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Clutch - The great outdoors! lyrics

All You Lasses In Parnassus Swallowing Swords, Shooting Out Fire At Us Heathen Hordes, I Was Thinking Something Before I Began, But Then You Done Cut Off Both Of My Hands. Now I Do My Drinking From Bamboo Straws, Constantly Kicking At Tarantulas. What Was I Think

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The great outdoors! lyrics

text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text

Arch Enemy - The great darkness lyrics

greater darkness, my mind’s possessed Disillusioned, numb emptiness (No hope) I feel a paralyzing fear (No salvation) Faking control Their coldness hurt me beyond belief DOMINUS BEO SPIRITUS Will I burn? Will I be free? The great dark

Pharaoh - Forever free lyrics

pain in my head, this anger in my heart It is for you, my friend The tears ever flow a river of disdain So unfailingly flowing to the end Oh - Beyond the other side of sanity A thousand dreams away Oh - close your eyes and everything you see Will come to be r

3 Inches Of Blood - The great hall of feasting lyrics

the day breaks and the battle hour approaches Many cries will echo through the hills Be not afraid your sacrifice is not in vain The God's reward for dying with your sword in hand Roaring fires, strumming lyrics Clean the blood stain from you Blade before coming in Enter the ma

Iamx - The great shipwreck of life lyrics

can make you understand, We can make you understand, Play with me, You can make the love and I'll make the money, Stay with me, Shut out the world, live underneath the city. Release cold gender bombs, On chromonial closets, middle England. Stay

Slough Feg - The great ice wars lyrics

have warned the villagers in the silent smokes they breathe Shadows of their nemesis abounding in the trees Eyes enslaved and treacherous, Forgotten and forlorn South winds bind and blow us through The ravaged steppes they've torn Northern tribes have lost their

Pantera - The great southern trendkill lyrics

s wearing on my mind, I'm speaking all my doubts aloud You rob a dead mans grave, Then flaunt it like you did create If I hit bottom and everythings gone In the great Mississippi, please drown me and run It's digging time again, You're nurturing the weakest tre

Charlie Winston - The great conversation lyrics

Abend, Herr Beethoven With these words I’ve interwoven inspiration from Moonlight Since you parted much has changed but your melodies remain Like flamingos in full flight Please forgive me and be assured I’m only using all your chords To illustrate th

Crescent Shield - The great devoid lyrics

masses are following something that they can not see...but believe Such faith is respected for I also once did believe...but no more Scream you'll hear no answers Incantations give no cause Pray to only nothing No one will hear your asking thoughts You futilely share For

Pierce The Veil - Tangled in the great escape (feat. jason butl.. lyrics

t you say you had a part of it I guess we'll never know Oh would you say that had a part of it Well I guess we'll never know Constant recovery I see you choke and it takes my breath away When all is good, we close our eyes They all accept the lie S

Demonical - The great praise lyrics

of a monumental collapse Going down The touch of a smothering spirit touches no one no more Existence The path of the wretched exposed The final high A sparking dance towards the downfall Incomplete creations Man-made gods and laws All going

Killswitch Engage - The great deceit lyrics

the outcry, raise the signal of distress. We are compromised They have silenced our dissent. A dull complacency covers humanity This systematic hate of deceit How many more will die before we realize the truth has been disguised? Violence increased no justice

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The great white ocean lyrics

with me my mama when I dive in the ocean of death I will cry if I am not with my family You could be my friend eternally Swim with me my sister when I dive in the great white ocean We must try, try to find a way that we can see See each others faces in the sea Swim with

Holding Onto Hope - Your path was in the great waters lyrics

the waters saw you oh God. The depths trembled. The clouds poured out water. The skies sent out a sound. Arrows flashed abroad. The voice of your thunder was in the whirlwind. Lightning lit up the world. The earth trembled and shook. Your way wa

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The great below lyrics

at the sea Will she come? Is there hope for me After all is said and done Anything at any price All of this for you All the spoils of a wasted life All of this for you All the world has closed her eyes Tired faith all worn and thin For all we cou

Clutch - Walking in the great shining path of monster .. lyrics

I Crashed A Cadillac Through The Gates Of Hell And Returned With A Fist Full Of Dollars And Evel Knievel, Like Virgil Was A Gentleman As Well As A Scholar I Fly Like A Retro-Glide Buckshot And You Know I Hang Like A Hex On A Barn Grind The Guardrail Like A Na

Mighty Oaks - The great northwest lyrics

my love you found me at the right time My heart was lost to you at the first sight On the seaside Oh we found our way In the great northwest Yeah we lost our sun in the rain And it’s a long hard road that we must travel now Oh it winds I know that we shall one day move as one

Astral Doors - In the name of rock lyrics

saw the writings on the wall right before my eyes Came out as soon I heard the call; reached for the sky Walked down the lane of make believe in the pouring rain I'm too clever, forever I will rule this kingdom of pain Just a boy with the fist held high Long hair, mam

