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Nina Hagen - Divine love, sex and romance lyrics

s a real Lifelover inna real lovelife theres just no other and in my arms made by the divine mother he's at home there is just no other my lovelife so so divine, you're my divine tantra mantra, my loveline is so divine and thats the bottom-line soo divine the

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Divine idylle lyrics

l'espoir docile Tes ailes fragiles Je te devine Divine idylle L'amour qui sommeille Dans un souffle irréel Ma folie, mon envie, ma lubie, mon idylle Je te vole une plume Pour écrire une rime Au clair de la lune Mon amie l'idylle Mon âme idéale À la larme

Serge Gainsbourg lyricsSerge Gainsbourg - Amour sans amour lyrics

j'ai connu d'inconnues Toutes de roses dévêtues Combien de ces fleurs qu'on effleure Et qui s'entrouvrent puis se meurent Que de larmes et de colliers Au pied de mon lit ont roulé Que de comédies que d'ennuis Pour d'aussi frêles pierreries Am

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Amour jamais lyrics

Jamais Si celà n'est pas pour de vrai Toujour Oui mais C'est trop facile à l'heure qu'il est J'te connais à peine Et déjà tu me fais de la peine C'est un peu trop tôt Mieux revenir à zéro Amour Qui sait Combien cet amour va durer Un jour Ou des Etern

Rammstein lyricsRammstein - Amour lyrics

Liebe ist ein wildes Tier Sie atmet dich, sie sucht nach dir Nistet auf gebrochenem Herz Und geht auf Jagd bei Kuss und Kerzen Saugt sich fest an deinen Lippen Gräbt sich dinge durch die Rippen Lässt sich fallen, weich wie Schnee Erst wird es heiss, dann kalt, am Ende tut es weh

Novembers Doom - Amour of the harp lyrics

not my angel for the silent dove will take flight again. You will never need your tears as long as the air is free to soar. So smell the flower of hope and indulge in its sweet pollen. Examine your body for it is a product of extreme beauty. Never ent

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Amour Éternel (eternal flame) (with laura zen.. lyrics

your eyes, give me your hand, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand Do you feel the same Am I only dreaming Is this burning an eternal flame D’où tu viens ? Donne-moi la main et viens Envolons-nous vers les étoiles La main dans la main Pour ouvr

Palace - Divine intervention lyrics

A big hole has opened the floor lost souls fall into an emptiness when blood is gonna spilled it's Satan's celebration there's no God, no hope, no love no ...

Coldrain - Divine lyrics

Are we still awake or is Man just dreaming in digital? So close to eternity Is this world what we've waited for? Welcome the end of fear, welcome the end of pain This is the end of all imperfection Welcome the end of love, welcome the end of hate Push to

Desaster - Divine blasphemies lyrics

I stand Divine am I ?! Demonic powers end all life I crush and slay the holy lambs as spitting purest pestilence The vision's clear, my mission's done Fear my greed for hunt and sacrifice The feeble and the false one day Torn apart in endless pray DIVI

Anggun - Divine lyrics

my heart there is something Tingled from the inside Here my heart there is something Trapped me from the inside Yeah it’s been a long time I’ve been walking like a blind And I spent a while Keep on waiting to be found You know this cries getting true the Could as up the eyes

Second Person - Divine lyrics

makes you so divine Is it your ruthless ambition Is it your insane desire Or your singular vision If you can symbolise the stars In sixteen bars, with two guitars You must think you are a magician What makes you so divine Is it the way you aim so high You have one eye on the

The Breeders - Divine hammer lyrics

m just looking Just looking for a way around It disappears this near You're the rod I'm water I'm just looking for the divine hammer One divine hammer [2x] I'm just looking for one divine hammer I'd bang it all day Oh the carpenter goes bang Ban

Requiem - Divine illusion lyrics

tried to make you their kind Twisting minds with celestial tales Sign your name and let go of your life Burning bridges - The price you will pay Divine illusion Blinding your eyes Fake paradise Salvation for sale Divine illusion Feeding th

