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Bob Marley - Duppy conqueror lyrics

any bad forces come to test us, we can conquer them even at a spiritual level: we're even hard spiritually. Yes me friend We de a street again Yes me friend (me good friend) Dem say we're free again The bars could not hold me Force could not control

Bob Marley - Duppy conqueror v/4 lyrics

me friend, me friend We deh 'pon street again Yes me friend, me good friend Dem SET ME free again The bars could not hold me Force could not control me They tried to keep me down But Jah put I around Yes I've been accused, many times And wrongl

3peace☆lovers - Daily daily lyrics

kinou yori mo Kimi ga kyou shiawase ni natte Onaji toki wo kasanetara ii na Tatoe kono michi no tochuu de Jamasarete mo boku nara Koko ni iru kara waratte Yasashiku temaneki suru yo Fushigi na kao de Boku no koto minaide Suki ni naru motto Daily daily itoshikute Me

Hymn - Daily daily sing the praises lyrics

daily, sing the praises Of the city God hath made; In the beauteous fields of Eden Its foundation stones are laid. Refrain O that I had wings of angels, Here to spread and heavenward fly! I would seek the gates of Zion, Far beyond the starry sky. All the walls o

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Daily news lyrics

england dressed in her dress tell your kids what a bloody mess come politicians buttons on their breast new at ten go with labour [chorus:] daily news daily news we gotta find out daily news daily news wanna buy maggie thatcher prices on her dress just can't

Dark Age - Daily combat lyrics

am a stone cold rocker With his flames in my eyes A bloody motherf***er Who can't take no more lies I kill just by the way that I feel My head is up high Never will I kneel I am a hater I was born to fight in a daily combat But I found my way to a better day All that y

Nerina Pallot - Daily bread lyrics

is the one thing to rely on And as long as we all have today, we'll be okay. Six o'clock, so you feed the kids And you pack them off to school Take a drive through your secret life It's a mystery to you. It's not the way you thought that it would be.... But love is t

Joey Bada$$ - Daily routine lyrics

the block to the top, Buddha baggies in a sock Only thing that changed now is we ain’t runnin' out of stock Use to beg mom dukes for lunch money Honies used to run from me when pockets was dust bunnies Now what’s funny, is we done came up and conquered Even t

Overwind - Daily war lyrics

There are no rules of engagement, Blast! My mind and soul as payment Fight! My silent enemy waits now, (He) knows my desire. Lust! I can’t resist my temptation Alone! I’ve lost my hope for salvation Fire! Inside of me is a fire Slowly torturin

Animal Collective - Daily routine lyrics

a sec more in my bed Hope the machine's working right When it's just precisely tuned That's how it comes out so nice Make sure my kid's got a dress Keys and coat and shoes and hat Strap a stroller to my back Bouncing along every crack What good is it to make it fast? Sing a

Raintime - Daily execution/paradox defeat lyrics

in the morning late Sunny day behond the glass Shadows now are close to shapes And even closer to myself The shower seems to cry on me Mirror spreads an unknown face Mangry cat is whining on The backyard looks like scary fog! My bag is full of hate I´v

Come The Dawn - Daily gnargoyles lyrics

like a thief in the night You stole the crystal and gold, run, run I always knew you were filth from the start Soaked with the blood of an innocent soul I swear I'll find you, no matter how hard you hide, run, run You condescending exaltations end here A fall from a window will be a

The Monkees - Daily nightly lyrics

rolling figures move thru' prisms of no color. Hand in hand, they walk the night, But never know each other. Passioned pastel neon lights light up the jeweled trav'ler Who, lost in scenes of smoke filled dreams, Find questions, but no answers. Startled eyes that sometimes see phant

Rza - Daily routine lyrics

Word Up!* Straight up, spread my knowledge through your projects (knowledge through) Straight up (Word up) Word up *The chief noble oble same total controller of the* *global over law the thousand MCs grab proposal* *Jakes that mould you taste will hold you hostage* *p

David Cook - A daily anthem lyrics

your neck for some substance This is temporary sanity, an exercise in vanity So long, to the ordinary day wrought with fictitious tales Of how there's any other way Hold on to anything at all It's a long way down between the summer and the fa

