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Marillion - The fruit of the wild rose lyrics

I cannot sleep For all these dreams They come to play ... Till dawn comes stealin' them away.. The fruit of the ... gone Voluptuous crimson As the days become colder The fruit

Journey - Colors of the spirit lyrics

sky Angry clouds divide the sun Feels like thunder and ... get over... over Falling together... together Many colors of the spirit Many lives below the sun We are colors of the spirit We are many... we are one

Adiemus - Cantus - song of the spirit lyrics

fe ka ma sha va (repeat from the top) ka ma sha va (2x) ka

Masters Of Reality - Annihilation of the spirit lyrics

me You hypnotize me Like the sun setting right beside me ... Right beside me The moon turning blue in the blue ... get it right Release me The sun is setting strange

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the ... wheel of fortune that grinds your ... chest the fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs

Blut Aus Nord - The forsaken voices of the ghostwood's shadow.. lyrics

wandered some malicious spirit There was a funebre ... atmosphere and putrid smell of sulphur In the obscurity we ... silouettes We were on the shadowy realm that some

Trip Lee - Behold the spirit lyrics

knew bruh Christ switched the rules up Dudes were tripping ... when they got a glimpse of truth the Moves that made ... was insane, His crew of Disciples, would later write

Brownstone - Fruit of life lyrics

the fruit of life Don't stop yourself to ... wonder why (Oooohhh) Fruit of life Taste the fruit of life ... to wonder why (Oooohhh) Fruit of life Something in your

Audiovision - Fruit of love lyrics

m living here, the hours passing by I want to ... be the one The way you've planned for me ... to be Close to you Drink the living wine My Lord when you

Grave Forsaken - The road to damascus lyrics

murder And violence upon the early disciples He journeyed ... to arrest and persecute them Along the way a flash of ... light blinded him, He heard the voice of Jesus He couldn’t

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black ... morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign ... This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The spirit was gone lyrics

It's hard to understand The spirit was gone from her body ... s hard to understand, oh The spirit was gone The spirit ... was gone The spirit was gone The spirit was gone

Falco lyricsFalco - The spirit never dies jeanny final lyrics

einen Sommer Und ich war so oft, erschien es mir einen ... away No way to stay Cause the spirit never dies We last ... forever spirit never dies We last forever

Edguy - The spirit [magnum cover] lyrics

corner justice beware The spirit will find you always be fair ... The shallow verse once read means ... your heart will not share The spirit inside you used

Insania ( Ger ) - The spirit (reprise) (the spirit suite part i.. lyrics

deep now he's a wolf among the sheep he was so true without ... one for all and all for one the same ideals we marked upon ... like yesterday he lost his spirit on his way his poisoned

Matt Maher - The spirit and the bride lyrics

all the thirsty in need of the river For all the sleeping ... hearts waking from their slumber For everyone still ... standing at the shoreline, come For all the hurting souls running from their healer For all the

Centory - The spirit lyrics

ever Because I have unlocked the secrets Of the spirits ... ah eya ah (aia eya) Like the three in a row my haunt you ... that I want you No feel The real feel holy feel check it

Eidolon - Spirit sanctuary lyrics

no one sees A place for spirits where they miscourage their ... deeds Spewing from the mouth of hell And they all belong to the light Spirit Sanctuary Spirit Sanctuary Foretold in

Nina Hagen - Spirit in the sky lyrics

I die and they lay me to rest I'm gonna go ... to the place that's the best When they lay me down ... to die I'm going up to the spirit in the sky Going up to the

Hawkwind - Spirit of the age lyrics

return to earth but your father refused to sign the forms ... sixty now and long dead by the the time i return to earth ... time held dreams were full of you as you were when i left

Devendra Banhart - The spirit is near lyrics

is here, all the leaves are jumping When will ... they learn, the spirit is near All the trees are ... dancing, ready to burn The spirit is near, all the roots are

Magnum - The spirit lyrics

Street corner justice beware The spirit will find you always ... be fair The shallow verse once read means ... your heart will not share The spirit inside you is used

Ted Nugent - Spirit of the wild lyrics

I can climb Aint afraid of death or no voodoo Do the ... best that I can do With the spirit of the wild runnin' ... free I got the spirit of the wild inside of me,Yea

Rednex lyricsRednex - Spirit of the hawk lyrics

ya-hay ah mia oh wa-hey. The spirit of the hawk. Hey-um ... ya-hay ah mia oh wa-hey. The spirit of the hawk. Hey-um ... my eagle, me and my love. The spirit of the hawk. Hey

Rednex lyricsRednex - The spirit of the hawk lyrics

Ya-heya-maya Hoa-hey The Spirit Of The Hawk Hey ... Ya-heya-maya Hoa-hey The Spirit Of The Hawk Hey ... my hero, me and my love. The Spirit Of The Hawk Hey-ama

Divinefire - The spirit lyrics

around in my head I hear the voices, I'm out of control ... Confusion, I can't hear the voice I'm trapped inside my ... cage, I can't see the light ("Forget your

Domain - Spirit of the sun lyrics

when mystery was all we knew The earth was sleeping and ... when harmony was all we knew The earth awaking - it keeps ... morning - oh As we see the light Wake with the Spirit

Dan Fogelberg - The spirit trail lyrics

light is long the sun is low I'm riding fast ... I don't want to be Above the ridge an eagle flies In ... lazy circles in the western skies I want to fly

Michael Bolton - The spirit of american lyrics

spirit of American, the spirit of the skies It's standing ... It stretches out across the hills and streams, over every ... mountain high, And turns the prairies into fields of

Chris De Burgh - The spirit of man lyrics

and diving like a bird on the wing, And every time I get ... just seems to slip away; There's a fighter inside who will ... and it's never enough, Write the words in the sand that this

