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Blutengel - Down on my knees lyrics

by the water and up in the sky I´m searching for you and I wait for a sign Down by the water and up in the sky You´re searching for me and you wait for a sign I feel your presence but still I can´t see Beyond the depth of the night You´re waiting for me You feel my presence

For All We Know - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. Today I'll play their game and settle the score in many ways This overpriced champagne will fool them easily I'll raise my glass for all to see. Tell me when yo

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. Today I'll play their game and settle the score in many ways This overpriced champagne will fool them easily I'll raise my glass for all to see. Tell me when you'

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees on prs lyrics

- Instrumental Song from For All We Know

Kiss - Down on your knees lyrics

ooh yeah Are you ready to rock, I'm talking about satisfaction So let's cut the talk, yeah, and get on with the action Better make up your mind, girl, 'cause its now or never It's getting down to the night, yeah, and I ain't waiting forever She's alri

Navarone - On my knees lyrics

on my knees Panic bleeds beneath my nails They kicked me over, kept me down, nailed to the ground Please don't make me beat my needs And kick you over, keep you down, nailed to the ground Teardrop, won't stop, needles in my brain Backstab, mind trap, it will be in vain

Holy Moses - Down on your knees lyrics

.. Down on your knees The beats of blood and death will crush your empty mind I am full of hate but I can f***in' see When you try to kill me taste the feel of who you like to be Lay the F*** back down See your fate Try to rush me out running ou

Heavens Gate - On my knees lyrics

at night I’m surfing ‘round the world Restless I can get no sleep Looking for the one to catch my fall Blade of love is cutting deep Feel the touch that started on the screen All the world was taking part All my love to one I’ve never seen Sta

Slaughter - On my own lyrics

not to remember, but the memories lead right back to you. Right back to you it's hard to face the reality when you know there's nothing left to do Many roads I've travelled, still I'm alone, wishing I could share this moment with you Still I can't deny that I want you back, yo

Invocator - On my knees lyrics

I'm twisting and turning wash off all my sins Contortion Forgive me, though I bear the cross on my wings I loved and lied to be forgiven Threw away the chance of being released by you A fatal step - the words of desperation So please forgive me, I'm

Rumer - On my way home lyrics

of sorrow, I must've followed you here Stood at the gates of Heaven, I watched you disappear Now I hear you say "It's time to walk away" But how can I when I don't know my way home from here? Out of nowhere, I'm on the side of the road I mus

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Going down on love lyrics

to get down, down on my knees Got to get down, down on my knees Going down on love Going down on love Going down, going down, going down When the real thing goes wrong And you can't get it on And your love she has gone And you got to carry on And you shoot

Newsboys - On your knees lyrics

she's been thinking what her daddy said How when you're winning, you got more friends But are they your friends if you fall they're gone? Something about those kind of people seems wrong Who's gonna be there when the phone call knocks her down? All o

Necro - Get on your knees lyrics

quot;Baby, Baby I'll get down on my knees for you, if you...." (repeat 5X) [Necro] Motherf***er you know the deal, How I rep up on this porn shit So yo! Suck it I lounge gettin blown by PJ sparks at key west I need breast like Sahara needs a HIV test

Sara Haze - My own hands to hold lyrics

was alone sitting on the steps outside your door You weren't home and I've been through this too many times before And we go on and on, round and round It's like we can't break free You're bringing me down Now you got me on my knees The firs

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Knees lyrics

in a parked car We don't even fight no more We don't even touch no more Used to be my best friend We don't even laugh no more Barely even talk no more You wanna hold my hand and then you won't You say you love me then you don't You keep me running an

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Bringing me down to my knees lyrics

thinking about you Without even trying, I've done it There's something about you I can't put my finger on it Monday was fine and I was on a high I'm begging you please to ease, allow your feelings to show, oh oh You're bringing me down to my kneesw cos I love you so If your love

Meat Puppets - Down lyrics

swinging open from the yard Sterno-boy is carrying a sword Chasing cats 'n' rabbits in the bushes and the garbage bins Chasing cats and rabbits in the yard Down, don't make me down Don't let me be here down on my knees You're a waterfall of colo

Kari Jobe - Find you on my knees lyrics

chasing me again, Breaking down my best defence, I'm looking, God, I'm looking for you Weary just won't let me rest and fear is filling up my head. I'm longing, God I'm longing for you But I will find you in the place I'm in, find you when I'm at my end,

Got7 - Beggin on my knees lyrics

2 3 let’s go maebeon mal hanmadie honi nagaji da gyesandoendeutan neoui nunbit sonjit hangsang wanbyeokandeutan neoui taiming Got me beggin on my knees, be be beggin on my knees jogeumssik dagagaryeogo hal ttaemada dwitgeoreumjireul chyeo ttak daeul deut mankeum ma

Shakespeare's Sister - My 16th apology lyrics

were going pretty well 'till I died On that summer afternoon When you broke down before my eyes Well I got a streak of meaness A clumsy way of speaking And I don't know where I get it from It must run in my family Do I have to go down on my knees? This is m

Heritage Singers - I bowed on my knees and cried holy lyrics

dreamed of a city called Glory It was so bright and so fair As I entered that gate, I cried holy All the angels met me there And They carried me from mansion to mansion And all The sights I saw I said I want to see Jesus He's the One who died for all I bowed on my

Mandisa - My deliverer lyrics

My Deliverer I was so helpless Where did the light go I had no hope left Deep down in my soul I was watchin' I was waitin' I was prayin' I was s...

