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James Harries - Gather me in your arms lyrics

sort me out And for you to gather me in your

Get Scared - Us in motion lyrics

awake and bound I am searching till I'm found Along the ... way rebuilding What I've thrown away ... sound You can feel it shaking up this town And I know I

Android Lust - In the arms of the heretic lyrics

blood in us is lighting us (?) a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting us a blood in us is lighting

Al Wordlaw - Join us in the praise lyrics

the praise from all of us, Every man woman, boy and ... girl, Cause Lord, You are the very best ... thing ever revealed And the spirit ... gives our lives an everlasting zeal And now we say thank

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Us against the world lyrics

morning Come bursting The clouds amen Lift off ... this blindfold, let me see again And bring back the water ... that your ships rode in In my heart she left a hole

Acceptance - In the cold lyrics

the words they take their meaning (It's all you said) and the ... (It's all you said) Knowing that it's far from over ... belongs to you Time shows us that all that ever mattered

Josh Ritter - In the dark lyrics

started looking for you In the darker caves We had a ... We saw the wrecks of buildings And ships that sank in ... spoke of falls from tremendous heights Don't you leave us

Mandy Moore - Breaking us in two lyrics

t you feel like trying something new Don't you feel like ... breaking out or breaking us in two You don't do the things ... I do You want to do the things I can't do Always something breaking us in two You

Quarterflash - In the air lyrics

in your car, Praying for the girl that filled ... Ah, life is such a fragile wing that keeps us, In the air ... from falling, falling down. It's all that you

Diamond Head - In the heat of the night lyrics

of a silvery people Walk behind me, with evil intent. Up to ... I am sent. What befalls us in the heat of the night? What ... befalls us in the heat of the night?

Hozier lyricsHozier - In a week lyrics

known hunger Like these insects that feast on me A ... thousand teeth Yours among them, I ... appeased Our heartbeats becoming slow We lay here for ... corpses I saw And they'd find us in a week When the

Hypnos - In love with death lyrics

your mind keeps on wandering While your body gets tense ... and taut Longing for self-imposed suicide ... wide open and yet totally blind Blinded by arrows of Cupid

Jesse D'lane - Keep us in mind lyrics

we are, and go again The sound of music is in ... and you do it yourself shaning people everywhere Long ... on and the key was hard to find then will you keep us in mind We are after when we die

Hate Eternal - In spirit (the power of mana) lyrics

the abyss O monarchs of divine power Living face of the ... the depths of the abyss Principals of sacred design ... of strength Rise and grant us your purity Statues of

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - You know what they do to guys like us in pris.. lyrics

the middle of a gun fight... In the center of a restaurant... ... doves... To wage this war against your faith in me, Your ... And I don't know how We're just two men as God had made us,

Ensoph - In the blossom of inertness lyrics

throb in the skin At flicker touch of Mida’ s ... long less then a while. In the glint of a splintered ... nerve The rape of the sacred in the sow of the poisons.

Savage Messiah - In absence of liberty lyrics

allegiance sheltering weak minds Breed complacency to ... subjugate life Brainwashed puppets to spur the ... machine A black tomorrow is the ... enslaved than those who trust that they are free False

The Defiled - In the land of fools lyrics

Great lies, Disguise the interests of us in your heart, ... There is no other place for us to go, I'll see it well, this ... is farewell In this land of fools, I know

116 Clique - In ya hood lyrics

Chorus] Aww man y'all done messed ... up and let us in ya hood To preach the way ... the truth the life in ya hood Forget the 'lac with ... the steering wheel made of wood It's

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - In your corner lyrics

tonight On the corner of Main and Dog-Meat-Bite Friday ... a nasty fight But I'll be in your corner I'll be in your ... corner, if they do I'll be in your corner I'll be in your

Raised Fist - In circles lyrics

move around in circles but I never saw you ... you and your friends ripped into shit. Counterfeit. I ... about what game you're playing. We were busy breaking our