Korpiklaani - Spirit of the forest lyrics

than a man He's living in The northern lights In winter ... What you have in your mind There's always wolf within That ... him down And back home Spirit, spirit of the forest

Manowar - The spirit horse of the cherokee lyrics

trail of tears began for all the Cherokee The white men came ... to trade borrow But then they would not leave Some of us ... boat And died at sea Those of us who lived were sold to

The Quakes - Spirit of the cat lyrics

spirit of the cat I used to hang around ... with a gang of cats We'd ride around late ... at night and chase down all the rats There was so many of us ... nothing they could do We took over their

Gamma Ray - The spirit lyrics

we're livin' in between, The struggle of the races ... continues on the scene. A million miles ... above us the spirit is unseen, Beyond our small ... dream. We travel through the ages, we follow our dreams

Pink Cream 69 - The spirit lyrics

never had reason to regret the path I chose I'm driven by ... changing seasons The one thing that nobody knows ... There were some compromises Too ... I'll be wearing until the end (Chorus) Look at the

British Sea Power - The spirit of st. louis lyrics

all of ye, sing Louis, Louis Come ... all of you, sing Louis, Louis And ... his name was Lindy He flew the spirit of St. Louis Ah! ... We'll raise the spirit of St.Louis If all of you'd

Europe - Spirit of the underdog lyrics

to steal you've got to steal the show It's the spirit of the ... to break you've got to break the mould It's the spirit of the ... to steal you've got to steal the show It's the spirit of the

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Spirit of the dawn lyrics

remember the times when I was a child And ... the world was full of grace The wind would whisper of ... And a secret magic place But the sun went down and the first

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Spirit of the age lyrics

soul, rage You're so full of hate, you're so full of lust ... You're so full of soul, you're so full of rage ... Spirit of the age Here comes the voodoo ... just a cheap reflection I'm the impersonator of anyone's

Angra - Spirit of the air lyrics

in the ocean, mermaids are crying. ... Oh Lord. King of the thunder, magic surrounds you. ... Oh Lord. On the island, land of the lives of ... hills, Ariel's winds blow the sails into a war. Before

Blitzkrieg - Spirit of the legend lyrics

the Occult Shop window, was the guitar he wanted to own, They said it belonged to a &quot ... it home, It took control of his fingers, when he played

Ego Fall - The spirit of mongolia lyrics

战鼓声 响彻云霄 英勇的铁骑 扬起飞沙 守卫这片土地 守卫着远古的图腾 当古老的声音 唤醒了沉睡的血液 在我眼前 苍茫大地 传颂着祖先的骄傲 飞翔的矫健雄鹰 孤傲的苍狼 被神赋予 守卫这片土地 守卫着远古的图腾 当古老的声音 唤醒了沉睡的血液 在我眼前 苍茫大地 传颂着祖先的骄傲...

Kaledon - Spirit of the dragon lyrics

and Shouts break the silence This rainy day, the ... It's time to wear my armor of steel From ash and fire I ... rise Strong of the Dragon's power The king of

Krokus - Spirit of the night lyrics

big wheel of fortune Crashed down to the ... groud Terror broke thru' the city wall We gathered our ... ran for our lives Down in the catacomb hall No sunlight

Black Funeral - Lord of the dead - tiphereth (belphegor - pai.. lyrics

revolt against god Brings the awakening of the spirit No ... constricted Yaïmien, great spirit of Lucifer Embrace with ... dreaming knowledge Mastery of the earth, Black Sun Burning

Dream Theater - The spirit carries on lyrics

anything certain in life? They say, "Life is too short ... " "The here and the now" And "You're ... one shot" But could there be more, Have I lived

Insania ( Ger ) - The spirit is gone (the spirit suite part i) lyrics

in time - on through the night among the living our ... forces allied denim and leather - hellbound forever riding the lightning to praise - the day ... hell awaits - as he broke the oath judas the sinner was

Kiuas - The spirit of ukko lyrics

we are here tonight To bring the flames of Ukko to your hearts ... On this black night the stars are aligned These ... ancient fireworks play their parts Born from the dark

Pellek - The spirit carries on (dream theater cover) lyrics

anything certain in life? They say, "Life is too short ... " "The here and the now" And "You're ... one shot" But could there be more, Have I lived

Banco De Gaia - Spirit of the age lyrics


Iced Earth - Spirit of the times lyrics

Regrets I have no longer But the questions still remain A ... find our way? I look deep in their eyes The fear I see makes ... me cry It’s the truth we must embrace You

Novembers Doom - The spirit seed lyrics

time For fear to embrace The future... is my enemy Long ... And ends in a silent barrage of calm Look at me though ... jaded eyes Forever see the mask I wear Never feel pity

Avantasia - The final sacrifice lyrics

Gabriel:] Staring into the lake, watching for heaven's ... in fear Crying like at the stake, in the fiery waves I ... can see all the souls how they suffer and howl in their

Bal-sagoth - Of carnage and a gathering of the wolves lyrics

in the lightless, labyrinthine ... depths of the Darkenhold forest... ... [VOICE OF THE NIGHT:] Who are you, ... wanderer? [WANDERING SPIRIT:] I can't remember...

Blackmore's Night - Spirit of the sea lyrics

took a walk along the shore To clear my mind ... about the day I saw a man I'd seen ... with me ever more His eyes, they guide me through the haze ... And bring me shelter from the storm As I walk I can

Jolin Tsai - Spirit of the knight lyrics

Dang wo kan jian zuo jian po sun de zhan yi Kui jia hou de ni biao qing dai zhao xiao yi xiang yao dui wo shuo wai Lai de xi ji ji jiang li gong zhu yuan qu Na x...

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