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Jenix - For you and for me lyrics

How it feels If I look in your eyes I see that you're a ... part of me And I know you're the one You smile shines ... brighter than the sun And I am blinded by the beauty of

Gavin James - For you lyrics

I'll forget and maybe I won't I'm stuck in ... the moment And so far from home Cause loving nobody It's ... breaking my heart But you'll never know this Wherever you are Well maybe I don't

10cc - For you and i lyrics

ve got troubles (ooh ooh) and we put 'em down We go We ... re not so hot you know It's like a roller ... She may be shy But don't you bring her down Don't pass

Dew-scented - For you and forever lyrics

thought I had seen them all And forgotten was my wish To ... tiny passionflower This is meant for you and forever ... [Tan:] Return me to these days Where no sin

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - For you lyrics

you and I - there never was a way to ... words left unspoken scared for my heart she's been broken. ... That in the ice of a moment you closed the doors on

Devour The Day - You and not me lyrics

My heart has turned to black And I can’t get the devil off of ... my back Leave me alone I can’t, I can’t ... believe it Why don’t you see it You’re the one who’s

Kenny Rogers - For you alone lyrics

world I'd do most anything for you alone For you alone, I'd ... I'd say the sweetest thing for you alone. The things I ... Are no good to do alone. For you alone, Oh I'd write a

Rie Fu - For you lyrics

kimi no tame ni Mata sonna koto itteiru ... wa nanimokamo Jibun no tame Yo no naka no tame ni ... yakutatteiru Hitorigoto no you ni Toikakete miru Hito to

Matt Cardle - For you lyrics

ve got him I heard Such a messy start Everyone gets hurt ... get torn apart I hope you know. That I'm so damn ... s the least that I can do For you. Blame gets thrown,

Converge - For you lyrics

i cannot stop shaking, you cannot stop shaking And ... they are trembling because your words they are bleeding ... These holes in my hands are for you, just for you She called

Dean Martin - For you lyrics

gather stars out of the blue For you for you I'll make a ... of pearls out of the dew For you just for you Over the ... highway and over the street Carpets of

Ball David - For you lyrics

little red Corvette with a for sale sign Laid my money ... down and walked out the door ... man wants a convertible for For you blue eyes five foot two ... For you I do the crazy things I know

Ebony Ark - For you lyrics

goodbye In my dreams when you appear I've lost my best ... guardian has gone Feeling you so close tonight I only wish ... lies where Sun shines just for you where the Moon now

Josh Garrels - For you lyrics

so much I’m dying to tell you But you can’t bare to hear me now In a little while I must ... on But I’ll send my love to you You can, call my name And I

Dashboard Confessional - For you to notice... lyrics

head where I would impress you with every single word I ... said. Would come out insightful or brave or ... smooth or charming and you'd want to call me And I

Him - For you lyrics

the grace of your love I writhe in pain In ... 666 ways I love you and I hope you feel the same I ... m for you I'm for you I'm killing myself for your love and again all is lost

James Maslow - Coming for you [wild for the night] lyrics

m coming for you I'm addicted to you When ... saw you Following and met you, never you No, never you ... escape you I'm so true Under the light ... Falling the night, something by my side Something by

Armin Van Buuren - Wait for you (song for the ocean) - (feat. vi.. lyrics

hide, chasing emotions Can't you see? If I let it go, will we ... a sign of devotion, all you feel? Sometimes there's a ... moment Sometimes we don't see Now we stand

Ends With A Bullet - For you lyrics

re so far away Still I feel you To be near you Would be a ... dream come true Every step I take ... Takes me further away I've been ... draming of you Tell me what to do I miss you so

The Calling - For you lyrics

enough Within the darkness You are the light that shines the ... way But you're trapped in violence I can ... saves the day I'm there for you No matter what I'm

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - For you (ft. dave matthews) lyrics

overflowing I will lift you up, watch over where you're ... gone I'll be the rock to stand upon For you For you My ... spirit aches and I can't stop this river

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - For you lyrics

the light that's shining from your eyes Even brighter than before Telling me something now ... 'cos I found the truth with you I will take you with me

Budgie - Love for you and me lyrics

divine, it's got a hold of me It’s changed my life for the ... better For the better By one hundred ... degrees Heaven is open for earth to see All I want is

Ally Hills - For you lyrics

seem so far away But I try and make you stay, oh I would, I ... eyes always shine so bright Your heart, I'd hold on tight, oh ... If I could So, just give me time You could make me

Kurt Nilsen - For you lyrics

many times have I seen? You only get to keep the ones ... that you love So if not, why bother. ... If you could pick and choose from the top of the ... wouldn't have worked because you'd be aiming too high You

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - You and i will meet again lyrics

and I will meet again When we're least ... expecting it Someday in some far off place I will ... recognize your face I won't say goodbye ... my friend For you and I will meet again I heard

E.m.d. - For you lyrics

does it feel when you're on the edge and you're ... Not getting All that you oughta get? It ain't no fun ... when you're stuck in doubt with a love ... when it all falls down For you, for you For you I’ll

Chris Norman - You and i lyrics

re the air that I breathe You're the heart on my sleeve You're my life forever and ever ... You're the blood in my veins You ... re my shelter when it rains You're my soul 'Cos when you

Pvris - You and i lyrics

You and I) (You and I) I know it’s warmer ... where you are, And it’s safer by your side, ... But right now I can’t be what you want Just give it time And if you and I can make it

