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Get In Touch With The Saviour Get In Touch With The Lord lyrics

Browse for Get In Touch With The Saviour Get In Touch With The Lord song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Get In Touch With The Saviour Get In Touch With The Lord lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Get In Touch With The Saviour Get In Touch With The Lord.

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Freternia - The saviour lyrics

day is dawning the storm is drawing near All ... to face my myself, I must be insane I can hear the echo of their laughters in my head Now ... it's time to fave the real me will I stand the test

Sinister - The saviour lyrics

flesh infused with chems and ready to be cut ... The skin of a crippled The legacy of wrath Raincoat ... against all fear A protection of the flesh They need precise incision an act of distress

Fatal Smile - The saviour lyrics

am The Saviour! I am your God, I take you ... heart, your soul, I am your mind control You need to believe ... angel I addict your life with danger You think… I am The Saviour, the only one (the

Construcdead - The saviour lyrics

by this hate This is the way, this is the way No way ... cage and let it out Bless the morning sun, arise, hell ... this livid sky Put back the pieces right in line this

Lordi - The kids who wanna play with the dead lyrics

it already there in the woumb? Were we pulled out ... small? Or were we dropped on the floor? Could it be something we ate? Did they let us ... stay up too late? Were there not enough rules? Did we get too much love? Was it something they taught us in school?

Closure In Moscow - The church of the technochrist lyrics

in the eye Jetsam on the tongue You’re lost in your ... flesh, you covet the impermanent No sisters, no ... brothers No fathers, no mothers No daughters and no sons

Lord Fist - The well of ganchul (eyleen pt. ii) lyrics

the touch of denial And "It" ... closed at your hand Smell the scent of betrayal And the ... time at its last See the woods and the garden Someone

The Arockalypse - The kids who wanna play with the dead lyrics

it already there in the woumb? Were we pulled out ... small? Or were we dropped on the floor? Could it be something we ate? Did they let us ... stay up too late? Were there not enough rules? Did we get too much love? Was it something they taught us in school?

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The last one to touch me lyrics

there ever was an angel, then surely you must be one If there ever was a perfect love ... I look at you I see one If there's heaven on earth, then ... be And I want you to be the last one to touch me The

Noumena - The doomwatcher lyrics

oath sworn by the faithful Decades of decayed ... belief Crushed by one man with the sword of word The chosen ... yet to be come... Worship the messenger of the true god

Gloria Gaynor - The luckiest girl in the world lyrics

I got you, honey I must be the luckiest girl in the world ... Now I get to touch you like Like no one else ... can touch you, honey I must be the ... luckiest girl in the world Like a happy ending in a picture show, yeah You're the one who takes me where I

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - The heart get no sleep lyrics

My heart's a jungle I escape into the city lights I dive into the colors And it's ... s alright And I could set the world on fire Just to see ... you come undone I'm falling and it feels like flying Into the daylight, into the

Outline In Color - The storm lyrics

on to something near you, hold on b/c the ... t make a sound. Hold on b/c the worlds about to come down. ... Stuck in this purgatory, this can't be ... the end of our story. The clouds roll in; they're sent

Sarah Brightman - The last man in my life lyrics

I'm a child when you are leaving, I'm a woman ev'ry time our ... complete. Long lost feelings stir inside me, used to think nights were for sleeping,

Dashboard Confessional - The secret's in the telling lyrics

We pass just close enough to touch No questions, no answers We ... know by now to say enough With only simple words With only ... subtle turns The things we feel alone for one another There is a secret that we

Killing Touch - The danger zone lyrics

"The Touch" Wolf: God they're tracing a map with my dead zone ... Hundreds of lines trying to explain the unknown We ... have so many true lies going deep down our souls Rev.

