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Alison Moyet - For you only lyrics

night I reach to touch your hair Withdraw an empty ... hand for you're no longer there. In ... me Ijust feel that way - for you only. I turn my hand to ... my head But I could not forget the parting words we

Sarah Engels - Only for you lyrics

for You Only for You Only for You Only for You All for ... one and one for all I will hold you if you ... this love will grow Do what you want, be what you be I know

Ally Hills - For you lyrics

far away But I try and make you stay, oh I would, I would ... eyes always shine so bright Your heart, I'd hold on tight, oh ... So, just give me time You could make me change my mind

Alice Cooper - For britain only lyrics

Black widow Bitten For Britain only Only for ... Britain, yeah For Britain only Only for Britain Jumped on ... the concord Ain't much for sittin' I told my boys, now

Maxwell - For lovers only lyrics

ain't for the ones That just love for ... just hold the gun This is for Those that bleed That want ... but have no need This ain't for the war this is only For

Dbsk - You only love lyrics

dan hana-ui na-ui sarangiyeo You only love seolmyeonghal suga ... maldo deureul sun eomnayo You only love(my only love) I can ... eojimi geudae seontaegingayo You only love na-ui jeonbu

Anita Meyer - For your eyes only lyrics

your eyes only, can see me through the night ... For your eyes only, I never need to hide You can ... never felt until I looked at you For your eyes only, only for

Soft Cell - You only live twice lyrics

or so it seems One life for yourself And one for your dreams ... You drift through the years And ... is a stranger who'll beckon you on Don't think of the danger

Etienne Sin - You only live once (suicide silence cover) lyrics

your care, push your burdens aside Erase ... and leave just one thing on your mind. You only live once ... life hard Live life hard You only get one shot So shoot!

Alabama - You only paint the picture once lyrics

sight Moments caught forever By the master's touch A ... lasting reminder to us You only paint the picture once You only get one chance Take the time

Disciple - Only you lyrics

will live and for You only You were the only one that I ... could turn to You were the only one that could ever calm my ... That separated me from what You knew I could be Only You

From Ashes To New - You only die once lyrics

would you live for what would you lie for What would you kill for what would you die for ... Name something in life You might think twice to die for

Mcrae Tom - You only disappear lyrics

and dollar bills And you wake up to a fall of snow Your telephone your radio Baby ... I'll call up a storm Keep you safe from harm But you only you only disappear You only you only disappear I can live with

Pain - You only live twice lyrics

life and a broken heart You need to break away from the ... fears And set the rules in your own lonely game Than you only live twice, you only live ... twice Shake your money maker It's time to

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - I do it for you lyrics

words aren't easy to find You know you can depend on me I ... ll be anything you want me to be Anything you ... choose You know I couldn't refuse I ... woman But I 'd do anything you say We don't have to scream

Nancy Sinatra - You only live twice lyrics

or so it seems, One life for yourself and one for your dreams. ... You drift through the years and ... is a stranger who'll beckon you on, Don't think of the

Brenda Lee - You only broke my heart lyrics

ve had a million rehearsals for the moment I see you in ... Since we've been apart You think I'm lonely But you only broke my heart. If they'd ... I'd probably win an Oscar For the most convincing part You

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - You only tell me you love me when you're drun.. lyrics

a performance tonight Should I react ... off the light Looks like you're picking a fight In a ... of wrong and right But how your mood chances You're a devil

Serena Ryder - For you lyrics

day Is just for you The sun, it shines Just for ... it one more night Without you Heaven only knows how much ... I love you Heaven only knows how much I care And

Baccara - For you lyrics

you, for only you I’d like to do so much I’d ... And then surrender to me for you With you, with only you You know it’s true I won’t ... survive without you. When I’m on my own some I

Art Garfunkel - Only have eyes for you lyrics

love. I can't see anyone but you. Are the stars out tonight ... if it's cloudy or bright. I only have eyes for you, dear. ... a thing in the sky. 'Cause I only have eyes for you. I don't

Dispatched - You only know life lyrics

All we know is life And after that, who can tell Thinking about the darkside, wondering how it is To leave the body, to find the unknown Is there another place, or is it...

Lana Lane - You only live twice lyrics

Or so it seems One life for yourself And one for your ... dreams You drift through the years And ... is a stranger Who'll beckon you on Don't think of the

Northstar - For members only lyrics

are the things I can take… You move me like I’ve got new ... My stereo has blown away So for now your voice can stay… But ... the things I will take… You move me like I’ve got new

Sanyland - Only for you / mamám a tatám lyrics

in your eyes Bringing me home to ... I’ve lost my faith, but you are strong You gave me love ... I start to smile Because you’ve showed me how Never be

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - You only live twice lyrics

or so it seems One life for yourself and one for the rest ... And you, you drift through the years And ... is a stranger who'll beckon you on Don't think of the danger

Margaux Avril - You only live once (the strokes cover) lyrics

nine different attributes Only seven that you like Twenty ... the sunshine I'll be waiting for you, baby Cause I'm through ... down And I'll get along with you Oh men don't notice what

Danger Silent - For you to decide lyrics

can't give you my life, But I can give you ... I'll be here waiting for you... I'll leave up to you ... Shining through the lies. If only they would just lay down,

David Ryan Harris - For you lyrics

before the sun is up I'm out the ... By the time I finally reach your garden's gate I have ... nineteen steps till I'm at your door And oh what a Thrill ... To finally be with you And when I see your face I

