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Patti Page - Mama from the train lyrics

Mama from the train, a kiss, a kiss Wave Mama from the train a goodbye Throw Mama from ... the train, a kiss a kiss And don't cry, my baby, don't ... cry How I miss that sweet lady with her old-country touch

America - From a moving train lyrics

ve seen the Ides of March And I've seen the fall of Rome ... I've seen all kinds of stuff But I never ... is These million miles of track One thing I know by now

Andre Nickatina - Train with no love lyrics

all aboard... All aboard I know it feels insane on a train with no love Drugs all ... deep in the brain on a train with no love I know it ... feels insane on a train with no love I died deep in

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Train kept a rollin' lyrics

on a train, I met a dame She rather handsome, we ... kind looked the same She was pretty, from New York City ... I'm walking down that old fair lane I'm in heat, I'm in

Electric Light Orchestra - Train of gold lyrics

saw her there from across the street She was ... dressed in black And when she moved she moved ... to a beat, like a Cadillac She rode a train, train, train, train, train of gold

Dierks Bentley - Train travelin' lyrics

feat. The Del McCoury Band) Everytime I hear that ... whistle whine From a lonesome locomotive comin' ... down the line It carries my mind away to another ... place in time When train travelin' across the land was the

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Train long-suffering lyrics

wooooooo Woo! In the name of pain! (In the name of pain and suffering) In the name ... of pain! (In the name of pain and suffering) There comes ... a train! (There comes a train) Yeah! A long black train (There comes a train)

Mother Mother - Train of thought lyrics

on my train My little train of thought Dip your tongue ... Into my honey pot I know what I have Do you know what you ... got? Jump on my train My little train of thought

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Train song lyrics

down in E. St. Louis On the Kansas City line and I drunk up ... all my money that I borrowed every time and I ... fell down at the derby and now the night's black as a

Flipsyde - Train lyrics

feelin' static through your body you don ... t know what's going on Then a creep crawl the mind bends ... bet it all then cash in and be gone Cause it's side ... corners and street lights caught in this haze and I here

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Train wreck lyrics

in the silence Waiting for the sirens Signs, any signs I'm alive still I ... don't wanna lose it I'm not getting ... through this Hey, should I pray, should I fray To myself

Dr. Dog - From lyrics

oh my love Don't you leave me Cuz I don't wanna learn how to die Oh oh my love ... And oh my my You know I can't ... get over Cuz I can't even seem to get by Oh

Paul Simon - Train in the distance lyrics

was beautiful as Southern skies The night he ... met her She was married to someone He was ... doggedly determined that he would get her He was old ... he was young From time to time he'd tip his heart But each time she withdrew

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Train overnight lyrics

loaded the variables Like masterpieces from under the germ ... led advance I saw your compass on a sea of frayed cable and Aspects of vision afloat ... in a glance And outside the train overnight

Dezperadoz - Train of souls lyrics

with no eyes, looks at me and smiles. And he's passing ... by, still hear my woman's cries. As I hit the ... ground, where am I now? A picture in my mind, of A

Pay Money To My Pain - Train lyrics

walk to there destinations They have there own ... stories and I have mine So no one cares about ... the other and I feel so empty Do you ... think you're special, someone said to me Wrong

Grinder - Train raid lyrics

come on let's go We've got another job to do Move it ... horses Introduce ourselves As the bandit forces Come on ... everybody On your marks Let's earn a million

Izzy Stradlin - Train tracks lyrics

and stoned Took a hit down by the train track ... I hear the whistle's song This ... broken kid... He made a big dash He learnt quick to ... get along A change of time Packed up and left Goodbye the train track You're lucky if I do

3 Doors Down - Train lyrics

me on a train mama This place just ain't the same no more ... Put me on a train mama I'm leavin' today I don't ... wanna watch the world spinnin' I wanna be spinnin' with it Put me