Pretty Maids - In the minds of the young lyrics

tell me how to ease the pain As I head down the road That leads to no where And tell me how to breathe again How to save my soul Won't you show me Everytime these dark clouds appear before me I believe it's the end of the line Everytime these bitter tears

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

through the ashes to fight for the legions of hell Blinded by madness in fire and death I dwell Need to heal. My religion is blood and I need it to live Need the steel. It's the key to the Gods and I need it to lead Never kneel. I'm the only king you'll need IN THE

Petra - In the likeness of you lyrics

the likeness of You Recreated, renewed Let me awake forever In the likeness In the likeness of You Now I lay me down to sleep My heart and soul are Yours to keep I close my eyes and try to see More of You and less of me Jesus, I'm trusting in You So while I'm

Seven Kingdoms - The king in the north lyrics

eldest son of the Starks Rides now to a wedding day Against the tugging of his heart To fulfill the oath he had betrayed For the North For this war For his quest To bring his family For all the men who have died And all now at his side He'll brave

Elderoth - In the rain lyrics

with the darkfall in the sky and the clouds of night are coming and then, I'll go into the dark and try to lengthen this feeling only way to feel a relief is to continue my blind belief and live this feeling I'll destroy all my own self esteem It is just so u

Bette Midler - In the mood lyrics

with my boy, Sid right here in the city. Don't you know that is was grand? Really grand, so grand. And then you came along, then you came along, boy. And sang your groovy song, sang a song and I asked: Mr. Whatchacallem, whatcha doing tonight?

S. J. Tucker - In the name of the dance lyrics

don't have to speak: you can do it in the dance You don't have to hide: you are safe within the dance All of us are free in the heart of the dance So mote it be, in the name of the dance! The circle is here; it lives in each of us in perfect love and perfect trust. Th

Scott Stapp - The great divide lyrics

have run to the ocean Through the Horizon Chased the sun I've waited for the light to come, And at times I would give up You have Wrapped your loving arms 'round me, And with your love I'll overcome. You have Loved me when I was weak, You have Giv

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - The great forever lyrics

too pleased with what you're diggin' I'm just busy livin' my life Sources say but where ya gettin' it Don't create the truth you like It might sound strange to you What you think it don't mean nothing at all Doesn't change who I am Doesn't change who I love Living my life T

Dala - The great escape lyrics

this was a paperback I’d skip the boring chapters, but life doesn’t work like that and this is the morning after. Will I, love you forever? Will I, no matter the weather? I, I’m not a pretender Because no true love lies. I don’t need to make a wish

Breaking Benjamin - The great divide lyrics

me all through the night I am the last light fading Leave all the lost souls behind Show me the silence breaking And when you're lost and out of time I will be right here waiting And when your dreams return to life I'll be forever fading And we'l

Janick Thibault - The great escape (boys like girls) lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget yesterday Well make the great esc

Amasic - The great escape - boys like girls lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget yesterday Well make the great escape We wont hear a word they say

Boys Like Girls - The great escape lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget yesterday Well make the great escape We wont hear a wor

Blood Stain Child - Forever free lyrics

far away No one else knows my place Feel my dream Feel my boundless mind I lost many memories I need not be restricted Wake up now Wake up the time is right Where is merry place Stained with blood Forever free... Yeah Forever floating in li

Nocturnal Graves - The great adversary lyrics

hammer of justice will come crushing down At the dawn of iron blades False prophets fear your mighty nemesis It is I, Satan, the Dragon I Look within into the endless Abyss Seeking the keys to the Gates To open them is to ascend as a God of the world The w

Majestic Vanguard - One journey + the great eternity lyrics

... + A wind of denial comes over the sea It’s falling down under the rainbow protected by memories The valleys behind you a truth to deceive Find your way The angels are calling a journey of great believes So there’s time to be home again Is this

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Forever free lyrics

try to give me answers To questions I´ve never asked I'll have no part in their conspiracy I guess I am the kind of Guy that will never stray The thing I need is privacy Some guiding, depriving Misleading and combining They're watching our every move They c

Skyclad - The great brain robbery lyrics

do you still refuse to see, this vast global conspiracy, that's infiltrating lives and homes? (A race replaced by servile drones). Chips are down and stakes are high, milk-shake minds are sucked bone dry. If their fiendish schemes should fail, they'll smoke us all - but won't

Allen-lande - The great divide lyrics

I feel alone The days turn to nights, so cold Sometimes I cry your name Tonight again The flame The great divide My heart is breaking in two The great divide Before the fall Yeah, the great divide Apart, I shrivel, I shake The great divide When li

Celtibeerian - The great feast lyrics

Hey! Hey! The feast needs our biggest table All the drink that we are able Lots of people, lads to hire And hunted meat by the bonfire Wanna drink beer? Wanna eat meat? What a great feast! Wanna drink some wine? That will sure be fine! Let's keep on this line! St

Impending Doom - The great fear lyrics

devil is alive, cause I can feel him breathing Over the horizon comes hell and my arms wide open As I embrace the apocalypse This is what you came to know as fear He’s here… This is The Great Fear! (Chorus) I don’t care who you are You're afraid of death, you're terrif

