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Gemini I The Void lyrics

Browse for Gemini I The Void song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gemini I The Void lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gemini I The Void.

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Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Gemini-i-the void lyrics

in the void What are you staring at ... (your) place? Floating in the void What are you staring ... at (your) place? mawari tsuzukeru shikai de tairo wo

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Gemini-ii-the luv lyrics

in the void What are you staring from ... your place? Floating in the void What are you staring ... your place? (all around) the field of vision that goes on

Devian - Gemini is the snake lyrics

s in the making, the architect of doom opens your tomb ... Cloaked in the dark, the amputation of God is on earth ... to draw some blood Deep in wilderness pain shows a shimmering light A madness to behold

Andy Biersack - The void lyrics

ship has crashed We bound down the past Like ghost-drifted ash ... Your photograph Is all that will last There's ... no turning back Now I'm all alone The future

Hole lyricsHole - The void lyrics

I looked at the streets You know when it was ... talking to me.... The void... When I fill the void ... See you into your revolution What's a revolution? Can

Convictions - The void + burdens lyrics

The void inside! These are my stories, This is my ... life, Replacing the void but hiding behind disguise ... I am nothing but a broken man. Oh, these scars on these withered

Militant Civilian - The void lyrics

we fell helpless. On that night I gave my soul to you There lives a place in our hearts ... we are detached. Careless until the black of the world, ... comes to be our reality. How has this come to be.

A Canorous Quintet - The void lyrics

by the magic of night I'm enchanted under the spell In pain i scream once again The pain i thought that i would ... feel It came upon me early this time [*] i try to escape into the void Into my

Cancer Bats - The void lyrics

upon me Sixty days away Miles from perfect Sixty days ... away I don't know why Must be ... broken As we enter the void Absolution waits for me ... Cold hands of time Closing round my neck I need a new

About A Plane Crash - The void lyrics

Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not fo...

Iamx - The void lyrics

me on, you forced my hand again Holding the rope, holding ... everything Only the bravest girl would sit through this ... Only the darkest German confidence I guess if I'm breathing this is not the end I

Fallujah - The void alone lyrics

and numbness become The only way that I can survive ... This moment is the closest thing I'll ever have to paradise ... Color reflects as the night projects A glitch in the

Convictions - The void remains lyrics

I lost myself? Have I forgotten who I am? Four ... years later, I'm still a broken man. Part the sea ... that separates you from me. Limb by limb, rip me apart.

Metric - The void lyrics

night, like a child I stayed up to prove I can ... keep up All night, like a fool I stayed up to ... prove I can keep up with you All night All night (sing along with the band,

Nine Lashes - The void lyrics

sort of place is this? How did it get this far? We'd never ... hear them say We'll never become It ... s like a dream in a sense I never saw this far But I see

The Kills - The void lyrics

too close to the sun Is this where the earthquakes come ... from? Walked on with helium legs Weigh yourself - see ... Every looker keeps you lookin' No one ever told me there

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Gemini lyrics

nagarete yuku fuukei nani mo kanji naku natteita omoi ... kogarete yuku kimi no ne ima wa kako ni oki wasureteita ... koe wa todokanai aa kagee sae kieta tada

Mamas And The Papas, The - Gemini childe lyrics

of her feet; Soft buckskin next to my cheek Oh, the ... long hair unbound tumbling down. Musical songs without sound. Strong magical ... lines over the land... Strange mystical lines on her hands. Twin Gemini, split in two; Half is for

The Moody Blues - Gemini dream lyrics

time, no see Short time for you and me So fine, so ... good We're on the road Like you knew we would First ... night, so long State of mind What can go wrong? We're

The Gathering - Gemini ii lyrics

her skin feel as soft as you always ... said mine are to your fingers? Did her eyes look as ... deep into your soul as you always said mine did? Did you catch the moon together? When I saw