Saint Deamon - My sorrow lyrics

my heart, there is an empty space you left me standing here There used to be a meaning in my life All alone I'm down on my knees and pray My soul is torn apart and all the love has gone away It's so hard for me to believe in someone even if I try

All Time Low - Get down on your knees and tell me you love m.. lyrics

ve been played a fool four, three, too many times and When did lust for you become an organized crime? I try to keep you honest, babe. But I was just a pawn You played the part so well, it hurts to know you're gone Did you mean it? Could you feel it when you brok

The Hellacopters - Down on freestreet lyrics

on freestreet buried six feet down in a one horse - carefully locked door town where no one ever comes around there ain't nothing there to be found an eye for an eye pound for pound blown up yet minimal built up by criminal hands to the republic - it's sick for

L.a. Guns - Down in the city lyrics

shoots a gun, a girl looks for fun Runnin' wild in the Hollywood streets Shakedown, all around, lay your dirty money down Can't always get what you need Midnight, cool, right, die in the moonlight Cure for the social disease Sex fiends, acid queen

Babylon A.d. - Down the river of no return lyrics

with me and light my days Let my faith be strong Wash my sins and break these chains Carry me on your cross I feel the fire burning up in me I drift away, yeah, oh, yeah Take my dreams beyond the stars To crystal clear blue skies Calm the waters of

Blind Melon - Down on the pharmacy lyrics

re fooling no one but yourself You finally made it to your own hell It took the bottom to shake your will You forgot to love and forgot to feel They locked you up, you're scratching the ceiling You're down on your knees, you're praying for something You're looking real high, (li

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - On bended knee human rhythm mix lyrics

I can't explain Where did we lose our way Girl it's drivin' me insane And I know I just need one more chance To prove my love to you If you come back to me I'll gurantee That I'll never let you go Chorus: Can we go back to the days when our love was strong C

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - On bended knee lyrics

I.... Darlin' I, I can't explain Where did we lose our way Girl it's drivin' me insane And I know I just need one more chance To prove my love to you If you come back to me I'll guarantee That I'll never let you go CHORUS: Can we go back to the days our love was stro

George Jones - My cup runneth over lyrics

days ago (dark days ago) I walked all alone (walked all alone) I thought for my sins I could never atone But then I was loved when I heard a voice say Look and I'll turn all your darkness to day Then I knelt down to pray (knelt down to pray.) Now my cup runneth ov

Evig Natt - My sin lyrics

would whisper tales of better days No one but us could hear Gone with the winter breeze, swept away Frozen tears with dear for you Lay me down now leave me here to fade No one but you can hear Touch the ghost of an ardent lover Child of the cold blood heart

Saint Deamon - My judas lyrics

inside me is holding on To what I believe in so you can't take my pride You might be the winner of this fight But time will tell that I'm right My Judas You're dragging me down with you I'm trapped in a nightmare that I can't wake up from You've taking my breath away I

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Leanin on my dream lyrics

was walkin to the corner drug store and what should I happen to see there were picket lines and the people were a shoutin' "Down with democracy" as I strolled on by someone grabbed my arm and said "buddy where do you stand"? I s

Besatt - My religion lyrics

the south SATAN on the throne, surrounded the fire from everywhere In the east LUCIFER proud, his power is the air In the north great BELIAL, will rule over the world In the west LEVIATAN, displaces a water abysses I am standing alone like a exile, condemn but proud I am n

Ablaze My Sorrow - My last journey lyrics

noticing the pouring rain I sliced my wrist with my knife I couldn't ignore the endless pain The last thing in my dreary life "Dark clouds filled the open sky My heart was filled with hate I bent down on my knees and cried Is this really my fate?&a

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - On my way to you lyrics

there, almost where I'm supposed to be It's not all clear, but you keep showing me With every step, the more my heart moves to your beat Just like where I'm headed, there's joy in the journey [CHORUS:] Teach me to think like you think Show me the things, that are true Fi

Enuff Z' Nuff - On my way back home lyrics

no I've done it again, I went wandering off And I made a new friend. My friend is bringing me down, On my hands, on my knees, See me crawling around. I never mean too, But I just seem to, Please put me in my place! On my way back home, Where I know it's stable. On my w

Robert Pettersson - My own worst enemy feat. helena josefsson lyrics

to my guns And I watch the darkness fill the void Am I starting to become What I was sent here to destroy In the mirror I see you staring back at me Each time the hatered grows I forget which side I'm on Is it simply my own shadow I've been chasing all along

Jonny Lang - On my feet again lyrics

Heart is heavy Soul is thirsty Body's achin I am desperately in need of restoration I am ready for you to take me higher The only thing that I can do is keep on praying O...

