let go, I never dreamed, how this would feel, Torn ... And it’s too late, maybe you’ve changed, yeah yeah yeah… ... You used to love me, But now you’re not sure,

Roxette lyricsRoxette - You don't understand me lyrics

ve been up all night, you've been puttin' up a fight. ... I say gets through. How did this old bed fit a world ... between me and you. We said "Good night

Belinda Carlisle - You´re nothing without me lyrics

guess I didn't hear your right Did you say that you ... were leaving me You really must be feeling bad ... say those kinds of things to me I'm sorry that you feel that

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