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Gave You My All lyrics

Browse for Gave You My All song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gave You My All lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gave You My All.

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Hot Chocolate - I gave you my heart lyrics

what do you take me for Some kind of ... fool who believes Begging on my knees is gonna bring you back ... inside of me Tells me that you made up your mind Nothing I

Eyes Set To Kill - Give you my all lyrics

I couldn't hide to save my life Standing drenched in ... open wounds You took my hand and pulled me through ... I want to give you everything I'll give you my all Because you gave me, you gave me your lips a gentle kiss

Phora - If i gave you my heart lyrics

assures me when I look into your eyes I'm not alone She's ... to take advantage Grab me by my hand & she asked me if I ... Si, poquito mi amor. I'm not your average Not just my lover,you're my bestfriend My pride

Nozuka Justin - If i gave you my life lyrics

hand, A question If I gave you my life, Would you let ... it slip, Through your fingers like water in the ... dessert If I gave you my heart, In the deep of the

Field Mob - My main roni lyrics

shit, bitches aint either All that fallin in love and all ... true to each other So how you expect me and another shawty ... split cha, hit cha and trick you to suck some Love and leave

Shinhwa - I gave you lyrics

kkok gieok hae jullae I gave you my heart (You know know) ... I gave you my soul (You know know) gaseum gipi ... chaoreuneun neoigie I gave you my heart (You know know) I gave you my soul (You know know)

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Everything i gave you (feat. the chainsmokers.. lyrics

you remember Or did you forget How did you leave me ... the doorway Just to find you there As he's kissing your ... neck In your underwear I'm busy ... missing you While you're busy missing someone else

Ella Eyre - All about you lyrics

About time that I try Going my way Go my own way Without you Auw I gave my life I gave ... my soul Gave you my heart but you want more I gave my life I gave my soul And you gave me nothing back at all

B. B. King - All you ever give me is the blues lyrics

gave you a diamond ring, you won't wear It's a nine ... thousand dollar thing, you don't care I set up a ... wedding date, you couldn't make it You said all the love we made, you were

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - All i get from you are heartaches lyrics

gave you my world I gave you my dreams I gave you my soul ... and now it just seems all... I get from you are ... heartaches I traded my love for only your charms I

Toby Keith - You don't anymore lyrics

always easy and dreams don't all come true Why'd you lose your faith in me, I never gave up ... on you When I said "I Do, ... words were truly spoken I gave you my heart to hold thinkin'

Demise Of An Era - My sorrow lyrics

out of this f***ing hell. You could guide me to heaven with ... this sorrow. I have fallen into darkness, my so called ... The regrets are crawling on my back My eyes are heavy from all I've seen I can't believe I gave you my heart Since you threw

All Time Low - Merry christmas kiss my ass lyrics

told me I was lucky, to have my chance with you. Now last ... s winter blues. I treated you so nicely, bought you jewelry ... and champagne, But you left me empty handed, yeah. You left me feelin' played…

Bury Your Dead - All the right moves lyrics

is what this promise means. You are the only thing that's ... me. And what might keep me falls to second place when I ... remember what you give for me. All that I

Bardot - Before i let you go lyrics

I Let You Go Waking up each day to a ... Seems I ain't good enough for you (The sweet surrender of a ... Like a child in the dark (Oh my sweet darling can't you hear my cry) A kiss in the sky

Moonlight Agony - You betrayed me lyrics

of my charging minions You should stand by my side You ... ve proven yourself worthy at many occasions ... Holding hard on my line You betrayed me when I needed you

Sia lyricsSia - I'm not important to you lyrics

took me for granted You took me, you took me for ... But I landed back on my feet, back on My feet Cos ... t deserve me, deserve me You don't have the time that I

Love And Theft - You to miss lyrics

on Can’t stand the pain of you gone but baby that’s not me ... I will stay right where I gave you my word That I would be ... feel I do it to be close to you Just to keep you real And I