Anima - The daily grind lyrics

t want to follow the grind Pass back what they Gave to me I don't want To be their slave I have to break their neck Rip of their f***ing head... Split their hearts in two Let these maggots bleed They don't make me their slave again! Reigned by hate No fate was left

Freygolo - My daily grind lyrics

I'm walking down the line Just waiting for a sign I'm crashing out And I wish that I never had to wake up How much time can I take? I'm burning out. You lie to me I'm telling you Things you don't wanna see through Time passes by without you I'm still looki

Love - The daily planet lyrics

the morning we arise and Start the day the same old way As yesterday the day before and All in all it's just a day like All the rest so do your best with Chewing gum and it is oh so Repetitious Waiting on the sun Down on Go-Stop Boulevard it Never fails to bring m

Sleep Serapis Sleep - Apostatize! (the jack daily experience) lyrics

you are Cold, dark and balled like my rough drafts Feeling for walls, I find but pangs of nausea Followed by a blackout. Disguised in waxing light, a cold dark killing approaches I ball myself to a wall; sit shivering as I watch my last breathes escape this

Perfect Hand Crew - Perfect hand crew - go 'n go 'n go lyrics

duppy and go All my mandem duppy and go You can hear the siren when we duppy and go Smashin' the riddim and go and blow and go Yo duppy and Go Perfect Hand Crew, duppy and go When we come through, we duppy and go Smashin' the riddim and go and blow and go Ca

Mavado - Gangsta don't play lyrics

TJ how dem fi war mi an fraid ah di sun Likewise mi kno seh di p**** dem fraid ah mi gun Di gully god a step, vampire clear di ground Mi gun get inna spirit it nuh fraid ah di rum [Chorus:] Gangstas we nuh play friendship mi nuh buy P**** viol

Bob Marley - Memphis lyrics

me friend, me friend, Them set me free again Yes, me friend, me friend, Me deh 'pon street again The bars could not hold me Force could not control me now They try to keep me down, But God put me around Yes, I've been accused, Wrongly abused, now But through the powers of

Elephant Man - Our world lyrics

feat. Demarco) [Intro:] Demarco, Elephant man Baby G Ah our world Some boy a fi pay fi a live in a it Elephant man them a fi shu off, feel! Wa you mek yo fren them boots yo fa You life will lose quicker Beware me evil me get free from lucifer Real eye shutter Any boy we g

Vybz Kartel - Mi talk with gun shot lyrics

mek me gun talk before me Mi mek me gun talk before me Mi mek me gun talk before me Dem P**y deh see me but dem nuh kno me A cudda dozen a dem wen my magnum pop off Dozen man a get gunshot before me Tek up badness tru him a watch gun show Mi kill u mek u baby mada watch your duppy

Vybz Kartel - Stress free lyrics

Intro] Baby, Up To Di Time (So mi a sey, Up To time) Eh how yuh so stress free (You know its Kartel, representing..) Baby, Up To Di Time (The Ladies that are as stress free as possible) Eh!! So yuh see dem gal dey Eh watch dem, stress a kill dem Dem want, Tylenol, Advil

Vybz Kartel - More p**** fi di money lyrics

mi sey tek buddy gal and p**** haffi good, di whole ah dem talk bout mi slack, And behind people back dem a climb pon man back. If yuh ketch dem inna di act wid yuh kodak, Dem all woulda ketch heart attack. Nuttin nice like when a gal wine pon my cocky till mi pop So more p****

Vybz Kartel - School bus lyrics

Morning Students, Good Morning Sir, Listen to Adidja the teacher, what's that you doin? When you leavin school and jump inna the cluster? Good Morning Students, Good Morning Sir, Listen to Adidja the teacher, and Jim and Cookoo, and Dappa Slicer,

Akanishi Jin - Love song lyrics

‘ t Wanna Sing Another Love Song mayowa nai yo ni boku no shiawase no ari ka kimi o mejirushi ni shi te I Don ‘ t Wanna Sing Another Love Song negai o uta ni shi te doko e de mo todoke ni iku yo So You Can Stay Right Where You Are umaku iki ga deki nai hajimete omotta

Epik High - The bad guy lyrics

bwado akdangi kkeullyeo. Yeongungbodan ppittakhan ge deo joha. I’m the bad guy. Yeojal mannado nappaya kkeullyeo. Cheonsabodan kkachilhan ge deo joha. All the bad girls… Say goodnight to the bad guy. The world is mine. Yoksime soni mojara. Yasime michimyeon eottae?

