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Jim Jones - When thugs die lyrics

Jim Jones] Got this problem with these niggaz on the other side of town Plus my little ... homey Pop-la-di he's a rider now So you know he want ... some answers off top he ridin down With them automatic

Lil Cuete - When i die lyrics

Chorus:] Remember... when I die... Girl don't chu cry... ... Jus dry your eyes... I never meant for me to say good bye... buh Remember when I die... [Lil Cuete:] When I die don't want chu to cry...

Jack Peñate - When we die lyrics

we die, when we die When we die, when we die Will our bones ... be left in strange lands And our grave be dug ... by cold hands When we die, when we die When we die, when we die Will their tears wash the

Lowkey - When i die lyrics

single human being that has ever lived was an ... entirely unique creation. Never, ever, ever to be ... repeated again. Sometimes I wonder, what they'll say when

Groove Coverage - When i die lyrics

tights aren't dying While tention grows cold ... Undercover of darkness My visions were sold I still feel ... body Your sense and your mind Your taint and your blessy

Krayzie Bone - When i die lyrics

Krayzie] Man what the f*** is we gone do man? Shit man I ... can't believe this shit man Them motherf***ers done ... killed him We got to ride for this nigga On them old

Dying Passion - When i die lyrics

I die...What is gonna happen with me when I fall. What feeling? Can I feel anything at all ... When I die... You know′st′tis common ... all that live must die Passing through nature to eternity.

New Found Glory - When i die lyrics

I have finally accepted we will never stand in the same ... room I can never hear your voice of reason at least you didn't, didn't feel a thing When I was younger you would tell

Palace - When i die lyrics

soul leaves my body in agony life is running before my ... from my past come back to me I float over my body and look ... down I come to an unearthly world a

Embersland - When i die lyrics


No Mercy - When i die lyrics

and Always When I Die I Keep On Living For You You ... Give Me Strength When I Start To Worry You Lift Me ... Up When I'm Feeling Sorry You're Building Me Up

Bowling For Soup - When we die lyrics

i know that it's early and it's too hard to think and the ... broken empty bottle's a reminder in the sink but i thought that i should tell you, if it's not too late to say i can

Jason Mraz - When we die lyrics

we die is it just like sleeping? Does the light mean that it’s light like a nap? Will I ... dream? Will I get to see Jesus? Or like the ... Lama will I come right back? Years go fast, Live each day like it’s your

Angel Dust - When i die lyrics

far is the world, in the end? Is there a judge? ... Who decides, What is wrong and what is right? Who'll ... be there, in the end? Who'll be with me, ... to be without me? Is there semething, behind the

Lush - When i die lyrics

you walked in now I wouldn't start, I wouldn't ... frown And if you just appeared I wouldn ... t cry or think it weird 'Cause you are still ... around You're in the air, you're in the ground And

Saint Vitus - When emotions die lyrics

you're sick and tried And feeling blue Just ... everywhere We know your feeling Just catch our stare When ... emotion dies You are alone When emotion dies When emotion

Majesty - Die like kings lyrics

a mountain we stand Look all over our ... land To the fields we have conquered with ... blood When the times come to ride To defend ... our pride To run into their horde with a thud We all

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Die for you (bonus track) lyrics

Verse 1:] [*Giggles*] Ayyy, I tried to treat you like no ... other To be like no other in your life Ayyy and I'd of ... cried to see you with another To see you with

Dan Owen - Roll me up and smoke me when i die lyrics

me up and smoke me when I die And if anyone don't like it ... just look 'em in the eye Say I didn't come ... here, and I ain't leavin' So don't sit around and

Willie Nelson - Roll me up and smoke me when i die lyrics

me up and smoke me when I die And if anyone don't like it, ... just look 'em in the eye Say I didn't come here, and I ain't ... leavin' So don't sit around and cry Just roll me

Tom Beck - Holding hands when we die lyrics

the last voice you will hear is mine Hope you laugh on the ... wind of the years that will spy When our story is over ... we're fine We both holding hands when we die Hope the

Peter, Paul And Mary - And when i die lyrics

when I die, and when I'm dead, dead and gone There ... ll be one child born and a world to carry ... on There'll be one child born to carry on I'm not ... scared of dyin' and I don't really care If it's

Necro - Die ! lyrics

Intro: Uncle Howie] In my lifetime I’ve died a few times. ... A couple of months ago I went out; they had to bring ... me back twice from death. Let me tell you