Caliban - My little secret lyrics

flames, like everyday with my heart in my hands, I wake up ... in flames, say my name and I will rise again, ... kill again, I will... say my name and I will kill again

Vanessa Carlton - My best lyrics

t work out, I don't love you any less My lover or friend ... So I sing to remind Upon my shoulder you can rest Cause ... I'll always give you my best A sidewalk's path

Cheap Trick - All those years lyrics

know I feel the deep blue?? You won't hear me cry See me die ... am I going to do? I can see your face everytime Anytime you want I'm here for you Now my

The Kinks - You still want me lyrics

you passed me by You didn't look my way But one ... love is here to stay And you still want me And you still ... want me You wanted the sky But I couldn

Patty Loveless - You don't get no more lyrics

I gave you my heart and what did you do You dragged it around and you ... broke it in two You don't get no more You don't ... get no more When you use up my heart You don't get no more

Abc - All of my heart lyrics

when we were friends I gave you my heart. The story ends ... help The stars collide if you decide Wish upon a star if ... pray That maybe someday You'll walk in the room with my

Mötley Crüe - You're all i need lyrics

blade of my knife Faced away from your ... nights It turned and sliced you apart This love that I tell ... cell So many times I said You'd only be mine I gave my

Paula Deanda - Footprints on my heart lyrics

don't even hold me like you used to hold me And there's ... no way you could've meant all the things you told me Yeah, ... yeah I remember when you told me you'd never lie to me

Eatmewhileimhot - All my friends lyrics

acting drunk Any closer, you're out of luck I don't know ... what you're thinking Acting without ... reason This is my town This is my pride These ... are my friends This is my life You are so out of luck

Mali Music - All i have to give lyrics

1:] Lord if I could buy you a gift to show you my love, ... tell you how I feel. It wouldn't ... find a way to get it for you. But fortunately that's not ... But I won't let it affect my presentation to you 'cause

Andre Rieu - All i ask of you lyrics

I'm here nothing, can harm you My words will warm and calm ... you Let me be your freedom Let daylight dry your tears I'm here with you, ... beside you, To guard you and to guide you

Smash Into Pieces - My cocaine (feat. elize ryd) lyrics

broken in a million ways I gave you my word All I spoke ... was only truth you heard What else could I do ... forget was not enough for you No relief For my heartbeats

Ayumi Hamasaki - My all lyrics

ikitai Tatoe nanika okiyou to mo Boku no subete de ... Sono egao ga mitakute Kyou mo boku wa ikitemasu Anata ... ikitai Tatoe nanika okiyou to mo Boku no subete de

The Pandoras - You're all talk lyrics

re All Talk ......................

Another Sunny Day - You should all be murdered lyrics

to rights I'm going to murder all the people I don't like The ... t like The people who broke my heart so bad it never mends ... The people who wrecked my life & all my so-called

Rotting Christ - You my cross lyrics

- graver summon me Graven my rusty tomb Heaven - prophet ... - graver summon me Graven my rusty tomb Heaven - prophet ... in heaven It will give to my sins a shelter Soldiers,

Danzel - You are all of that lyrics

on girl oh can't you see, You're the perfect match for me. ... Get your body close to mine, Cause you make me feel so fine. Come ... on girl oh can't you see... yeah Come on girl oh

Snow Patrol - You are all i have lyrics

into light I´ve got to see you one last night Before the ... It´s so clear now that you are all that I have I have ... no fear ´cause you are all that I have You´re

Snow Patrol - You're all i have lyrics lyrics

into light, I've gotta see you one last night, Before the ... It's so clear now that you are all that I have, I have ... no fear cause you are all that I have, You're

Tony Bennett - You're all the world to me lyrics

that beauty glows you are, Everywhere an orchid ... grows you are, Everything that's young and gay, brighter than a ... Everywhere the angels play you are. You're like Paris in

The Cars - You're all i've got tonight lyrics

don't care if you hurt me some more i don't ... care if you even the score you can knock me and i don't care ... you can mock me and i don't care ... you can rock me just about