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - King of snakes lyrics

of snake king of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake snake snake snake snake 24 hours with the king of snake kkking of snake a dogman and the king of snake a mongoose and the king of snake a dogman and the king of snake king of snake r

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Shudderking of snake lyrics

of snake Kkking of snake Snake Snake Snake Snake 24 hours with the king of snake Kkking of snake Dogman and the king of snake I'm on a boast and the king of snake Dogman and the king of snake King of snake race Im on a boast and the king of sn

Mike Jones - Grandma ii lyrics

OOHHH yeaahhh) Real talk [CHORUS (Mike Jones)] Grannie I think of you daily without you here I'm crazy Grannie I love you and I'm thinking of you I think of you daily without you here I'm crazy Grannie I love you and I'm thinking of you [VERSE 1] You was more than a gra

Shakira lyricsShakira - How do you do lyrics

us our trespasses As we forgive those who have trespassed against us Give us this day our daily bread, daily bread, daily bread In cello et in terra fiat voluntas tua Gloria Spiritui Sancto What language do you speak, if you speak at all? Are

Koke K - Turn back lyrics

Maverick Sabre:] I’ve been living this daily With no peace No day dreams to save me Get high cause I want to survive Wish I could turn back the hands of time I’ve been living this daily With no peace No day dreams to save me Get high cause I want to survive Wish I could tur

Michael W. Smith - Breathe lyrics

is the air I breathe this is the air I breathe Your holy presence living in me this is my daily bread this is my daily bread Your very word spoken to me And I, I'm desperate for you And I, I'm I'm lost without you this is the air I breathe thi

The Game - Still me lyrics

Intro - Ikay] Yow! A weh di f*** do dem? Black Wallstreet, Cry Nation, Yeah! From Kingston to Compton… Ha ha, Yow Game! Weh yuh deh pon? Warminister! Ha ha… Dem fi know, Yeah! Game! f*** wid dem. [Verse 1 - The Game] Straight outta the motherf***in pissy hallway in the proj

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Hurch and state lyrics

Devilstation they intensify Church and state they can't satisfy While the children still a multiply I see babymothers cry While the babyfathers die Break my backbone while you sit down on your throne You must living ina twylight zone It's a good thing I man tuff li

Holly Dolly - Loituma polka lyrics

koolu se polakan ta ti Yalakani pohi kook kuti Evan aye ti se too teysa vahi Van killahan evan sen yut kuti Silla ay meta siloin killon hai ta Kun moy dansim lye lasta lye ta Sally vili hiput tuput taput Aput tiput hiliya len Evan su olivek na sell

Marie Barnett - Breathe lyrics

is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your holy presence Living in me This is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your holy presence Living in me And I, I'm desperate for You And I, I'm lost without You Oh, I'm lost without You I

Bob Marley - Mr. brown lyrics

Who-oo-oo-oo is Mr Brown?) Mr Brown is a clown who rides through town in a coffin (Where he be found?) In the coffin where there is Three crows on top and two is ...

Damian Marley - Shoot out lyrics

boys and police Sin ding dada din woi Woo yeah police an thief inna shoot out (peppa) only a fool will spill his own blooood and all di duppy weh yuh making and yuh proud memba children they don´t know loooove stay far when yuh si dem inna crowd Bo

Mavado - Real killer lyrics

dat Stephen dats it dats it dats it Mi ah kill dem widout even ah chorus Niggas be killin' [yow] Aaaaye ah wah happen to dem Warn dem innu Stephen Becaa mi evil Dead dem dead Wah happen to dem [Verse 1:] Dem tracin like Denise But when mi rifle squeeze Bwoy deh pon di f

B3 - Just get on with it lyrics

a night that we both had All the moments that we shared I’m about to go erratically crazy Can’t believe that this is real Can’t believe the way I feel I’m fanatically attracted to you, Babe The mood is right by the fireside You and me, yeah come on let’s ride D

Collie Buddz - Sensimillia ft. roache lyrics

Faithful Brother Man Be Faithful To Your Herbs Sensimellia Is The Healing Of The Nation, Yeah I Sensimellia A De Higher Meditation, Yeah I Me No Bother With The Gun Play, Iâm Just Round The Weed Block Any Fire Whe Me Use Is To Light My Spliff B

