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Gamaliel The Obscene Yesod Moon lyrics

Browse for Gamaliel The Obscene Yesod Moon song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Gamaliel The Obscene Yesod Moon lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Gamaliel The Obscene Yesod Moon.

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Black Funeral - Gamaliel the obscene - yesod (lylyth) - moon lyrics

Found in the night, where no may seek By darkness is she found, deep within Always near, yet never seen Her spirit is sensed in blackness and matter There is no ignoranc...

Falco lyricsFalco - The star of moon and sun lyrics

fell in love on a hot summer night I looked at her she at me - love at first sight She made a lover's vow, she'd be mine I said I'd love her 'till the end of time And when she said: does it feel good Does it feel fine, I said: yeah yeah yeah Du bist der

Elffor - The forgotten dying moon lyrics

s throne burns... demonic winds reflected pain silence death... Ravens flying in circles, wolves waiting for blood From the darkness came and took our soul

Revocation - Empire of the obscene lyrics

humble beginnings A tyrant arises. To profit from sinning Can carry harsh prices. The obstacle of family And inhibitions of pride, A ruthless monopoly For wealth, he chose to be despised Circumstances compel that he hide his face As filth satisfies crudest yearnings. Rai

Oxymoron - Obscene army lyrics

[Chorus:] The Obscene Army The crowd has gathered and we turn on the heat To put an end to this boring shit With boots spikes and leathers, with bowlerhats ...

Deadlock - The brave / agony applause lyrics

It is time to go, march us prisoners off I accept the agony applause Brave as I am An insane dance at the brink of death In your circus of the obscene Far...

Scar The Surface - I, the obscene lyrics

I’m nothing But to you I am Voices inside you that fester and scream Am I conscience? Does it matter? The longer you hear me, the more I control Every conflict Every issue For someone so pure your thoughts are obscene It’s my failure Are your failure When you take the s

Afflicted - Viewing the obscene lyrics

spilled laces the ground Congregation to the demise Not to help, just to see Subconscious lust attract the flies Tragic visions fill their eyes As the soul slowly dies Dark attraction, glimpsing interest What you enjoy - you detest What's forbidden to

Mason Jennings - Moon sailing on the water lyrics

I woke up, you were crying In the dark next to me And I did not reach out to touch you You were 10,000 miles from me Moon sailing on the water Moon sailing on the water Moon sailing on the water How could you say that, do you really mean that? What

Paradise Lost - The word made flesh lyrics

It looks to kill And fails to wait in sight It twists me from inside Carry all, heal the sore, I can no longer bleed What is this, thing I've been, you can set me f...

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Moon in water lyrics

phenomenon of moon in the water is likened to human experience. The water is the subject, and the moon the object. When there is no water, there is no moon in the water. And likewise when there is no moon. But when the moon rises, the water does no

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The moon is in the gutter lyrics

moon is in the gutter And the stars wash down the sink I am the king of the blues I scape the clay off my shoes And wade down the gutter and the moon The moon blinds my eye with opal cataracts As I cut through the saw-mills and the stacks, Leaping over the gully whe

Cky - The human drive in hifi lyrics

I can't deny it all my life It's the token of my life Something you would try For the best in the obscene Just look on the tv screen To pass away the wh...

Barathrum - Moon calls lyrics

Am Lying On My Sheets In My Sweat I Cannot Sleep I Stare The Ceiling Without Rest I Feel The Calling Of Moon Wakeful Night, Fullmoon Prevails Night Calls For Expedition I'm Possessed By Night And Shadows Moon Calls Me Up For Hunt I Hunt Dark Ex

Black Label Society - The blessed hellride lyrics

break me down and roll me once again got no time to think of now and then catch my breath pick myself up off the floor one more drink, a nervous breakdown, then...

Cynic - Moon heart sun head lyrics

let the moon in my heart To ventilate An embryonic wisdom Where I get to awake A living flame I turn the key Open the door The atmosphere enters my home Cause the moon's inside my heart I hold the sun in my head To self-contain A cocoon melts inside

Pharaoh - The wolves lyrics

her your queen And lay a bed of roses at her feet Court the obscene And lay with the swine Her pledges and promises Naked lies that beg your own decline See no wrong in this You're drunk on her venomous wine Poison fills your cup And when your mouth starts to foam

Beck Ost - Moon on the water lyrics

moon sways Gently in the night of one fine day On my way, looking for a moment with my dear Full moon waves Slowly on the surface of the lake You were there, smiling in my arms for all those years What a fool, I don't know about tomorrow What it's like to

