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Endigo Skyborn - Gackt - another world lyrics

Magazine yogorenaki tamashii eiga no you na One Scene anata nara anshin "yosomi shinai de..." anata to futari de ima kono sekai e sayonara wo tsugete yukeru nara doko made mo tooku e dare yori mo tooku e yume nara samenai de kon

Gackt - Another world lyrics

World yaburisuterareta Magazine yogorenaki tamashii eiga no you na One Scene anata nara anshin "yosomi shinai de..." anata to futari de ima kono sekai e sayonara wo tsugete yukeru nara doko made mo tooku e dare yori mo tooku e yume nara samen

Dj Pierro - Another world lyrics

world, Another world Another world, Another world Another world, Another world Another world Flying let's you self gone.. Another world, Another world Another world, Another world Another world, Another world Another world When you fly with me to the stars, we'll find a

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Another world lyrics

s not me, It's not you, there's a reason I'm just trying read the signals I'm receivin It's like stone on fire, can you feel it I don't know about you girl but I believe it Words will be just words Till you bring them to life I'll lift you up, I'll nev

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Another world lyrics

need another place Will there be peace I need another world This one's nearly gone Still have too many dreams Never seen the light I need another world A place where I can go I'm gonna miss the sea I'm gonna miss the snow I'm gonna miss the bees I miss

Mystic-force - Another world lyrics

lie in bed awake tonight Thinking of the end Will you fly up to the heavens Or down to burn with him The worst is just not knowing For sure until the end Could the end just really be A new beginning Another world is waiting On the other side of life Another w

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Another world lyrics

wrapped in your hair In a box lined with silk You can't learn to talk and the air is your milk Erasing my face I want you so bad I want to be you it's futile it's sad Oh, oh baby Oh, oh baby Oh, oh baby Oh oh oh I could live with you in another world I could live with you

Blutengel - Another world lyrics

rain is falling on the streets I close my eyes and feel the emptiness Inside my broken soul Darkness surrounding me I'm on my way to another world Another world Another world What went wrong? Did I fail? I lost my innocence I lost my faith Did I fail?

Brian May - Another world lyrics

another world Under another sky I see another story waiting To be told! And another You - wakes up - With another Me For that's the way we've come to be In Another World In a different place Way 'cross Time and Space The door is open wide Drawn to a diffe

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Another world lyrics

world will surround me Another heart will forgive Another world will surround me Another heart will forgive Another world will surround me Another heart will forgive Another world will surround me Another heart will

Poe - Another world lyrics

Wanna hear it?) What's the crime, man Caught in space Nothing and everything is Always always always What's your hurry What's the hurry There's no need to drive yourself so crazy Solar reaction, ruptures the skin And the sky above is saying

Circles Of Mind - Another world lyrics

revealing our destiny are shown as you might see. Providing life beyond your eyes they're coming fast, you must believe. Codes engraved into the earth foretelling war, there's wrath with us. Blinded foolish human race... The curtain fell. Can y

Conception - Another world lyrics

scared, don't know why Everyone are staring I want to get out of here Dropping out, wanna shout In despair I'm fighting I'm living in a world filled with fear It's in my mind, won't go away Just like an obsession Who are you my guest Falling down to the abyss Feels like I'm dr

The Kelly Family - Another world lyrics

thought this was Going to be one more freakshow Everybody thought this was going To be one more of those jokes Chorus: Its another world Its a wild world Its another world Its a wild world My generations not going to see Year two thousand fifteen I

Dnrofficial - Another world falls down lyrics

veil in front of my eyes Begins to disappear An unexpected clarity Now i can see Betrayed by her eyes But the poison stays inside And keeps on running, through my veins You're just an empty cover The masquerade is over You lost a game, that can't be won And

Magnitude 9 - Another world lyrics

a course to the of unknown where the sun and the moon may show to a place where no one`s been before And the tide is rising higher every day the risk is greater the longer that we wait I hear voices of doubt, haunting my every move as we keep our eyes to the starlit sky we jour

Power Quest - Another world lyrics

time, another space I don`t know if you`ll hear me calling to you Through the night, this endless night I don`t know if I`ll ever find my way home. I see around me only emptiness I don`t know where my world has gone It feels like I just don`t belong. Now we live in d

Dreams Now Reality - Another world falls down lyrics

veil in front of my eyes Begins to disappear An unexpected clarity Now i can see Betrayed by her eyes But the poison stays inside And keeps on running, through my veins You're just an empty cover The masquerade is over You lost a game, that can't be won And another

Narnia - Another world lyrics

am waiting for it Longing for the moment When the world will see the truth Few can hear the voice Many hearts are frozen Only the father knows the hour I will be there Stay close to you You're in command I'll follow you until the end Just another day In another world

Arise - Another world to consume lyrics

have gathered specimen for ages, the genetic structure of earth, our work is nearly complete, we have the maps and where to begin. We have technology far more sophisticated than you can ever imagine. You still don't believe, but we made a mistake in 1947. Chorus; You fools!

