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Gambijská Hymna For The Gambia Our Homeland lyrics

Browse for Gambijská Hymna For The Gambia Our Homeland song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gambijská Hymna For The Gambia Our Homeland lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gambijská Hymna For The Gambia Our Homeland.

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Hymny - Gambijská hymna - for the gambia our homeland lyrics

The Gambia, our homeland We strive and work and pray, That all may live in unity, Freedom and peace each day. Let justice guide our actions Towards the common good, And join our diverse peoples To prove man's brotherhood. We pledge our firm allegiance, Our promise we renew;

Pallas - For the greater glory lyrics

circle of stones to capture the sun-god We call him to earth to banish the cold The blood of our children will safeguard the harvest We willingly give all we have in the hope of his love For the greater glory With our hearts and souls we sacrifice We'

Paul Carrack - For once in our lives lyrics

this morning i've been thinking how Things have changed between the two of us We've been falling through the here and now It's time for us to reinvest our trust Can't you see for once in our lives Now our love has finally come to ground This flame we

Hope For The Dying - Our fallen comrades lyrics

lonely field waits... This lonely field waits, just begs for battle Sitting and waiting, scared for our lives Does this, will this require More than I have inside I now have to face what I must do For the first time This moment of truth will I keep fighting If it cos

Kristallnacht - For resurrection of our movement lyrics

We are the heirs of our forefathers We must never betray or forget Our past & principles We are the sons of Aryan race We must finish the work and battle That ...

Amon Amarth - For the stabwounds in our backs lyrics

we bide our time Soon we'll pay you back For all the wrongs you've done our kind For the stabwounds in our backs You think you're safe. Well, live your lie There's no way you'll escape The day that all things living die The day we rise again Then

Pillar - For the love of the game lyrics

by reputation It's what they say that gets you down You find new motivation Inside this new love that you've found It's now your navigation To keep your head engaged, oh yeah Your final destination Keeps you focused on the win Count me in, but don't count me out You can

Sick Of It All - Waiting for the day lyrics

dog has his day they say, well, I'm still waiting for mine You work and slave, you break your back and you're still at the end of the line You give and you give till there's nothing left, but that's just what it takes So you pick yourself up, push on

Deadlock - For the new prophets lyrics

new prophets have arrived. Let this be the battle cry for all these unlawful crowned heads. They masquerade themselves as the bringers of freedom. But shall we sell our souls to an institution in which freedom doesn't exist. Then we will become truly victims o

Gravitonas - For the first time lyrics

ve been losing sleep Getting stuck too deep in our moment And what hurts the most Is that I'm supposed to get over it And I know that I Shouldn't call you now Cause there's nothing left to say But I'm drunk and I'm gonna tell you now Anyway No matter if we

Nivaira - For the king's advice lyrics

our days of sorrow With tears in the eyes I went to the oaken palace For the king´s advice I´ll tell about the strangers Who came from the southern lands Who burned our wodden houses And stole our bread There were children played in the sun The golden seas of ears ripened N

Barlow Girl - For the beauty of the earth lyrics

the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies; For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies; Lord of all, to Thee we raise This, our hymn of grateful praise. For the wonder of each hour, Of the day and of the night; Hill and vale and tree and flow'r, Sun

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - For the people lyrics

I'd like to make a special, special dedication To all them special, special people That did all them special, special thanks Especially the Native Tongues and KRS Can't forget Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh A big shout-out to Freestyle Fellowship Let me do this Let's do this for t

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - For the punx lyrics

Always Put Us Down Because we spike our hair Bondage trousers and dyed hair I'll never change my ways Don't tell me what to do Don't tell me what to wear I'm gonna do what I please Cause that's the way we live Who let these egotistical bastards get into our scene Preaching

Custard - For the cross lyrics

this century Of fear and death of war and sickness We all have the chance to wash our sins away It’s our destiny We march or die across the wasteland Undaunted we ride to join the pilgrimage All we’re standing here Armoured knights with chains and weapons Were the chose

Ex Libris - The day our paths end lyrics

master of mercy, I crave for your sight My master of mercy, my master of mercy, my God divine How I long for your voice to burn within mine Hide your face no more Show yourself to me, in all your selfish glory Ban your lost belief Your wine has no taste for me Here I

Firewind - The land of eternity lyrics

you helped us to build it right Intruder, you destroyed the land's pride Hunger, can't you see it in our eyes Disaster all over Brother, let's go through bad times Someday, we gonna see a light above Anger, it's a passion in their mind Unse

For The Fallen Dreams - The call out perceptions lyrics

in and out as they point to the man, as he lays a gun in his hand. Looking through the window at him, no sign of breathing. Breathing. Running around, I'm running around again. Back and forth, back and forth, I'm breathing. In and out, in and out again, and again. Running around,