Saxon - Forever free lyrics

me where the eagles fly Let me drive along the open road Break away the chains that bind you Now you're free to make it your own Feel the engines burning hot Pounding out the sound A free man proud Forever free, riding with the wind in your hair (*) Forever free

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Forever free lyrics

today, then fade away Another pray, wish you could stay Searchin' for answers, in our minds Looking for solutions, many different times See the light, still far away Paradise? It's hard to say Forever free Lost and gone Rise beyond the rainbow Forever free Don't be afraid

Emerald - Forever free lyrics

time for a change Let my dream come true If we don’t take it now It will be too late Starting the engine Gasoline is in the air The wheels starts burning Far away thunder is rising Chorus So take my hand and we ride into the sunset Our hearts

Peter, Paul And Mary - The great mandella (the wheel of life) lyrics

I told him that he'd better shut his mouth And do his job like a man. And he answered: ''Listen, Father, I will never kill another.'' He thinks he's better than his brother that died What the hell does he think he's doing To his father who brought him up

Bal-sagoth - The dreamer in the catacombs of ur lyrics

Doctor Ignatius Stone:] It was like some dark, dark dream. We had not heeded the warnings of the ancients, and now we would pay the price... here, within the catacombs of Ur. Lost within the lightless catacombs of Ur... Entombed within the ziggurats

Billy Joel - The great wall of china lyrics

is cheap you can take it from me It's yours to keep cause opinions are free Nobody knows about the trouble I've seen Nobody's perfect, mister, nobody's clean It costs too much and takes too long to find out too late Some words are not heard 'til after they're spoken Y

Forgive Durden - The great affair is to move lyrics

m a new drug whose trafficked Through far and distant lands. I'll pump through these Twisted blood streams To every corner of your body. Despite all maps and borders, And all wars and globes, I've been led to uncharted lands. Forget your compass and scars, This world

Peter, Paul And Mary - The great mandala lyrics

i told him that he'd better shut his mouth And do his job like a man. And he answered "listen, father, I will never kill another." He thinks he's better Than his brother that died What the hell does he think he's doing To his fa

Reinxeed - Great hall of reinxeed lyrics

many years we lived in peace the kingdom of Reindhill and Heelh we were unite but soon it all would end We held the key to a better world the sun and the moon were united in one force everyone were free Tears of an angel they're crying then I kn

Chapman Curtis Steve - The great adventure lyrics

up your horses Started out this morning In the usual way Chasing thoughts inside my head Of all I had to do today Another time around the circle Try to make it better than the last I opened up the Bible And I read about me Said, I'd been a prisoner A

Eden's Curse - Great unknown lyrics

the smoke clears Tell me where are you now/ Was it worth the tears? Being holier than thou What you want from this life, make it Running from the past, can't face it Truth is the one thing you fear Tell me where you've been now lately Ever stop and think just maybe Giv

Saxon - The great white buffalo lyrics

horses running free Bareback warriors ride again Hear the voices from the spirit world Crying out for the indian nation From the sacred buriel mounds To the happy hunting grounds Like the moon across the sky Hear the ancient battle cry Give

Anata - The great juggler lyrics

to be admired But in the eyes of others, another clown Spending and spoiling his energy Forever lost in reverie Joined the circus at seventeen For many years, lived his dream But on the outside where time passes by The circus performer is still a child « look at me

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The great escape lyrics

Yeah, Let's Go SEOHYUN: Moteru dake ryoute ni, tsukami totte go away SUNNY: nigedasu no yo sugu ni, te okure ni naru mae ni JESSICA: We gotta escape, we got to escape, yeah TIFFANY: From every subete, reigai nashide JESSICA: We gotta forsake, we

Myriads - The day of wrath lyrics

shadows we fall into the great beyond Lost in the veil of time, souls to become darkness in light Floating in a whirl of tears, dark wounds of evil betrayal Dolo malo Sinking rapidly into eternity Callous hostility Driven to insanity We see th

Noctura - Forever lullaby lyrics

the night I have heard your voice A thousand times Calling out so far away Unlock me Unlock me Heal my abiding soul Take me and appease the aching envy Forevermore I can feel winds have taken All the promises you gave me Things you never meant to le

Omnium Gatherum - The great liberation lyrics

to one Understanding Two to be come Its never ending A PART OF THE SEEING Is within forever AND NEVER Bits of us are falling like fecies AND THEY ARE A PART OF THE FEAST Can one be ever with forever So believe in darkness The one embrace of the night

Artillery - The great lyrics

Into Satans armpit I will crawl to seek my vengeance The ressurection of his evil world The sailor lost at sea, look for the sun and moon to guide me I am that sailor I am his vengeance The great the great will always be Great the great will a

Beyond Creation - The great revelation lyrics

expansion, lead by repulsion and obsession Where the almighty comprehension is hidden by abstraction, secrecy and illusion Trading life and existence, we're born and die running trough time Hypnotized by synthetic realms, desires and addictions They told us we are a free

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