Nct - Another world lyrics

yeogi ongat soeumdeullo kkwak gadeuk chan i Streets (You Know) soneul hwijeoeodo deo seonmyeonghae No sleep (No sleep) soyongeopsji da No I don’t wanna think think da geogiseo geogingeol No more neul mwonga jom dareun geon No one kkok jwiryeogo haebwado sarajigo deo soneul ppe

Nora Istrefi - Another world lyrics

yo he,bob yo he. bob yo he.before i filed up with le. gould u now we need ya. love to show with mama. just a bahama zana. we can go,when we're waiting for a goal. just shave the burn.that be down the show. ha.down the football,is thinks for her. yes be becase it'

Namice - Another world lyrics

pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba

Mystery Jets - Dreaming of another world lyrics

s a trick of the eye, To live or die, A riddle without a clue. I spend my days in a dreamy haze, Thinking of what to do. When the sun comes down, Night is all around. I shed my skin, Treading on your ground. Go to a place where people make a crowd, Find your face

Robin Gibb - Living in another world lyrics

in another world, living in another world I had a special dream tonight, I heard an angel call I kissed a girl from India, I saw the China wall If men are men and mice are blind, they'll never see the sun And if the sun should go away, I'll find another one Oh, what

Neon Trees - Living in another world lyrics

keeps ringing in another room I’m daydreaming like a little kid at school Caffeine, thinking of my teenage youth I’m alive, but I can barely move I guess I’ve always been this way It’s been hard for me to say Close my eyes, it’ll go away Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah They’v

Lights - Living in another world (feat. darkstars) lyrics

parted I see people crying Truth gets harder There's no sense in lying Help me Find my way from this maze I can't help myself When I see tenderness before you left (Forget) That even breaking up was never meant (Forget) But only angels l

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Another girl, another planet lyrics

always flirt with death I could kill but I don't care about it I can face your threats Stand up tall and scream and shout about it I think I'm on another world with you (with you) I'm on another planet with you (with you) You always get un

Blue Öyster Cult - In the presence of another world lyrics

the presence of another world You guess the things unguessed In the fullness of another world There is no emptiness In the promise of another world A dreadful knowledge comes How even space can modulate And earthly things be done Your master he's a monster He

Barry Manilow - In another world lyrics

is the first time on my own this is the first time I've ever been alone like this the silence covers wall to wall I never knew how suddenly the night can fall far away I can here the city screams drift away I could be beside you in my dreams CHORUS: In another world

Paradise Lost - Theories from another world lyrics

Erased by the words, consuming desolate In death in remorse, in this we celebrate Theories from another world, from another failure We don't adhere to fascinat...

Deviser - Signals from another world lyrics

into another world a world beyond ordinary experience Where the pale wash of starlight threw shadows beyond both ends of the known visible spectrum This is a new beginning In the mysterious world beyond mortal eyes the next dimension of living from the invisible realms of life Dea

Magic Kingdom - Another sun lyrics

in my dreams I see my past arise A face in the night I feel the beauty of love Now, you're gone, you're so far My pain is burning deep inside Fly away, far away Fly so far and touch the light of another sky Another world, another sun I will n

Bella Morte - Another way lyrics

this time everything felt so real as All this time everything passed away and Another world crashes through the night and Another world fades away leaving dust in its darkness I'll find another way if I am still alive And I will lift my head toward the sky to find my way

Abigail - Strength of another world lyrics

horizon twilight Glow red with war-star Spirit of ages rebirthed Finding fire and no speak On rocks and shoals of Blood Sea A fortress of unrighteousness... Moonrise dance invoke frenzy Full face shadow cast Twisted oath find favor And praise by legion sons M

Dizzee Rascal - World outside lyrics

Verse 1:] I got shit I wanna share with you Couple things explaining reasons why I can't be there with you Back in the day we parred and thought we'd never split paths Didn't see no definite ending to the madness and the laughs Never thought I would pack in the jackin' for something m

Abandon All Ships - Pedestrians is another world for speedbump lyrics

one last breath You're about to jump to your death [x2] Sail away from the shoreline Sail away from the shore I'm in front of Heavens door. [x2] Captain Captain Before the sail rips [x3] Gasp for air ABANDON ALL SHIPS!!! The current's strong, the waves will rise The bindi

Amasic - World of machine lyrics

m looking around trying to find someone like me. But nobody seems to be normal here. They look like they're from another world, It's like their machines that run keep them alive. What's the point when they have nothing to say? Their friends ar

Naughty By Nature - World go round lyrics

Intro:] Check it out. I heard this track right here and I kind of felt a lil' somethin'. You know. It took my mind some place it ain't been.Search deep into another world. So I'm trying to figure out what make this world go round. For real. People are stressin'. [

Sleep Party People - In another world lyrics

little baby, don't tell me [?] I'm gonna tie you up The rope against your skin will make you burn You will bleed a lot [?] You should get some rest I know you [?] [?] [?] You don't [?] follow me And that's not who I want to be You shut down, everything was perfect Cause i