Liberty X - Divine intervention lyrics

fighting brothers Lovers fighting lovers People barely caring anymore Nations hating nations Love is lost in the equation One world and there's still so many wars It's like this whole world's caught in Some crazy storm We could use some Divine intervention God, if y

Altaria - Divine lyrics

of forgotten times Spinning round and around and around in my mind Changes taking place inside While the body sleep Methodes of an ancient ritual Calling me back, calling back to the game Mutations taking place tonight Through the hunger and need Get down, take cover Sittin

Hemina - Divine lyrics

.. Welcome home, it smells nice I remember the scent of the gardens you planted here I was the seed planted in the flesh of old Where is my mother? I'm meeting her here It's yearning to see the light of day So answer me Was willing to die to show her your boy

Earth, Wind & Fire - Divine lyrics

re a mystery, you're a true work of art Like an answered prayer, like a light in the dark Ooh, I'm in ecstasy when you're next to me It's the closest thing to heaven I could be Tell me everything about you Wanna get into your mind Thinking this could be forever Day and

Frida Gold - Amour de soi lyrics

get it on und zwar hier und jetzt ich will mein leben leben ich will lieben lernen und ich will seelenfrieden ich wachse über mich hinaus und dulde keine kompromisse mehr ich mag mich zu oft selbst nicht leiden und das muss aufhören komm schon und fühl dich damit d

Mirami - Amour lyrics

мовчи, не треба зайвих слів Я тaкa, як ти хотів По слідах іду... Ти - мій бог, почути так хотів Та сказати не зумів «Я тебе люблю» Амур, давай Стріляй, нехай Я серце віддаю йому... Адреналін... По венах він... I ти скажи мені чому... Я т

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Divine lyrics

baby Baby, goodbye Divine, oh Divine Falling like a picture of time Oh, he was the Mother of America He was my self-determined guru Myself, I hold your big fat heart in my hands Well I hold your bleeding heart in my hands A supernova A flame on fire Shining in the dar

Hatebreed - Divine judgement lyrics

It's a wish for reprisal The vengeance the divine has chosen In the reflection of this anger Is the embodiment of all that is despised They'll claim it's justified ...

In Hearts Wake - Divine lyrics

And feel the air in your lungs Breathe And see how far that you've come Even when our worlds collide Just breathe in one more time Step into this world And see through my eyes You'll find that there is a love Behind disguise In this heart space I feel

In Hearts Wake - Divine (acoustic) lyrics

And feel the air in your lungs Breathe And see how far that you've come Even when our worlds collide Just breathe in one more time Step into this world And see through my eyes You'll find that there is a love Behind disguise In this heart s

In Hearts Wake - Divine (live in melbourne) lyrics

And feel the air in your lungs Breathe And see how far that you've come Even when our worlds collide Just breathe in one more time Step into this world And see through my eyes You'll find that there is a love Behind disguise In this heart space I feel perpe

Blondie - Divine lyrics

of this world entirely. Heaven sent, you are my diety. Lived through all the romance sadly meant for me. All I need is a sign. Make your presence known to mine. Come to me, I will be divine. I wear the spell you put on me. Like a charm no one else can see. Keeps away the wi

Jah9 - Divine government lyrics

is I sword and Shield Haile give I everything I need HIM alone is rightful divine government Jah trod this earth as flesh As the evidence that life conquer death HIM alone I livity must represent The final frontier, the real battlefield it is within our consciou

Meinhard - Divine lyrics

sleepless nights I lie awake And dream my life with open eyes I disguise my fear in laughter while I realize All I know will be forgotten All I am, will be no more Everything I do is useless And has been done before I lost my way and run all day Away from all I

Benediction - Divine ultimatium lyrics

all seeing eyes, scrutinize the world. Syndicate of one. Angered by mankinds affairs. In his divine wisdom, he laid down the guidelines. Laws govering existance. Which mankind dismissed without care. The deadlines expired - crush them. With their own evils! Arm