The Gathering - Gemini iii lyrics

her skin feel as soft as you always ... said mine are to your fingers? Did her eyes look as ... deep into your soul as you always said mine did? Did you catch the

The Gathering - Gemini i lyrics

up From our dream to your nightmare I didn’t know it was ... possible To feel so alone being with you I tried to move, ... but you glued me to your side With all that you gave me

Kiss - Into the void lyrics

m losing power and I don't know why Not really ... sure if I'll live or die I wanna leave but I can't get ... away It's a strange sensation Out of control being by

Silence Lies Fear - Void created by others lyrics

retrieved myself many years Every ... time I met you And each of «you» ... was not mine Only helped me to return ... of you have taken away A little piece of me forever And

Metalium - Void of fire lyrics

Stepped Through The Ring And I Can't Feel A Thing Can't Wait To Get To The Other Side ... Pulled In With Great Force I'm Taking My Course It's A ... Supersonic Lightning Ride Fire The Void Of Fire My Soul Is Burning Fire,Fire,Fire,Fire

Hypnos - Versus the void lyrics

gates of ignorance are widely open now The void´s coming closer to our doors Against this influx of all-pervasive contagion We must build ... up a solid wall We laugh at the shallow worship of immersion in social scum We laugh

Destruction - Conductor of the void lyrics

we get fooled by the persons we trust They want ... conformity - we have to adjust ... Screams of desperation - stay unheard Who is to ... believe in the dreams of the absurd? They make up the

Rage - Lost in the void lyrics

and murder, starving homeless people Greed and ... just take a look around Dying land, a circle of destruction Everybody steals from ... everyone I am not a fool, what I say is the truth for all Play against the rule and try to find a way

Dark Tranquillity - I am the void lyrics

this water again That runs by without memory ... Where your name is lost Drink and forget yourself This ... featureless stream That carries your face further on These

Dgm - Void lyrics

with my inner thoughts Is it worth or it means nothing? ... Should i run the distance between both? The ... answers set my soul on fire A weight I can't bear

Kevin "k.o." Olusola - Void of a legend ft. antoniette costa lyrics

I wonder what's going through That pretty head ... your pretty eyes, and charming smile You look at me and I ... I wanna make you wanna try to ... be the best yet I wanna make you wanna try to

Accuser - Into the void lyrics

nothing More to be said Words are useless Now, ... today Can´t cover doubts With explanations It´s a hate ... yourself Situation Braincells fight An endless fight

Holy Grail - Ride the void lyrics

you look into the void do you see something there? ... Nothing in your blackened heart has ... made you even care All the hopes that you had always ... dreamed up in the night, Cultivated instantly before your

Red House Painters - Void lyrics

another corner of the house When you need to get ... away Her guitar leans against the couch Sometimes I pick it up and play Loosen and ... stretch it's ancient strings Until it sounds the way I

Erra - Render the void lyrics

after motion, the gears of process slow. I’ve ... seen the actions of the past conflict with tension. ... In a weakened state, solitude is found. Abound are

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Escape to the void lyrics

pest in the eyes of death follows us ... Through the dirty streets of blood It begins to eat inside us, decaying ... our bones How will we escape if the void

Gamma Ray - Abyss of the void lyrics

I must go I'll wait for you to follow No turning back But there's a light ... I've seen it all Riding through never fall When ... all is done We must be one I will return The saviour is

Falconshield - This is war 3 - shadow isles vs the void lyrics

Verse 1: Blakinola (Hecarim)] Embrace the Isle's ... Wrath, I am on the warpath A mix of pain and ... desolation's on the forecast 4 legged apparation ... stomping out the opposition I'm on a mission bringin real life to superstition Spectral riders at my side as I gain

Darren Hayes - Void lyrics

ve seen so many faces These hands have lied before I ... ve kissed so many lips it's blocked my mind I've whispered bullshit, nothings I ... ve cried alone in night I thought I'd found the one a million times But doesn't