Lost Horizon - World through my fateless eyes lyrics

the dawn of me, back at my spring of life A mystic cry touched my soul Just like a dream... a shine filled up it's sphere My mind it was free and the secret's key was for me there Magic voice that came... strain from another world Of beauty not to believe Al

Endigo Skyborn - Gackt - vanilla lyrics

wa sejitsu na moralist Kirei na yuki de boku wo nazoru Boku wa junsui na terorist Kimi no omou ga mama ni Koi ni shibarareta specialist Nagai tsume wo terarareta boku Ai wo tashikametai egoist Kimi no oku made tadoritsukitai Kimi no kao ga to

Boney M - Future world lyrics

know a place we all can go Don't wanna live here anymore I see a planet slowly die And I get tired of wondering why Come and join the right future world Don't you wanna be free and alive Come and join the right future world To a world where w

Disturbed - Another way to die lyrics

indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on our world Our devotion to our appetites betrayed us all An apocalyptic plight More destruction will unfold Mother Earth will show her darker side and take her toll It's just another way to die! There can be

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - World wide suicide lyrics

felt the earth on Monday It moved beneath my feet In the form of a morning paper Laid out for me to see I saw his face in the corner picture I recognized the name Could not stop staring at the Face I'd never see again It's a shame to awake, in a world of pain What does it mean w

A Perfect Murder - Another day another plauge lyrics

Day, Another Plague I Still See The Same Old Shit Like A Never-Ending Story Life's Passing By In Front Of My Eyes Everyday I Wake Up And Things Never Change It's Getting Hard To Have Faith In This World Everyday I Wake Up And Things Never Change It's Getting

Stefanie Heinzmann - Another love song lyrics

I could ride through minutes with an honest [...] Forget about the Romeos and super men Everybody's get things so [...] Forget about the things that mean the most It's strange, so strange There's so much we're not seeing And if love is not lie

Darling Thieves - Another day lyrics

s another day, Another chance to make my way in a deep world. It's another day, Another chance to change the shape of the same old, I could disappear. It's another day, Another chance to find your way in a sweet world. Help me find a way, Help me understand my place here in you

Josh Ritter - Another new world lyrics

leading light of the age all wondered amongst Themselves what I would do next After all that I'd found in my travels around The world was there anything else left? "Gentlemen", I said, "I've studied the maps" &am

Pertness - Another innocent victim lyrics

with fear Darkness in my eyes I'm suffering, suffering, from this endless pain Paralyzed with hate Helpless and so weak There's no justice, see me dying Why is this world so cruel? Chased into death Why is this world so cruel? Dark clouds will eat me I am falling deep

Jenifer - Another pop song lyrics

make us feel like movie stars They can heal a wounded heart 'a girl meets boy' 'a boy meets girl' The shy ones medium to be heard Some will bug you Some will please Some will bring you an your knees ...nothing's new under the sun Everything's been done ................

Jay-jay Johanson - Another nite another love lyrics

nite, another love Do you remember your emotions Another nite, another love Do you remember your emotions Too shy to make the first step Not confident enough Afraid to break the friendship We managed to build up Another nite, another love Do you remember your emotions A

Kano (band) - Another life - yellow vinyl 12" maxi version .. lyrics

we are at last with nothing left to say now 'Cause everything that's gone will never be And I lost it all that one and lonely blue night Everything was fine Yes, I know I should have waited for you, baby Where were you when I was needing you? And a hundred times I call

Allen-lande - Another battle lyrics

in a nightmare Never woke up Search for peace without result Waiting for changes That never came Just another war I've got to blame I don't wanna live in your cold world I don't wanna hear your evil words Find another one who plays your game I'm sure everything wil

Joe Bonamassa - Another kind of love lyrics

little baby You've got your lover, she's a girl Poor little baby You've got caught up in the world I've got to say you lost your way You're a woman, another kind of woman Another kind of love You just pile on your misery Now you have failed But deep dow

June Carter Cash - Another broken hearted girl lyrics

He ran his fingers through her curly hair When he told her that he’d never really cared Then he left her alone in the sand She lost her man, how could she stand But she stood on that beach at Moonlight Bay And watched him slowly walk away Then she fell to

Cydonia - Another one lyrics

look around the world behind your thought feeling every reaction of mind,across the imagination Lighting soldiers over the rules, they're waiting for one last time feeling every step on the ground to erase the feared invaders The Sun is crying in front of the fa

Dawn Of Destiny - Another pain lyrics

forgotten soul on its final way There is no place called home, no place to stay Sinking down on his knees, taking a final breath There is no helping hand, nothing left except his death No one prays, no one cries for him Such a strange mad world, without compassi

F.t.island - Another new world lyrics

koto o osore tetan ja Yume ga naidaro? Naa Tachidomattatte, ima wa imi nai sa Jikan no mudadarou? Sou sa Genkai, teisai, teitai break up! Mawaranainara, kono ude de mawase So, think it, beat it, change it by yourself Sou nanimokamo Ke chirakashi sono kokoro

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