Korn - Divine lyrics

hide only to defy you Take away the only love inside you I see your face through everyone Inside I've just begun You think I'm out to scare you I'm only out to prepare you For when you stop and turn around Your body's going down You're gonna waste your time, Your li

Lodger - Divine right lyrics

eyes drinking cool water, not the first daughter so I can't see why you're wrestling with words at last, a tradition you've long outclassed. Come true for the new martyrs, with your hair parted like the Red Sea. You're addressing the world from your bed, all alone in the crowd l

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Divine death lyrics

impurity Seizure of insecurity Divine death Individuality disabled Blinded by fables Divine death Easy prey You will pay Mourn life's loss Rotting on that cross Divine

Aborted - Divine impediment lyrics

Impediment The cross penetrates, neuters and violates My name is your restraint and order Perturbed, force-fed, your body is mine to shred I - a minister of corruption By the leash, the bane and rod - I rend and trisect Exacting the trinity of pain a

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Divine sorrow ft. wyclef jean lyrics

blossom, I've gone down to old rock bottom Now I know the love in my heart was true... Divine sorrow, I thank you for the joy that followed Back then my friend, if only you knew It is harder when you love beyond belief But I'm a fool to let you go,

Enthroned - Divine coagulation lyrics

surely and without doubt what is below is similar to what is above and what is above is mirrored with the below to produce the miracle of one thing As all things are born from the unique the meditation of the single as derivation are born fr

Everdome - Divine tragedy lyrics

alone, my heroes died The answers on my head The angel fell, the demon lied The Seer is cold and dead There is a God in every man A man within a God Even if the pen is sharp I'll choose the mighty sword Now I am leaving this world of disorder As through the di

Lecrae - Divine intervention lyrics

Intro:] You know in intervention they tell you that you're hurting somebody who loves you, and divine intervention's no different, yea, the moment is now [Hook:] Here is my moment, here is my lifetime All that I have I will give to You In this mo

Lovex - Divine insanity lyrics

smiling faces, I I see tears in joyful eyes Silent screams carrying the sounds of bliss There is no leap of faith The choice ain't yours to make For your mind can't own the purpose of soul Under the ground I fly To hide from the bril

Nile - Divine intent lyrics

in Splendor Arms upheld unto the Sky Blindly I Follow Soon All will be Revealed Searing Transcendant Visions of Divine Intent Worshipful Obediant I Await the Burning In Supplication I turn my eyes toward the Sun It Burns I turn my eyes towa

Autopilot Off - Divine intervention lyrics

intervention So few and far between Like lightning when it touches to the ground Answer me the question I'm ready to believe I hold my breath before I let it out The face we show The one we hide The hands we hold and leave behind For all we lose And a

Avulsed - Divine wine lyrics

red wine In this monastery Is being treated In a special way The divine wine Of dark red tones With subtle flavor Slightly fruity Slightly meaty Strict fermentation With additives That no one knows They're exclusive Human meat gives the

Devin Townsend - Divine lyrics

you is the best thing and the worst thing in my life. Loving you is entire. And loving you is the one thing that I need right now... Center the morning light where the world's so bright and high. Where even the gods outside can wait a moment guy... And loving you

Dionysus - Divine lyrics

the remnants of myth I come A mythago alive once again I was born from the mists of time From the legends that whisper my name I'm the dream of a thousand minds Come to set things right And by my honour I hereby swear Love will conquer all It's m

Epysode - Divine whispers lyrics

Esh] I have met your future And your demons just followed me As well as your last scream through the night But you are part of the last chapter [Valma] My visions draw my horizon With a tragic line painted on my skin [Esh] Be again, kept awa

Geasa - Divine reality lyrics

you say a word, Listen to a tale of woe Once there was a man, His heart of stone And in his eyes, not a shadow of hope Once cold night, he heard a calling To take him from his sleep And in a forest, he walked alone What he followed, his own black soul At what he saw, he sto