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - The way i feel (feat. tyler, the creator) lyrics

can't describe The way I feel, the way I feel ... Oh, what a high The way I feel, the way I feel I ... just can't put in words What I feel for you The way I feel, the way I feel

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - The happiest girl in the whole usa (donna far.. lyrics

on me sunshine Walk with me world It’s a skippidity ... do da day I’m the happiest girl, in the whole U ... S.A. Good morning morning Hello sunshine Wake up

Mud - The cat crept in lyrics

hey you guys, look who’s waiting outside. Well she’s got ... style you can see it in her feline eyes. When she ... starts moving you sure can tell, When

Britt Nicole - The lost get found lyrics

when you were So alive with your wide eyes to the light Then the light that you had when ... stolen Now you say that it ain’t worth stayin’ You wanna

Hangar - The massacre trilogy -part 1- sailing the sea.. lyrics

sign to relief Of this agony inside Such a pain is not fair ... How long shall it last Sailing the sea of sorrow Beyond ... this point There's no turning back No time to repent No

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The evil has landed lyrics

Come close Going on a living spree Any wanna come with ... life experience Faces making noise Say, "be good ... girls and boys" It ain't half empty or full You can

Masterplan - The sun is in your hands lyrics

ve got something to show you I give you ... something real I'm gonna rock till it ... I was a holy child Now I'm a lord of thunder I rose above the ... cry On the road to somewhere I'm not going back again Sending all my

Ok Go - The fix is in lyrics

d missed a turn. No one back in traffic school had told us there are signs that can't be ... are too clear, so let's go find a road-side motel with a ... won't tell. Days will turn into nights, nights will turn into days, weeks, seasons, and

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - The way i are (dance with somebody) ft. lil w.. lyrics

Wayne] I'm sorry, I'm not the most pretty I'll never ever ... sing like Whitney Ooh, but I ... still wanna dance with somebody (Tunechi) [Bebe ... let our hearts bleed, 'til they turn to rust Gonna live it

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - The golden age lyrics

wished I lived in the golden age Giving it up on the broadway stage Hang with the ... cigars Just have a break with Frank and count the stars ... Dressed to the nines, we've had too much Shiny

Dave Days - Get out of my head miley party in the usa pa.. lyrics

off the plane at LAX with a clean slate ahead No more ... I hope that never happens again Maybe I'll run into the real ... Miley The thought of that, it made me kind of smiley Let's not be

The Pierces - The devil is a lonely night lyrics

and I remembered all the lovely things we used to do ... I could never get enough I could never get ... and my heart calls It's crying out for you, I wonder Do I

The Game - The game get live lyrics

20 seconds of instrumental to open] [The ... can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5 Whatever way dog, the Game get live Keepin it ... gangsta in a P.D. fitted velour Late

Get Set Go - Get thru the day lyrics

my last cigarette Out on the patio The day is breakin' ... And I've been takin' the drugs Make my heart pound I ... need another cigarette Poking through the ashtray Hoping

Phora - The way we are (feat. versailles the everythi.. lyrics

all she need is company Acting like she don't wanna f*** with me And she hit me up when I ... shit Now she over here asking what's up with me I told ... all I know is that I can't be the one for you Be there when

American Hifi - The geeks get the girls lyrics

Friday night, to get the feeling right At the bar when he ... sees her coming over What you gonna do, if ... up to you Tongue tied better get yourself together Pound another drink, to give him time to

Blackthorn - The cobweb veils fall down with grace (outro) lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The cure - world in my eyes lyrics

me take you on a trip Around the world and back And you won't ... sit still Now let your mind do the walking And let my ... body do the talking Let me show you the world in my eyes I'll take you to the highest mountain To the

The Bled - Get up you son of a bitch cause mickey loves .. lyrics

telephone swallowed the child. This is the last time ... I say your name. The crackle and hiss from the ... You smile like a catholic in heat. Just don't forget what

Damien Steele - The last time (i sleep with you) lyrics

me up, puttin' me down No I don't want you ... around Wastin' my time, tellin' me lies You're always bringing me down Rise and shine ... and face the light Looks like another

The Divine Comedy - The pop singer's fear of the pollen count lyrics

da ba da Oh yeah Laugh at the tears you're crying Smile ... Y'don't have to take this lying down So blow your nose baby ... And just get your fingers clicking To the rhythm

Haley Rose - The last dance (feat. blood on the dance floo.. lyrics

your fingers inbetween mine Whisper in my ear tell me ... this won't be the last time That you ever ... dance with that smile on your face ... Look me in the eye tell me that you don't