Marc Anthony - You sang to me lyrics

just wanted you to comfort me when I called you late last ... night you see i was fallin' into love ... love oh of all the words you sang to me about life, the

Fleetwood Mac - You and i, part ii lyrics

Hoping tomorrow will never come For you and I Oh the ... the daylight will never come For you and I Keep your heart ... open and your eyes shut tight What will

Get Scared - For you lyrics

myself in a bottle of gin and I'm wasted all the time (all ... of the time) One more shot for all my f***ing failures ... my life (just end my life) And I think if I'm not mistaken

Greg Kihn Band - For you lyrics

card she sends me With her regards Ballroom ... shine vacancy To see her, you gotta look hard Wounded deep ... in battle I stand stuffed like some soldier

Layla (uk) - For you lyrics

me in flames with the words you say you do Set me in flames ... with the words you say you do You make me higher, oho, ... that I've ever been before You make me higher, oho, that I

Rae Morris - For you lyrics

I'm the girl who borrowed someone, I'm the night without ... the day And when the week moves onwards ... it's ruthless and it's grey Like this girl who ... once held someone And was caught along the way And when I'm brought forth, stranded, I'm brokem, I am grazed

Chris Rea - For ever and ever lyrics

t ask me how long baby it's gonna take ... a break Love don't happen to you overnight You got to feed it ... leave it Give it some light Oh love, true love

Anggun - Echo (you and i) lyrics

and I You and I Thousands of years and counting under ... our feet Somehow our story's still ... 'Til there's a place for you and for me Thousands of dreams

April Wine - Not for you, not for rock'n'roll lyrics

lady, come on baby What's your reason for the things you do ... You want somethin', but don't need nothin' ... Tell me baby, whatcha tryin' to do ... Cause I got me someone, that's right She keeps me warm when it's cold at night

Axxis - For you i will die lyrics

above I've gotte be your true lover And I wanna ... discover All about your love Gonna sing in my ... heart And together forever I will never say never ... To my love and pain Never get down feel

David Ryan Harris - For you lyrics

before the sun is up I'm out the ... door and on my way I Catch the two and then the thirty-five And by ... miles till the final stop And still I have to walk a few

Guru - For you lyrics

KnawhatI'msayin? This one's for you Chorus: Guru + Me ... Shell For you, dedicated true I'm doin ... this one for you For you, dedicated true I'm doin

Honeyhoney - You and i lyrics

I never knew ya until now And I couldn't use you Bruise you, screw you Lift and let you ... down Cause I play for myself My rules and my hell ... raising Burn me out So long, but we are now

Insania ( Ger ) - For you lyrics

in the glare of the fame I stand every night on stage and I'm ... searchin' for myself I'd lose control - and you, too I'm sorry - now and ... forever I'll take it if you want to go But deep inside

Niall Horan lyricsNiall Horan - You and me lyrics

got a young heart And it's wild and free And I don ... it starts But it ends with you and me It's a hard road As ... far as I can see And I don't where I'm going But

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - You belong to me lyrics

2 have your love got 2 have your love chique di check one ... two, so what you wanna do the sweetness, ... uniqueness, a weekness you need this don't start to act

Meat Loaf - I'd lie for you (and that's the truth) lyrics

d never tell you one lie. I'd never let you ... always be around. Baby give me a chance. I'd pull the sun ... down from the sky. To light your darkest night. I wouldn't

Aya Hirano - For you lyrics

sasu sekai Itsumademo same nakereba to amaete mo Ashita ... kuru kurikaeshite yuku Tomerare nai no ni *Hitotsu ... yo ima ano goro Osanakatta yume no tsuduki Tsutaete yo,

Envio - For you lyrics

instrumental - trance...

The Fool - For you lyrics


Chava Alberstein - For you בשבילך lyrics

החיים האלה לא נתנו לי שקט עד שבאת והסתדר פתאום הכל והצלחתי להרגיש פתאום בנוח והבנתי רק איתך אני יכול לוותר על הרגלים כדי להיות יותר קרוב ליחידה שבליבי בשבילך אתן את מה...

Illy - For you (feat. phrase & n'fa) lyrics


The Peacocks - For you lyrics

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2am - For you: kimi no tame ni dekiru koto lyrics

kimi no egao wo torimodosu tame Boku no kono subete wo ... sasageyou Kotoba ni… dekinai Sore ga ... kimi no tame ni dekiru koto Dousureba ... nara Sono subete wo uketomeru kara Kireigoto da to

Neil Sedaka - For peace and love lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Bleach Rock Musical - Song for you lyrics

for you kanashimi wo yasashisa ni ... Song for you kodoku wo chikara ni Hito wa ... wa mugen no kanousei wo himeteiru ne Sabitsuiteiru ... namida nagasu kurai nara Bukiyou ni haruka chihei no hate wo

Dbsk - For you it's goodbye, for me it's waiting - k.. lyrics

geudaemaneun nareul itgo akkimeobsi jiwo

Good Weather Forecast - Living for you lyrics

for you living for you living for you living for ... you living for you living for you living for you living ... for you living for - waiting for you lyrics

need you achimbuteo bamkkaji I need you sonkkeutbuteo balkkaji I ... feel you neoreul neukkineunde ... Myeochildo mot ga Myeot sigando mot ga Neoreul chaja

Slowdive - Crazy for you lyrics

for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin' you Crazy for lovin'

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