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For You Ill Go That Extra Mile To See U Smile lyrics

Browse for For You Ill Go That Extra Mile To See U Smile song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed For You Ill Go That Extra Mile To See U Smile lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to For You Ill Go That Extra Mile To See U Smile.

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Nivea - You don't even know lyrics

dont hear me, even tho you say you really feel me babay ... in my mind I cant stop thinking that you don't know ... you got my head up in the sky Everyday that goes by wen I'm with chu every

Marion Raven - For you ill die lyrics

said I'm yours to keep With your voice so deep You were just ... talking in your sleep I'll do what you'll ... crave My life for you I'll waive All I get is a

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - You know it's for you lyrics

would die for you. I have cried for you ... ,believe me girl. Don't you think it's time you made up your own mind? All my love's for ... you. All I do's for you. Still I think it's time you made up

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - For you lyrics

would've been nice to see you coming That would've ruined ... the surprise It would've been nice to have a picture perfect world But then the ... truth would hurt my eyes It wouldve been good for you to be there And

Maria Haukaas - Extra mile lyrics

had some turns We’ve had some burns at ... times in our past Passion so strong can ... make it all go wrong easily Season changes ... and so do we But don’t you know I will go the extra mile

Jimi Jamison - That’s why i sing lyrics

listen with my eyes, I hold you in my heart So should you ... lose your way? I'll find you in the dark I read your ... every wish Your love has made me wise No

Blue System - It’s for you lyrics

for you - my baby Its for you - Ill give it all back to you ... Its for you - and maybe Its for you - I know that my heart is ... true Oh, with you - oh, with you Baby all my

Scooter lyricsScooter - See your smile lyrics

wanna see the rainbow high in the sky ... I wanna see you and me on a bird flying away ... Then I hope to see your smile every night and day Gotta gotta get down, right round to

Kirsty Hawkshaw - For you lyrics

is it when I wake up every day You words run into everything That I might say ... Every thought every smile Find it's way back to you ... Every step that I take Everything that I do

Matthew Perryman Jones - Looking for you again lyrics

breakdown was easy to see And it took you away, further from me Sifting through ... mishaps and photographs I think of you, much ... more than I should More than I should And

Montell Jordan - Why you wanna do that? lyrics

in the club, making it all wet Sitting ... on my lap, knowing we just met Ooh girl, why you ... wanna go and do that? (Do what?) Do that, why you ... wanna do that? Frontin' in the club,

Danger Silent - For you to decide lyrics

can't give you my life, But I can give you the truth. ... Get the lies out of my sight. I won't let go ... I'll be here waiting for you... I'll leave up to you

Bret Michaels - Go that far lyrics

.. Please let me introduce myself I wanna get you off ... there's no one else Hey won't you step inside my brain I'm your ... freak show baby I'm your crazy train Bridge: Sunset

Robyn - You've got that something lyrics

ve got that something you've got that something Look at me ... lovin' every day of my life to you All you see can be yours ... If you show me you want me just one little hint will do

All That Remains - For you lyrics

plane is boarding, got to cross the ocean all alone My ... heart is stone You need to figure out the things that ... plague you here at home I'll carry on ... nothing It's more than mistrusting It ends up just crushing me Stop with the

Dusty Springfield - That's the kind of love i've got for you lyrics

a mountain high to a valley low Stronger than ... the strongest and even more Running deep, as deep can go ... And can even turn your darkest clouds to falling

Mary J Blige - You're all i need-i'll be there for you lyrics

Mary J. Blige You're all, I need to get by, ... ahhhhh You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh (Background ... sample: Notorious B.I.G.) [Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope

Jon Anderson - For you lyrics

me that I would sing Soft as a song would ... bring All of a union together in my life Tell me I'm ... finally resting again Oh, for the perfect sound Jon, Jon, for my life As it's something that I must Explain this and all to you Haven't you guessed it

Passenger (swedish Metal Band) - For you lyrics

turn my back on you and as I try to, hurt for you I keep degrading you and at ... s a feeling of healing You are on your knees I feel so ... pleased How should I reply? When all you say