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The black eyed peas - #wheresthelove ft. the .. lyrics

feat. The World, Jaden Smith, A$AP ... Usher, Ty Dolla $ign, Justin Timberlake, Tori Kelly, Andra ... Day, Jessie J, The Game, Nicole Scherzinger, ...] People killin' people dyin' Children hurtin', I hear them cryin' Can you

Holiday In Cambodia - With every intention lyrics

in the running But this rain is nothing new to me anyway ... where near who I should be The spirit is willing but The ... my flesh still hold me down With every distraction I lose

Human Nature - The tears of a clown (with smokey robinson) lyrics

if there's a smile on my face It's ... only there trying to fool the public But when it comes ... down to fooling you Now honey that's quite ... my glad expression Give you the wrong impression Cause

Of Mice & Men - The ballad of tommy clayton and the rawdawg m.. lyrics

ll bring you to your knees. You ... cannot see something you cannot please. [2x] ... I met a girl with predictable ways. Open doors ... Come clean, just open your mind. Shut those legs girl it's

Dragonland - The book of shadows part iv the scrolls of ge.. lyrics

tuto piesen od skupiny Diabolical Dragonland nie je ... ziaden text... je to cisto instrumentalny song..

Fm Static - The unavoidable battle of feeling on the outs.. lyrics

s hard to fit in, When you're on the outside, ... Feels like someone's getting to my head, Was it somethin ... I did, or just somethin' I said? I'm not an idiot,

Old Dead Tree, The - The water fields lyrics

own anymore. Set your mind at rest my child, Feel free ... I dig, Deeper and deeper, Into the water fields, So deep. ... It was time to change the deal, You did your best and

Paddy And The Rats - The three little thieves lyrics

live three little thieves they are bored with the common ... roles down in the valley at the wood of fairy they are planning a brand new roam Go to the mage for younger age and they steal his elixir but without the spell it doesn’t work

Get Far - In the ghetto lyrics

a cold and grey Chicago mornin', a poor little baby child ... is born in the ghetto. And his mama cries ... 'cause if there's one thing that she don't need, it's

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The only star in heaven lyrics

it or get out the game It’s such a shame to ... lose a game So use your brain and play it sane It’s just a ... game i another plane And when I call you on ... the phone Then show me that you’re really

Get Scared - The blackout lyrics

s cold, so why aren't the embers falling from the stars ... your face, so why aren't you with me in my arms? I'm becoming ... still feel you here, while the world begins to fall apart.

Get Scared - The devil's in the details lyrics

the remorse Taking its course That's when you ... to me From down below Holding me close Taking my sanity ... I be proud Leave it all behind The devil down the road is

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The road goes on forever lyrics

was a waitress At the only joint in town She had a ... who'd been around Down Main Street after midnight With a ... pack of cigs A fresh one hanging from her lips A beer

The Hollies - The times they are a-changin' lyrics

gather round people wherever you ... may roam Admit that the waters around you have grown ... soon you'll be drenched to the bone If your time to you is ... a savin Well you better start swimmin or you'll sink like a stone

In Mourning - With you came silence lyrics

lovers, we met with the poetry in France We painted ... life on broken glass Lost in the moment it felt right this ... time Beyond the embers of life glowing all

In This Moment - The gun show lyrics

to the gun show Hey cowboy how's ... it going tonight? Come on in and you can buy me a drink ... want to rock Welcome to the gun show Tonight we get wild

Gary Moore - The woman's in love lyrics

you talk to her She's listening to the music On the radio ... 'Cause she's concentratin' On a late night movie show, ... you thought that you had it goin' When she let you in through

Moving Mountains - With one's heart in one's mouth lyrics

all is lost You've got nothing more Nothing more to fear ... all I know Someday you'll find me Where the darkness grows ... from your light And the waters flow Like rivers to

The Pandoras - The way it's gonna be lyrics

The Way It's Gonna Be ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .......

The's - The's lyrics

The's ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ............

Eyefear - The eyes tell no lies - while the world sleep.. lyrics

Tell me what do you feel The eyes tell no lies Tell me ... tell me What do you see Behind the barricades of lies ... will be free and so shall mine A reason to live a reason

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