Gracefield - For the sake of sanity lyrics

lies a voice in the distance and it calls to me in my sleep. It keeps these bones I've collected cased and confined in the depths of my dreams. It's easy to see and so hard to believe, these vices could pull so much life out of me. I will bear every scar I have earned, there's a purpo

The Hot Lies - For the restless lyrics

over memory lane, So loud magnified by the sounds. Meet me again in the rain, Double back theres trouble again. The best of our last days, Folding the worst of our best plays. They say, "Drive, theres nothing to see here, Drive, theres nothing to see" Strike th

Okkervil River - For the enemy lyrics

my enemy You've got company You're not alone They're watching over me While each town you pass Fades as it folds So in the night We might get lost Lost in our fright So in the day Softly we'd flow Floating away And it pours From the faucet's mouth Like our fo

Richard Smallwood - For the glory of your name lyrics

you keep us without failing as you watch us from above in our comings and our goings sheltered by your precious love in the pouring rain of mercy comes the grace by which we're saved for the glory of your name for the glory of your name you have touched our lives forever can we be the same

Bloodbound - For the king lyrics

T. Olsson] He will teach you, master of the sword Fall in line get down obey the lord Many men will join us for the glory of the king And fight until the end Fight for the king and the crown and the son To make sure this is where we belong

Hudson Taylor - For the last time lyrics

how does it feel to get what you want? To get what you need for the first time? We came so far, you gave me a fistful of sorrow And a broken heart, too bad, to steal, to borrow You spoke your mind straight through my heart like an arrow I can't rewind, rewind for tomorrow

Make Them Suffer - For the wretched and ruined lyrics

by my mind, by my life. I cannot find Peace within myself. I cannot penetrate my scattered will. I see where I have wronged My very thoughts are my undoing. My fear to die runs in correlation To my forever dying pride. I mourn the death of who I

Necromantia - For the elder magi i eibon the necromancer lyrics

to the rune of death Mage of past ages Bishop of the serpent race Eibon, tamer of the dead Cast your mighty spells once more For thy kingdom is at peril Summon the dead from worlds beyond The chaos spirits from alien worlds The fields that separate the suns Will

Necromantia - For the light of my darkness lyrics

calm and heal my restless soul Brighten the blackness of my heart You light the fire in my cold blood Our spirits unite as one My dark seductive mistress Enchantress of Gods and men No words can reach your beauty Vampire Queen of my hell For the light o

Otherwise - For the fallen ones lyrics

don't need to blame The sins of my father, the scars of my mother For the beast that I became Now I shine the light on my sisters and my brothers It's all I needed to feel alive We'll never have to say goodbye So take me in, but don't give up Of your

Neil Sedaka - For the good of the cause lyrics

like yours should be used for something More than just waving around like a flag Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to tell you I want you for only your body 'cause baby it just ain't my bag What's living inside that beautiful closet Won't you let it c

Authority Zero - For the kids lyrics

were all alone Throwing caution to the wind Running so far from home Facing this world not a care But to be hand in hand shouting voices F*** the world We'll make it on our own Breaking out on the road Looking back now on this life And what the future holds Facing this w

Braveride - For the fallen lyrics

one knows where we go just a hope for a dream home never was I used to seeing a falling star never was I used to seeing death come Victims of change we all become justice fall and cruelty won families broken like wooden swords enemies ruined our peaceful world Far from hom

Buckcherry - For the movies lyrics

you remember all our love, did you get back from what you gave I see some symptoms of, a path that you forgave You never were expendable, you always made me feel alive And now were in the middle of, a transition in our lives A change of pace could really do some good, she's leaving

Clinic - For the wars lyrics

boy the endless joy rushes in our home Sunshine boy the endless joy rushes in our home In one and out one come my love In one and out one now its safe and warm And long before Your all made up for the wars Christ oh christ all in their rows

Dimmu Borgir - For the world to dictate our death lyrics

us sit by and watch Death and destruction's devotees revel Let us sit back and witness Innocent semen being poured Into the arms of Armageddon Let it pour, more and more Pure f***ing Armageddon Let it pour more and more Reason faithfu

Kalmah - For the revolution lyrics

the mighty star, to all its people, to the mankind And to all true believers You have known your brother and your leader You know he never bowed to the despots The dark cloud wavering in the sky Pushed forward with ill-willed wind Underneath walks a man having a dre

Metal King - For the fallen ones lyrics

times will never be forgotten Times of grotesque creations Masterpieces which inspired us all Their essence is still coming from deep inside You'll always be in our feelings and memories You'll live inside of us for good For the fallen ones We're reincarnation, that magical legacy