Hasselhoff David - You're all i want lyrics

you want someone to lean on You can always count on me I'll ... be there to make you happy That's a lifetime ... guaranty And when you're frightened, I'll protect you Keep you safe from pain I

David Hasselhoff - You're all i want lyrics

you want someone to lean on You can always count on me I'll ... be there to make you happy That's a lifetime ... guaranty And when you're frightened, I'll protect you Keep you safe from pain I'm

Lacrimas Profundere - You, my north lyrics

we both had I can't find you there You don't understand ... is yet not there And follow your stars To the cold, black ... find it there And follow your stars To the cold black

Kenny Loggins - You can all join in lyrics

s a little song you can all join in with It's very ... I hope it's new, yeah Make your own words up if you want to ... Any old words that you think will do, well yeah I

Picture - You're all alone lyrics

your life you will run You'll follow the sun It's misty ... in your brain Don't know what you ... can do You fly too high Tell me why You fly too high You're all

Cheap Trick - You're all talk lyrics

t go away from me I got my breakfast in bed You're big ... bedroom's only 12 by 10 You're all talk, You're all talk ... I got your number for a real good time

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - You forgot all the words lyrics

in perfect harmony But you forgot all the words while I ... heard a serenade Of love and youth and spring, forever to be ... played But you forgot all the words, while I still

John Hiatt - You're all the reason i need lyrics

to mean so much Now it's all about you [Chorus:] You're all the reason I need You're all ... This love is what I believe You're all the reason I need

Teena Marie - You're all the boogie i need lyrics

make me feel like dancin' all night long You flip my light ... switch and you turn me on You shake me Earthquake me You ... re all the boogie I need I'll

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - You do all things well lyrics

Ocean tamer Glimpses of You Burn in my eyes The worship ... heaven Fills up the skies You made it all said, "Let ... there be" And there was all that we see The sound of Your voice The works of Your

Cheap Trick - You're all i wanna do lyrics

it's like to be Caught in your eyes I wish you'd talk to ... child I always wanted a youger sister One who'd always ... I'm going crazy tonight 'Cos you're all I wanna do anytime

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - You my love lyrics

love is ever you, my love, now and forever, you my ... love. You walked into my lonely world, what peace of ... mind your smile unfurled. Yes and ... because of you, my love, my wishful dream came true, my

Kiss - You're all that i want lyrics

girl I've been dreamin' of You're the only woman I ever ... loved I want you to believe it's true There's ... nothing I would rather do My heart belongs to you, I know

Lobo (group) - You're all i ever need lyrics

re All I Ever Need Sometimes the ... sunshine works to clear my mind Ridin' down a country ... live without to lighten up my load Of all the things I ... could stand to lose Losing you is the one thing I could

Maria Mena - You're all telling stories lyrics

look like you just lost your dearest friend. Played a ... round of a sisterly game called “pretend”. The dice landed ... I must apologize for my cold goodbye, This is my

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - My way home is through you lyrics

take off all my skin, Tear apart all of my ... rifle in, Mom and Dad think you'll be saved, They never had ... time, They're gonna medicate your lives, You were always born

Revive - You're all i need lyrics

in And the world caves in all around me You're all I need ... When my life becomes so easy And I ... everything I've ever dreamed You're all I need And now I am

Kelly Rowland - All of the night (ft. rico love) lyrics

bedroom The kitchen or the hall way Just give me a lot of ... night time Just tell me when you feel it Cause it’s always ... time For love... Some times you got to do it, do it, do it

Alyssa Bernal - My all mariah carey cover lyrics

am thinking of you In my sleepless solitude tonight ... If it's wrong to love you Then my heart just won't let ... right 'Cause I'm drowned in you And I won't pull through

Michael Bolton - You're all that i need lyrics

words locked up inside We finally let them go And how we ... Forever that we'd never fall Oh, with a passion that felt ... ties If only love survives You put your faith in me, now I

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