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Eurovision - Genealogy - face the shadow (armenia) lyrics

find so many ways fooling our heart Playing too many games trying to hide When you follow a dream, surrender the sorrow inside Face every shadow you denied Feels like so many times life was unfair Will you run and forget all the despair? If it’s breaking you down, rem

Holy Martyr - The shadow over innsmouth lyrics

after legion coming from the sea Through the black night their face now I see Running in the city with fear in the veins Living in a nightmare, nightmare so real Reef of the devil , fishman revenge Ia! Rlye, Cthulhu Ftagn! Order of dagon, Zadok i

Rebecca Lavelle - The sirens song lyrics

the shadow of the moment Is the truth of light and dark Try to touch What lies between them But you'll never leave a mark In the stillness In the silence When it's finished when it's gone Something echoes something whispers Tries to speak when you're

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

demons watch out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my thrill of the chase Death could be the end If pain is your friend Morning will come Bad days are gone I'm out of control I'm out on patrole I'

Abney Park - The shadow of life lyrics

I push this boulder up this rocky hill if I lose my footing this rock will kill Perpetual dusk has me dimly lit So I can't see the top or know how far it is Now life is a constant and death is a beast Everytime it's been fed its presence's incre

After All - The shadow wall lyrics

time I'm standing tall not scared of what might come For I have told you like it is I raise my head up high to look into your eyes But you just hold your knife and wait until I turn Those thorns inside Will pierce your armoured heart in time Stop hiding behind The shadow wal

Angra - The shadow hunter lyrics

remember the blood on his hands So ashamed regretting his faults So defenseless he came from the darkness We spoke and had a good talk Dark old hat reminds me of someone I find hard to recall Bowed his head surrendering to sorrow Wears the face of war Desperate cries:

Ecliptica - The shadow lyrics

that the storm is over and the sun clears the sky It feels like everything's so far away from yesterday All of your tears been dried by the hope that carries you But deep inside your soul some doubts remain Sleepless nights caught in disbelief A broken heart that dwells

Anubis Gate - The shadow lyrics

I come to you Unbound I fly far from you Unseen I follow Unloved I need you Curse me and curse yourself Scorn me and you scorn yourself Your shadow in me My darkness in you Shades of your little nightmares Days of your past life are haunting you Shape shift now, I'm your mast

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The shade in the shadow lyrics

Deris) You're reaching out in the dead of night Searching for my hand Your know I'm there in the waste of shadows I'm your pain and friend I hear your silent cries I'm the Shade in the Shadow I know your secret lies I'm the Shade in the Shadow

Machine Men - The shadow gallery lyrics

a stranger in me sending silent orders Playing with my machine -overloads it with thoughts unlean I see things I don't want to see I feel things I don't want to feel WHO KEEPS THE DARK INSIDE MY CELL? KEEPS ME ON THE ROAD TO HELL MAKES ME CRAWL LIKE A

Ironsword - The shadow kingdom lyrics

the dim lighted maze Beyond the bounds of reality Stared by many eyes ablaze Fling their web of sorcery The Shadow Kingdom The Shadow Kingdom The Shadow Kingdom Serpent men plot their schemes Take human form when leave their den Ruling from behind the scen

Samael - The shadow of the sword lyrics

This is a true story, based on reality A mass of frenzy, a poison sold as remedy They tell you knowledge is a curse but ignorance ain’t bliss They tell you love one another while waging war for peace Delusion, fraud and deception The foundat

Bobby Darin - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me Our wistful little star was far too high A tear drop kissed your lips and so did I Now when I rem

Kaledon - The shadow of azrael lyrics

remember when we fought together against the hordes of Azrael as a single untiring man we fought the monsters of the nightmare We commanded the force of the kingdom we brought the light between the shadows how many times have i saved your life ? how many times

Melissa Etheridge - The shadow of a black crow lyrics

am levitating somewhere down the road With a price on my head and the shadow of a black crow He's been on my tail for close to three days Just a little souvenir of my wicked ways I would rather die fast than to ever live slow Father forgive me what my mother don't know

Brenda Lee - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile, when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me A wishful little star was fun to have A teardrop kissed your lips and so did I Now when I remember spring, All

Sacrecy - The shadow of me lyrics

dream I'm starring in Has been seen in too many nights before. Never a happy ending. Find my way out of the maze of distressing. There is still hope that one day I won't feel so neglected. The closer I get to the light The bigger is the shadow leavi

June Carter Cash - The shadow of a lady lyrics

She was standing on the corner With a suitcase in her hand She held her head up high As she turned from a man Tears fell from her eyes But she couldn’t hide the shame Sir, I think you know me But just let me explain Chorus: I took my light down from