Goldfrapp - Train lyrics

brain scar I want laser I'm your chauffeur With ... high gloss highs Take you where you want Can't ... stop, oh off the train Train, yeh, yeh, yeh Wolflady

Blackfoot - Train train lyrics

here it comes Well, train, train, take me on out of ... this town Train, train, Lord, take me on out of ... this town Well, that woman I'm in love with, Lord, she

A Camp - Train of salvation lyrics

walked on every road now I followed the signs ... I’m traveling on my own now With no ... peace of mind I’m at the battle station And i’m out of ... my truck My final departure is near I’m leaving

Sarah Mclachlan - Train wreck lyrics

love in all it's finery Tear up the darkness all around ... me Until I can breathe again Until I believe again ... Cause I'm a train wreck Waiting to happen Waiting for

Phish - Train song lyrics

the way home we felt we had a chance To review the coulds ... before we were born And to invite a new game of can ... ts Absorbed in the clouds a voice from afar said &quot

Tim Mcgraw - Train n10 lyrics

gonna say goodbye to you and all the things you’ve done I ... used to be afraid but I know today’s the day ... I’ll take the last train I can find just in case I want to change my mind The last

4 Non Blondes - Train lyrics

ya gonna do child When your thoughts are movin' slow Find another ... where to go You'll be searchin' for that train And you ... ll see it's a train What ya gonna do child When your

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Train of love lyrics

of love's a comin', big black wheels are hummin' People ... waitin' at the station, happy hearts are drummin' Train ... men tell me maybe, ain't she got my baby Ever

Cher - Train of thought lyrics

you're talkin' in your sleep, And the ... name that you whisper ain't mine And I've finally faced the fact That you're cheatin' on me one more time When

Cryonic Temple - Train of destruction lyrics

time like nobody else, I cannot control my own ... dysfunctional race Living in silences is not ... for my personality, beating death is a part of my identity

John Hiatt - Train to birmingham lyrics

ve been riding on this train Drinking whiskey for the pain Just another good old boy ... going home And every town I see, seems to ... take a part of me That's a price that you pay when you

Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls - Train to nowhere lyrics

owl scans the room and screeeches as it zooms ... Lower it proceeds to carry out it's deeds It holds ... a note for one The one who has began to plan out his attack and get back on the track.

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Train of thought lyrics

likes to have the morning paper's Crossword solved Words ... go up words come down Forwards backwards twisted round ... He grabs a pile of letters from a small suitcase Disappears

Savoy Brown - Train to nowhere lyrics

can catch it if you want to ride Don't you worry if ... it pass you by You can catch it if you want to ride ... Don't you worry if it pass you by Lord you know the

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Train man lyrics

over in the teacher's home she waited by the ... phone For calls which never rang, and people who never sang ... Train man rambled dusty into town and made ... his daily round Train man and he comes in the night

Bright Eyes - Train under water lyrics

were born inside of a raindrop I watched you falling ... to your death And the sun, well she could not ... save you She'd fallen down too, now the streets

Eagles lyricsEagles - Train leaves here this morning lyrics

just for being in the right place at exactly the wrong time ... I looked right at the facts there, but I may as well have been completely blind So, ... if you see me walking all alone Don't look back, I'm

Gene Clark - Train leaves here this morning lyrics

for bein' In the right place at exactly the wrong time I ... looked right at the facts there But I may as well have been completely blind So ... if you see me walkin' all alone Don't look back I'm just

Blackberry Smoke - Train rollin lyrics

don’t wanna hear it I don’t wanne hear it I been raisin’ ... hell again I know we’ve been through ... into it feel like I might crawl out my skin I’m so sick and tired of being sick and

Liv Kristine - Train to somewhere lyrics

want to lay here My head's going 'round Stay right ... here between there and anywhere I want to live now and get away with it I need to ... feel the steam and let temptation win I want to sin

Megadeth - Train of consequences lyrics

m doing you a favor As I'm taking all your money I guess ... t even trust me There's bad news creeping up And you ... feel a sudden chill How do you do?