Pennywise - Divine intervention lyrics

don't need divine intervention for all the things that you never can face, you don't need good intentions cause in the end it is all just a waste, we all need an endless vacation from all the problems the world can provide, just need reconciliatio

Shpongle - Divine moments of truth lyrics

DMT, DMT, DMT, do-do-do DMT LSD do DMT LSD do DMT I love everybody, do-do-do - whoa whoa whoa be here now We all do deep-dop-deep-deep Divine moments now Divine moments of truth Total and utter cosmic stuff DMT, DMT, DMT, DMT, do-do

Anorexia Nervosa - Divine white light of a cumming lyrics

avez souille notre sanctuaire Par vos paroles et vos actes Dawn of a lost glory Golden sign and shadow of mine The Messiah I am The golden force's the light that save A living Goddess on the Earth Light divine Live for destroy mankind Mesmerized by an unknown

Deadnight - Divine liar lyrics

have waited for too long To bring you down and see you fall Blinded I refuse to be Forever I'll be your enemy On and on you feed us lies Now the time has come to rise Your kingdom is falling and you can't hide I shall burn the holy book with pride Deceit and betrayal is

Derdian - Divine embrace lyrics

feel your presence Into my soul I want revenge - and drink his blood You are my only - hope in this night Take my dead heart Help me to bring its to life Erase my pain, erase all my pain I cannot cry for my love everyday You are the way, you are the only way I want to hea

Full Diesel - Divine streak lyrics

life is based on a fragile system It´s insecure so easy to break There´s no place for redemption Gives me shocks it isn´t fake You think I don´t really know Nothing´s stable it is a dead end road It´ll be in sanity to claim This is life there´s no room f

Wyclef Jean - Divine sorrow (feat. avicii) lyrics

blossom I've gone down To old Rock bottom Now I know love in my heart is true Divine Sorrow I thank you for the joy that follow Back then my friend If only knew It is harder when you love beyond belief But I'm a fool to let you go So this is for you my love We will

Lavagance - Divine sobriety lyrics

afternoon sunlight flooded the room and as time went by all of that little world receded nto distance we are trying to reveal where the secret key of divinity dwells for all life the key to the absolute, beyond all, free from all, surpassing all exerting yourself since

Lonewolf - Divine art of lies lyrics

in their crystal ball Their holy icon of lies And they see what you want to see And they say what you want to hear Still they are making their profit Of weakness and the sadness Of poor men who have lost all hope All faith and will to live Sneaking i

Psyclon Nine - Divine infekt lyrics

your God F*** hopeless self Anti love you hold dear Douse yourself in evil Thought repression of your fear Darkness likes to toy with you As you walk through the night Pillage through your conscience mind The epideral blight Feeding my angu

Bury Tomorrow - Divine breath lyrics

for divine breath This is, our final test For years you’ve been the forefront of my mind I have felt relief, ended the curse So take me away For the last time Take me away We could drift away For the last time Take me

Human Fortress - Divine astronomy lyrics

practice the cults on a sacred science When I open up my own books of might I know that our world turns around the sun I'm unspoken by those who have fear of light I'm the devil, I'm hellbound It's not the sun that turns around They've build a monument of lies Scientis

Manilla Road - Divine victim lyrics

to the Queen Of Victory Her holy war was England's shame She was no fiend Of heresy Put to the death by evil's flame [CHORUS] Another victim Of Christianity Ecclesiastic fire from Hell Divine the victim No sanctuary Her sacred soul she would not sell Faithful he

Municipal Waste - Divine blasphemer lyrics

ve never spread hatred and kept to myself I've never been greedy or cared for their wealth My thoughts maybe different my morals stayed true Yet still I'm the one you choose to persecute! I've lived a good life I know I tried my best But still ju

Slayer - Divine intervention lyrics

In a web like Hell How did I reach this place Why are they haunting me I cannot look at God's face Paralysing Brilliant light Trying to run Want to scream, but cannot speak I cannot look at God's face Blind my eyes, I cannot see What is being done

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