Fearless Vampire Killers - Bite down on my winchester (there's a reckoni.. lyrics

was a boy I can recall Fresh faced and sweet of soul Never wanted anymore than to love and be loved Until they beat him down and crushed His spirits ground to dust And they chased that boy away for good Now I want my life Want my pride and joy reclai

Neurosis - Life on your knees lyrics

died nailed to a cross (life on your knees, get down on your knees) now he's an icon to the spineless mass (life on your knees, enforced reality) bring your mind forth and submit (life on your knees, stay down on your knees) just let him take you away (life on your knees, assume con

Take That lyricsTake That - Fall down at your feet (google play limited e.. lyrics

given all that I can give It’s only all I wanted Holding you it’s easier to breathe The more I lose, the less it hurts The hurt is saving me I’m on my knees Oh please I… I wanna fall down at your feet Why… why do you bring me to my knees I… I wan

The Runaways - My buddy and me lyrics

buddy and me don't want to be like the rest so don't make us My buddy and me we're so crazy no one can take us We take everything we do in stride We won't conform society don't take our side My buddy and me don't care what you think you can shove it My buddy and me ha

3 Years Hollow - Down lyrics

spent some time just looking away And I thought it might have been a better day But I’m watching you I’m missing you And all this time keeps passing away And another day slowly fades away I’m watching you I’m missing you You tell me you’re fin

John Cougar Mellencamp - Down and out in paradise lyrics

Mr. President I live in the suburbs It's a long way from Washington , D.C. Had me a job Workin' for wages Till the company moved out And they forgot about me Can't draw unemployment For some unknown reason My kids are hungry I've got four mouths to feed I g

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Mercy on me lyrics

have mercy on my soul For I have walked the sinful road That I'm down on my knees Lord have mercy on me, please Ohh yeah Jesus, I must confess That in all my loneliness I've forsaken and I've sinned Leaving fragments of a man so broken I could tell you what I've do

Gotthard - Get down lyrics

is it right to fantasize I said lady, i can't get this out of my mind yes i'm smoking i'm burning i'm twisting i'm turning got to give a lot of love woman i'm learning baby, you let me run all night and i can't stand it no more I get down, i get

Riot ( Usa ) - On your knees lyrics

slave to indulgence, a slave who obstains A slave to your pleasure, a slave to your pain A slave to a business, a mistress, a wife Slave to the bottle the needle or knife An accident of birth or a spin of the wheel Select your next master and feel how it feels On your knee

Korn - Move on lyrics

out of place Something must be wrong Emotions in my space Tight grip holding on I cant control the events around me I can't console the stress inside me And once I turn off my brain I realize I am alive I want you to see I'm trying to please Everyo

Pain - On your knees (again) lyrics

m going for a ride And I hope I'll never ever get back here again Numbing my body with drugs and lies Try to find a place where I can finally die Walk with me on the other side and I show what life is all about The rush I get from death It's all that eggs

Ill Angelic - My farewell lyrics

my knees as I bleed I scream Take my life before it kills me Every night I get one breath closer to my farewell I need a Savior... The sun goes down again tonight To end another day, another fight To keep my head above this never-ending storm As I'm sinking

Bourbon Crow - Lord put my girl lyrics

ve spent twenty-plus years with my sweet dear, and I can go on another day If the bottle don't kill me, I know she will and I aint goin out that way Oh lord cant you hear me calling? Take away my sweet darling And I'm down on my knees to pray Wont you put my

Pulp - Can i have my balls back, please? lyrics

the bottom of the stairway I turned round as I was ready to leave and said "Oh can I have my balls back, please?" Well they might not mean that much to you. But they sure as hell mean so much to me. So can I have my balls back, please? Oh can I have

S3rl - Be my game boy lyrics

keep buying me things, To try and win my heart. But it's not smart. That's no way to my heart, But there's another way. And so I say Don't need fancy things. That's not how you're ever winning me. Just be game boy, I'll be your game girl. Be my game boy yo-o-o-o. Game boy.

Lord Of The Lost - Sex on legs lyrics

on Baby Let me see you heat Come on spread the fire Force me down on my knees Walk on Baby Let me see your heat Come on spread the fire Entrap the devil into the fire I wanna see flow out in flames It's going down to wire I'm trap

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - On your feet or on your knees lyrics

was looking at the t.v. news People everywhere blowing a fuse People everywhere under the gun Little kids dying never had no fun Human beings ain't got no brains Think you're better but you're all the same Think you're clever but you're all to blame Here we are again in the

Aldo Nova - You're my love lyrics

where you goin' to? I can see by your eyes You've had enough of my lies What you gonna do? But wait! Please, don't go that way I'm down on my knees Can I beg you please? One more time to stay, stay No! Never go away Your eyes I'd see everywh

The Boomtown Rats - My happy angel lyrics

the birdies swimming in the sea All the fishies hanging in the trees All the people down on their knees Rise up as one and sing And in the middle of my troubled sleep My hippy angel came to me Saying chill out, be cool, stay free I said I'm not sure what you mean And she said

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