Limbonic Art - Moon in the scorpio lyrics

mirror blank ocean above me decoy Superior forces that head or destroy Take me astray into the moonlight above Through twilight eyes as a spectre shadow It is a time of great light And a great darkness Can't you feel the present Of its phenomenon In a

Crescent Shield - Rise of the red crescent moon lyrics

swollen tired sun will soon die The stars will form above and below me My moon it closely follows it's light A razor thin reflection will humor And crack the Smile of the red crescent moon Solace on the crimson horizon Pride of the red crescent moon

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - Moon at the window lyrics

It takes cheerful resignation Heart and humility That's all it takes A cheerful person told me Nobody's harder on me than me How could they be And nobody's harder...

1000 Funerals - Moon's heart lyrics

homeless sought you under the moonlight in the woods as you comb thy black hair in the heart of moon ah they thieved the jeroboam of thy love's wine from me until I never swig the sweet poison from your hands ah I can't dirge the myth of thy love because

Reverend Bizarre - The gate of nanna (beherit cover) lyrics

dream descends to the region of moon To the land, the sphere of eternal sin A half light, dark the realm of Nanna The realm of spirits and the father of the gods Oh, shine of moon, of the astral gods It ravishes, it calls us to sin Lord Nanna, of the

Depresy - The forest below the midnight shadow lyrics

fear the light, I was always loving night Thus don't douse the stars for the piece of morning Dark night-the muse of my words I walk through the sombre forest with her, robed in silence To pass the land of woods, where moon touches cold stones with his lips Where w

Donovan - The seller of stars lyrics

wish I could find a queer street, The crooked queer street that goes East of the sun and West of the moon And out where no wind blows. Then I'd find the shop where the seller of stars Sits and hammers behind the bars. Stars he gives for the asking, Starlight swords for

Sathanas - Beneath the blood red moon lyrics

armies of the dead Fallen angels of hell will arrive The beasts of the dark The prophecies will come One with the dark The four horsemen ride From the gates of hell to release The demons of war And the angels of death Beneath the

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The book of souls lyrics

buried with kings Accompany them on a journey with no end To an afterlife that’s rich with fruit of all the gods And to face the demons of their underworld haunts The sentient is sent to seek out all the truth A flight to earth that is a given from his birth T

Ivory Moon - The journey lyrics

through a mirror My steps under the moon Crawling with my mind in many isolated ways Crossing my tomorrow In enchanted lies I can see all my aridity All my dreams are dead [Chorus:] Follow my steps till the end of this way Only my words you have tonight! Grown in my hands ti

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the wheel of fortune that grinds your chest the fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs to me the time has come, your time, my father this is my fate to raise my hand against the s

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

I. Velvet Forest Of Enchantment] Violet Dawn, Misty Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - Poisoned Flowers Thorns Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem Engine Storm, Earth Reborn Caterpillar Never Settling Down Concrete Cancer In Your Empty

Roy Orbison - The only one lyrics

you knows been through it You bite the bullet, then you chew it Tie the knot at the end of your rope Buy a book to help you cope But no consolation gonna come, you're the only one Take a look through history Recant some bits of poetry You'll find the words still ring true So

Half Moon Run - The dept lyrics

be sure Who pays the debt of our time So rest assured That you'll never pay the debt that is

M.i.a. - The new international sound pt. ii (feat gene.. lyrics

I.A you can wiki me I don't be no dummenee Dumbing me is killing me Like it can be that enemy They come at me They gonna meet my people gonna cover me The ones that govern me Ain't the ones that can power me It's the sun and moon that's turning

Black Abyss - The messenger lyrics

moon shining cold outside, I'm walking in a sweat Something strange inside a nightmare, just a shilouette But now it's coming closer to me, his breath it strikes my skin Am I insane or is it real, the nightmare I'm still in Beware of what you dream Save me from my dre

Jackson Browne - The painter lyrics

We see him dancing in the morning Stars depart the yawning sky He'll take the hour that is passing And leave it in his lover's eye And if you want he'll make it see...

Artillery - The great lyrics

Into Satans armpit I will crawl to seek my vengeance The ressurection of his evil world The sailor lost at sea, look for the sun and moon to guide me I am that sailor I am his vengeance The great the great will always be Great the great will always be Great t

Bathory - The wheel of sun lyrics

the night divides the day : the dark will come to everyone fear will strike the hearts of all : the hearts of all both old and young the fool may be carefree : unknown to him the troubles upon his masters brow but death us all will grasp with hand so cold to p

Bic Runga - The be all and end all lyrics

Flogging a rocking Horse Getting nowhere We are a pair to behold You like a funeral me like a fair Nobody cares for the show These days the rapids may...