Attack - In this night lyrics

black, fogs on the ground A musty smell creeps all around ... see the next sunny day Holding together, not living in fear ... for ever and ever Holding together, we stand like a

Lil' Keke - In the club lyrics

Talking:] Ok, we gon walk up in the set the club You know, ... ay check it We gon do this in the club, when the place is ... blazing Packed wall to wall, man

Mads Langer - In these waters (feat. ida) lyrics

am shy I'm standing on the other side Watching ... while you're passing by Mm mm Rise and fall ... Remember me When you're reaching out for company I'll be

Clement Marfo & The Frontline - Us against the world lyrics

Whaooo, whaooo, whaoo May I gather your attention, please? May ... I gather your attention, please? ... Thank you May I gather your attention? Ladies and

Brother Ali - Gather round (feat. amir sulaiman) lyrics

Verse 1: Brother Ali] Ain't no stopping the calling I'm ... you lost I could guide you In between two extremes like ... Safa and Marwa In the desert like Bedouins in

Finger Eleven - Gather & give lyrics

would give anything that's worth giving I would ... say any line To try to get you nearer to ... ve never been one To love being lied to And this artificial

Blood Red Throne - Gather the dead lyrics

that is extreme A live burning passion like nothing you`ve ... He doesn't care for a f***ing human life Kill, kill - ... that is extreme A live burning passion Like nothing you`ve

Darkthrone - Gather for attack on the pearly gates lyrics

Ravens has spoke. The attack must begin The shadows of our ... souls will float with infernal speed Souls of ... prepare for fight We'll crush your halls with bonecrushing

Screw (japanese Band) - Gather roses lyrics

aiyoku ni musebu bara wa urahara Inbi na ... yoru ni shinayaka na yume wo miseru ... kimi Kurai Bedroom wa kedarusa wo monogataru nani Wo shite ... koto naku ore wo nomikonde okinimesu mama Gasp voice, Look

Grayson Sanders - Something in the air lyrics

we wake up We're all travelin' cause tonight We're all ... sitting around the table The ... oh oh. To raise a Coke in celebration Telling stories ... we could see Now our faces gather again to light the tree Cause we know it's Christmas.

Love - Gather round lyrics

will invite you, I'll give you my ... bell And then you can ring it and go fair thee well ... replaced with the city buildings Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmmm ... Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmmm Gather round people as fast as you

My Dying Bride - Gather me up forever lyrics

pain never stops The race ignore ... him Among the hopes Ten thousand suffering Oh how my heart ... about me To be handsome again Thou art all deformed, and I

Ben Harper - Gather round the stone lyrics

s no freedom to be found Lying face up in the ground ... Ashes from an unfinished life Are all that's ... left In a tear-drop-shaped locket ... Hanging from his mother's chest

Kate Walsh - Gather my strength lyrics

hope he'd dare I'd row up in a boat And wear a pitch ... Who could stop me when he's in danger? I know he's far, but ... need to save him I need to bring him my love 'Cause there

Atrox - Gather in me no more lyrics

penetrating pain arousing from its sleep This pallid ... flesh hiding in shades These hollow orbits ... watering the ground Frantic ghouls ... lurking in my shadow Reptiles crawling

Don Broco - In my world lyrics

on driving til' we smell the sea C'mon ... darling it's just you and me And some friends ... when we reach the coastline Let us dive right in ... Swallow half the ocean Teach us how to swim Where we won't

Enslaved - Death in the eyes of dawn lyrics

t remember Unsecure I roam in fear The final steps I've ... your harvest" Trust and hope I have lost I see ... death In the eyes of dawn Deceit

Nile - In their darkened shrines, part i: hall of sa.. lyrics

Subterranean Labyrinths of Catacombs We Hath ... Crawled To Gather in this Dimly Lit Hall Of ... Tier after Tier of Carven Painted Sarcophagi Each Standing in a Niche in the Stone The

