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For A Wick lyrics

Browse for For A Wick song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed For A Wick lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to For A Wick.

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A Dream Of Poe - For my fallen angel lyrics

I draw up my breath, And silver fills my eyes. I ... kiss her still, For she will never rise. Never ... rise for me On my weak body, Lays her dying hand.

A-teens - For all that i am lyrics

m sorry, made you feel sorry Last ... night, I came home too late And you were there waiting I ... know, it's easy to call I guess I wasn't thinking ... of you It's not that I don't care You should

Above & Beyond - For all i care lyrics

you, for all I care. Hey, you, for all I care. ... Hey, you, for all I care for you. And I need (for all I ... care) for you (for all I care), And I bleed (for all I care) for you. And I need (for all I care) for you (for all I

Ac Dc - For those about to rock (we salute you) lyrics

We're on tonight] To the guitar bite Yeah, yeah, oh Stand up and be counted For what ... you are about to receive We are the dealers We'll give you

Adamantra - For ever lyrics

inside these wounds and you'll see why I'm alone ... here I am full of fear and agony I'm trembling (My tears ... in the wind eternally) Draining me betraying me I'm falling down into the bliss

Adorned Brood - For honour and land lyrics

I once rode with sword and shield the path of my fate destiny upwards the ... rock of eternity with a countenance stiff from pain ... the summit seems far yet is it no severe

Adultery - For honour's sake lyrics

the fire, against everyone, the battle ... between the darkness and the white torch. The earth ... with blood. Who will rule all the people in Sealathia? ... We will see the sunshine again first the fire, then the

Aesthetic Perfection - For all the lost lyrics

see my life as it should be I see it ... never feel it you'll only fear it I'll never silence my ... lips they're threatening I wander out I stand on slowly sinking ground against a worlds that's

Agnostic Front - For my family lyrics

my family for my friends for those that we've lost I sing ... this is a message, this is for you never forget the lower east side crew! I remember all times we spent and all that we went through down on avenue A the year was 1982!

Alica Rose - For pleasure i owe you lyrics

almost the entire life of ... struggle not only with pain and disease But even with the ... sadness they believe in me but ... I do not believe at all that can handle it show up

Alison Moyet - For you only lyrics

to embrace the day as we both break. When the ... stole in it found me wide awake. Wasted from a sleepless ... night I reach to touch your hair Withdraw an empty hand for you're no longer there. In

All Time Low - For baltimore lyrics

situation overload, I'm restless, obsessed ... with your future, And all my worries they don't ... rendered me useless, but I carry on. Right now, I think

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - For a million lyrics

I love to dance under an alien sun along the dunes ... with you, I kiss you in the sand we give so that we live ... beside the sleepy snakes they dream of you and me

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - For the sake of love lyrics

forgive, I forgive I forgive all my friends who left me alone I forgive the wall that ... it had so many stones I forgive the lord that he never ... sent a priest I forgive the hangman, I forgive the beast I forgive the winter that it was so

2am - For you: kimi no tame ni dekiru koto lyrics

ni… dekinai Kimi ga kiete shimaisou dakara Afuredasu sono namida ni Mune ... ga kurushikute nanimo ienai Naze imasara kyuu ni Suki ni natte shimatta ndarou?

Ana Criado - For who i am lyrics

with Ana Criado So much time Is passing us by And we think we ... ll make it forever But we won't For so ... long I had hopes Just to stop To ... To be seen Worthy of your heart And all I ever wanted

Thomas Anders - For all that we know lyrics

close yet so far It's the same dream Side people's hearts ... Wherever they are I remember your face I ... remember the words you said How can we spend The rest

Thomas Anders - For you (feat. sound chateau) lyrics

you - It seems to be a miracle... Everything I want, ... re number one, You're there and then I want to run, I want ... you all the time. And every- everyone once was a

Thomas Anders - For your eyes only lyrics

your eyes only Can see me through the night For your eyes only I never need ... to hide You can see so much in me So much ... in me that's new I never felt until I