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

I looked into her young eyes from eighty years she looks back into my young eyes and she is gone to where? where has her soul gone? body found yes but her very mark her sign lost it seems to me now though I feel that she is here still all around me windsouled to love i

Gaias Pendulum - The adversary lyrics

Burn the cross Inside your heart Screaming!! Cause now you're free I am the one who show the way Of life in lust without regrets Spit your sadness!! Befor...

Toby Keith - The lonely lyrics

There's a band called The Lonely playin' downtown tonight And man, they know their way around the blues There's not an empty space in the parkin' lot An...

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The voice lyrics

the open heart and the whisper goodbye, there's a perfect teardrop in your eye. Between the lover's moon and the trembling sky, there's a broken dream in your mind. And the voice is carrying the love you have lost, and the change of heart in someone you tr

7th Moon - The shine of the unknown lyrics

Far away exists a bewitched land where all seems to be unreal once I crossed the wide abyss took the flight to the unknown Down this tunnel I can see the lig...

Christ Agony - The triangle (prayer, sonet, throne) lyrics

chamber sleeps, sonne of the sable night, brother to death, in silent darkness borne: Relieue my languish, and restore the light, with dark forgetting of my cares returne. And let the day be time enough to morne, the shipwrack of my illaduented y

Deathchain - The crawling chaos lyrics

Yiii-eeee Nyarlathothep! Whispering of the faceless Devouring sorrow of the earth Walker of the cold wastes A shadow out of time Mesmerizing! Yiii-eeee Nyarlat...

Dream Theater - The dark eternal night lyrics

one dared to Speak of the terrible danger The hideous ancient warnings Forged in the void of night He is risen up Out of the blackness Chaos The last of the prophets Sinister A sickening monstrous sight Through the stifling heat Underneath the pale green moon I

Kilmara - The dark inside - don't fear the wolf lyrics

moonthe wolf will rise tonight Take care – the day is neary passing by Sundown – I´m starting to lose my sins Let the hunt begin By now you still were running blind But now you seem to have found a way Recall what you once have learned before Don´t follow the open door

The Moody Blues - The spirit lyrics

sun and moon every day Day and night, mark my play See the future in the past Try to change or make it last Go for broke, don't regret Get your hands dirty get you feet wet Take your place use me well I'm in your hands, make me tell A broken dream seem

Nightwish - The poet and the pendulum lyrics

Poet And The Pendulum "WHITE LANDS OF EMPATHICA" The end. The songwriter's dead. The blade fell upon him Taking him to the white lands Of Empathica Of Innocence Empathica Innocence "HOME" The d

Endy Moon - On the road lyrics

the road In running shoes Up the hills and higher Sunlight on the sky Blackbirds reunite And this lustful light Coming out of fire Flavored by leaves of thyme Brings me to the times when our pleasures procreate love and red port wine, debate Now we (just) cry into o

Bloc Party - Obscene lyrics

you must ask you were in my heart always. If I did not comfort you or say the right things You were here every time I looked within I don't know where I've been All I really know is this seems obscene Forgive me for what you've seen All I really know is I'v

Rockwell - Obscene phone caller lyrics

came home knocked out after work That's when my telephone goes berserk. How can I unwind or get some rest Receiving sick phone calls from a lonely pest. Find someone else to bother Mister or Miss Obscene Phone Caller. Why do you get off breathing on that phone Obsc

The Damned - Obscene lyrics

Obscene The scene The dream Obscene Demi-gods on golden thrones Spend most of their time all alone We're living through them until a decent to hell B...

Lustknot - Obscene play lyrics

na SHOW TIME kazoekirenu aibu Aegu sugata wa shitanamezuri no gochisou Midareru SILHOUETTE kindan ni furetai Kanjiru mama ni motomeaou ka Seija mo odori kurui amai yoru ni ochiru Kairaku no sono e goannai itashimashou LICENTIOUS NIGHT AND SWEET TRAP

Mr. Big - Out of the underground lyrics

Hey man, are you ready to go Down where you reach a higher low Mmm, you can breathe the sweet & sacred air For the woman waiting there Underground Wisdom i...

Hideous Divinity - The servant's speech lyrics

Born of a drone Of a million scattered ashes A trembling hand, a veil of flesh I can't help to feel relief While I'm embracing you Quietly wrapped in peacefulness I mov...

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