Kaskade - Us (& cid) lyrics

about you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout us, 'bout They don't ... about you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout us 'Bout us We are the start

Lcd Soundsystem - Us v them lyrics

and drunk On your knees Us and Them Over and over again ... Us and Them Over and over again ... Us and Them Over and over again ... Us and Them Over and over and

Nasum - In praise of folly lyrics

Music & lyrics: Jesper] ... Let's gather around the world and see ... has all gone too far Look into my writhing eyes What is ... it that you see? Line up here for heavy praise

Centinex - In the arch of serenity lyrics

A millenium of chaos, in the land forlorn The purest ... As I'm the reaper of everything that is holy I gather my ... bloodlusting forces Spawned by the ... Devastate the feeble ones Crush the holy ground A bloodbath

Folkearth - In blessed days lyrics

and listen close I'll now sing you a song Of blessed days ... world was fair, The mountains tall, the sky clear – The ... rivers run crystalline 'Ere the dryads turned to

Milla Jovovich - In a glade lyrics

solovi shchebeche (2) Vin svoiu ptashynochku do ... of richard handal) In the forest near the danube ... river, There is a nightingale singing, He sings to gather everyone from his family In the forest near the danube

Nightcore - Us all lyrics

happens to the way it used to be Nothing will change ... But now I see past these painted eyes And one, I can't say ... changed? I can't recognize us all Do you see the way That

Nightcore - Us all (silent season) (nightcore) lyrics

happens to the way it used to be Nothing will change ... But now I see past these painted eyes And one, I can't say ... changed? I can't recognize us all Do you see the way That

Linda Perry - In flight lyrics

what I am Feeling like a bluebird Flying away ... I love the drops of rain Smiling on my feathers Guiding my way Do, do do do do ... across the air It's treating me so kindly So far to go

Silent Season - Us all lyrics

happens to the way it used to be Nothing will change ... But now I see past these painted eyes And one, I can't say ... changed? I can't recognize us all Do you see the way That

Darkthrone - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the Goat in the Mirror Eyes Burn like ... upon the Hillside Searching for the Memories... In ... the Horns only seen by the Kings of the Dawn (of the) First

Sirenia - In a manica lyrics

stand there like a weakening fire awaiting the final ... If you consider still hanging in there You will wither ... in each and in every way How can you

3 Doors Down - Us and the night lyrics

that they play Always pretending that they know What comes ... at the ending Well they brought the lies ... on Let's enjoy the ride Cause we only know What's inside

Graveland - In the sea of blood lyrics

around you Your laugh in her face with despise Because the time for your death has ... yet not come In the sea of blood, and storm ... of fire The choirs of the dying spread melodies Of death

Lyfe Jennings - Us (interlude) lyrics

morning I wake up and make breakfast ... don't let her forget about us, Nooo Lord don't let her ... forget about us Every morning I wake up and make breakfast

Mistress - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the goat in the mirror As once they ... upon the hillside Searching for the memories... Eyes ... sunrise Only seen by the kings Upon the thrones In the

Morning Parade - Us & ourselves lyrics

the ground and start running Around the streets where ... Try at best to feel something Show me when I'm outta ... the border That divides us and ourselves It's

Sacred Steel - In the mouth of madness lyrics

new Bible Wretched Sanctity Gather the Disciples Madness reigns ... heed, the new Religion Spreading like Disease The Hunter now ... of Fire, Gods from Space Terminate the Human Race Mankind

Brandi Carlile - Us again lyrics

can throw our dreams to the wind they'll find us again ... the world by the tail oh we just don't know it yet But you ... can throw our dreams to the wind And you can count on me

Lord Of The Lost - In a perfect world lyrics

out, awoken people Separating good from evil Gather round ... Wake up, It's all an illusion Panic leads to mass confusion Rise up, go against the ... grain No more chemicals poisoning

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