Thomas Anders - For your love lyrics

I'm with you I shake inside My heart is tangled ... my tongue is tight For I'm in love Like I never was ... before Convincing eyes, persuasive looks My heart is hard,

Animal Collective - For reverend green lyrics

one moment to a next Reading in the papers to know what's best Sometimes you don't ... know yourself Eating loads of vitamins for your health ... From one moment to a next Red negativity in the

Anna Kendrick - For good lyrics

ve heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something ... we must learn And we are led To those who help us ... most to grow If we let them And we help them in return

Anouk - For bitter or worse lyrics

t we both heard enough babe This is what we're gonna ... do Let me put my arms around you once more There's ... left here to prove Walk away just a little bit slower

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - For today i am a boy lyrics

day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful woman One day I’ll ... grow up, I’ll be a beautiful girl One day I’ll ... grow up, I’ll be a beautiful woman One day I’ll

Tina Arena - For the sake of talking lyrics

wheels You think you're such a big shot Manipulate, whoever ... you can Just as long as you get what you want You ... world "Stick with me: and I'll make you a star 'Cause

Asphyx - For they ascend... lyrics

silence reigns and blackened is the day Lurking ... deep down in a watery grave An entity awaits its hundreth ... prey As its only satisfaction is to maim Many

At The Drive-in - For now... we toast lyrics

s hit or miss upon the gate walls are the guards asleep, bayonet and all are the search ... tunnel we shovel with our hands dig just a little bit, ... the camp is vast asleep library laundromats inside the

Atrocity - For ever and a day lyrics

m watching the moon-set walking through the woods tasting depth of winter ... morbidity and doom i saw one million faces i saw one ... million deaths colours are in dark-grey veil of

Audiovent - For the moment lyrics

ve made up our minds This must be ... love Cause everything's the way it should be As far as we can see But do we know the ... between The words love and routine Are we sure the

Autumn - For those who are left behind lyrics

the clouds that sail along the endless sky And ... give out their colour to the air Like swans that start to ... sing before they die I comfort you, surrounding you with care You bear the cross of

Aya Hirano - For you lyrics

mihiraita hikari sasu sekai Itsumademo same nakereba to ... amaete mo Ashita wa yatte kuru kurikaeshite yuku ... Tomerare nai no ni *Hitotsu kazatte mata ushinatte Tachi mukatte

Ayumi Hamasaki - For my dear lyrics

ni iitai kotoba dake ienakute kono uta o utatte iru no ... ka mo shirenai yume ni mita shiawase wa tsukamu made ga ... ichi ban ii te ni irete shimaeba kondo wa ushinau kowasa

Azu - For you lyrics

ni aru no wa kimi ga ima made eranda michi no Kotae tachi yo hora jishin mo te ... susumeba ii Totemo shizen na no, ame agari no ASUFARUTO ... ni niji ga kakaru youni (Lonely) Kaze ga

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - For sasha lyrics

by my window in Germany A morning bird flies close to ... me On his wing I see a yellow star The lights are ... on in the factory The frost is hung on ... the linden tree And I remember where we are And I remember the holocaust I

Bare Bobby - For a while we helped each other ou lyrics

when I saw you standing slightly cryin' empty-handed With no one that you ... could call your own Looking up to ... someone somewhere asking for life with no despair

Bathory - For all those who died lyrics

all those who cried aloud But whose tears were ... never heard For questioning one almighty father Of a heavenly distanced ... submit The holy writings assured The golden cross stained with innocent blood But

Becky G - For the thrill lyrics

you need? What you, what you need? We ain't got no ... expectations We ain't got no limitations What ... you mean? What you, what you mean? Body show me ... motivation Baby why you hesitating? [Pre-Chorus: Becky G]

Belle & Sebastian - For the price of a cup of tea lyrics

the price of a cup of tea You'd get a line of coke For the price of a night with me ... You'd be the village joke For the price of a pint of milk ... I'll tell you all I know About the state of the world