Lovex - Die a little more lyrics

didn't I embrace Those days you spent ... with me For now when I look back in time It's too ... easy to see While I lived my dream I was seeking a ... fantasy And here I lie all alone again Drown in

Pretty Maids - Die with your dreams lyrics

a child of illusions once a king but you've ... where the walls came tumbling down now you walk in the ... of broken dreams losing track floating with the

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Rain when i die lyrics

she ready to know my frustration What she slippin' inside, ... slow castration I'm a riddle so strong, you can't ... break me Did she come here to try, try to

Electric Century - Live when wie die lyrics

always get me in your pocket Limitations on me Was ... People wrapped around your finger The smile with me lingers With everything I do ... Don't leave the heart within you Keep the things that

Gorefest - Reality - when you die lyrics

final chapter's finished The curtain is about to ... fall Ending mediocre life Nothing to be proud of at ... all Thinking back now Despising yourself Feelings

Mono Inc. - When all my cards are played lyrics

all my moves are made say will you be here when all my ... cards are played say will you be here come take me ... out tonight come take me out tonight ... and make that I won’t be sober when I die When all my dreams are dreamt say

My Morning Jacket - I will be there when you die lyrics

was born in New York city, son of Paul and Catherine. ... down and always out, but his morals always seemed just fine. there will be bigotry and ... there will be open minds. there will be days of

Rage - When you're dead lyrics

s got a pleasure in his life that's a real chill I think it's funny but the people ... say he's ill He likes to keep what's transient, ... save it from decay That's what you

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - When i'm dead and gone lyrics

I love you baby, I love you night and day When I leave you ... baby, don't cry the night away When I die, don't you ... write no words upon my tomb I don't believe, I want to

Mac Miller - When in rome lyrics

the freaks coming out when the sun down Hating on it, I ... don't give a f*** now Bad little bitch with her tongue out ... Told her go long, it's a touchdown Do this for

Flame - When you step lyrics

the hood you get props if you shot somebody If you got ... shot, everybody thinks you tight Lives being taken' fast like a Mazarati How we give a ... thug props cause he takes a life If you get locked then you get stripes for doing some time

4him - When it comes to livin' lyrics

s only one thing that matters in life in spite of the way it ... might seem it's not when you're born it's not when you ... die but what have you done in between so don't spend your

Lil Romeo - When i get grown lyrics

CHORUS:] When I get grown I'm gonna cherish that big ... house on the hill but for now, sit back and ... be a kid and keep it real. [Repeat 3x] In 10 ... years, I can't believe man I'll be 20. Own a couple cars

S.o.j.a - When we were younger lyrics

never really got why we're here Just look ... at all we build in our lives And we all disappear A ... few of us are born with so much While most of us ... just chasing down a dream that we just can

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - When i'm dead and gone lyrics

I love you, baby I love you night and day When I leave you, ... baby, don't cry the night away When I die, don't you ... write no words upon my tomb I don't believe I want to leave

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Po boy lyrics

came to the door, I say 'for whom were you lookin ... ?' Says 'your wife', I say 'she's busy in the kitchen cookin'' Po' boy, where ... told you, won't tell you again I say 'how much you want

Fabolous - Po po lyrics

feat. Nate Dogg, Paul Cain) [Intro- Fabolous and Cop ... [Cop:] Alright there ah buddy license and ... registration [Fab:] Uh officer is there a problem man

Potap & Nastya - Po krugu lyrics

krugu Po krugu Po krugu Kruzhu ya podrugu podrugu ... Po krugu Po krugu Po krugu Kruzhu ya podrugu podrugu ... Privet i zdrasʹte! Potap i Nastya! Nastya privet! A nu

Eldo - Pożycz mi płuca lyrics

mi płuca, bo moje się zapadły Możesz pomyśleć ... też o butach, moje się już zdarły Pożycz mi oczy, ... ja nie widzę już nic Pożycz mi nogi, moje nie mają

2pac lyrics2pac - When thugz cry lyrics

Thugz Cry Now I lay me down to sleep I pray ... the Lord my guns to keep If I die before I wake I pray the ... Lord, my soul to take As God as my witness When Thugz

Sylwia Grzeszczak - Pożyczony lyrics

znowu ty Rzuciła spojrzenia dwa Śpieszysz się gdzieś ... Na pewno, już kogoś masz Umówiłeś się z nią na ... komedie w jednym z kin Nie obchodzi mnie to Bilet mam