Evelyn Evelyn - You only want me cause you want my sister lyrics

pulled up at the house at half past seven, In your '69 Impala, shook hands with ... my father. And we stopped off at the drug store by ... the drive-in, For some Trojans and a six-pack,

Laura Pausini - The extra mile lyrics

eyes are watching in this our finest hour It's time to ... And who we really are I'm gonna freeze this space and time ... Rise to meet the call Seize the

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The extra mile lyrics

want to go where no one's gone before And my faith will ... Now I am here with all that is true So many times You ... with my strength and my pain You are my friend I'm ready to

Dragonland - To the end of the world lyrics

heavens are burning down tonight To the end of the world ... we have arrived But as constellations pass us by ... shall once more rise to die Evolution and insanity

Freddie Gibbs - 187 proof lyrics

grew up wishing my life would be like the Cosby's I go that extra mile to escape this ... ghetto monotony See how this vicious cycle could ... f*** with you psychologically You better

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - See me burning lyrics

matter, baby What a wicked smile You look like the ghost of ... Cinderella You look like you'd go a country mile My, my, ... my, my, you're coming on strong Shoot

Europe - Got to have faith lyrics

race is on I found my way Something has ... I've been away The fear is gone and I can't wait I feel ... the rut, still got dues to pay Well I had enough Gonna stand up straight Rebuild

Doro Pesch - You got me singing lyrics

s been many who got me talking When I didn't ... have any much to say And there's some who got ... me walking That extra mile down life's highway And ... there's been a few who got me smiling When all I felt

Harpo - Smile lyrics

though your heart is aching Smile even though it’s breaking ... When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by ... If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and

Hopsin - Ill mind of hopsin 5 lyrics

I hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it I ... ve become a freak of nature all the kids stare at Who ... walk around bumping RAW with the shit ... blaring Saying "F*** school" and dropping out like a miscarriage I'm

Monica - For you i will lyrics

.....OHHHHH- When your feeling lost in the night.. ... When you feel your world just ain't right. Call on me i will be waiting, Count on me i will be there. Anytime the times

Rob Rock - Ill be waiting for you lyrics

through the window, longing for the other side Your days are ... so much better, I wish I was by your side You were there for ... In my heart I can hear you say I'll be waiting for you, I'll be waiting for you

Runrig - That final mile lyrics

grew up in the spaces Where the four winds blow We left these ... glens and valleys Traitors to the plough We thought we ... knew the answers thought we had it made We kissed

Buried In Verona - Go go gadget suicide lyrics

the f*** up. Your life is slipping day by day, ... enough is enough In the times that I surrendered, I can never take ... them back So ill burn though the white flag, raise my

The Chordettes - To know him is to love him lyrics

know, know, know him Is to love, love, love him Just to ... see him smile, Makes my life worthwhile ... To know, know, know him Is to love, love, love him And I

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - To know her is to love her lyrics

know know know her Is to love love love her. Just to see her smile Makes my life ... worthwhile. To know know know her Is to ... I do, and I do. I'll be good to her And I'll make love to her. Everyone says there'll

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - To know her is to love her lyrics

know, know, know her Is to love, love, love her Just to see her smile Makes my life ... fullfilled Yes, just to know, know, know her Is to ... I do And I do I'll be good to her I'll make love to

Ramones lyricsRamones - Glad to see you go lyrics

take a chance on her One bullet in the cylinder And in a ... glory like Charles Manson Gonna smile, I'm gonna laugh you're gonna get a blood bath ... glory like Charles Manson You gotta go go go go goodbye

Alex & Sierra - All for you lyrics

I go Another night I find myself ... losing all control You won't believe what I've been ... Wanna rob a bank Get you everything you could ever ... need Steal a plane and fly you wherever you want (You

Cece Winans - Ill live for you lyrics

gave me unmerited favor Indescribable ... every morning New mercies i see Great is your faithfulness ... Great is your love towards me You bear all my ... cares and nothing compares you're Everything to me And

Foghat - Hate to see you go lyrics

s hard to love somebody, and leave her ... all the time, It's hard to be a friend, easy to be unkind, You treat me like a ... stranger, and I can understand, 'Cause you're a