Dominia - The shadow of the lost prophet lyrics

is the ancient word of Truth He is the child who was sworn In the Battle of Light and Darkness To defend the immortal dawn He forgives the chosen one's knowledge And changes the future of the damned In the chasm of Despair He kisses the feet of Queens He

Lacrimas Profundere - The shadow i once kissed lyrics

poison lips they taste like a thunder Your foggy hips are such a wonder to me I love you still but I can't touch your skin And I feel your sin And I can't hide from the shadow that I once kissed She's on my side She's so sweet, is lovely mist And th

Cemetery Of Scream - The shadow of notre dame cathedral lyrics

scream is break'n a silence of the birth Days're crash'n against the wall of the cry The mist wears the moonlight in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral Insane dreams of your dead feathers Tradition seems too hard to understand Trails of s

Is Pain - The shadow lyrics

re still alone tonight Someone stays in silence The shadow gets closer to you It's looking for a partner... You are the one who can stay with it It's trying to take you within the dream See the shadow is on the wall Realize you have noone Is strange to see the lights

Blog 27 - The shadow lands lyrics

cha do when you see their eyes looking from under black hoods they shine as they emerge coming from a very terrifying gate it's a place where only you can see the lost faces of souls shiver with cold from time to time they got a reason to be happy with the tears th

Marvin Gaye - The shadow of your smile lyrics

ll never forget you, baby The shadow of your smile, When you are gone, Will color all my dreams And light the dawn Look into my eyes, and see All the wonderful things you are to me A wistful little star Was far too high a teardrop kissed your lips, And so did

Kamelot (usa) - The shadow of uther lyrics

to the legend a new king will come rise in the morning horizon brave and believing for wars to be won born with the heart of a lion he will fight for a country unite till the last drop of blood confines the oath till all will respect him wherever he roams deep in

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone Will color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my love, and see All the lovely things you are to me Our wistful little star was far too high A teardrop kissed your lips andd so did I Now when I remember spring All the j

Gatsby's American Dream - The loosing of the shadow lyrics

could you understand? The way I feel about god... How could you understand? Anything, about me at all... I am the wind, singing a sad song I am a volcano, and i'll hurt you all My pride, ripped a hole in the world that set loose... A shadow! How could you

Grand Magus - The shadow knows lyrics

laugh will be the warning He will break your mental wall Pulverize resistance Then sacrifice you all His solemn promise given To never be a slave To stand among the fallen And fight beyond the grave The Shadow knows Stare into the hearts of men All Misery Treachery

Diviner - The shadow and the dark lyrics

lies, no traitors No promises of fear No fake masqueraders No great dictators You'll rot, you'll suffer You'll burn eternally For all your crimes Against the children of creation There is a place To join with your own kind Chosen the way Of no turni

Architects - The shadow of doubt [australian deluxe editio.. lyrics

Happiness or a broken bottle This is all that we'll want to see tomorrow You'll never know, what comes next Still we'll never trust Hands around our necks Around our necks Cross your fingers and hope for the best Count the lights on the wall, try to get some rest Everyo

8 Point Rose - The shadow lyrics

silent whispers hear the voice Speaking the truth of me Nowhere to go there is no road Misleading insanity The darkness spreads like a stain Tell me where should I start the journey away Tell me where should I go from here Tell me how should I find my way

Bill Withers - The brighter the light the darker the shadow lyrics

the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn Upon the Hillside the Final stand,

Bloodthorn - The brighter the light, the darker the shadow lyrics

the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn Upon the Hillside th

Rpwl - The shadow lyrics

walk into the night Glad you teach me where to go Even out in the moonlight I walk at your heels without a goal I've been to every place on earth every place that you have been before I'm always on my way but I just follow, I got no home Give me a light in the

Deviser - The shadow where evil stands still lyrics

walls of an ancient stone chamber Had witnessed many fearsome rites The whole place reeked of evil An intense bitterness surged through your mind They perform an involved magical ceremony To heal the wounds at the far end of the crypts The curtains embroidered with the goat of Men

Marcy Playground - The shadow of seattle lyrics

Like tin angels falling down Like a mission and we're halfway there From some old dried up fried forgotten town Why Won't they let us be ourselves With our potential we could toe the line And show the bastards up with our divine Light Seize All the records from the past Hold for ransom

The Black Ghosts - Face lyrics

Don't look now) Cause it is coming for you, it is coming for you (Don't slow down) It is around the corner, around the corner (Don't hold back) You got to give what you got, you got to give what you got (Don't slow down) You got to face the music Face

Kataklysm - Face the face of war lyrics

time we went too far This time we opened the scars To feel destruction Inside this worlds addiction Last dance for the new generation Beloved ones, virgins of war Never seen the true colors of sufferance Forever, face the face of war Forever, we shall face the face of war W