Beneath The Sky - For each remembered name lyrics

is a list of names All written in a book. I know ... that every year I take a look. These names are a part ... written in But in my very heart My life is so much

Besatt - For glory of satan lyrics

I climb up When destiny leads me At my wander peak ... written mystic sign Black father symbol Turned cross Now ... I'm with him Wisdom power and black Symbols your power

Bethany Dillon - For my love lyrics

towards me I want to hear The heavens singing over ... you When you breathe And look at me I want to be captured by you Gaze into my ... eyes And let me know you’d fight

Bethany Dillon - For my love (acoustic) lyrics

towards me I want to hear The heavens singing over ... you When you breathe And look at me I want to be captured by you Gaze into my ... eyes And let me know you’d fight

Big Star - For you lyrics

I can't help but worship you I ... love you and all the things that you do I thought I'd sit and write this song just for ... you To let you know that I am thinking of you When I

Blacklist (blindspott) - For this love lyrics

all bleed I'll take the blood As they pass you ... around Take the best of me And I will die Before I let ... you down Stay with me I am the hurt That you don't want to know As long as you're

Blind Melon - For my friends lyrics

remember we used to sit out back and drink until the morning ... light Always bummin' smokes and talking trash about the pleasure we had Summers come and

Bloodbound - For the king lyrics

T. Olsson] He will teach you, master of the sword Fall in line get down obey the ... lord Many men will join us for the glory of the king And ... fight until the end Fight for the king and the crown and

Blue October - For my brother lyrics

would simply say everything if you would take a pen and write my name on a friend who never cared to ... let me in. Then take a fast ravine that for three years swimming straight upstream and the wind, the wind will drag me down in the end. You

Blue October - For the love lyrics

Come here.. babe why are you crying? Because I want ... to stay with you Oh baby,Your mommy loves you very ... much) ... Communication [?] I'll wait to see if

Bodyrockers - For one night only lyrics

it's great We've got a special outfit here for you tonight ... I just want you to relax, sit back Carry on with ... this in the correct manner That's what I'm talking about

Boris The Blade - For the wretched lyrics

happened again Regained consciousness and find ... myself on the streets I retrace footsteps To be led to a ... down home It’s coming back to me, I can now hear the

Borknagar - For a thousand years to come lyrics

new dawn is rising To enlight the ... ruins of the future As a distant echo from the past Circles ... of the skyline Circles above, roves the skyline Dives

Boyce Avenue - For the first time lyrics

s all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm ... drinking jack all alone in my local bar, And we ... how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing

Bracelets - For the price you have nothing lyrics

You realize what you meant to me so you do not forget ... we had together We have a lot in common but you do ... not want to want to know I'm really ... missing those times I want everything to go back but

Nerf Herder - For you lyrics

would hire the A-Team And I'd crash the General Lee I ... d make cocktails like Tom Cruise And I'd ... rollerblade with Corey Feldman for you I'd do anything for

Brazen Angel - For the world lyrics

s a new beginning, it's something ... like I've never seen before It's never ending no matter ... how many times I close the door I ... know forgiveness is elusive as a goal Still I hope that

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - For once in my life lyrics

Someone I've needed so long For once, unafraid, I can go ... where life leads me And somehow I know I'll be ... strong For once I can touch What my heart used

Joe Budden - For you lyrics

ve been wondering just how many more days 'Til I see your ... face I don't quite know just ... how to fill this space Where you used to lie And ... I'm aching and I'm breaking inside And it's all

Buried In Verona - For darker days lyrics

will not be a victim I will not take what ... s left And I will not breed the ... violence And I will not step back Will ... you be there for me? Will you be there inside

Bury Tomorrow - For us lyrics

this before you speak what's on your lips. You have to ... change the way you think. If not for me, ... for you. It seems we are born to hate. Eradicate

The Byrds - For free lyrics

slept last night in a good hotel I went shopping ... today for jewels The wind rushed around the dirty town And the ... out from their schools I was standing on a noisy corner

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