Evelyn Evelyn - You only want me cause you want my sister lyrics

house at half past seven, In your '69 Impala, shook hands with ... drug store by the drive-in, For some Trojans and a six-pack, ... Still your eyes kept wandering back to

Segment - For you lyrics

that I can't spend with you, I'm in vain Oh my dear babe ... Don't you know how much I am alone and ... m sad I feel so bad 'Cause you're not here And not playing

Amasic - For you & me lyrics

the light? He's just working for, living for, dying for you ... & me. Am I the only who sees?... Living the ... everyday, Giving his life for you & me. This is not

Ebony Ark - For you lyrics

can only say goodbye In my dreams ... when you appear I've lost my best ... guardian has gone Feeling you so close tonight I only wish ... lies where Sun shines just for you where the Moon now

Killswitch Engage - For you lyrics

finest parts of me, are only shades of you. To put aside ... turning back This heart is yours I sacrifice for you (FOR YOU 2x) This is immortal ... The finest parts of me are only shades of you. With each

Rae Morris - For you lyrics

way And when I'm brought forth, stranded, I'm brokem, I am ... a choice, a second class one You're the living proof of phase ... And when your swollen heart, teased,

Marion Raven - For you ill die lyrics

said I'm yours to keep With your voice so deep You were just ... talking in your sleep I'll do what you'll ... crave My life for you I'll waive All I get is a

Thomas Anders - For you (feat. sound chateau) lyrics

.. Everything I want, you're number one, You're there ... then I want to run, I want you all the time. And every- ... I don't want living beyond You know, you're holding to me.

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - All for you lyrics

I fell asleep, and I saw you dancing in my dreams, Just ... way the Autumn leaves fall for you. All for you. You ... changed my life, you changed my ways. I don't

Little Brother - For you lyrics

1: Phonte] Once again what you're hearing now is Phonte's ... is I represent Real rhymes, you prone to remember me, I roam ... of the real shit Was lookin for niggas who could reck laws

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - You know what to do lyrics

I see you I just don't know what to ... say I like to be with you Every hour of the day So if ... you want me Just like I need you You know what to do I

In Mourning - For you to know lyrics

dreaming up this letter to you Your love lingers in the ... agony Scared of never seeing you again But I never knew you ... that way Have I told you about the magpie, my only

Dope Stars Inc. - Just the same for you lyrics

the way that will lead you To read me deep inside cause ... i love you. And now please come with me ... Wherever my love is written For you only you is right to know

Matt Cardle - For you lyrics

get torn apart I hope you know. That I'm so damn ... s the least that I can do For you. Blame gets thrown, ... around The truth's my only sound Before you go I

Forever Storm - For you lyrics

On this stage of pain Given only a chance to make the best ... That chance was all you need Always wandering what ... s best for us You fought for us And whole life spent

Insania ( Ger ) - For you lyrics

on stage and I'm searchin' for myself I'd lose control - ... and you, too I'm sorry - now and forever I'll take it if you want ... But deep inside, I'm lookin' for a home a place for you and

Candlebox - You lyrics

It's for you, Only you, It's for you, I'll never know, I'll ... believe my people, I'll tell you what I say, I'll never lie, ... ll never try, I'll never cry for you people, I'll push you,

Delora - For you prod. dzeko and torres & maestro harr.. lyrics

the ground Where to go where you see us? Today we've come ... died And I died And I died for you each time Each time ... [Ref.] Can't forget who you are to me If you hold me now

Greg Kihn Band - For you lyrics

shine vacancy To see her, you gotta look hard Wounded deep ... s all I ever wanted But, you let your four walls get in ... way of the facts Honey, get your carpetbaggers off of my back

Kenny Loggins - You don't know what i feel for you lyrics

is beatin' when I look in your eyes I got the feeling it's ... like far you and I When I touch your body ... know I'm totally addicted to you That's why I wrote this

Manfred Mann - For you lyrics

shine vacancy To see her you gotta look hard Wounded ... She's all I ever wanted You let your blue walls get in ... of these facts, honey Get your carpetbaggers off my back

Nazareth - You had it comin lyrics

givin’ you a hard time You got on the attack But some ... had a chance in hell Cos you were on their back The news ... spread like a holiday ‘Bout your “accident” No roses, no

Kurt Nilsen - For you lyrics

many times have I seen? You only get to keep the ones that you ... So if not, why bother. If you could pick and choose from ... wouldn't have worked because you'd be aiming too high You

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - For you lyrics

understand your every needs and how you feel ... about, the way, he left you. Take my hand, come go with ... me. And let me show you how much Icare about you.

Aya Hirano - For you lyrics

Usuku mihiraita hikari sasu sekai Itsumademo same nakereba to amaete mo Ashita wa yatte kuru kurikaeshite yuku Tomerare nai no ni *Hitotsu kazatte mata ushinatt...

Dbsk - For you it's goodbye, for me it's waiting - k.. lyrics

ginagin haruga gane nae maeum modu aneun geotcheoreom sigani ppalli jinagamyeon deo ichyeojilleunji neoui binjarireul ppaemyeon modeun geon jejarie inneunde gaseumi go...

Envio - For you lyrics

instrumental - trance...

The Fool - For you lyrics


Chava Alberstein - For you בשבילך lyrics

החיים האלה לא נתנו לי שקט עד שבאת והסתדר פתאום הכל והצלחתי להרגיש פתאום בנוח והבנתי רק איתך אני יכול לוותר על הרגלים כדי להיות יותר קרוב ליחידה שבליבי בשבילך אתן א...

Illy - For you (feat. phrase & n'fa) lyrics


The Peacocks - For you lyrics

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