Deicide - Between the flesh and the void lyrics

I wait the pain A stare that's cold and ... burns my eyes Victim, deception Death to your shrine ... Those I've lost appear before me The ... end of life, the air turning colder I close my eyes and

Falconshield - This is war 3 - shadow isles vs the void (vol.. lyrics

Thresh] Render retribution to the thresh prince I ... flow with two chainz, packing wifesteal quintz Lonely little Lucian married (in the ... past tense) Chasing absolution the epitome of dense Try

Hellshock - Welcome to the void lyrics

your rights seem like wrongs Your world so black ... and white Is all life really sacred? You seem ... repulsed by the sight Humanity torn apart Where do ... homeless sleep tonight Your plan for recovery

Klaxons - Surfing the void lyrics

to a swirling surgence I peel away to listen in Turning myself away from the future ... Unable to explain anything Spanning the sights of ... emerging patterns I peel away to feel what's seen

Neaera - The crimson void lyrics

You Stare Into the Void for Too Long The Void Will ... Stare Into You I Will Wash Away All Pain May the ... Great Cleansing Begin Yet I was Waiting in Vain For the

Primal Scream - Out of the void lyrics

can't slip my skin I'm full of dust I'm chemically imbalanced I'm cancer ... Bad astrology's the answer If I were a child ... again I'd be holy and not insane I've got the tear I

Primal Scream - Vanishing dub (out of the void) lyrics

can't slip my skin I'm full of dust I'm chemically imbalanced I'm cancer ... Bad astrology's the answer If I were a child ... again I'd be holy and not insane I've got the fear I

Black Bomb Ä - Into the void lyrics

into the void Yeah i've been there Colder my ... eyes it's more than I can't stand to bear So many ... words in my head Prisoners in my mouth Stepping to the void To the other side We

Alter Bridge - Slip to the void lyrics

to the void To the dark To the fall Crawl to the life you ... know You should never come this way To test the hands of ... t belong here Peel back the skin Close your eyes Hell is born To the abyss, but be

Black Tongue - L'appel du vide (the call of the void) lyrics

it never cease? The pain of absence Will you never ... subside? By the time it had happened I'd lived it a ... thousand times Behind closed eyes Its keen edge

At The Gates - The circular ruins lyrics

halls of the grotesque Reverberate our final doom Oh, the ravenous indulgence The rite of passage ... lung full of ash A parasitic void Oh, the tenebrous upheaval

Count Raven - Destruction of the void lyrics

you wonderful people I need you all today I reveal ... myself to you If that is okay In my minds eye I ... see people they are not free In my world I'm living in I

Deathchain - Song of chaos and the void lyrics

coming age of chaos! Come feed ... forces So that chaos may rise Death will be brought ... forth with ferocious anger And let the scythe sweep the lands Primeval

Absu - Those of the void will re-enter lyrics

after thousand The years of tradition linger ... For the wisdom of magic(k) The supra catalyst swells ... Servants of the arcane order The hypnotized ... beings Can you commemorate? The burden of ignorance Clad in robes imprinted with spells

Morifade - A cry from the void lyrics

my thoughts, through your mist of belief When I'm trying ... to speak, my words they never reach I kept it to my ... dreams, to secure myself from the failed way of disbelief It

Paragon - Beyond the void lyrics


Poema Arcanvs - Zoom to the void lyrics

those ripping moments When you go down ... knees As a death knell, night falls on you Walls grow ... high around you, burying yourself deep inside Under ... What... can you see? ... Other unknown skies... In a

Evoken - A caress of the void lyrics

moaning comes from upstairs I hear them, as if Upon the ... threshold of awakening Ebony tides sweep me away ... again Not waving, but drowning Skyward glance through

Horse The Band - The black hole lyrics

will not fade! I will not fade! I might be a ... baby caught in the snow, But you know... I will not fade! I will not fade! ... I ripped off my arms So long ago.

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