Nappy Roots - Po' folks lyrics

aww.. [Chorus] All my life been po' But it really don ... And they wonder why we act this way Nappy Boys gon' be okay ... All my life been po' But it really don't matter no mo'

Maanam - Po prostu bądź lyrics

kocha naprawdę Będzie kochać zawsze Gniew zmieni ... w kochanie A zdradę w niepamięć Nie oceniaj mnie Ani ... dobrze ani źle Po prostu bądź po prostu bądź i

Michał Szpak - Po niebo lyrics

nocy mrok i światło dnia, Przez życia wir i tłumy ... spraw Wciąż będę szedł, Nie poddam się ! Przez morze ... łez i mniejsze zło Przez głupi pech i szczyt i dno, Tak

Perfect - Po co lyrics

ja też bym umiał życiu się podlizać ryłbym słupki zamiast ... bąki zbijać też bym się nauczył, że są prawdy względne jako prymus skończyłbym

Leniwiec - Pośmiertnie odznaczeni lyrics

odznaczeni krew przelali dla tej ziemi. Pośmiertnie ... odznaczeni synowie polskiej ziemi. Pośmiertnie odznaczeni ... życie oddali dla tej ziemi. Pośmiertnie odznaczeni pochowani

Radikal Chef - Počiatok (prod. duffus) lyrics

dobrú chuť, rok 2006, s mikrofónom prvý francúzák, od ... Tak kurva záruka, čo ťa odpáli ako bazuka, potetujem ti ... celé telo rýmami jak Yakuza, nie, nie sme rivali, už si trochu pristarý,

Hanna Banaszak - Po karnawale lyrics

karnawale kwiaty zdeptane witają świt boleśnie. Po ... nadszedł znów zbyt wcześnie. Róża czerwona, róża ... szalona, piekła szkarłatne ciepło, leży zdeptana, jak

Peja - Po to żeby lyrics

to żeby dzieci miały lepsze miejsce niż ulica Nie wystarczy ... świetlica A gdzie czas, miłość rodzica? Pieniądz ma ... naprawić szkody, w wychowaniu błędy - pytam Nie tędy droga - wybacz Chociaż nie

Ski Skład - Po to żeby lyrics

Po to żeby dzieci miały lepsze miejsce niż ulica ... Nie wystarczy świetlica a gdzie czas, miłość rodzica Pieniądz ma naprawić szkody, w ... wychowaniu błędy - pytam Nie tędy droga - wybacz Chociaż nie jest za późno, żeby

Closterkeller - Po to właśnie lyrics

to z Ciebie jako z drzazgi smolnej Wokoło lecą szmaty ... zapalone Gorejąc nie wiesz czy stawasz się wolny Czy ... to co Twoje będzie zatracone Czy popiół tylko

Eleni - Po słonecznej stronie życia lyrics

słonecznej stronie drogi, którą dobrze razem iść Po słonecznej stronie życia ... jest twój dom i jesteś ty Tak daleko i tak ... blisko, tam, gdzie lat dziecinnych ląd Po słonecznej

Natalia Kukulska - Po tamtej stronie lyrics

śladów szukam wciąż, Czuje każdy Twój znak, gdy Dajesz mi go, choć ominęły ... nas, Chwile wpisane w ten czas. Może właśnie jesteś tu, Może uśmiechasz

Jacek Kaczmarski - Pożegnanie okudżawy lyrics

ile wiary brak gorącej, Że jest na niebie jakiś Bóg - Na tyle wiąże koniec ... z końcem Łańcuch u katorźnika nóg. Na ile wciąż nadzieja ... szarpie, Że coś się dla nas w mroku di - Na

North Mississippi Allstars - Po black madie lyrics

black Maddie got no change of clothes Fool got drunk ... and her clothes outdoors Po black Maddie ain't got no ... change o' clothes Fool got drunk and throw her trunk

Bez Cenzury - Po męczączym dniu lyrics

Po męczączym dniu gdy wiem, że nic nie muszę już chcę ... tylko poczuć dotyk twój. Do snu ... zamykam oczy, przy tobie jestem znów. (Łysol) Taa ... to był ciężki dzień, ciężkie chwile, jeden z tych cały dzień tęsknisz za wyrem. Całe

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