Vybz Kartel - Gun session lyrics

yea testing 1 2 3 it's Akon the illegal alien yea, Sizzla Kolongi coming to you live, Shabba India, Si mi yah seh yuh knoe its Kartel Obsession FX Gun Session teks Run session duppy wi mek aye! Budibye Budibye Budibye Budibye Pernimi meny meny meny ment If yuh dis bad m

Vybz Kartel - Gaza christmas lyrics

Intro: Vybz Kartel] True me seh haha Dem seh dem kill santa But a couldn't me Me murda santa from 2003 [Black Rhyno:] How you mean me daddy [Chorus: Black Rhyno] First day a christmas somebody play 3 Walk pon di gully pappy bring di KG Me carry one pon a shot

Vybz Kartel - Money over war lyrics

Intro:] Yow Harry Dis thing a get out a hand So u see fi di 08 an beyond Me waa house and car Ghetto yute A money ova war [Verse 1:] Hey, So who can't hear Dem going to feel No shoot, nuh kill Nuh rob, nuh steal Too much yute fall pon battlefield A badman a ta

Vybz Kartel - No wild grain lyrics

kartel dem just shell down round so How much shot fire Bout a thousand star How much people dead Nobody nuh dead "Kissteeth" [Chorus:] Mi nuh guh pon bwoy endz Go fire wild grains No I could'ntdo it One con one gone Hmmmmm One con one gone Di boss ah spend

Vybz Kartel - When since lyrics

Intro:] Top Rankin, Tell Flanker rise every damn ting Tell dem drive... Mi Murder People non-stop, When di bomboclaat rifle clap smaddy muss drop From primary school mi carry mi f***ing clutchback Mi a claat sixteen before mi a fifteen [Chorus:] Bomb

Prozak - American princess lyrics

around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow No tomorr

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Progress (feat. mavado) lyrics

s why wi go so and Mi just link up wid mi dawg Mineral Boss Yu know Gully Side mineral, progress Wi nuh inna nutten wid you, if you naa show no progress Man fi go through life without no stress Be friends wid some people that’s hopeless Cause dem a nuh nuh progr

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The trees they do grow high lyrics

trees they grow high, the leaves they do grow green Many is the time my true love I've seen Many an hour I have watched him all alone He's young, but he's daily growing Father, dear father, you've done me great wrong You have married me to a boy who is

Byron Cage - Breathe lyrics

is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your Holy presence Living in me This is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your Holy presence Living in me This is my daily bread This is my daily bread Your very Word Spoken to me And I, I'm

Da Brat - Ain't no thang lyrics

puttin' down, definition Breakin' motherf***ers off proper like And all y'all motherf***ers know what I mean (Ain't no thang, ain't no thang) Puttin' it down puttin' it down ain't no thang to me (Ain't no thang, ain't no thang) For me to knock niggas out the

Delain - Go away lyrics

you'll never be What they expect It's out of reach You're not the kind To reach that high It's nothing like you had in mind Another act Another show you play Realize, it will not make your problems go away You cannot act your way out of your daily d

Fugees - How many mics lyrics

How Many Mic's Do We Rip on the Daily Say me say Many Moni, Say me say manymanymany [LAURYN:] I get mad frustrated when I rhyme Thinking of all the kids who try to...

Amy Lee - Breathe feat. david hodges (marie barnett cov.. lyrics

is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your holy presence living in me This is my daily bread This is my daily bread Your very word spoken to me And I, I'm desperate for you And I, I'm lost without you This is the air I breathe This

Trip Lee - One sixteen lyrics

Trip Lee:] Look all I need is one sixteen to brag on my king Romans 1: 16 We brag about Him daily cause He runs this thing Can I do it? Can I do it? We rep the Lord truly we heading straight ahead And we ain't trying to hit no youie Man they can't do nothing to me

Less Than Jake - Motown never sounded so good lyrics

you say, all you white flags are up And that you’ve had enough And you’re tired of collecting dust You say everything always looks the same And you need a brand new face To match a brand new place You say your distress calls have gone out And your ship is going

Modestep - Machines lyrics

We can make you happy With these little pills of love and care We can see a break-in But these pills will bring these cracks together It's just an error on your system ...

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