Mindy Smith - Train song lyrics

been listening For tose metal wheels To come scraping across that Old rusty track ... And I'm just wondering, I need ... to ask Is my sweet man on that train And I've been waiting For the whistle to

Kylesa - Train of thought lyrics

eyes - no emotion Glassy stare - loathing mind Apathetic attitude Pills fall from the ... sky We have our mouths open Can't ... think unclouded Too late to go back All thoughts are controlled Every word

Kelly Rowland - Train on a track lyrics

If he knows I've been watching him (And I wonder) If ... he knows I can feel him (And I wonder) In my dreams and ... when I'm sleeping And I'm keeping him close to me

Bangs - Train wreck lyrics

you standing by the jukebox Lookin' ... the kind of boy I've been dreaming of Hey you standing backstage And playing it cool ... stuff... come on over here And gimme some love C'mon yah

F.t.island - Train lyrics

cham oh·rae gi·da·ryuh·ssuh·yo Geu·dae·reul ... wi·hae·suh·mahn gil dduh·na·neun train Moon·eul ggok jam·gwuh·doo gi·da·ryuht·jyo

Kilmara - Train station lyrics

tissue paper creases My skin shows my age And ... time keeps passing by The red carpet ... I´ve walked Twig-light sun throught ... I stalked Yesterday we were so high Lie to me

Lagwagon - Train lyrics

inspiration note the sympathy They've taken everything ... you want and they left you all alone My setting sun, ... self appointed, I am a fraud You are the martyr It's

Dramarama - Train going backwards lyrics

no, there you go again with all your useless conversation ... don't think I don't know that we could use a short vacation Leap for me Sweep for ... me Fill my crater Try me later So long, I'll be gone

4lyn - Train lyrics

t feel right. I`m like a train and I`m doin whatever it takes to come home and I`m doin ... whatever it takes. I can`t stop because, I've got no ... breakes. I`m like a train and I`m doing whatever it takes

Mason Jennings - Train leaving gray lyrics

that I see you on the street It ... s your kind of day Nothing has the color of your eyes Train leaving gray And i'll ... never love no one The way i loved you I never thought

Feist - Train song lyrics

north, traveling north to find you Train wheels beating, the wind in ... my eyes Don't even know what I'll find when I get to you ... Call out your name love don't be surprised

Persefone - Train of consequences lyrics

m doing you a favor As I'm taking all your money I guess ... t even trust me There's bad news creeping up And you ... feel a sudden chill How do you do?

Mando Diao - Train on fire lyrics

emperor, tell him his dirty army is defeated Tell him I'm ... the last of soldiers that stands today And tell him, he ... don't have to fear me, but I hold his wife and

4lyn - Train 2.0 lyrics

quot;Sometimes it seems that straight forward is the ... I know" They're so familiar, they're so well known ... These railroad tracks will bring me back home

Agathocles - Train (poem) / the tree lyrics

seen through the eyes of an agarchrist So cold So blind So ... naieve The truth beyond, will ... not be found Deceiving masks, that's what's all around ... So cold So blind Like a train, leading to nowhere

Madilyn Bailey - Train - drive by - cover by madilyn bailey an.. lyrics

the other side of a street I knew Stood a girl ... that looked like you I guess that's deja vu But I thought ... this can't be true Cause you moved to west L.A or

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - From sarah with love lyrics

so many years we were friends And yes I always knew what we could do ... But so many tears in the rain Felt the night you said ... That love had come to you I thought you

First Arsch - Train lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Annie Lennox - Train in vain lyrics

say you stand by your man Tell me something I don't ... understand You said you loved me and that's a fact And then you left me said ... you felt trapped Well, some things you can explain away But the heartache's with me till this day

Lisa Loeb - Train songs lyrics

t you wait for me on the platform where the plaid coats wait? Won't you wait for me on ... the platform where the plaid coats wait? 'cause I've ... been with you, and in your state, You're just a pliable,

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