Say Anything - For the silent lyrics

not much better than death Giving up on everything With every cynical breath, The air keeps thickening. This bite will our lungs Until we spit it out proudly And are you happy with what you've become? Can you tell me loudly? Whether you stand tall an

Audiovent - For the moment lyrics

ve made up our minds This must be love Cause everything's the way it should be As far as we can see But do we know the difference between The words love and routine Are we sure the choices we made Are the right ones? For the moment We pretend to know wh

Blue October - For the love lyrics

Come here.. babe why are you crying? Because I want to stay with you Oh baby,Your mommy loves you very much) ... Communication [?] I'll wait to see if we could ever get together and talk like we used to We get together and we we used

Our Hollow Our Home - Feast for the crows lyrics

here we are, has it come to this? Thrown from the fire straight back to the furnace. I always knew you'd be the harbinger to your self destruction. No more wasting away, I swear this time you're done, I can't stem the flow of bad blood. Remember the day you said I do

Ashes You Leave - For the heart, soul and mind lyrics

these wastelands of emotions we all strive to find Someone for our heart, soul and mind A poet writes of a tale so drear To grow old alone we all dread and fear And out of nothing comes a love so dire I feel it burning my skin like fire My heart feels wrapped in barbed wire B

Butcher Babies - For the fight lyrics

you taste it, the sweat and suffering We salivate for the kill We will not ever quit, 10,000 marching boots in the pit It’s time to take off the masks Remove the knives from our backs We fight They try to hold us down They try to push us down We won’t let them Fight Rise from t

10cc - The second sitting for the last supper lyrics

fish head in the dustbin Another loser in the queue for the soup kitchen Another reason for a visit We think you'd better come down Another nigger on the woodpile Another honky on the dole Another trip from off the 15th floor The greatest story ever told Was so

Boyce Avenue - For the first time lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, She needs me now but I can't seem

Chamillionaire - For the moment lyrics

Hook] I turned on her favorite song I knew that would turn you on Now she sayin she gon do what I want She say she wana wake up with me in the mornin' She took two shots of Patronnnn Shots of Patronnnn Shots of Patronnnnnnnnn Now she gone and you knowin that it's onn But this

Danny O'donoghue - For the first time lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, She needs me

Elevation Worship - For the honor lyrics

the honor of the Father Who reaches out to us That we might live inside His love He gave His only Son For the honor of The Savior Let the cross be lifted high The great exchange of love and grace Came down to give us life For the honor of The Spirit Whose pow

Jess Moskaluke - For the first time ft. alex g lyrics

all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, I need you now but I can't seem to find

The Kixx - For the first time the script cover lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, She need

Koffin Kats - For the good times lyrics

up in a bathroom and I don't know where I am Bottles are covering the ground Memories come creeping crawling into my head I stand up and start to smile Burning up the hours We partied through the night Booze was flowing like water It was all for the good times

Liege Lord - For the king lyrics

heed to the words of this man beneath his feet is where you stand Everyone and everything belongs to this man who is king With arms of steel the guards they stand protect the ruler of this land Chorus: Riding high the king's banner flies hold the king's flag to the sky Greet with

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - For the babies lyrics

is real, this is real Now I see them giving the woman abortion to kill another baby Miscarriage and misfortune and premature crack baby Strength of Ras Tafari I'm hoping someday maybe They don't obey parents, maybe they will obey me Future for the babies Hopes for the babies To

Raven - For the future lyrics

- to the front we are Fighting - for the right to be Living - in a place that we call our own Fight we will fight And they will run Through the snow and The raging sun Steel will clash Their blood will run For the future Dying - for the women and the Chi

Alex G - For the first time ft. jess moskaluke lyrics

all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, I

Bethel Music - For the cross lyrics

life You gave Your body was broken Your love poured out You bled and You died for me There on that cross You breathed Your last as you were crucified You gave it all for me Hallelujah, what a Savior Hallelujah, what a friend Hallelujah, King forever We thank You for

Blue System - For the children lyrics

a child who dies by hunger Theres a child who dies in war And the need of help gets stronger Theres so much we cant ignore Theres a child who lives in danger Theres a the child who lives in pain Theres a the child whos a stranger They need love, a helping hand Oh,

Canopy - For the sickened voice to hear lyrics

reflected Refused to shine again This may vanish The source will slowly drain Still blank face grin Your rapture will ignite Under your dead masque A painful fade from sight Are we here? Once eternal I drank a thousand minds Deadshapes turn real now They are

Sunny Choi - For the first time lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, S

Citylights - For the moment lyrics

This is my life an open wound and I don´t think I´ll get well soon living life of an opened wound gaping at the crowd sweat and smiles all night drives this is h...

Corey Gray - For the first time lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, She needs me now but I can't s

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