Hall And Oates - For you lyrics

me baby Squeeze tite Hold the moment ... Fall thru the nite Itch for pleasure I scratch ... Love’s a treasure I want to give back I wanna give you

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Ill die for you lyrics

at all, I'm high and I hope you can catch the fall Welcome to my lecture hall, you can't ... my infection off Take me to your leader and, I promise I will

Saga - See them smile lyrics

can say your winter tan Is fading much too fast And you can say that ... all your clothes Are tailor made to ... last You can say your Gucci shoes They really have

36 Crazyfists - Ill go until my heart stops lyrics

room. And I like the way your lips turned legendary. And ... I like the way the sun will come to light. And I like ... the way your lips turned legendary. And I like

Glamour For Better - Ill wait for you lyrics

can make this just the two of us, Allow the world allow the ... crowds and all the fuss, I'll wait for you just ... like you taught me to. [Verse] Lets take it outside, I couldn't bring

Greeley Estates - You're just somebody i used to know lyrics

m just gonna say it, I see right through that smile you ... re not fooling anyone cause I've kept it quiet for far too long I won't sit and watch you die you're not fooling

Krizz Kaliko - Dumb for you (feat. t-pain) lyrics

Okay, did I do it, did I put the key in the door And ... lock that thang down Did I hit it? Yes ... I did Only problem is you got a boyfriend, and he way too

Lyle Lovett - You've got a friend in me lyrics

ve got a friend in me You've got a friend in me When the ... road looks rough ahead And you're miles and miles From your ... nice warm bed You just remember what your old pal

Usher lyricsUsher - Smile again lyrics

yeah La La La La La La La Smile again Just smile again I'll ... always be there for you What can I do to make you smile again Just smile again I ... d like to know what's on your mind Because I see you

Alexander Klaws - You've got that look lyrics

here on my own I wish myself to another place I can see your ... and remember the time when you where by my side All the ... and the feeling was there for a while You've got that

Jakob Dylan - Smile when you call me that lyrics

re gonna say I told you so I never should have let you go Ain't it funny that here ... we are The two of us in two different bars In ... cages dancing slow We ain't got nobody to call our own Now you can always go back home

Flume - You know (feat. allan kingdom & raekwon) lyrics

spin opposite of the way you spin Sometimes you just gotta create your own A world ... lately Some sticky situations I just grinder down to ... make it I’ve never been to prison, man Still don’t know

Amy Grant - Stay for a while lyrics

time since I've seen your smile, But when I close my eyes, ... I remember You were no more than a child, But then so was I, Young and ... Time carries on; I guess it always will, But deep

Davichi - To angel lyrics

geosi da unmyeongiran "Everything is fate" ... neoui geu mal ee nal apeuge ullyeo When you said that, ... it painfully made me cry jeongmal

Jenix - For you and for me lyrics

s hard to believe it It's hard to ... describe it But everyone knows how How it ... How it feels If I look in your eyes I see that you're a ... part of me And I know you're the one You smile shines

Mark Medlock - You are so beautiful lyrics

youyou are so beautiful, So unbelievable. I love ... your smile. Oh baby you…oh youyou are so wonderful ... Irresistible all your life. Anytime I

Foreigner - Ill fight for you lyrics

m turning to you, when love is on my mind You ... woman, and love's so hard to find I know that I hurt you, ... and I know that I was wrong But I want you ... back, back where you belong And I won't give you up, no I won't walk away I

New Collection - Smile lyrics

to the town I feel like doing ... something fun As people are just passing by Looking at ... their faces I wish to make them laugh somehow ... who frown Feeling like to run I’ve got a joy which

Alex Goot - Ill be moving lyrics

tell you where you’re going and how you have to get ... there what they won’t tell you is that you’re working for ... pennies a day and you’ll work your life away so

Da Brat - That's what i'm lookin' for (remix) lyrics

Jermaine Dupri] If anybody gonna shake the club, y'all know ... ha ha, So So Def Yeah, we couldn't let it go without doin' ... a remix Shh, now club to club I want y'all to bounce with

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