Dean Martin - Face the music lyrics

chorus) Face the music you've got hope (chorus) Face it face it and you'll chase it far away (chorus) Come face the music and make your worry hurry scurry not a care will dare to stay (chorus) The drums are drumming you should be humming (chorus) Joy is comi

Fates Warning - Face the fear lyrics

i am looking out looking in my eyes are open my mind's closed tight i believe i know i need to let go and i know i'm wrong but i think i'm right so i shut you out and hear what i want to hear and hide in my opinions afraid to face my fear face the fear there you are

Girlicious - Face the light lyrics

d-dance, d-dance, d-dance Keep it steady, steady rockin' Don't take your hands off my waist, keep it right there I wanna feel your body close to mine You need to press rewind, just love me one more time Don't hesitate, trying to fake the funk Don't try and

John Hiatt - Face the nation lyrics

mind is finally clearing What is this sound I'm hearing? Chainsaws on bone and gristle Carving out a new epistle I've got my pencil sharpened I will not be disheartened I won't be disenchanted Even though the news is slanted Face the nation Face the nat

59 Times The Pain - Face the truth lyrics

d say it's time to face the truth It's time to face it though I know it might hurt A conversation kept within In search for answers it is time to look deep within No more lies I'd say it's time TO FACE THE TRUTH Got all these thoughts in my head All these thoughts what's really

Ancient Dome - Face the facts lyrics

without self esteem Ruled by media, corrupted by greed To think is what you forgot Blinded by other’s thoughts Truth’s pointing you like a sword But you just cannot accept that you’re lost Lost in a world that’s not yours Prisoner of ancient thorns Face The Facts!!! Don’t le

Beady Eye - Face the crowd lyrics

to face the people, take a gamble with your pride Time for living, so take today off, take your turn to hide It's out of my hands, out of my hands tonight Time to smash the mirror, turn the tempo upside down It's out of my hands, out of my hands t

Conjure One - Face the music lyrics

is a factor Feel it pulling you in It gets under your skin And you just sink in When the past is an anchor It's just holding you back When you can't walk away Something makes you stay Makes you stay What makes you turn around and do it all again Your highs and

4him - Face the nation lyrics

heard somebody say, no matter what you do Before you speak your heart, know who you're talkin' to What good are words if there's nobody listening If you can testify, to what the Lord can do Then don't you think it's time, to prove His promise true If you

Insania (swe) - Face the king lyrics

was standing on a mountain high, Reaching to the sky. You'll never see a land so strong, Ruled by one alone. They were living free in harmony, In happiness and peace. No starving and no stealing, No pain and no disease. He's good, old, wise and clever, So

Inxs lyricsInxs - Face the change lyrics

back to front Turns hate to love The simple things that mean a lot Turns rock to sand Turns ice to snow That's you and me about to grow Change the face of a magazine Face the change of a million years Stare in shock at what you saw Take a breath

Krabathor - Face the intruder lyrics

your self pain I'll return again Failure to succeed I'll then just repeat It's time we must react Watch each other back Minutes seconds lapse While he only laughs Imperative, initiative, impenitent Face the intruder Gratify, nullify, purify face the

Sondre Lerche - Face the blood lyrics

me that the casual panics will give in. When I hear a scream all my friends just hear the wind. So, if anybody could prove what god must know, I'd tell myself the chances of suffering are slim. Mum said, "All men must fall," You can't quit j

Pretty Maids - Face the world lyrics

feel left behind Defeated, blind and incomplete Your mind is weak You lost belief, it's a dead-end street You try to hang on, but you come undone no matter what you do You're misunderstood, but there's something good inside of you Go and face you

Ark Storm - Face the evil master lyrics

who gained all the power over the nations Thought they were the gist of the world They once believed all of the stars Turn around the earth that we'd rule And the truth was sealed They oppressed the weak So many died, in God they'd trust Chase the treasure, face the evil master

Hoobastank - Face the music lyrics

all we’ve watched you always take the path of least resistance. We’ve seen you searching for a way that you can cheat the system. You had us fooled but now the truth has finally been uncovered. We’ll never look at you the same because we’ve all discovered… Take a look, t-t-take a

Rufio - Face the truth lyrics

take a look around. You don't like what you see. There's people you don't know. But you know they care. It's been so long since you've heard the hurting words. I care for you, and it's right this time. Forget your past, and see what is now. Ev

Aborym - Face the reptile lyrics

fatal sounds of broken dreams It's a crushed panic I sense our mission is coming demolition What the f*** is going on? Life, memories, gone! All rise watching the light that burns your eyes All these terrified battered voices up in the sky you pray, you are su

Brennan Heart - Face the enemy lyrics

this corporate-powered world Fear is the only enemy Face the enemy Once you dread potential danger You are bound by fear Now, you can choose your own level of fear From caution to phobia, from dread to paranoia In this corporate-powered world Fear

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